Bryce Dallas Howard Trying to ‘Keep My Mind Off the Nausea’

06/06/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Krista Kennell/Sipa

Bryce Dallas Howard may be feeling ill from her recently announced second pregnancy, but a person wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her.

Glowing in a relaxed J. Crew dress that revealed her baby bump, The Help actress, 30, says the shimmer is a perk of the otherwise unpleasant experience.

“[The glow] is the one good thing that comes along with this,” Howard told PEOPLE on Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards. “I’m still feeling a little nauseous to be honest.”

The actress was able to divert her attention away by focusing on the excitement of joining her former Eclipse costars, including Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, at the event.

“I was most star struck meeting them than anyone else I’ve ever met,” Howard admits. “And still if I see Taylor Lautner on the carpet, I’m like, ‘Ooh, there he is. Is he still underage?'”

“It’s great to be at a place like this where it’s kind of relaxed,” she continued. “But it also gets your adrenaline going and it’s sort of eventful. It keeps my mind off the nausea.”

All sick talk aside, Howard enjoys one of the perks that pregnancy allots.

“I don’t feel judged for gaining weight,” the actress said with a laugh. “I’ve gained some weight.”

— Dahvi Shira

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maruša on

lovely dress 🙂

jessicad on

I love this dress, the bright pink is so pretty and I’m seeing it everywhere this summer!

Nothing against her, but I do wish they let the other actress finish the role in Eclipse, it was just odd. Yes I’m totally calling myself out on being 30 years old and watching these movies:)

sat on

Well stated about the role, jessicad. I like how you put it. I too love the dress! I’m thinking girl.

Jean on

They say girls make you more nauseous. Not sure if that’s a scientific fact or what but many women I know who had both say they were way more nauseous with girls than boys.

I have only had one girl but I felt like I was seasick pretty much the whole pregnancy. Definitely do not miss that god awful feeling…

Anonymous on

I LOVE this dress. She looks so pretty

Siera on

@jessicaad I agree, her dress is beautiful. But they had to replace the old Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) in Twilight because she accepted a role in something else.

Brittany on

I saw her in person last week at a screening for her new movie “The Help” and she looked gorgeous. I could barely see her bump, she’s pretty small. She has an awesome personality too! Love her.

Erika on

She looks great! I think it would be great if she has a girl!

Brittany- How was the screening of The Help? The book is awesome and I am so anxious to see the movie!

Ari on

Definitely a girl!

MiB on

I don’t normally like neon colours, but this dress is gorgeous and she does glow!

I also agree with Jessicad, it was a bit odd, and as far as I understood it, the filming of the other film Rachelle Lefevre took on and New Moon (?)overlapped two days, and she is not even in that many scenes, so I don’t really understand how that could be a problem, unless they put her scenes at the very beginning of filming and were afraid the filming of the other film would drag out. But then, I don’t really like actors being replaced unless it’s totally necessary (like they had to replace Rihard Harris as Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies since he died)

Rose on

Girl for her

Jess on

she looks lovely…i agree with her on the morning sickness….i only had morning sickness with my daughter and i’m pregnant again…i wish i had something to keep my mind off of it but i’m a stay at home mom. i didn’t have it with my son though…so she is probably having a girl but every pregnancy is different

scifichick on

She’s so cute… good luck to her in her pregnancy and hurry back and make some movies!

Susan Lewis on

I agree on the dress, and yes, that’s a girl. Bryce looks SO much like her Dad. He must be so proud.

Jamie on

I was sicker than a dog with all 3 of my kids!! I have 2 boys and one girl. So, you just never know!!

Brittany on

Erika – It was SO good! I was hesitant about the movie since I LOVED the book, but it did not disappoint. Bryce was amazing as Hilly 🙂 The whole cast rocked it.

Erika on

Ooh thanks Brittany! Definately something for me to look forward to this summer! The cast seemed to fit well from the preview, so I am definitely hopeful and excited!

Elizabeth on

Such a gorgeous dress and mommy! (I’m also a wee bit in love with her husband, but that’s another story for another time…) 😉