Gavin Rossdale: Zuma’s Accidental Fall Was ‘Horrific’

06/05/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
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It ranks among the scariest things you can experience as a parent — you turn around for a second and something happens.

That was Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale‘s reality late Thursday after their 2½-year-old son Zuma accidentally took a tumble from a countertop in their home, reportedly breaking his right arm.

“It was one of the worst nights of our lives,” the Bush frontman, 45, told PEOPLE Saturday before performing at Palazzo Las Vegas‘s Summer Soiree party.

“It was one of those freak events — he fell. A freak accident.”

After rushing him to the hospital, Zuma is doing well, Rossdale shares, but admits the event was “horrific.”

“He’s fine now,” says the rocker, who will appear as a villain on Burn Notice later this summer. “It’s almost worse for us [as parents] … The kids are never alone and you turn your back — it takes a split second.”

— Mark Gray

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Jennifer on

While I feel for them, ever think about keeping your children OFF of the countertops?!!? It’s a silly and dangerous place for kids to be!

Sonya on

Why in the world was he on the counter in the first place?

Janet on

I’m sorry that Zuma got hurt and I hope he mends quickly.

Why was he on the counter top in the first place?

car on

why was a 2 year old on the counter top in the first place,yes accidents happen and I know it was an awful thing for them to go through but be more careful .

KC on

Have any children Jennifer? Do they ever cook with you? Mine has been sitting on the countertop since he was 2, helping me cook every meal. He’s 4 1/2 now and never fallen (despite his best efforts) – it doesn’t mean I’m not watching him. Definitely just a scary accident for this family and it can happen to ANYONE.

meghan on

Jennifer you obviously don’t have children

Alison on

Accidents happen. Two summers ago I had something similar happen with my 3-year-old son – he fell off his bike and I put him on the counter to clean his knees off and apply bandages. I turned to wet a cloth at the sink and in that second he leaned forward, fell and broke his wrist.

It makes you feel terrible as a parent but it’s a freak occurrence. No, I shouldn’t have had him on the counter but at the time I was more concerned with getting the blood off his knees.

Sherron Teal on

Why is a child on a counter top? These days it seems as though children are allowed to be EVERYWHERE! When my kids were growing up they weren’t allowed on certain things or in certain places, they were taught respect for people, things and places that were dangerous.

michelle on

a child on a counter top is gonna equal a fall.

Stefanie on

I can completely identify with Gavin – he is so right when he said “it takes a split second”. My son fell out of his high chair-he was just over a year and 4 months. I went to grab another pear and BOOM -he fell out of his high chair on the floor.

I really don’t think Zuma’s being on the counter top is really relevant – the fact that you turn your head for a split second and something horrific can happen-no matter where they are. You can’t understand unless you’re a parent. I’m glad he’s ok. I’m sure Gwen was a mess as well…..

shannon on

why was he left alone on the countertop? i mean i get accidents, i have 3 boys. poor little guy. i hope he doesn’t hurt too bad.

Pam on

A “freak event”? Uh, perhaps it was because he on the countertop!

Tammy on

My heart goes out to them…..My daughter 7 broke her arm almost 4 weeks ago in a freak accident. After an ambulance ride, surgery and a 2 night hospital stay we could all breathe again….it is a very scary thing. So glad to hear that he is doing good, just remember accidents happen, after all that’s why they call them an ACCIDENT!

Nick on

Really, all the negative comments! We all know kids shouldn’t be on the countertops but they want to be with you and you let them, and yes, accidents do happen. Hope he’s on the mend quickly. I’m sure they feel bad enough.

meghan on

Poor little guy…He shouldn’t have been up on the counters…I have 4 kids and none of them ever climbed on the counters, they were taught not to do it…

Tra on

Oh here we go, come on….accidents happen. I guess you are perfect mom. I try hard to keep my 2 year old from climbing things but sometimes he is faster than me. I feel for the parents and poor little Zuma!

Texasgirl on

Poor little guy. I know that I myself sat up on the counter top at his age because really if you get hurt then its easier for your parent or who ever cares for you to clean up the scrape. As many have said it was an accident and it can happen anytime but I don’t see any problem in a kid sitting on a counter top.

Trish on

My 2 1/2yr old daughter broke her collarbone rolling off the couch. It’s very scary as a parent. She cried for a couple days but then went on with her little life.

Sky on

Apparently (Jennifer)you are not a parent! If you were you would know these things happen, it is part of being a parent. You can be on your guard 24/7 365 and it is never enough. Even if you covered them in bubble wrap or put them in a bubble something unexspected will sill happen. All you can really do is try your best and react the best you can when it does happen.

Kristine on

WOW, I guess we are in a society with perfect parents who don’t allow their child/ren to sit on the counter top while they are helping you cook/bake. Get a grip and give them a break. I’m sure your children have never had an accident right? HAHA

Amy on

So nobody else in the world ever has put their child on the counter? Nobody has ever had their child bake with them? As a child you never sat on a counter to help in the kitchen?

Glad to hear he is doing good. Little boys are tough little things, one day when he is older he will use this in an amazing story when he and his friends are comparing past wounds. All kids do that!

Kim on

All you saying he shouldn’t have been on the countertop obviously never had a two year old. Trust me, you cannot POSSIBLY watch them every single moment of the day..and they WILL climb onto places they shouldn’t be. He was probably trying to get a cookie or something. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. Heal quickly Zuma!

jessica on

You can tell which people have no children!

Anonymous on

It amazes me how judgmental people are of one another. It would be pretty scary to have photographers following you around and catching every and any mistake you make as parents. A roof is somewhere a child does not belong. A countertop? Eh, it happens. And it certainly doesn’t make them bad parents. Heal well little Zuma!

Kathy on

I agree, countertops are no place for children. And before you ask…yes, I have children, 3 of them (17, 15, and 13). I never let them sit on the counter when they were growing up. Do freak accidents happen? Sure. My son broke his collar bone when he was 2 by falling off of a children’s size picnic table. Children don’t come with handbooks and as parents we learn lessons the hard way.

meghan on

I don’t claim to be a perfect mom, but I know that if they are on a counter, they can get hurt…So to prevent that from happening we taught them that getting on the counter was naughty…And yes, my kids have had accidents, I never said they didn’t…

Mikey's Mommy on

My husband and I took a Parenting class before our son was born and it was drilled into our heads that you should never EVER leave your children on a bed or table anywhere up high where they could potentially fall and get hurt. Even at each Dr visit they would have us fill out a progress report about leaving your child unattended on a high surface. Although accidents do happen it’s just common sense, poor baby.

Kim on

Where do you get this perfect kids? You all should give up the comment pages and get on with your career in writing parenting advice. You would rock! Not.

Any parent should feel for Zuma’s mom and dad.

HJB on

People who are asking why the 2 year old was on the counter top…My kids sit on the counter or stand on chairs by the counter ALL the time. They love to help me “cook” and that’s the easiest way for them to do so. They could just as easily fall off the couch. I’m not going to bubble wrap them. Kids fall, accidents happen. Or the little could have climbed on the counter to get some thing when their backs were turned…

If you don’t have a child that is a “climber” you will never understand. Kids are FAST and their ability to find ways to hurt themselves are never ending. I once heard a comedian say some thing like, “kids are born looking for ways to die.” and it couldn’t be more true. So glad their little boy is okay! Hope his arm heals quickly.

Just had to be the balance to all the shaming comments…Come on people, accidents happen!

fran on

Why,oh why was this child on a countertop? There is no good reason for it. We have a very active 21 mo grandson,and when Mom is working at the counter,he pulls up his chair to stand next to her, watch her, and snag pieces of fruit or veggies. Should he try to climb up he is told not to and taken off the countertop. Common sense and personal responsibility are becoming harder and harder to detect inpeople of all ages today. Sad commentary on life in America.

Lila on

Why the judging, people? If you’ve ever had kids, especially one who’s pretty rambunctious, you know that in a matter of seconds a 2yo can climb the walls. It’s impossible to watch them every single second of their lives, therefore accidents like this happen. I bet he learns a lesson in not climbing.

Shannon on

Everyone who is asking what he was doing on the counter to begin must not have kids. If you do have kids, then you wouldnt ask because EVERY SINGLE PARENT has put their kid up on the counter or table while they are doing some cooking or something where the child is “helping”. Stop judging….

Ali on

Really Sherron?? What does having your child on a counter top do with having respect for people?? Tad bit of a reach there don’t you think?

I have 3 kids who respect adults and know the difference between right and wrong. Guess what…my 3 year old fell of a big teddy bear at a mall play area and broke his arm last fall. Do you think I am a horrible parent as well who does not teach my kids respect??

Kate on

Well, I guess I suck as a parent, because my daughter did sit on the counter tops a number of times when she was that age. Geez, people…so quick to judge just because they are celebrities? Ridiculous.

mama bear on

oh good lord…either none of you have a 2 year old, or you’re all perfect mothers. Anyone who is the parent of a toddler knows it only takes a split second for them to get into something they shouldn’t…including using their little brains to figure out how to climb onto things. Stop judging and get over yourselves. And if you tell me “Well I NEVER take my eye off my kid”

you are ALL liars.

mm on

My kids always sit on the counter top or stand on chairs to help me cook. I’m always within arm’s reach, but I have, say, thrown a spoon in the sink. We haven’t had an accident yet, thankfully. I’m surprised at the number of people commenting negatively, it’s a very common thing for most parents who involve their kids in cooking.

K on

When my daughter was just under two my husband was washing the dishes and keeping the baby entertained in her high chair while I was at work and she was watching a video on the couch. Within a couple of seconds she got up to dance and my husband told her to sit down, which she did but too hard and hit the end of the arm of the couch, then the wall and then the floor, breaking her collar bone and bumping her head. She was also our little monkey who was forever climbing the counters, the walls, etc.

We also put the kids on the counters to clean wounds (we have four), teach them to cook, keep an eye on them when we were trying to cook or do dishes and other things in the kitchen and we never had a fall.

I think it is silly to question and criticize what was an accident. Falls can happen from anywhere and broken bones in almost any accident very quickly.

I am so glad there are so many perfect parents out there, but remember, you are only perfect until your child has an accident. In 16 years of parenting we have had seven sets of stitches, multiple black eyes, bruises, and scrapes, two broken bones, several baseball-induced fat lips, and various other childhood accidents, it happens to everyone and is it never happens to you, there is something missing in your child’s life (like being able to play).

Jw on

I have three boys, 6,9,and 10 with a girl on the way. We have had our share of accidents, believe me. But 2 year olds shouldn’t be on the counter. I hope he heals quickly.

NM on

It is always scary for a parent, when their child is hurt, especially when it’s inside your own house. Poor little guy.

Stephanie on

I used to play around on the countertops all the time. At two years old the possibility of falling and hurting yourself doesn’t even enter your thought process. Think about how many times you have to tell a child that the stove is hot and not to touch, but they still do. It doesn’t sound like he was rolling around on the countertop without his parents being nearby.

mm on

And guess what, Fran? your grandson could easily fall off of that chair he stands on (which you apparently find so much more responsible) and break an arm or crack his head open–on the countertop no less. HJB, could not agree with you more.

Angela on

I had my nephew on the countertop last night, with his feet in the sink so I could wash the remains of a cherry popsicle off him. I didn’t let go of him, though. But if I had, I’m sure he would have tried to jump down. It really only takes a split second, even if you take every precaution.

Jamie on

I dont have any children either but i would never have them on a counter top. I would have them on a stepping stool! Learn from your mistakes.

Brittany on

I understand the child may like to help his parents cook but whatever the situation, a countertop is NOT the place for a child. If an average couple gave this same story, Child Protective Services would be involved by now. goes to show how many can totally change a situation. Point blank. smh.

Sarah on

Those of you who ask “Why was he on a countertop?” must not have ever had a 2yr. old boy! They are super fast, and some can be sneaky, and most of them are really, really good climbers! I have 3 boys and two of them have (when they were toddlers) pushed a chair up to the counter and climbed up on it! It happens really fast when you are just in the other room… even parents need to use the bathroom sometimes and kids are quick!

nicole on

come on people, anyone who has kids, and i do have placed their child on the countertop. i have to put their shoes on before going out. it was an accident like they said, it only takes a split second. these things happen all the time. its not bad parenting, these things happen.

Jen DC on

Have none of you ever had a “climber”? I was a climber. I climbed everything. I could climb from the floor, to the counter to the top of the refrigerator by the time I was 3 and a half. If I wanted peanut butter, why wait? Climb and get it yourself. Cereal? Same deal. Trees. Walls. Fences. I fell off a retaining wall at my third birthday party at McDonalds. I cut my foot (and had to get a tetanus shot) climbing a chain link fence with my cousins when I was 10. Fell out of the magnolia tree when I was 8.

It’s not that my mother wasn’t watchful; she was. It wasn’t that I wasn’t “taught” not to climb up on things. I was quick and hardheaded. Luckily, I never severely injured myself – other than the cut, most of my childhood aches and pains seem to have been sprains.

To Zuma: Get well soon! I’m sure your cast is totally technicolor.

To Gavin and Gwen: Stop the self-flagellation. He’s ok! With two boys, someone is bound to break something sometime. I know it’s nuts because he’s so little, but he probably won’t even remember it.

Amanda on

Kids are kids, they are going to have accidents, and no one commenting on here knows the whole story. Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it couldn’t, no one is a perfect parent 100% of the time.

trsquare on

Accidents happen, even when we’re keeping a close eye on our kids. The more “high energy” the kid, the more accidents. My heart goes out to the Rossdale family because they’re going to be judged no matter what.

Lisa on

Wow…I can see why some of you SHOULDNT have children! They would never be allowed to leave their room.

Stephanie on

I am amazed at how outraged people are that he was on the counter. My son sits on the counter when we are cooking all the time. Accidents happen. I feel bad. I feel even worse that people are looking at them like this. To me, standing on a chair is much worse than sitting on a counter.

Stacey on

I’m not a parent, but I’m an aunt who watches my niece and nephew often. When my niece is clinging to me and I need to make her a bottle or get something for her brother, I sit her on the counter. I am normally right there with her, but there have been times I’ve had to turn around and do something quickly. These things happen, and for parents its so scary! We can’t keep kids in a bubble their whole lives, they would never experience the wonders of childhood!

I hope Zuma feels better quickly and that the pain is not too bad! And I hope Gwen and Gavin aren’t feeling too guilty, because these things just happen!

kate on

I guess the moral is not to put your kid on a counter top at all, much less put him on a counter top and walk away. That’s just stupidity on their part as parents.

juliahoolia on

Exactly Sarah! As a parent of a 2 1/2 year old boy, I can so relate! You don’t “let” them climb onto the counters but they do it is a flash! Their natural curiosity is to explore every surface, cupboard, cabinet, drawer, etc. Mine pulls himself up onto the counter and has tried to do a pullup on the mantle. Glad Zuma is okay.

Splum on

That evil countertop! It was just an accident, everyone chill.

Jennifer on

Kids sit on countertops and stand in carts. We learn from our mistakes. Doesn’t make us bad parents. When my 3 yr old flipped out of a cart I caught her (by her shirt) right before she hit the ground, she hit her head and another mother was right there with a 6 pack to put on her head, because the same thing happened to her a few weeks before. She’s 18 now, we live and learn.

Cindy on

I DO have kids and I would NEVER let them sit on a counter top or remotely near a stove! Poor little guy…I have had things happen to them while they are growing up but I tried very hard to not put them in a situation that something could hurt them. I am not by any means saying they are bad parents, I imagine they are wonderful parents. The problem I believe is that people are raising their children without much boundries in their lives.
“Oh you want on the counter,SURE!” no, it is our jobs as parents to make those decisions for them.


I’m laughing at all you people saying “why in the world was he on the countertop?”… um he’s a kid- they do things they aren’t supposed to do typically. I can bet you all don’t have complete angels all the time. Anything can happen in a split second…tripping and hitting a table or the cupboard- a corner of anything that isn’t all soft and pillow-like. Give me a break, just because they are famous doesn’t mean they aren’t human. Accidents happen. Throw your stones at someone else- like maybe Casey Anthony for instance- some people kill their children.

jenny on

you people who are questioning why the kid was on the countertop have obviously never had a toddler. i highly doubt they put him up there! kids climb. i find my 18 month old on my counters, on top of tables, on dresser….everywhere, and i do not put her there. accidents happen. i’m glad he is ok, it’s scary.

California Surfer on

Whao that is harsh for the little dude!

Alicia on

I cant believe ppl on here are asking “WHY” he was on a countertop or “HOW”? When I was that age if I wanted something I would grab a chair, drag it over and climb. Sometimes just for fun. My Mom always said I was a major tomboy and if I could climb something I’d be doing it. I remember climbing a tree once when camping and I fell from pretty high. My parents allowed me bc they knew Id’ do it anyways and I had to learn. Thankfully when I fell I only scratched my stomach up a bit from the limbs while falling. Never had a broken bone. Accidents happen and I’m sure it won’t be the only time their son falls from somewhere!

California Surfer on

I guess if I were to write something judgmental it would totally be on here but since I’m a dude the comments don’t get posted.

M on

Ok, I’m shocked at the people who put their kids on the counter?! I have two kids and I never, ever did that. Just an accident waiting to happen! Toddlers get hurt just walking into things, do you really need to put them on the counter? Not smart.

Leslee on

I’m in total awe how many of us survived such dangerous childhoods in a day without car seats, helmets, outlet covers and only instructions to be home by dinner.

Kids break bones, get bruises and scrapes all the time, it’s part of being human learning all those skills. One of my children fell off the monkey bars and broke an arm. Gasp, he was off the ground and was expected to hang on by himself? Another sat on a rusty nail. Gasp, you didn’t put a protective cover on his butt? One of my boys was a toddler and fell off a child’s chair right on to a Lego and split open his eyebrow. No, say it isn’t so. I have a long, long list of this stuff. I won’t mention the time I found one of my daredevils on top of the fridge as I emerged from the bathroom.

Kids survive without being bubblewrapped and things happen. That’s life. Save CPS for children being raped, beaten and abandoned, not to serve your own sense of superiority. Mariah Carey and her supposed Guinness and now the counter of death.

V on

Who says that they put him up there or allow him to be up there? I have three boys, 8, 3 and 2. I have told them that it is “naughty” as one of you put it, to climb on the counter. I do NOT allow them to get up there. BUT, not all kids listen to everything you say! My 2 year old can climb onto the counter top using his little toes like a monkey does. I know for a FACT that he has at least three different ways of getting up there. He climbs the drawers like stairs, he opens the corner cabinet and uses the inside shelf as a step AND I have even seen him get a soup can out of the bottom cabinet, place it on the floor and use that as a booster to climb up. I have left him on the couch watching Yo Gabba Gabba and gone to the bathroom just to pee (no time lost there) and have come out to find him on the counter top. Also, he can get up there in the time it takes me to turn my back to him to ask my other children, “what do you want for lunch.” I turn back around and he’s up there! OBVIOUSLY nobody would intentionally let their kids use the counter top as a play area. But they can get up there faster than you can blink! Especially if they are a monkey like my youngest is. STOP JUDGING! Your kid could break an arm falling out of bed in the middle of the night. Is it irresponsible to let them sleep alone???? They could be running in the yard, step the wrong way and fall and break an arm! GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Angi Dudas on

I am honestly amazed at many of the comments. Kids are quicker then you think. It happens. If you are so damned perfect,then why are you commenting here and not writing parenting books.

charity on

oh come on lay off already it was an 10 year old broke her arm when she was 2 by falling off her brothers lap. there were 5 adults standing right there when it happened. it happened so fast that noone had time to catch her. accidents happen no matter what. we cant keep them in a bubble.

s.t. weston on

I know children climb. But how does a child who is never out of anyone’s sight manage to climb on a countertop and fall? I know a family who had that happen to their young son and unfortunately, the child died.

I’d say the Rossdale family is very lucky it is just a broken arm. They will always remember it, Zuma won’t.

Miranda on

Accidents happen. Poor guy. Gavin & Gwen seem like two caring, loving and very RESPONSIBLE parents. Hope he heals quickly and that his parents don’t feel too bad. Kids are going to fall & get hurt at times and just thank goodness that he was not hurt too badly.

Anonymous on

For everyone saying “accidents happen” and “you cant keep your eye on your kid ALL the time”….well then I suggest not ALLOWING your children to be in/on a dangerous place. You dont put a kid (who wants to cook with you) on a counter and then when he falls say “it was a freak accident”. No, you put him up there, and therefore its your fault.

If Zuma climed up there, then ok, I have a little sympathy although it should have been drilled into his head thats a no-no. But come on with the cooking crap! You dont put your kid up in a tree and when he falls out say “it was an accident”.

Danelle on

I have 4 sons and none of them were ever on the countertop. One of the many things I’ve taught them thru the years…poor Zuma.

mary on

And I wonder how many of you parents who ‘never’ put their child on the counter let your child ride in a grocery cart without being belted or allow them to stand in the grocery cart?

It was a stupid mistake, I am sure lesson learned!

Ryo on

No offense to anyone, but Zuma is almost 3 (another two months). I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought to having an almost 3-year-old up on a counter with me; he’s not an infant who is more likely to fall off than not. Accidents happen – that’s why they’re called “accidents.” They’ll probably be more careful in the future, but I doubt this is the first accident Zuma will ever have. That’s life!

Stephanie on

im the mom of a 9 month old.. no i wouldnt let him on the countertops if and when he wants when he gets older.. but if I happen to set him up there it shouldnt b everyone elses business just like it shouldnt b our business what they do with their kids and why he was on the countertop to begin with. all that matters is he fell and broke his arm. and i hope he heals up quickly so he can get back out there and be a little boy. and do what all little boys to.. play on things and fall.. just hopefully he doesnt break anything else! I really think we should stop judging those that are not ourselves.. take a closer look in the mirror and pray to god YOUR life is perfect before looking at everyone elses… all parents make mistakes. thats how we learn and become better parents.

Anonymous on

Wow, I guess those of you who do have kids and are posting negative comments about what was an ACCIDENT are the perfect parents. How dare those of us do occasionally allow our kids on the countertops even be allowed to parent? Really! That’s how ridiculous you sound with your ‘perfectly’ judgmental comments.

Jo on

Wow, you people are amazing. I never knew there were so many perfect parents with perfect children out there. Oh Wait! There isn’t because there is no such thing. As much as you would like the world to think you are you aren’t so get over it!

As for you non-parents that wanted to comment on this have kids and raise them before you judge what other people do. I have 4 boys ages 15, 13, 10, and 7 and every one of them have fallen, climbed on things they shouldn’t have, tried to hurt each other, etc. There is no handbook, owners manual, rule book, or anything that tells you how to properly care for a child. Sure there are parenting classes but 90% of the people teaching them have never had a child and the material learned in those classes and books are merely suggestions not guidelines.

Things happen to children, many preventable when you look back on it, but many are uncontrollable. As someone else said you CAN NOT watch your child 24/7/365 it is impossible. If you do or have or did then I guess your house never got/gets cleaned, meals never got/get cooked, you never shower/ed, you never went/go to the bathroom, you never answer/ed the phone, you never visit/ed with friends or family, you never slept/sleep, you haven’t worked since they were born, never left them with a sitter for any reason, or you have a super nanny that does it for you because that is the only way to do that.

Gwen and Gavin, I apologize for your son’s trauma and pray he heals quickly and I apologize for others stupidity, Zuma will heal but there is no cure for their stupidity. And it does not make you or anyone else a bad parent if things like this happen.

Margie on

Wow it is amazing to see all the people on here that must have their kids living in a bubble.

Victoria on

Some of you need to lighten up on the Parents. Yes, ACCIDENTS do happen. If the child can’t be a couple of feet off the ground without incident, then you better keep him off of the slide, the swing, the bed, ect. Things happen I don’t feel persecuting the parents is the way to go. I, however, wish him a quick recovery and would tell the parents, go easy on yourself. You can’t wrap a child in bubble wrap and being over protective is just as damaging as a broken bone.

Rebekah on

My 3 year old pushed his little chair next to the counter climbed on and was standing on the stove in the blink of an eye. Things like that happen with children. He got in trouble and hopefully he doesn’t do it again, but he might. If Gwen’s son is half as rambuctious as mine is, I understand. Hope he feels better soon 🙂

aurora mia on

I have to say I am so happy to hear about the parent who involve their kids in cooking. I have a nearly 3 year old who is with me while we cook. This wasnt necessarily by design but by his desire to be there to help and learn. Not only do I use this as a learning tool for the art of cooking, but teaching math, nutrition and safety skills and whatever else we can. He has a placement with the US on it and we teach where things come from as well. So, he is on counters or chairs and helping all the time.

I so agree with the people who are saying accidents happen and that the toddler is always getting into something. The nature of toddlers. Heal well little Zuma 🙂

Anonymous on

For you people that are saying that you have never placed your child on a counter, I can guarantee that *you* have certainly placed them somewhere that *you* thought was safe, but that they could have fallen from or otherwise hurt themselves.

ACCIDENTS happen. It’s not like he said “I just turned away from the crack house and the broken needles for a split second” Come on people!!

Melody on

Brittany- If you really think that child protective services should be called because a kid fell and broke his arm (an OBVIOUS ACCIDENT), you are OUT OF YOUR F**KING MIND. I’m sick of hearing about innocent parents going through the nightmare of CPS because their kid has a bruise on them. There are children out there that are actually being abused and neglected, but thanks to overzealous losers flooding CPS with calls every time they don’t agree with someone’s parenting, children in need are ignored.

angie on

It sounds weird to hear of a child being on the countertops but having had four children, a countertop is one of those places you simply cannot put a “child safety lock on” nor “block all entrances to” (unless you have regular size entrances for baby gates, in which in my house there are multiple entryways to our kitchen and are so large you would need cars to block them). But children at Zuma’s age are learning to climb climb climb, and it is scary as a parent. You try to block everything possible, countereact everything they might attempt, but they find loopholes. And in my husband’s and my case, we will be attempting a conversation right when he gets in from work, ya know, just a glimpse of some face-time, when they decide its the perfect time to think of something new and exciting. And sometimes you have to breathe and know you will not have a normal life at times.

I feel for Gavin and Gwen, because of course you love your children, and it is terrifying when you think of how willing they are to attempt things that are not safe for them.

Dessie on

Listen I am darn good mom, and my son is always with me. When I am mixing up something to bake, I let him help. Oh, that’s right people I let my 3 year old sit on the counter. Please don’t get over-heated that parents actually let their kids sit on the counter. It was probably an accident like they said. They might have turned their back for a brief moment, and the child just happened to fall. To all of you rightous parents, I am sure you are not perfect, so stop acting like you are. Grow up, and except that accidents do happen in this world.

Anonymous on

Seriously… you’ve all put your kids on the countertop once in their lives. don’t judge!

Cathy on

Who knew only perfect parents read people? Someone should probably call child services on me because my kids are always sitting on the counters helping me cook! Hope Zuma heels quickly so he can at least enjoy summer!

Hannah on

Wow there are some seriously judgmental people on this site. Kids have accidents, it happens. Plus he was right there, it’s not like Zuma was alone in the house.

As for Brittany saying CPS would be involved, average family or not, no they wouldn’t. Clearly you know nothing about CPS. Besides, the majority of doctors are more understanding then the people on this site.

Josie on

It may seem cute but young toddlers should NEVER be on a counter top. Not a freak accident, it is what happens!!

JulieA on

I am a mom of three grown kids. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 23+ years of parenting, it is this: there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. We’ve all made mistakes we regret. In the case of preventable accidents such as this one, you learn from it and move on.

The Rossdales seem like loving, caring parents, so let’s stop the finger-wagging. I’m sure they – like the rest of us parents – will learn from this experience and will take measures in the future to prevent another mishap like this one as yes, it was preventable, but totally forgiveable.

Carmen on

I raised 3 daughters.. and now we have 2 grandsons.. dont recall ever sitting the girls or boys on the counter top for extended periods of time..but it takes one moment for a child to wiggle and fall.. it can happen anywhere.. eldest grandson at 7 was playing on the bed with his little brother.. he fell off the bed and broke his arm last year..the worst part for him was weeks of no recess.. so anywhere off the ground could possibly be a place for anyone to fall from.. its an accident.. I know exactly how the parents feel..I hope the 6 week casting passes smoothly..

molly on


You are correct, lighten up on the parents. It can happen in the blink of an eye. I put my son on the counter to tie his shoes all the time of have him help me stif the cookie batter.

Amazing that so many just instantly go for the juggular! Accidents happen, and while I am sure a broken arm is not fun…he will live and I am sure they all learned. For those of you who are perfect parents, congrats, for the rest of us…I guess we will keep on trying!

Wishing him a speedy recovery!

Stacey valente on

I cannot believe how many of you are ranting about a 2yr old sitting on the countertop. Get a grip it was a countertop, not the roof of the house!! Kids fall, accidents happen, it is all part of life.

Bravo for all of you who think these overreacting fools need to get a grip!!!

And yes I have children, three, 25, 22 & 17 and they all survived that so very dangerous time in their childhood where they god forbid were allowed to sit on the countertop!! Or ride bike, or should I say RUN and have FUN!!!

Jodie on

Ok, seriously, I have TWO boys ages 4 and 2 and they are both climbers. They climb anything and everything. Does anyone honeslty think that once they get close to the counter I don’t step in and prevent climbing on it! Hello! Pay attention to what your kids are doing so you can prevent these accidents. My boys have never climbed my counter so they can’t fall off of it. And like heck I’d ever let them on it to cook. If they are doing something with me there, they stand on a chair. Seriously, a counter is not a place for a kid to sit on!

Stacey on

It’s just sad to read all of these negative comments. I have 4 kids (19, 17, 14 & 12) and all but one of them has suffered broken bones. They are KIDS and doing stupid things is how they learn. As parents, we just pray that their accidents aren’t serious.

For everyone judging these parents for having their child on a high surface, have you ever taken your child to the pediatrician’s office? The examination tables in most pediatrician’s offices are at least as high as a countertop, but that’s the perfect height to attend to a child. Yes, I’ve put every single one of my kids on the counter for various reasons. We’ve never had that kind of an accident, but we’ve had many others.

I’m glad little Zuma seems to be doing fine, and I doubt that a broken arm is going to hold him down or deter him from exploring in the future. A year after breaking her arm by falling off of the monkey bars, my daughter sprained her wrist when she jumped out of a swing at school. It’s not bad parenting, people. It’s the undying spirit of the curious child.

A. on

Awwww, poor Zuma! 😦 Feel better soon!

Arianna on

I’ve got 3 young kids and it’s true accidents do happen in a split second!-but contertop?

It is NOT a safe place for a child to be!! PERIOD! And if you place a child on a countertop for whatever reason-then you should have a hand on them at all times!!! Im glad the kid is all right-but it was an AVOIDABLE accident! The kid could have broken his skull instead of his arm!!!

Linda Radtke on

Why are you all so judgemental? Kids climb on everything if your not constantly behind they will fall. Accidents can happen in a split second and unless you were there you shouldn’t be judging.

ame on

My kids sit on the countertop all the time to help me cook or to talk to me while I am cooking. It’s not an abnormal thing to have children sitting on the countertop! I hope that he heals quickly.

Mary on

People need to stop giving Jennifer a hard time. It’s a legitimate question. I have two kids – 10 and 3. I wouldn’t think of letting them sit on a countertop. I’m not saying I’m a perfect parent by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s just common sense not to let your 2-year-old sit on a countertop. You could have your eyes on them the whole time and they could still hurt themselves.

CR on

This is for those who are very quick to judge others- “Get over yourself!”

Ana on

I’m sorry they got scared, but maybe they learned their lesson. Just because you don’t have children, that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to take care of children. Apparently, some parents are careless. How can you say that you have been sitting your child on a counter for a long time and he never fell? Well, your child was lucky not to hurt himself and you were lucky because you didn’t have to rush him to the hospital and feel guilty. Children are not supposed to sit on counters. Period!

Mom Of Twins on

@Shannon, I’m a single parent of 10 year old twins, and I have never placed my kids on the counter top or table. While cooking my kids weren’t allow in the kitchen, them getting burn by something on the stove or even touching the oven scared me. I understand how quickly accidents happen with children, they got off lucky. He could have been killed.

Mary on

Lots of self-righteous parents on this comment board.

Katie on

He shouldn’t have been left on the counter. It’s dangerous.

And stop saying those of us who think that are ‘perfect parents’. We’re not. But we understand kids on counters is a bad idea.

Hea on

I seriously doubt they LET him sit on a countertop. I bet he likes to climb thing and that he’s pretty quick at doing just that. It happens. Kids fall down and sometimes they get hurt. I work with toddlers and even though I watch them like a hawk things can happen.

Ken on

In the words of Brother Dave Gardner…”There is no such thing as an accident…It’s premeditated carelessness”

Amanda on

People get over it my 2 year old climbs on the counter all the time I get him down as soon as he does but it happens and accidents happen!!

Amy on

Really people? My not yet two year old can climb on a countertop as quickly as me stepping out of the room to go to the bathroom. Appreantly none of you have very active children.

Taylor on

Of course kids climb on everything and they fall, that’s part of growing up and learning. But one expects that parents who are grown ups know better, and don’t put their kids on dangerous situations. One thing is a kid falls because he just climbs everything, another thing is when the parents don’t assume that what they do is wrong. It’s really sad to see many parents here defending what happened. This doesn’t make them bad parents! They were just careless and it was an accident! Assume it. It’s wrong to sit children on counters! Period.

Laura on

I know the feeling well.When my 5 year old was 2 and a half he climbed a dresser and it fell on him and he broke his wrist. It is horrific for a parent and they think it is all their fault. Reality is that kids get hurt. Probably sat on that same counter a hundred times without incident. Glad he is ok!

barb on

omg… really guys?? lets stop the no kid should ever be on counter nonsence and realize that most parents have done this for one reason or another. almost every child has an accident that could have been prevented at one time or another. glad their little man is ok, and unfortunatly there will probably be more accidents to come in his life… it happens!!!

maureen on

those people wondering why he was on counter top must not be familiar with 2 yr olds. Toddlers can climb onto counter tops in a few seconds on their own using a kitchen chair. Any reasonable parent knows, while you do your best to watch your children every second, life, and accidents, happen.

Michelle on

Or, this is really about the fact that it gets splashed in the media. Being in the public eye, everyone can find something wrong about what they did or did not do. I don’t want everything that happens in my world splashed across They seem like very hands on and grounded parents (We don’t hear a bunch of negative stuff about the parents) We should all wish the little boy speedy healing, lots of signatures on his cast, and a few weeks of pampering.

joanie on

What is a child doing on a countertop to begin with. I have a 6 pound poodle and when I wash and brush him, I always hold on to his leg if I have to turn and he is a dog. So I ask again, what is a child doing on a countertop?

Dara on

Sorry their son was hurt but for one thing he should not be on the counter, also if this was the “worst night of their life” they are very lucky people.

Erin on

I love it when parents put each other down… it’s so productive and helpful! I’m so glad that your kids were little angels and never EVER disobeyed you or did something they shouldn’t have done! How lovely for you, the most perfect mother ever! You deserve a gold star on your official “Member of the Stepford Wives” certificate.

Maybe they didn’t put him on the counter. Maybe there was something up there that he really wanted. Two-year-olds aren’t known for their self-restraint and are pretty quick. I’m sure they are beating themselves up enough without smug internet mommies telling them they shouldn’t let their children on the counter.

Trazey on

I don’t have kids, and I’m always amazed when kids aren’t hurt more OFTEN lol My best friend tells me “Basically your job as a parent is to prevent your kids from committing suicide because that’s what they’re hell bent on doing” LOL they go jumping off the couch, zooming down stairs, they must have guardian angels or something!

Crystal on

I am shocked at some of the posters on this board. GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! I’m guessing that you all have perfect children with perfect outcomes and nothing EVER goes wrong….right???? It was an accident. I let my niece stand on the counter and walk around. I’m always right there with her. I completely understand how this happened. It’s an accident. I’m not sure if you guys know the definition of accident but allow me to educate you.

Accident- an unforseen and unplanned event or circumstance. For all of the ignorant people out there it basically means you didn’t see it coming and it happened. As usual Gavin has shared what I’m sure is one of the scariest moments of his life and people are tearing him down. I for one am SICK OF IT!! I’m POSITIVE they already feel enough guilt. You negative nancy’s need to SHOVE IT!!

Gavin and Gwen- I am very sorry this happened. I’m wishing little Zuma a speedy recovery and not too much guilt for his parents. Sending much ♥, hugs and blessings your way!!! 🙂

Mandy on

would yall all shut up about the baby on the counter top. yall just need to just wish him luck and hope his little arm heals fast. Yall dont even know her so leave her be

katie on

Poor little Zuma, get well buddy!

Allison on

Well gosh, maybe in addition to signing any contracts celebrities must sign whether it be for movies or music; maybe they should also sign one that states they will not have children since EVERY mistake they make is constantly criticized. He is 2 years old, he fell and had an accident and clearly his parents were scared to death and concerned that their child was hurt..just like any ‘non celebrity’ parent would be.

Laura on

My youngest fractured his wrist by climbing a dresser and it fell on him. I am not too surprised by the judgemental attitude taken by some of you…you are either hyper-overprotective or have just not experienced a terrifying moment with your child yet. Send us who have experienced such a moment a line when you finally do. We will not judge you as harshly as you have judged us. It is easy to pass judgement when you are on the other side of the fence!

Hope little Zuma heals quick and Gwen and Gavin can breathe easier. I know that sense of panic and it is not fun!!

Heather on

I am a mother, and a preschool teacher/former nanny, etc. Yes accidents happen, my own daughter just fell of the couch and broke her collar bone a couple months ago. BUT, there is not reason for a child to be on the counter (can we say GERMS?!) and to call a fall from the counter a “freak accident” is a little dumb. Kids fall off counters all the time! maybe the way he landed was freak, but it’s not like you couldn’t have predicted that there was some possibility that he was going to fall!

Lily on

Gee..why was he able to get on the counter-top…could have been a hot stove……you need to move all chairs and climbing items from these dangerous places…..glad he is better and it is only a broken arm and not skull….Get Better Little One

amy doig on

Really? comparing a child to a poodle! That is the dumbest thing I have ever read!

CG on

Kids can break a bone doing simple, everyday things – they don’t have to fall off a counter. Trish’s child broke a collar bone falling off the COUCH – do we not let kids on the couch then?

I don’t care how he did it, I am just glad he is OK. If you are a parent yourself and commenting about “why is a kid on the counter” then shame on you – we all do the best we can and you don’t know any circumstances other then what little is in the article. It doesn’t say “his parents put him on the counter and then left for hours.”

If you are not a parent, wish him well and move on.

Georgia on

HELLO!!!!! They never said that they “let” him get up on the counter…Geez, people, lay off a little! I suppose none of you have EVER had an incident where one of your kids was hurt in an accident, because everyone on here is so PERFECT!!!!! By the way, the ones who commented who don’t have children…you really have no business commenting.

blackfeather on

I’m reading all these comments about “why was he on the counter top”? Its a stupid question really, I have 4 children and everyone of them have crawled up on to the counter at one time or the other and yes I do tell them to please stay off its dangerous, their kids, stuff is going to happen, love them and help them learn from their mistakes.

jen on

Sorry Brittany, I work with CPS and having your child accidently fall is not a reason to have CPS called on you. In fact it isn’t even something to joke about. I have dealt with cases where children have been beaten unrecognizably, neglected and left without food or being bathed or they’ve seen a parent try to stab someone. Honestly if he didn’t fall off one thing it would have been another. Shame on you for even SUGGESTING that they deserve to have such an extreme thing done to them or taking CPS so lightly. Maybe someone should look into your history.

Should a kid be on a counter? no. Did i used to sit on the counter to help my own mom make sauce? Certainly. It was a bonding experience and it was fun to participate with my parent. I’d rather have a parent put their kid on the counter to cook with them than lock them in a closet and ignore them or beat them.

Mar on

I completely feel for both of you dad and mom. As for those with other comments regarding “with was he on the counter in the first place?” either do not have kids or…… We have four and they love to see what is going on up high or want to be involved or parents needed two hands for a sec. Give me a break, they didn’t want their little guy to get hurt. You have no right to judge. My daughter slipped trying see “what was going on” She was on a chair!!!! Bit through her lip. Now, which was worse???

Ali on

Aw, I’m glad he’s okay.

Nicole on

Oh please all you perfect parents out there. When my son was just 11 months old he climbed up to the counter, while I was in the kitchen with him doing dishes. At 10 months old I went into his room to check on him while he was taking a nap and he had climbed out of his crib, which had the mattress lowered, and was on his dresser.Thankfully he didn’t fall either time, and after that we put him in a toddler bed. Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime, it doesn’t make you a bad parent. Obviously the negative comments are all from people who have not had kids or followed their kids everywhere. Accidents are a part of life. Deal with it.

Anonymous on

a lot of you people are really crazy. it doesn’t matter why he was on the counter, i’m pretty sure he won’t be there again. as a kid i grew up sitting on the counter and climbing anything i could the second my parents were out of sight (i’m the youngest of 4). the fact i fell several times as a kid doesn’t make my parents bad parents. i think it makes them great, i have so many memories of doing stupid things and getting hurt then crying&snuggling with my parents. i can laugh at that now.

zuma is going to be ok, he’ll go on to live a normal life i’m sure. just because his parents are famous doesn’t mean they aren’t people too. i think the fact that gwen&gavin love him should be the main focus, not why he was on the counter. the only wrong way to be a parent is if you don’t love your kid.

Erin on

Oh, give me a break, Jodie. Is a countertop the most dangerous place for a child to be? Not by a long shot! If your kids climb “anything and everything,” I imagine they are in far more dangerous situations than that on a regular basis! Do any of you people let your children go on playground equipment? By my estimation, the slide at my local playground is at least twice as high as the counter in my kitchen. There are openings that are well over my head, where a child could just jump or fall out! Standing on a chair is at least as dangerous as sitting on a counter.

angelbaby33 on

WOW! Can I ask if these kids who are not allowed to sit on the counter at home are allowed to go to the playground or park? Because falling off a five foot tall platform is way scarier than falling off a counter that is barely three feet! What if your kid falls and their knees are dirty and bleeding. Do you sit down on the floor with them and dump water over them? Do you bandage them up on the floor? Or like a previous poster said, the table at a dr. office waiting to be examined. Or, think about where you are at your computer typing out a response because you are a perfect parent. Where are your kids? Velcroed to the couch or floor so they cannot get hurt? Can you see them at all times? Do you drag them into the bathroom with you and lock the door?

If you think that these kids absoltely listen to you 100% because you have instilled certain things as “naughty”, I am shocked. Put your kid in a room with a child video monitor and see what happens when you think that they are 100% listening to you! Even the best, most well behaved children in your eyes will behave differently when you are not around. If you think that your child has “never” gotten on a counter or other dangerous area, your child has pulled the wool over your eyes. My heart goes out to you when they become teenagers and you tell yourself that they would never smoke, drink, do drugs or have sex because you have told them again and again that it’s “naughty”.

Mary on

I wish I was as perfect a parent as some of you judgemental people are on here.

Anonymous on

Why on earth was the child on the counter top? I have have 2 children and they have helped me in the kitchen since they were very young but they never have been up on the counter. We always used a step stool. They did the mixing at the table when they were younger, then as they grew moved up to doing light cooking, with me always close by. I have no idea why anyone would allow a child to sit on the counter, that is just gross and dangerous, clearly.

Donna on

He could have broken his neck. Thank God he didn’t.

Erika on

I don’t even have kids and I know that accidents can happen in a second. When my brother and I were younger, we climbed up on a couch, and he hit is head on the molding around the window. He needed stitches. My parents weren’t at fault, it happened in a split second. Maybe Zuma climbed on the countertop- he’s two, and two year olds do stuff like that all the time. To say that they are bad parents because they turned their head for a second is insulting and hypocritical. How many people don’t turn their back for a split second? Anyone who truly keeps their eyes on their kids at all times, is the one who is going to have kids with issues, if they are that overprotective. Instead of blaming the parents, I feel bad for them and hope that Zuma’s arm heals quickly.

jessica on

My son was 6, riding his bicycle. Terrifying. Broke both bones in his forearm. On the the way to the hospital, he confessed he was riding with his eyes closed! 2 casts, 1 surgery, and a pin inserted into bone, later, we learned the relevance of being vigilant. Me, by being even more involved, and he, by keeping his eyes open. Point, we try to do what’s best all the time, but kids are people too. Meaning, they sometimes have a different agenda than we do. When he was a baby, he, in a ‘freak accident’ kinda way, blacked my eye. And then there was the time I tore ligaments in my shoulder holding him at 4 am in the kitchen while trying to make a bottle.

Children don’t come with an owner’s manual!

PearlandMary on

Kids do not belong on counter tops period. I am glad he is OK..poor little guy. Hi Gavin, love your music for a long long time. Hi Gwen, love you too.

nicole on

wow…why is everybody focusing on WHY he was on the countertop…everybody judging…i bet i can go to everyone of your houses and say why are you letting your child do that he could get hurt or sick. my child who is now almost 7 has been climbing up on kitchen counters, bathroom counters and anywhere else she can get her leg up on since she was able to walk. has she ever got hurt? no thankfully not. things are going to happen whether they are up on a countertop or walking down the sidewalk kids are going to get hurt unfortunatley. zuma hoping for a speedy recovery!

Mavs2980 on

Awww poor Zuma, I hope he gets better soon!

As for all you judgemental people, I hope for your sake the next time your child has an accident, there isn’t someone like you around, to basically call you a bad parent. Although it’s what you deserve, for casting the first stone.

Accidents happen all the time, especially with young children. My Mom always tells the story of how she turned her back on me for a moment, and I climbed up the dresser using the pull knobs as foot holds. Next thing you know the dresser tipped and fell over on top of me. Luckily it just scared me, and nothing more major happened. Accidents are a fact of life that we can not avoid.

Erica on

I seriously love how people on her lose their minds when someone disagrees with them. It doesn’t take a perfect parent to realize that kids can fall off a counter. It only takes common sense. I have two kids who are 6 and 8 years old and neither have ever broken a bone. I’m 33 and never had a broken bone.

Shannon on

Well I guess I’m a bad mother then, because it’s considered fun family time to put my little ones up on the countertop and let them jump into myself or my husbands arms. I also own and let them jump on trampoline (gasp!) and brace yourselves but I also let them ride their bikes in our culdesac! Someone call Social Services!

Steffie on

When I was little I used to sit on counter tops too, especially when helping my mother cook, and I know how easy it is to fall off of them as well. I hope he has a wonderful recovery and I feel for them.

mary on

When my youngest was 6 months old, I found her two older sisters slidding her down the stairs on a blanket, laughting their heads off. The baby broke her arm and had to go to the doctors. BTW, she just graduated from college last month. So all of you people who dont have kids and like to judge, grow up.

RKF on

Wow. I’m shocked by some of the responses. I’m not advocating small children sitting on countertops, BUT, do you also not allow your children to play on the playground, sit on couches, ride a bike, etc…? All of these can produce similar results. Pipe down, it was an unintentional accident. What is appalling about some of these comments, is that more people initially judge, rather than comment on how the child is doing. I’m glad I wasn’t raised by some of you.

jules on

OH PLEASE, any one who is a parent and has a kid as allowed their child at some point in their lives to be on the counter tops, most by being put their by the parent….and as children we were all on counter tops our selves…pshhh

Lisa on

I broke my arm when I was 4 by jumping up and down on a piece of furniture and fell. Does this mean my mom was a bad mom? No. She got after me a couple times but apparently I continued jumping when her back was turned. My sister broke her arm when she was 10 by standing on a stool to pull off a piece of tape she saw on the wall. lol Accidents happen, it’s a part of growing up!

Karen on

I do have kids and never let them sit on the countertops. Having said that though, when my little one was under 1, he was in his baby pool and I sat in my swing. I heard a very slight splash and he’d fallen over in the little pool! I ran and pulled him out. He was fine and I was very upset! I was right there! Even the most attentive parents can have something bad happen.

LIsa on

I also have to ask, what was he doing on the countertop? Yes, I cook and so does my husband and when the kids want to help or see what is going on, they bring a chair over to where we are, we do not place them on the countertop itself. That is just irresponsible and dangerous. So while I am all for having kids be involved, a child should never be placed on the countertop, ever.

J on

Meghan, how does Jennifer obviously not have children just because she makes a comment about not putting a kid on a countertop. Maybe she just doesn’t do that in her home. It IS possible to have your kids help you in the kitchen while not being put on countertops. Maybe you should be chewing out the people who openly admit to letting their kids sit on counters while “helping in the kitchen”.

Some of the people here who are quick to call others judgemental, I wonder about. They are the same people who are on other celeb articles here who always have a “What’s the big deal?” attitude. Kinda scary.

DawnSmith on

I have two sons(11 & 3). And NO, they are not allowed to sit and hang out on the countertops. But that doesn’t mean they listen. Especially the 3 yr. old. He has on many occassions gotten a chair and dragged it to the counter so he can climb up and get candy from the cupboard. Little kids have a mind of their own. And when you tell them no, that means they have to get it while your back is turned!

Soco on

Man, there are a lot of perfect parents on this discussion. I’d love it if you each could write a book to tell me how to be a good mom!

Get real, no where in the article did it say Gwen or Gavin left the room and left him unattended; they turned their backs for a second and a terrible accident occured. They seem like great and responsible parents so all of you should get off your high horses and realize that parents make mistakes and thats how you learn.

Amandola on

blah blah blah

hope everyone feels better about themselves now– congratulations you are the better parent, bravo.

EC on

Accidents happen – he is a boy and he is fast! All kids will get hurt not matter what we as parents do to try to prevent it – it is part of growing up. My boys have had their share of accidents with me right there. That being said, let’s put it in perspective – it was an accident but it hardly qualifies as “horrific”.

TR on

I have a 3 1/2 year old, and would not have left her on a countertop at 2 1/2. Let alone have her “help me cook”. Sorry, the kitchen is no place for a kid to hang out. My worst fear is boiling water falling on her, even though I keep the handles faced in at all times.

Jane on

People cannot always protect their children from danger, and accidents do happen. Many children are lucky never to have been injured and as everyone knows, children have no fear. I think about the nutty things I did as a kid and am greatful I am still walking on this planet.

But, it is a parent’s responsibility to not PUT their children in danger. Placing a child on a counter is bad enough, but while cooking is double dangerous. Not only a fall, but a serious burn could occur. I work at a hospital and these are just accidents waiting to happen and I have treated many children where these accidents did happen. So, no you can’t always keep your children out of harm’s way, but that is not reason to put them in those situations in the first place. They wear helmets, seat belts and other safety equipment. That is not judging, that is being responsible.

meghan on

All these “He could have split his head open/broken his neck/been killed” comments are ridiculous. Everyday of our lives, we are at risk. If you list all the things that can possibly go wrong in every action we take in our daily lives, no one would want to move a muscle. Zuma broke his arm, like the billions of little ones before him and billions of little ones who will follow.

I broke my arm at 2 at a friend’s house, climbing on a log pile. Want to know something? I would gladly take that broken arm AGAIN if I had to do it over again, because, guess what? My childhood was FUN! Climbing trees, riding my bike in the pre-helmet era, playing baseball with the boys and yes, climbing log piles (before AND AFTER my accident). And my mother was more than fit and she was cautious, but if she turned away for a second, I was up a tree. She could only do so much. I gotta tell you, I wouldn’t trade those days of fearless curiosity for anything! A broken arm was a small price to pay for the joy I still remember at 32. I miss my fearless self.

I wouldn’t lose any sleep over this. Zuma is going to make it to adulthood just fine. He may make a few more ER visits, but I can bet he won’t be down for long :).

TCash on

Wow, when I read this I was wondering why on earth a child would be on a countertop! And I told my husband, and he said “If Cole (who is 2.5) was on a countertop, I would EXPECT him to fall. I never sat on a countertop. I have never even seen friends or family do that….

helen on

You’re all kind of freakish and judgmental, wow. You can TELL! who doesn’t have kids! I’m guilty, just like all of for using the internet as a sounding board for telling complete strangers off. But really – take it easy with the have and have not. I’m 44 and was barely strapped into the car seat when my mother would take me in the car. One day I fell off the seat in the area below where your feet go. I was fine. Had a little dirt on my face and arms. Mom picked me up and brushed me off. Today child protection services would be called from some nosy body’s cell phone, huh?

Drew on

I guess some of you don’t have kids or don’t remember being a kid? A lot of parents put their kids on the counter because it’s exciting for the kid, it’s an easy place to watch them while cooking, etc.

When I was little I fell out of a shopping cart seat when my parents turned around for a couple seconds and the man who witnessed it said he had no idea how it happened because my parents were watching me the whole time except for that single second. So, accidents happen. You turn your attention for a split second. I don’t know much about Gavin and Gwen as parents, but reading this story, I’m not suddenly assuming they are bad parents. I hope Zuma got a cool cast and everything heals well.

Autumn on

LOL! I know accidents happen for sure! Why just yesterday I watched a 2 yr old neighbor boy, (who was probably supposed to be taking a nap in is bedroom) nearly fall out his 2nd storey bedroom window as he watched a 10 yr old neighbor boy (who I’ve dubbed lil Evel Knievel) race by his house on his 2cc dirt bike! If the little tyke had fallen out, it would’ve been a tragedy indeed! 😦

That’s why I definitely NOT going to criticize Gavin & Gwen on theior parentng skills because kids can sometimes get into trouble despite your best efforts to watch over them. Zuma will mend and no doubt will go back to being th little rascal he always was. lol.

RMK on

Oh. Dear. Lord. All these self-righteous people can go suck a lemon! These two are good parents who love their kid, and yes, it’s “horrific” the first time something like this happens. When my first child first took a tumble, it was life-changing. When my second child did, we rushed to make sure she was okay. By the time the third baby came around, we were ranking the falls (Woohoo, that was a nine!) There’s nothing wrong with setting a child on a counter to talk to, play games, visit…and yes, a split second and something can go wrong. Kids are resilient, I hope Zuma heals fast, and I hope all you self-righteous parents never ever have to eat your words, but you probably will.

Stella Bella on

People, it’s very likely that Zuma is a CLIMBER. Most likely their backs were turned and he climbed up on the counter and fell off. It happens.

showbizmom on

Wow! Some of you need to calm down! The mom who said her kids aren’t allowed in the kitchen, Really? My kids are in the kitchen all the time, they get on the counters when they want to help me pour milk in their cereal or whatever. Accidents can happen anywhere in the world with or without parents around. It’s just life. My kid fell down one of those kid slides at the park the other day and I was right there. She got some nasty scratches and all that. The mom’s at the park helped me with her and gave me band-aides and we continued with our day. My brother broke his arm falling out a chair when he was 7 both dad’s right there. Sh*t happens we can’t protect our kids every minute of the day, and when we try to we turn them into paranoid little people that grow into paranoid grown ups. My first year of college in the dorms in the big city I lived with a paranoid girl never left the dorm to experience life, because her mother always warned her of the dangers of everything. Be cautious but not paranoid. I’m happy he’s okay, and I think his parents did nothing negligent or stupid.

Nicole on

I don’t question why Zuma was on a countertop. Especially as everytime I turn around, some parent has their kid’s grimy butt plopped on a counter. At the doctor’s office, at the DMV, at McDonald’s, etc. I am just glad that it was just a broken arm. Good well soon, young lad.

anom on

those saying he shouldnt be on the countertop obviously do not have children or have never watched a child. Sitting a child on the counter while you are standing right with him is perfectly acceptable and not a sign of bad parenting. I am strict and no child is allowed to be climbing on the counter but to just sit them down for a second is acceptable. As parents these things happen and no person should ever question their validity as a parent when an accident like this happens.

Fran on

People, it was an accident. As parents out there…tell me one time that you did something that you later realized was maybe not so smart?? If you say none, then you are lying. Just be happy that he is fine and will recover from this ACCIDENT!

elizabeth on

I am shocked by the number of women saying to people’s response of “why is a child on a counter?” that they must not have children and that they allow their child on their counter. I have children. I would NEVER EVER allow them on the counter. It is VERY dangerous. The mother’s who allow their children to sit or stand on counters are not very good parents. Safety always first. If you want to cook with your kids-cook at THEIR level. You have to get a lic. to drive a car but any moron can have a child. That is sad state of affairs.

Kate on

V, my almost 4 year-old does the same thing with can: uses it as a step to get to the counter:)

Tammie on

Being the parent of 2 2-year-olds I can attest to the fact that accidents happen and you can be the MOST vigilant parent EVER and they still get where they’re not supposed to be. At least he didn’t fall from the roof! 🙂

Lou on

I’ve only read the forst 20 or so comments (i’ll read further after writing this) but i’m amazed how judgemental some people on here are!!! I don’t have children but i have a 2 1/2 year old niece and a 1 year old nephew, and i’ll happily admit that they’ve sat on the worktop plenty of times – particularly my niece, who loves to help cook, or if she’s washing her hands.

I agree that you really can tell who does and doesn’t have children! I think the people judging should hold back a bit and be realistic about everyday life. I know people slate G+G for using nannies, but from the way they appear to interact and spend so much time with the children (with nannies or otherwise), you can tell they love them and have a lovely relationship with them. Obviously i don’t know them and can’t categorically say ‘they’re good parents’, but it comes across that they are, in my opinion. Also, both K&Z have made it this far without any accidents to my knowledge – they obviously aren’t careless/reckless people!

I would also like to question how this came about in the first place – supposedly a ‘close friend’ told the media, but the worrying part is that they appeared to know lots of medical details – if it turns out to be a professional that leaked the story i hope they are dealt with correctly. its not fair that we all knew about it and had an opinion on the accident proir to Gwen or Gavin talking about it.

Lastly, what’s to say he was ‘climbing’ on the worktop, people seem to have assumed that. realistically he was probably sitting. the way people are talking are making it sound as though he was jumping about and swinging from the lights. ridiculous.

I hope Zuma is better soon and has no lasting problems x

Kate on

I also would like to point out that if you judgie judgesons leave in a house with furniture in it then there is you accident waiting to happen. Because kids climb anything you know. And they fall from anything, time after time. No matter how perfect you are you’re still using the bathroom, don’t you?

zima-mom on

Sat on countertop all the time as a kid. Seriously people, get off your high horse. Every kid is different, and one will try to leap, another will sit there quietly and watch. You never know. Hope you don’t have a “super parent” around when your kid gets hurt the first time. It’s hard enough to see them get hurt, let alone to then be judged by the self-righteous.

Rosie on

I am so sorry to hear that the rumor is true-Gwen and Gavin are such hands-on parents,I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for them.But accidents DO happen to kids-it is an unfortunate but common part of childhood-in my opinion,anyone,especially a fellow parent,who can’t empathize with Gavin’s quotes but rather be critical and judgemental is incredibly rude and thoughtless.Wishing Zuma a safe and speedy recovery,and wishing Gwen,Gavin and their family all the best.

Frankie on

To all of you who are questioning why he was on the counter top, he’s a kid!

Dally on

Blah, Blah, Blah… So many perfect parents teaching their kids what’s right and what’s not…never do anything wrong. Get over yourselves! Instead of questioning why they were on a counter, have some compassion and question how they’re doing today and move along.

So judgmental!!!!

bogey on

Zuma, get well soon. That should be all that needs to be said!

kim on

Jeez people, chill. Ever think in that second he CLIMBED onto the counter top, and then fell? My 2 year old can climb up the chairs and onto the counter in a micro second… sometimes I have to lay the chairs down so he can’t do it. I’m sure they didn’t let him play up there! Give them a break.

SiervaMaría on

I don’t think I have ever read so many perfect mommies judgemental posts in my life. It’s downright ugly how some of you are acting. I guess the lot of you would feel better if the tike broke his arm at ground-level. D@mn some of you piss me off with your seriously wrong idea that you’ve got it right on all fronts and your kids don’t jump, bump, fall or dare I say, climb on nothing at no time. You just been blessed “and blind.”

mabel on

I have two kids, ages 4 and 2, and they cook with me often. But when they “cook,” they sit in their chairs/high chairs at the kitchen table and mix ingredients in their seats, instead of at the stove/counter.

Stephanie on

My, my, my… all these perfect parents around. When I was little I used to stand on chairs or sit on the counter and help my mom cook, and a child can just as easily fall off a chair and break something as they can a counter top. Kids can, and will always, do things they are not supposed to do, climb into and onto things they shouldn’t. That called being a kid, they do stupid things and they learn from said stupid things.

Until a parent can claim that their child has never gotten injured in anyway, shape, or form they have no room, imo, to criticize Gavin or Gwen on what happened. In all honesty, crap happens and I am sure that Zuma will no longer find himself on a counter – adults can learn from the stupid stuff too.

Erin on

It doesn’t say what counter he was on (kitchen? bathroom? laundry room?) and it certainly doesn’t say that he was cooking. Suddenly it seems that he was playing with a pot of boiling water while doing cartwheels, holding sharp knives.

Cass on

You people act like you’ve never put your child on a countertop, please. I know I have but I’m always with her when I do.

Anonymous on

accidents happen people,chill out!

Kelly on

and the “parent police” are out again….geez people…get a life. Accidents happen to the best of us…the ones who watch their children every second of every day. Get over yourselves already. Nobody is immune to their kid having an accident…kids will get broken arms and skinned knees and need stitches. Kids can’t be placed inside a bubble and never get hurt. Heal fast little guy…

Rebecca on

Wow, not hard to tell everyone has an opinion. I do not have children of my own, but I have lots of nieces/nephews/cousins. Accidents happens folks – poor little Zuma could have been running across the kitchen, tripped and fallen and broken his arm. We can’t keep them bubble wrapped for the rest of their lives.

Gwen & Gavin are obviously awesome parents and feel terribly about what happened to their son. Raising two boys as rambunctious as Kingston & Zuma are, I’m sure they’re in for their fair share of trips to the emergency room (and stories in People magazine/!!!

Kate on

I have kids, including one Zuma’s age, and no, I’d never be stupid enough to put them on a counter top. We bake at the table in the living room to avoid this kind of drama! Why put a toddler at risk when you don’t need to? Having said that, kids climb like crazy at that age. He may have pulled over a chair, scrambled up, and wham. Can happen to anyone. I’m lucky none of mine have ever broken anything… yet!

Mia on

This is their second child, they should know not to place the kid in high places. I did that with my first kid because I wanted to be close to my kid every second i get (while cooking…). I was a new parent without experience.

Kate on

Stephanie, kids cannot hurt themselves as easily falling off a chair as a counter because a chair is half the height! Density + distance = velocity, remember?

julie on

Why do you assume Jennifer is not a parent? Because she has common sense to keep a kid off a counter top? I have kids and don’t let them sit on counter tops. Of course they’re gonna fall.

Olivia on

“I let my niece stand on the counter and walk around. I’m always right there with her. I completely understand how this happened. It’s an accident. I’m not sure if you guys know the definition of accident but allow me to educate you.

Accident- an unforseen and unplanned event or circumstance.”

Huh? If you let a kid wander around a countertop then the injury that may happen is not unforseen. It’s clearly forseen, because you just connected the action with the potential outcome yourself. I think the person requiring an education on word definition is you.

Jenny on

I feel bad from them and the poor little guy!! That is so scary to have happen. I understand both points of view that are going around on this board: A.) Kids can climb somewhere fast so whether or not you LET them sit on the counter doesnt mean they wont do it. and B.) I dont understand why people let their kids sit on the counter,.

I have to agree with people that say they have their kids respect people, things and specific spaces and personally I dont want my kids bottom on a counter where I cook meals! yuck!! And yes I am a mommy of 2 kids, they do climb things when they are little when I am not looking but they do not climb on the counter…they love to help me cook and bake but they just pull a kitchen chair up to the counter and that works just fine 🙂

Either way no matter what you believe is right or wrong I understand how scary it is!! I hope his arm heals quickly 🙂

Leigh on

Everyone is os quick to judge.a child that age can shimmy up there while you’re turning to open a cabinet. He may have been placed on the counter to tend to something (like we do, ironically, to wash a wound and get the band aids). Maybe we think “big picture” and about the takeaway that things happen in the blink of an eye.

Cam1218 on

Wow, people are so judgmental. I’m sorry that he was hurt and hope he has a speedy recovery. Seems to me that when I was growing up kids were allowed to do many more things as they are today. I only have girls they aren’t as daring as boys. I would go crazy!

Poor mom and dad…so stressful.

Micki on

Oh come on people – we have ALL put our kids either on the counter (or sat on them as kids), let them sit at a table, sleep in a bed without railings and a million other things that could be dangerous. (God forbid we feed them anything solid). Gavin said they looked away for one second and the kid slipped off. Its an honest accident, just like bumping into a piece of furniture would be. Should we not use furniture because its a hazard too? Of course those without kids are the best parents because they know it all…

Katie on

So, because we are cautious with our kids and wouldn’t let them sit unattended on a counter top we are “perfect”?

That kind of logic reeks of guilt.

Of course we all make decisions every day about how strict we are with our kids and what we will allow them to do and not do but I would rather err on the side of caution with my four children. They’ve had their share of true accidents like falling off a bike or skinning a knee, etc. but they haven’t received a broken bone from being neglected at age 2.

Pinky on

I have a three year old. They are very capable of climbing on a chair and getting on top of a counter. I doubt the Rossdales make it a habit of setting their children on counter tops.

mommytoane on

Honestly, give them a break. Accidents happen. At closer to 2, he should be able to sit still for 30 seconds. Accidents happen. Don’t point a finger or judge. It only makes those guilty parties (Who, i can tell you feel like a piece of poop you just stepped on btw) feel WORSE. And trust me. They feel bad enough.

My little girl fell last year off the swing set. One of those metal ones, and she was on the side bar….where she shouldn’t be. I had just told her its time to pick up and head inside, turned, heard a scream and a thud….and there was my little girl, having fallen froma 3 foot bar and broke her arm. I felt like the WORST mother in there world. At 8.5…she remembers it. But it dosent haunt her. It haunts me tho. It will forever.

To little Zuma, feel better soon. To Gwen and Gavin, Chin up. 🙂 Hes a tough lil cookie and will be runnin circles around you with that cast on before you know it.

ladyinred on

My 1 1/2 year old is able to climb up onto our stools & crawl up onto the counter all by herself. I can tell her not to go up there because she could fall & get hurt and 10 seconds later she’s doing it again! This could happen to ANYONE…and anyone who has kids knows it.

Proudtobeimperfect on

You guys are quite entertaining – seriously… gotta get a hobby or something. You’re devoting this much time to someone you don’t and never will know??? Yes, it’s a shame the boy fell and got hurt, but you guys really get into this!!! I am a parent and a grandparent and NO, my child or grandchildren have NEVER sat on the counter because I skeeve…..tables and counters are for glasses…….not asses!

Me on

When Farrah (from Teen Mom) left her child on a countertop, I had a freak out… but she like, literally left the room. If you don’t have children, then I understand why you probably don’t understand. But it is very common to set your child up on the counter and as terrible as it sounds, you always feel like you can risk it for just a second just to grab something else. But unfortunately, that’s all it takes for a little fall… Hope the little guy is alright!

Sage on

A child sitting on a counter here Clearly means child abuse.

Kids sit on counter tops or can be sitting and in the safest place and have accidents.

I am so glad I’m not around some of you judgmental mommies because I would have some choice words for you.

Sarah on

Have sympathy for them. Accidents happen, AND we all make mistakes as parents. Best thing is that the little boy is not hurt badly. Remember those parents whose mistakes are irreversible, and know that the outcome here is to be grateful for.

Amy on

😦 Poor baby! Ummm, and for you “perfect” parents out there…children are not suppose to be on counter tops, but when they may be helping mom or dad cook, mix things etc. it happens!! Accidents are accidents. I am sure YOUR children NEVER have gotten hurt because you’re so perfect. You know, they acted quickly and got medical attention for Zuma immediately!! You perfect, judgmental, anal, politically correct people/parents make me sick!
Zuma, hope you feel better baby boy!

Rebecca on

If you have children and they lie to help…like me I let my children sit on the counter…accidents can happen. Do not blast people for doing what they did by letting Zuma on the counter I can guartantee it happens more than you could possibly know!

P on

It amuses me everytime I come into these blog: You people are so perfect and the quintessential example of parenting that you feel you have the right to judge everything that happens to the celebrities. So perfect that instead of taking care of your babies, who sure know how take care of themselves, you’re posting here.
Filthy americans.

Shirin on

When I was a baby, I climbed out of my high chair & jumped onto carpet & broke my dad looked aways for two seconds and that’s not the parent’s fault..things happen

Jess on

WOW. Apparently only parents of the year who have never placed their child on a counter top are commenting. PLEASE. As if you have never done anything with your own child that in retrospect was dangerous. How about empathy instead of being judgmental & hypocritical.

LC on

The article doesn’t say how or why he was on the counter. You can’t judge a situation without facts. Personally, even if they put him there and turned their heads for a second I don’t think they’d deserve so much condemnation. I hope Zuma’s ok now 🙂

Momma2Leos on

Of course you all should have your children in a plexi glass enclosed safe box with round the clock security. I tell you it is simply the latest in perfect parenting. LOL

Really, I agree with all the REAL parents on here. My two boys must be some type of monkey because they can climb anything, and they do. To all the perfect parents out there congratulations that your little darlings have never had an accident but get real that is how kids learn not to do things that are bad for them.

When I was a kid we had tons of accidents and we lived. I hope the baby heals up good but people step off your high horses. Geesh!

Erika on

I love how just because someone has a child, they are automatically an advocate for perfect parenting. It seems that once you have a kid, you know everything about every child and every family. Including what is best for people you haven’t met. Because if you did something *obviously* everyone else must do the same, because your way is clearly the correct one. It seems there are so many ‘perfect parents’ on this website.

Seriously, just because *you* don’t ever sit your kid on a counter, doesn’t mean that they can’t for a split second. Accidents happen, and who knows if he was set on there for one second, or if he climbed up there when he wasn’t supposed to. It was an accident, and they happen to everyone. I’m so sick of people putting blame on others because it doesn’t make the situation any better and doesn’t help anything. NONE of you are perfect parents. There is no such thing. Get off the pedestal and quit thinking that you are better at parenting because of one incident.

Mary on

SO all you parents that use stools and chairs instead of the counter tops, do you seriously believe that your child couldn’t have fallen off those? One quick move while you were looking at whatever you were doing and they too could have had a broken arm. You were lucky. I’m sure they feel awful for what happened to litte Zuma. I hope his arm mends quickly.

Rhonda on

I am the mother of a thirty year old man and am far from pefect. However, I never allowed my son to sit on a kitchen counter. It’s not only because he could have fallen, but in my opinion it’s just nasty for someone to put their backside on a counter where my food goes. I know people do it all the time, but it’s just not my thing.

deb on

It’s always the non-parents who judge. They have no idea. I was always glad that neither of my kids was a climber (just lucky, I guess). Both of my kids had a couple of little accidents falling off bicycles, etc., but I’ve seen neighbor kids climb to the top of the swing set and other crazy kid stuff that scared me to death. Kids jump on beds when parents aren’t looking. Anything can happen. It really is amazing how most kids get away with all the crazy stunts they pull without getting killed but their little bodies seem to be pretty resilient. All any parent can do is their best and most rise to the occasion. It is the hardest job there is. Accidents will happen…period.

Liz on

Why do most people assume he was PLACED on the counter? I can remember being a kid and deciding I wanted a piece of (un-allowed) candy stored in a cabinet, so I pushed a chair over to the counter and climbed up so that I could open the cabinet. I didn’t fall off the counter–but I DID fall off the couch and break my arm. Kids are quick, no matter how watchful the parents are. One minute they’re watching a movie in the living room quiet as can be, and the next they’re standing on a chair climbing onto a counter, all in the time it takes to answer the door or use the bathroom.

Michelle on

They are obviously amazing and loving parents. Accidents happen. Our 3 year old got a buckle fracture on his ankle this weekend on the baby hill with both my hubby and I helping him slow plow down the hill.

These things happen and I feel bad for Gwen and Gavin having to experience this. When our little guy wouldn’t walk on this ankle (after we took boot off) I felt so bad for him. It’s hard at this age ’cause they don’t totally understand what it means to be injured.

The great news is kids heal quick! Our little guy was back on the ski hill in 4 weeks – no cast!

Heal quick Zuma!

Kat on

Wow…people need to relax. Little kids do the craziest things.

I babysat a toddler once, who, when I was holding him in my arms (with both hands) decided to suddenly THROW himself backward, out of my arms, LAUGHING. Luckily I caught him by the foot before his head hit the wall or the ground. I have no idea what possessed that child to think something like that would be a good idea, and he scared me to death. When I told his mom about it, she shrugged and said, “He does that to me all the time.”

I never had a child do that before or since, thank God, but it happened when I was HOLDING him.

And you all are freaking out because the little guy fell off the counter? REALLY? That doesn’t make a person a bad parent. Children have minds of their own, and they do stupid stuff all the time.

Relax. There is such a thing as being an over-protective parent. Safety IS important, but kids need the freedom to be kids and HAVE FUN, before adulthood sucks the life right out of them. Falling, scrapes, bumps, bruises and yes, broken bones, are all a part of childhood. No matter how much you try to protect little ones, accidents happen. Life is dangerous, dirty and messy. Pretending you can give your child the “perfect safety environment” is incredibly self deceptive.

Kids eat dirt, roughhouse, climb stuff, pet wild animals, jump on purpose or fall on accident. We had a tire swing growing up and one day my little brother decided to climb the rope more than 20 ft. in the air. He was probably about five (He’s always been strong for his age). Scared mom so bad she nearly had a heart attack. My cousin got kicked by a horse when he was three. My other brother got beamed in the head by a rock another cousin threw. Nearly took out his eye when he was six. Then there was the time four of them went sledding and ended up sledding right down the hill into the creek. There were grown adults standing right there each time…and it all happened anyway.

There are three types of people in the world. Those that learn from others mistakes, those that make their own and those that have to touch the stove to find out if it really is hot. No matter how many times you tell a child not to do something, they will find a way to do it…usually just to spite you because you told them not to. It’s just common sense. Some kids are the type that will only learn by falling.

The little guy will be fine. Maybe instead of ranting about how bad of a parent Gavin and Gwen are you should go pay attention to your own kids. Go play with them and LET THEM BE KIDS.

Reyes on

It must have been quite the fall to break his arm. Hope the little kid has a speedy recovery. I know how I felt when my toddler tried to climb over the dog gate and fell. Only a sprained wrist, but still. It was scary to see what can happen when I just turn to answer the phone real quick. But I can’t complain too much. I was a lot to handle growing up. So many pictures with casts on because I liked the adventure and mom was too focused on my even wilder sister to watch me every second.

And people…so many self-rightous people on here. But, of course, the internet is a coward’s paradise. I hope all of these high and mighty critics on here aren’t allowing their children to get up in their beds, get on a slide at a playground, or even sit in the cart at the store. All of those places are dangerous, yet parents still let their children get in them.

And where does it say he was in the kitchen helping them cook? Did someone here just make that up? He just said he was on a counter. We shouldn’t just assume he was helping them cook and was near a stove or something.

It would be amazing if, for once, people wouldn’t judge every celebrity with children. I’m pretty sure none of you “parents” on here would like it if people automatically started complaining about you and calling you bad parents if your child got injured doing something. This was only an accident. All accidents are, of course, avoidable, but you don’t think like that every second of the day if your mind is focused on so many things. Chill out, people, and be thankful that he’s okay.

Bethany on

Have the first few posters never been around children? Kids, even two year olds, have minds of their own and these things can happen in a split second. Accidents happen.

I guess it’s easy to have an arrogant, higher-than-thou attitude when your comments are anonymous. Get off the high horse, it’s a long fall down.

Maye on

I have 2 kids, and I had to quietly laugh at someone not long ago who was expecting their 1st when they told me they were ready because they’ve read plenty of “books.” I thought to myself, “you’ll see.” Although beneficial, books, courses, and degrees can’t fully prepare you for the reality of having your own children, and things don’t always go by the book. You do the best you can to protect and love your child/chidren, but unfortunately accidents happend all the time to good people,and even under direct supervison! Wake up to yourselves and stop being so judgemental, because one day the shoe will, and mark my words WILL be on the other foot!

Jeri K on

I agree with you @Liz. I had 2 girls and had my son last. My girls were so easy that I was in for a shock with my son. He started climbing out of his crib at night, at around 9 months . And from then on he climbed on everything! He was so fast. I turned to answer the phone and in one second he was on the counter, having pulled out a drawer to use as steps! He didn’t fall off the counter, but he had a few other falls that required stitches. Thankfully he never broke a bone.

Flipper on

its a shame that us who dont agree nor put their kids on countertops have to be blasted, no you who do arent bad parents but my own experience is not putting mine on there and i honestly dont know any who do, not saying anyone again is a bad parent but its NOT common to put your kid up on a countertop in the kitchen ………

J on

No, it’s not always NON parents who judge, Deb, especially on this baby page. There are way too many supermoms here with something snotty to say with the hints that they do no wrong but child services needs to be called on everyone else.

And the mom’s that admit to never putting their kids on a counter are hardly judging, they are just stating a fact. Not their fault if some find that a problem.

teyha on

Just blown away at how judgmental some of these people are towards the parents, regarding the little guy being on the counter-top. You know every parent has done something like that at one point or another; we’re all human. You don’t know the circumstances; you weren’t there. Just about all of us can relate to the emotional pain you feel when your children are hurt. You would trade places with your baby/child in a heartbeat if you could prevent them from suffering one minute of pain. I don’t believe his parents were careless or negligent just because their child was on the countertop. We all, always do our best as parents, but we are human. So those of you who are so “Perfect & Flawless” & so full of judgment…Your lack of compassion & empathy is sad. I doubt very seriously any of you are flawless parents.

Jessie on

Parenting is hard enough without other ‘perfect’ parents beating you down. Maybe the ‘perfect’ parents haven’t put one of their kids or had one of their children climb on a countertop before, but I can guarantee they have made other mistakes. Clearly they got their son the medical attention he needed, and no authorities were called so enough already….it’s over.

Melodie on

Children will find ways to be anywhere they possibly can be in a split second. Unless you are a parent, you have no clue and no right to question others parenting skills. If a child is on the floor and somehow breaks a leg, will you ask why the child was on the floor? My son rode his bike and broke his leg. I guess someone wants to ask me why he was on his bike!

Frankie on

Are you guys nuts? Have you never sat on the counter watching your parents cook when you were children? I did, I loved to help my mom make cakes, etc, my siblings did, my kids did, nothing happend to us, but ACCIDENTS happen and the parents feel terrible about it. He’ll just be more careful the next time.

Tia on

I understand things like this happen, but what is a 2 year old doing in the kitchen on the countertop? I have3 children myself ages 2,6, and 12. The 2 year old is not allowed in the kitchen without an adult. This would be different if the child is older.

sarah on

I love that so many of you sit so high on your horse when you comment on these posts.

We could find fault in every single parents choices. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

Hayley on

Give me a break people! Must be nice to be perfect parents like all of you that are criticizing! And Tia, not allowed in the kitchen without an adult? How do you manage that one? Sheesh……..! I hope little Zuma gets well soon! Love Gwen and Gavin, you guys rock!!

Bella on

Sherron: ever tied the shoe of a small child? Zipped a coat? Tied a hat? ETC??? C’mon, everyone! I wasn’t there (just like the rest of you, I assume???), but I’d lay a bet that this was a typical parent multi-tasking/kid being a kid scenario. There are alot of dangerous spots in a home, and no one can avoid them all.

I’m happy for the little guy that his Daddy was there to help him out~that should tell us something: Zuma was not alone when it happened; obviously he is a well-cared for child, and let’s face it, despite the best efforts, no one can see every bump, bruise or broken arm that their child will encounter (no pun intended). Give the guy a break!

As far as those of you who have no children, and state that you “would NEVER…”; have a baby and get back to the rest of us when reality wakes you up at 3 in the morning with a wet diaper and an empty tummy…

Cecilia on

Accidents happen whether children are on the counter top or not. Zuma just happened to be on the counter top when he tumbled. He’s lucky that only his arm is broken. Something worse could have happened falling from that height. Get well soon, Zuma!

Jenny on

There is a lot of criticism for their child being on the countertop. I’m sure they didn’t put him there and leave him there. He probably made his way there just as fast as he fell. My daughter can climb a tree in a split second. Accidents happen and however he got up there it was obviously unintentional. A broken arm is not abnormal during childhood. Have you ever been to an orthopedic office? Lots of kids with broken arms for various reasons. Typically professionals don’t blame the parents for accidents either.

JM on

wow i was astounded to read so many people basically brushing off any sympathy for the poor little guy and his frightened parents just because he shouldn’t have been on the countertop on the first place.

really? does that make you feel good? and am i to believe you have never once sat your child up on something that they could have fallen off from? a friend of mine’s son fell off their couch and broke his arm. should we not put kids on couches?

just the other day my son’s throat was hurting and i couldn’t get a good look knealing down in front of him, even with shining a torch in his mouth. i sat him up on the counter top so he was nearer the natural light and closer to my face and at a better distance so i could get a good look. now, i was standing in front of him the whole time, there is no way he could have fallen off. but all it would have taken would have been one of my other kids screaming in the next room suddenly or a loud noise and i may have taken my eyes off him for a few seconds and he could have fallen.

so in other words, those of you criticisng these parents. use your brains for just a tiny second and wonder whether you have always had your eyes on your kids for every second of the day.

cindy on

Texasgirl -” I don’t see any problem in a kid sitting on a counter top.

ummm …falling from the counter is a problem…

Of course you shouldn’t place little kids on the counter..its logic.

And for those saying “oh it happens to everyone…” probably happend to you and thats why you’re trying to justify it saying “it happens”…but not if your carefeul.

Meolodie – so ridiculous … “If a child is on the floor and somehow breaks a leg, will you ask why the child was on the floor? My son rode his bike and broke his leg. I guess someone wants to ask me why he was on his bike !

…breaking a leg frombeing on the floor???
…breaking a leg from riding a bike….
…dont compare teaching a kid to ride a bike from sitting on the counter!!!

Erika on

P- not everyone who posts on this site is American, let alone a ‘filthy American’. I agree with what you are saying, about people judging celebrities, but please don’t bring any kind of stereotypes into this.

Jenn on

Seems to be a lot of perfect parents out there who do everything right.

Accidents happen. My kids have all sat on the counter to help with cooking at one time or another. Have they fallen? Not yet. Kids will be kids. No matter now much you try to protect them, accidents will happen.

My 8 year old daughter fell a month or so ago while running outside and required stitches. I guess I should have told her no running to prevent that. And also no more running so it doesn’t happen again. Same thing with swinging on a playground or playing on monkey bars and teeter totters. I guess my kids should have boring, sheltered lives because they might get hurt. It’s all preventable..even falls from counters. But it will happen at some point!

A lot of you need to have children and then when an accident happens in your home, because you did something that was a bit unadvisable or your child climbs up of his own free will, you’ll get off your high horse and stop judging.

…oh and CPS won’t investigate for a fall off the counter for us ‘regular’ folks. Not unless the kids are routinely ‘falling off the counter.’

Shannon on

He’s too small to be left unsupervised, on the countertop or elsewhere. Shame on them. The poor boy suffered for their negligence.

Alison on

^^^ It says RIGHT THERE IN THE POST that Zuma was NEVER alone. Why can’t people read before leaving their asinine comments? So frustrating. Clearly Gavin and Gwen feel horrible that it happened.

Cathy on

That’s why I have cats. They climb the counters too but when they fall they always land on their feet.

meghan on


Megan on

I’m going to guess he wanted to watch Mom or Dad working in the kitchen……you know like little kids do. Good thing all of you on here that are judging never did anything like that with your kids! My goodness…..can you imagine the carnage? Get well soon little guy….from a mom who let my kids sit on the counter.

Stephanie on

@ Kate: um, yes they can. Little kids are not the most steady people ever. My nephew was standing on a chair to watch his mom cook last weekend, he took a small step closer to see what was going on and it was just enough to cause the chair to slide and he fell off. He landed on his right side and broke his arm. Seriously, I am not talking belly flops off a chair, landing just the right way can break something, so please do not spout your equations at me.

The point I was trying to make, regardless, is that accidents happen and people need to stop telling others what bad parents they are over accidents. Who is to say if they put him up there on purpose, or if he climbed up there himself. They could have told him over and over not to climb on the counters and he did it anyway… kids listen, but not all the time. Unless we were there, we will never know the situation behind the accident so lay off the parents.

maria on

children fall off anything and everything. they get hurt. no matter how careful you are or how close an eye you keep on them they get hurt. they could be in a plastic bubble and they will still get hurt. it’s nice that they got the story out there so non celebrity parents know that they are not above accidents involving their children. it happens. for those of you judging them or anyone else for that matter save it for the parents who are purposely abusing their children who deserve the harsh thoughts. my 3 year old loves to help me do dishes and i tell you i let him stand on a chair next to me and rinse. has he fallen? yes. but do i not let him enjoy time with me doing something he finds fun because he might get hurt? no!

Melissa on

I am a parent and I never have allowed my children on the countertop at any time because it simply is staight up no doubt about NOT safe. True, there are no perfect parents and we all make mistakes daily, but it also doesn’t take much sense to realize that there are some situations where you are simply asking for trouble and this was one of those times.

Lisa on

Sitting a 2 year old on the counter and turning your back (even if only for a second) is pretty irresponsible. I have 6 kids and far from perfect, but its just common sense not to walk away from a child that young. I’m sure the guilt will keep Gwen and Gavin from making that mistake again.

Sharon on

I DO have children and have a 2 1/2 year old and I would NEVER let her sit on a countertop. She sometimes helps me cook but I either hold carry her or I put the bowl on the floor so she can stir. It’s dangerous and to argue that it is not is kind of ridiculous.

razzlesnake on

Ya whatever, have four grown children all of which sat on the counter with me doing dishes and whatever else in the kitchen, growing up. It’s just one of those things.

just me on

I had two boys, and climbing on the kitchen counters wasn’t allowed. They knew the rules and didn’t climb on them, and we never put them up there for any reason, either. Not even to “tend to a skinned knee”. That’s what the bathroom is for. Sit them on the closed toilet! Or a chair…..can’t you bend down a little, Mom or Dad?

For one thing, food is prepared on kitchen counters, and sitting a child on them or allowing them to climb on them is unsanitary. We had (and have) a cat, or cats, and THEY weren’t allowed on the counters, either, and if they jumped up, they got swatted and/or scolded.

My sons weren’t “raised in a bubble”, but they never had a broken bone, either, even when racing around on their bikes or skateboards or scooters. They even used their wagon to ride down a steep bank into a little shallow creek. They climbed into their treehouse, too, but carefully.

We had behavior rules which they understood. These days there are way too many wild little kids running around stores misbehaving because parents don’t bother to set any rules ahead of time. They just yell at them or hit them (if they do ANYTHING) and make a scene.

deborah on

For the people who DO NOT HAVE KIDS & commented on “Why is the kid on the counter top?” …..YOU JUST JINKED YOURSELVES! NEVER JUDGE. When and IF you’re lucky to have children, then YOU’LL UNDERSTAND.

Until then…PLEASE TRY YO KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT, YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT PARENTING and pray that when you do have kids, your child doesn’t take a bad tumble,and IF they do?, then you’ll know your KARMA bit you back!.

LM on

Falling off countertop = not a freak accident. Please.

Dee on

Zuma’s obviously not the first toddler to break a bone and he won’t be the last. When I was 3 I broke both my legs b/c my mom fell down the stairs while holding me. She ofcourse felt terrible but I don’t remember it and I definitely don’t harbor any ill will towards her. I even went on to play college soccer. These things happen and Zuma will be fine.

Melissa on

Oh my goodness, seriously? I have my eyes on my two year old twins all the time, but while you are watching one child the other can get away from you for a few seconds and that is all it takes!! We have nothing even close to our counters that our kids can climb on and still have had one end up on the countertop by pulling a chair over to it! And yes, that can happen in 30 seconds! NOTHING in this article says they put him up there, and trust me, if you have kids and they have never taken a tumble, you’re pretty lucky.

jessicad on

This thread is hilarious and sad, must be awesome knowing you’re a perfect parent and do no wrong, ever! I let my 3 year old daughter sit up there or stand in a chair and help me with dishes and preparing meals, and obviously I watch her every second. I’m such a horrible Mom someone call CPS!!!

This family seems very hands on and they are always with their children and look extremely happy, accidents happen, you can’t protect your kids from every little thing. Glad he’s doing ok!

Natalie on

Ok the fact he was one the countertop is irrelevant. He’s fine and it was and accident. People obviously don’t understand that this happens and its not a big deal. I just wish the best for Zuma and hope people stop freaking out about it.

Indira on

I’m not a parent, I’m not coming from a place of judgment but, that’s hardly a freak accident. That’s like calling a kid falling off their bike a freak accident. If you put a toddler on a counter top, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they would fall off. Whenever you leave a child unattended nothing should be a surprise. I wonder how some people would feel if it were the nanny who put Zuma on the counter top and not the parents.

Kate on

Really people. He was on the counter (lower than a bunk bed). He wasn’t forgotten on the roof of a car.

Sarah L on

You can never imagine how easy it is for kids to hurt themselves until you have them and all kids are different. Many kids are climbers. My son isn’t even two and he climbs EVERYTHING. It takes two seconds for them to pull over a chair and climb up onto something as high as a countertop. Anyone with an active child will know that you babyproof everything but kids are clever and are constantly exploring their world in ways that sometimes totally surprise you.

penny on

People let their kids sit on the counter tops all the time. Kids just want to be part of the action going on in the kitchen. Typically, they do not fall off. Parents are not perfect. PERIOD. No matter who they are or how much money they have.

They might have not made a good decision to let him sit there, but people, you cannot go around judging and condemning people. So no, it doesn’t make them bad parents, it makes them HUMAN. The kid will be fine. No one is perfect, not even all of you who think you are because you don’t let your kid sit on the kitchen counter. I’m sure there are other things you have done that other parents wouldn’t do either.

As parents, I’m sure you can understand how upset they probably are and how bad they must feel for what happened. Why do people always try to kick someone when they are down? At least they told the story and now other people might think twice before letting their child do the same thing.


JustMe on

I just want to say that one my sisters was an accident waiting to happen at every turn! I’m the eldest of 6 (she was number 3 down the line) and I still remember the whole family making sure Mariana wasn’t climbing the bookcase or the kitchen drawers…she was ‘returned’ by one of the doorman’s in my building several times, since she- at 2 yrs old- realized how to unlock the front door! Thankfully we lived in a high rise in NYC and she had several obstacles to go thru before she reached the streets 😉 Needless to say she holds records among us children in having casts & stitches!

So, I know for a fact that ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN, and no matter how careful you are some kids are more curious or outgoing or what have you and thus more prone to get into accidents and trouble.

BTW- she’s now 39, healthy but still a risk taker (jumping off airplanes and working for a hedge fund management firm)

Angela on

I have a 2 year old…. I don’t put her on the counter…..I am not judgmental. Yes, accidents happen, but they are less likely if you do things to prevent them.

Jennifer on

Please- All Of you “shocked” at a child on a countertop have obviously never had a toddler! Accidents happen to the best of us. Stop judging unless..actually unless nothing. Just stop.

Dimarso on

To my horror, I recently caught my 2 year old son on the countertop trying to get his pacifier that was inside the cupboard. He used a turned over pot to step on and up he went. It’s scary but is happens. Glad lil Zuma is ok 🙂

Mrs.P on

Oh my gosh…no wonder we have so many neurotic kids in this world today. Parents stop kids from being kids at every turn and eventually these young ones become so paranoid (like their parents) that they just sit home playing on their stupid computer games day after day, because that is the only way they have some fun in life.

My kids used stairways as sledding hills, climbed up and jumped off of every conceivable surface higher than a foot, even managed to get up on garage roofs and jump off. They slid across wet grass and dissapeared down windowwells and one time a leg went through a basement window. They have tripped over sprinklers and ran into fences, they have jumped from bed to bed (where twin beds are involved) and missed as much as they made. They have hit the curb on their bike and gone head over heels, they have jumped off a diving board before they had proven they could swim. And they all survived and they are all adults now. And now they skydive and bungee jump and snowboard and run rapids and love every active minute of their lives. A little daring as little children goes a long way in training active adults.

Dee on

Don’t you dare criticize Ms. Stefani! I have three sons and three grandchildren, as well as being a nurse for 25 years. I can tell you that accidents happen, even to the best of parents. If you want to find fault with a negligent parent, try Casey Anthony.

mae on

Come on accidents do happen! They are celebrities but they are human. We’ve all made mistakes, they feel badly about it. Thank goodness he’s OK.

kara on

I don’t know if some of you have kids but my 2.5 year old can grab a chair and climb up on a counter in the time it takes me to use the bathroom!! Accidents happen, unfortunately. Glad it was nothing worse than a broken arm.

Traxie on

Oh come on people. His older brother could have put a stool next to the bench and helped him climb up on the counter top! He could have climbed up himself and falled off just as his parents were rushing to grab him off the counter! Live in the real world and stop judging others. As for those who say “my children were trained not to go near counters” – yeah, and you probably make them wear collars and leads like dogs. You don’t TRAIN children.

Juli on

Kids are extremely industrious and can easily figure out how to climb up on a counter at the age of two. It was an accident, and Zuma is just fine. His mom and dad did exactly the right thing in having him looked over at the hospital. Hopefully little Zuma learned a lesson about the results of climbing and I’m sure mom and dad will keep a closer eye on him.

Hen on

my 2 1/2 yr old daughter and I were playing and she ran out of the playroom to get a toy in a different room (as she sometimes did and she comes right back, she is 2.5 so i’m not her constant shadow in our own home, I waited on the floor of the playroom and after 60 seconds she did not return as usual, I went looking and found her on the kitchen counter trying to grab a dessert that was on the counter near the stove!! (she used the counter stool to climb up) I took her off and wiped the sweat off my brow, she easily could have fallen. This is something she never did before and was totally unexpected. When you have kids, accidents happen. I am so glad Zuma is okay. I totally understand how that could happen. toddlers are tricky!!

tessa on

For those of you saying that the toddler should have been on a stool and not a countertop…. have you ever had an active 2 1/2 year old? In a split second they go from the stool to having climbed onto the counter top. It can happen to the best of parents. Glad he’s okay, and there will be many more tumbles to come. Sometimes you can do everything you can as parents, and your child still gets hurt. It’s a helpless feeling, but you learn and grow from it, and some kids learn things the hard way.

Kay on

My friend’s son fell over while sitting on the FLOOR and just the way he had his arm up by his head he ending up breaking a few fingers. Kids can fall from safe places and get hurt and the best we can do is keep them as safe as possible. No where in this article does it say that the parents put Zuma on a counter. It says he fell off a counter. I used to help my brother get into all sorts of unsafe situations when my mother turned her back. For all we know he got onto a counter all by himself when Gavin/Gwen had placed him in a safe place. Also, he is only 2 and quite possibly doesn’t completely understand NO or doesn’t care to understand.

anonymous on

Hey, kids are going to be kids. I had to laugh when anonymous said that kids shouldn’t be on the roof, but the countertop is ok. I laughed pretty good because as soon as school let out a few days ago, my grade school kids got bored, unscrewed the window safety bars and climbed out on the roof.Yeah, it happens. We’ve had enough falls off the countertop to make it a rule that they can’t play up there. But they will sit up there to get cleaned up or bandaged up. That won’t ever change.

eternalcanadian on

Simply put, if you put your kid on the counter-top and the kid falls off, it is your fault and you put your child in harm’s way. That’s not good parenting.

Mrs.NC on

umm… why would you leave a child on top of a counter top and turn your back? come on now he’s almost 50 he doesnt know better? smh..

Amanda on

ME!! ME!!! I put my kids on the countertop every day, so dont forget to call child and family services on me too!!! there are no perfect parents in this world.

TJ on

Geez, you people act like they left him standing in the middle of a street! He’s not a baby..he’s 2 1/2 years old which is plenty old enough to sit on a counter top. I did that with my kids at that age as they liked to help me bake or cook. Accidents happen and while parents do need to use good judgment, I would hardly call this irresponsible parenting.

michelleinohio on

while I feel bad for the kid and the parents, I’m not quite sure horrific is a way to describe a broken arm. That seems a little over dramatic to me. Horrific is your child having cancer, your new born baby having to have life saving surgery, you child being deathly ill.

Terri on

If you have a child that is a climber they are bound to end up on the counter at some point. I can’t say that my daughter ever got up on the counter, but things like that happen and accidents do happen. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt any worse than he was. Hopefully he will have a quick recovery and maybe learned his lesson.

Riley on

I’m not judging – nobody’s perfect, but I will say that it takes more than a “second” for a child to climb up on the countertop and fall off of it. They are probably making it seem like less time passed, and with today’s media scrutiny and judgment from the public, I can’t say as I blame them. I’m sure they’ll be super careful about it going forward. All people make mistakes, and most of them learn from them. It’s just unfortunate that the baby had to get hurt, but that’s life.

Rebecca on

OMG of course you train children!! How else do they learn manners for crying out loud? How else do they understand the word NO? Ooops!! I think I answered my own question. Imagine this generation of parents actually saying no to their kids?!?! LOL.. If you question anything in this world you consider yourself perfect and you are making judgments.

Get over it people, the dad knows he was stupid for leaving the kid on the counter. Believe me if Gwen has any cajones she will certainly not let him forget it for awhile. Oh and yes, I consider myself perfect…my kids: no broken stays in the binkies either..I managed to stay focused on them enough that they didn’t need artificial security. They both ride bikes and skateboard with abandon but they also dress for dinner on Sundays and are polite to their elders. They know the meaning of the word “no” and they know cause and effect. I am neither one’s friend but I am their mother.

mayasmom on

My daughter has been sitting on the countertop and hanging out in the kitchen with me while I cook for almost a year now without incident. She knows that she needs to ask me for help to get down, and that she can’t touch anything dangerous. Never an incident, because I am watchful and I have taken the time to educate her.

But she was running – on the floor – the other day, slipped and almost broke her nose. She had black eyes for two weeks.

Things happen. We can’t wrap our kids in bubble wrap for their whole childhood.

I find it incredibly touching to see that these famous rockers are doing the same stuff in their kitchen that I do with my kiddos. Every minute you spend with your kids builds the relationship. I wish their son a speedy recovery. And no one has the right to judge.

Jennifer on

Maybe I’m missing something but where does it say they put him on the counter??

2 1/2 yo (boys especially) can be on top of something in half a second flat. I speak from experience…

A slide at the playground is much higher than a countertop and kids climb them with parent’s permission. I know a family whose toddler was sitting on the couch tried to get off and she fell the wrong way and broke her arm. Maybe kids shouldn’t be allowed on couches either?

Nicole on

He’s 2…he probably climbed on the counter top! You wouldn’t believe how fast kids can do things. Scary!

B DuShane on

while it is easy to say keep children off counters it can happen anywhere….my 2 yr old son broke his foot by tripping over my mom’s foot…..crazy…but it just happened 2 days ago….

Brooke on

Huh. I was changing clothes the other day, and my 5 year old daughter came in my room with a Tootsie Roll Pop. Those were stored in a container on top of the refrigerator. How the hell did she get up there? She climbed onto a chair, onto the counter, and got it down. In about 2 minutes. Accidents happen. That’s why God made doctors.

Laughing Mama on

My kid just graduated high school with honors. She broke her arm in a swingset accident, as I tried to catch her from falling, right next to me. There are excellent parents out there, and accidents do happen in life. I know because I am one of the excellent parents out there. My kids tell me. Accidents happen. Hopefully, you kid(s) will thank you for being a loving parent.

Steph on

Wow! Glad he is alright! So saddened by all the harsh remarks, accidents happen everyday we are just lucky ours don’t make the news. Whatever happened to the saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!”

Erica on

It’s a counter top people, not a trapeze! You guys who are asking that are obviously not parents they probably had their hands full and set him down for a quick second. Stop judging them and say a prayer for their baby. Trust me, they feel bad enough about what happened and don’t need your nasty comments, get a life!

JMO on

Aww poor Zumes. I take it that one of their 10 nannies must of not been watching him?! 😉

Jennifer on

Wow… my son broke his arm skating it didn’t really make the news. He broke his foot year before last running and tripped over his feet. Kids break arms, legs, collar bones, feet etc… every single day. Why is this news? Just wondering.

april on

all of my children have sat on the counter top..while I wipe a nose…help cook a meal, give medication…all 3 of mine and never have fallen..however…my youngest fell off the top bunk of his bunk beds (railing was up) and thank God he fell right and did not break anything..just bruised and scared..speedy recovery for sweet Zuma!

meghan on

Somebody, give Rebecca a medal. She’s perfect! GMAFB

Pam on

Little kids especially little boys are VERY active they are quick and very curious. Gavin and Gwen may have been busy with their other son when Zuma climbed on the counter…give them a break 😦

Holiday on

It was just an accident and im sure Gwen feels horrible about it. That being said I have never once put my kids on the counter. My son is 5 and has helped me cook since age 2 but I never had him up there. My baby is almost 13 months and would never ever put her on the counter either.

Anonymous on

Oh please people, kids are kids. They climb!

momof3 on

Yeah, he should not have been on the countertop, but maybe he climbed up there on his own. I would NOT rush to call them bad parents! Kids do dumb things and accidents happen. Some kids do more daring things than others. If you haven’t had an accident of some sort in your house, either you have naturally cautious children, you only have one child, you don’t have a child — or, most likely, you just haven’t had an accident YET. I wish Zuma a speedy recovery and his parents some peace!

Crystal on

Olivia were you DROPPED on your head as a baby??? My niece has never fallen. EVER. I was speaking on the subject at hand. As someone pointed out where did it say he was placed on the countertop? It doesn’t. Accidents happen. They are unforseen. If you don’t know/understand that then maybe you should get a dictionary and a life!

jamelle on

Okay all you people that are complaining about why this child was on the counter…. Are you kidding me? Either you have no children or your back has been turned while your child was on the counter. Count yourself lucky. Fact is children DO get on the counter.

Zuma sorry people are being so rude buddy and hope you heal fast!

Molly on

How people the judgmental parents shut up? Whining about it isn’t going to fix his arm. I find it hard to believe that people are whining about this are really parents. Bad parenting imo is acting rude to other parents. Sorry to break it to everyone but no one is a perfect parent? Understand?

How he feel better soon but I can picture him using this to get treats and toys lol

Riley on

Can’t we all get along?


Anonymous on

Kid’s do climb

m0m0nthru on

For those of you questioning why Zuma was on the counter top in the first place. Duh??? I think it should go without saying but here it goes anyway. (I’m gonna assume that you don’t have children) Things happen, plain and simple. Is it smart to leave them on the countertop, of course not, but the intention is not to leave them. Perhaps they were there the whole time, drop something, bend down to pick it up and in an instant, the child falls from the countertop. I highly doubt that they left him on the countertop, walked away for a few minutes only to hear him screaming in agony as he has now broken his arm. If you are a parent and still questioning this, don’t be so judgmental. I can guarantee that most of us have do not keep our eyes affixed to our children at ALL times. Dangers lurk everywhere, especially when you have inquisitive children or a kid who simply wants to be independent. Get off your high horses and wish the kid a speedy recovery and stop trying to make the parents feel badly about the fact that their son was injured under their care.
Off my soap box now….

Hannah on

People plop their kids on the counter all the time. It’s not a big deal. Things like this honestly happen to just about every parent. Maybe not a broken arm, but a bump or scrape. It’s part of growing up and being a parent. CHILL OUT

Ella on

I think you all need to get a life! Geece! I’m gonna go get my tubes tied right now!

lilly on

wat was the child doing on the countertop?!!! and unsupervised???wtf really

Jennifer on

My children get hurt by just running too fast and tripping over their own feet so does it surprise me that a child would be on a counter and fall off of it? Not at all. They’re kids, you can’t put them in a rubber room. Playing on the jungle gym at the park can provide a worse fall than off the counter so I don’t undertand the people saying they’re horrified that the boy would be on the counter. Kids climb, parents place kids on counters to do their hair, let them stir the cookie dough or tie their shoes… stop the judgement folks! And for all those that say they never placed their child on a counter EVER… I don’t believe you.

Shannon on

Are you saying they let him fall off the countertop while watching him? Yeah that makes sense. looooooooool

To clarify: I didn’t say he was left alone. I said he was unsupervised, which he was if he fell. I did read the article and it says they turned their backs. That means he was unsupervised. That’s like putting a kid near a hot oven and turning your back, then saying it was an accident that the child got burned. Give me a break.

Anonymous on

Some of you are just… I have a life so I will say that I am a parent and you cannot watch them every second. You are a liar if you say you do or have. He got hurt like most kids do. It happens. Get well soon, Zuma.

Rebecca on

You can’t tell me you dont put your child on the countertops to help you cook or whatever….you never know. Instead of assuming Zuma was playing…assume it was an ACCIDENT!!

sheryl on

Obviously they didn’t mean for the child to fall, so how about everyone stop asking “why was he on the counter”? I am sure every parent has left there child in some place that could have resulted in an accident. Meaning anywhere if you really think about it! So before you start throwing stones, think about all the bumps and cuts your kids have and rethink your comments. This is one of the few celeb couples that seem to intune with their kids, so give them a break, no pun intended 🙂

Mia on

I used to like to climb on countertops when I was 2–or 3.

Glad everything is Ok-things happen.

annonymous on

Just wanted to say that everyone has there own way of parenting I would not let my kids be on the counter tops We are not to judge people as we should look at ourselves before we judge anyone we all make mistakes.

I am just glad that he did not get hurt worse than he did.

Gwen on

Countertops were nothing when I was a kid. I climbed on top of the roof when I was 3…yes…the roof of the house. I remember looking at my neighbor in the yard next door and wondering why she was freaking out.

Also…I shared a room with my sisters (yes…3 to a room in those days!). They had bunk beds and I was in a crib. More than once I climbed out of my crib in the middle of the night and up to the top bunk “for a visit” when I was 2 – 3…a couple of times I didn’t make it to the top and landed on my nicely padded diaper butt. The top bunk was alot higher than a counter.

Accidents happen…I’m glad the little guy is okay.

Lisa on

Looks like The Rossdales will be interviewing for new nanny’s tomorrow.

Sarah M. on

Wow! Just, wow!! It’s called an ‘accident’ for a reason. I don’t have kids myself yet, but there are many children in my family and I’ve been working with children (typically 4 and under) for over 10 years. When wiping off a scraped knee I have placed kids on the counter by the sink, to put shoes on, etc. Everyone has stories how kids have gotten hurt. A few of mine:

1) 2 kids I work with sit at stools by the counter to eat snacks and help cook, the stools are maybe an inch shorter than the counters. They could get hurt just as easily falling off the stools as the counter.

2) 1 of my cousins fell off the bed and broke his arm at about 6 or 7 months.

3)Another cousin fell off the monkey bars at the park (his feet weren’t even an inch off the ground) and landed on the ground in just the wrong way, broke his arm and almost had to have a pin put in.

4) Another cousin fell off the counter (he’s half monkey and will find ANY way to get on ANYTHING up high no matter how many times you tell him not to) and had to get stitches.

5) A little girl I nannied for figured out how to open the door over the weekend, mom forgot to tell me when I got there the next morning, I changed her diaper after nap and shut her in her room to walk 2 steps ACROSS THE HALL, she opened the door and had the look in her eye like she was gonna run!! I DIDN’T chase after her initially because I knew that would just make her run faster. She ran anyway, with me 1 step behind her. She kept going when she got to the top of the stairs, rolled down 6 carpeted steps and stopped at the landing. She cried, wasn’t hurt, just scared. She never did it again!!!

6) The same girl as in #5, was napping in the playpen in the guest room and reached into a drawer when I thought she was sleeping (there wasn’t a video monitor in the guest room). I didn’t know there was stuff in the drawer, much less that she could reach it. Needless to say, there was bright red lipstick in it and when I went up to check on her I opened the door and both her AND the playpen was covered in lipstick. There were bite marks in the lipstick remaining in the tube. Poison control was called (just in case), she was cleaned up, the playpen was cleaned up and the playpen was moved further away from the drawers! My aunt even managed to get all of the RED lipstick out of the TAN dress she was wearing!!

Stuff happens. When the bad stuff happens, you cuddle and talk, then you live and learn and change the things that need changed as you go. Kids are tougher than a lot of people give them credit for!!

Sarah M. on

Also, one of my cousins has 4 boys ages 4 to 12. They are all boy, too! Always bruised by something. She takes them to the doctor and has told him “Please don’t call social services. I promise I don’t beat them.” His response is “They’re kids. I would be more worried if I’d never seen a bruise on them than when I do.” Bumps, bruises, broken bones, etc. are all part of growing up. Some more for some kids than others, but EVERY kid gets this type of stuff when they are young!

A on

All those parents here who are saying it’s normal to have your kid on the countertop: it’s not. My mom had three kids en we never had an accident that was the result of inattention. And since she’s no superhero, she must be a regular mom, so no, don’t go saying it’s totally normal. I would also never do something like that.

I’m not calling Gwen and Gavin bad parents but that is something you could easily avoid. If he fell while sitting on the sofa or something, that would be pretty much inevitable.

Erick And Mimi on

I really wonder how many of the people who are commenting here are actually parents? When I was a kid I was so accident prone Cps had to come visit my house to see if my parent was abusive. My brother and I were insane and accidents were common. The energy my mother put into keeping us from killing ourselves. Look accidents happen with children this is how they learn and if your kid thinks he is superman watch out!

Sorry to hear about Zuma Hope he gets better soon. Well at least you can pick the color of the cast. My daughters was green Peace! she fell off her bike. What was she doing on a bike?

NB on

I can’t believe there over 300 comments on this subject saying the EXACT SAME THING! Oy, people…let. it. go.

Michelle on

Seriously get a grip…. just because they don’t wrap their kids in cotton wool (which btw doesn’t do kids any good) kids climb, kids fall… its part of life… breaking an arm isn’t the end of the world. We climbed everything when we were younger! Get over yourselves guys.. go buy some more bubblewrap to wrap your kids in!!!

Kate on

I never let my 23mos one on countertop, despite her best efforts. I am trying to think not one, but at least 5 steps ahead as she’s very action girl. If she “cooks” with me, she can stand on her little stool but never sit on a countertop. Shes also not allowed on the tables.

Sarah K. on

Fran, Jodie, Lisa, etc. I actually had to laugh when I read your comments to be honest. I was taking you seriously while you ripped into Gwen/Gavin for “letting” their kid SIT on the counter, but then you followup that up with how you make your kids STAND on a chair. Not only do you actually think that’s safer, but you think it’s so much safer that you have the right to accuse Gavin of not watching his toddler. Your kids could fall just as easily (if not more) standing on a chair, especially since toddlers don’t have great balance. I just love that you think making a toddler stand on a chair is the better alternative to making them sit on a counter.

Brittany, how many “average” people do you know had CPS called on them because their child fell? I’m going to guess – none. CPS has better things to do than deal with the obvious reality that kids fall.

Jane on

Please explain to me where it is considered normal to put a child near a hot stove intentionally, which is what is being done if a child is on a counter while a parent is cooking. Sorry, but that is just irresponsible. Again, accidents happen, children fall, get hurt and break bones all the time. They climb, jump and run..normal childhood and normal children activities. No one is saying that parents are “perfect” just trying to keep their children safe when they can. They probably also put them in car seats and make them wear bike helmets. And if that makes them “perfect” then goood.

Sarah on

My son broke his foot at school, I guess I must be a bad parent because I wasn’t watching him 24/7, the comments on here are just ludicrous. What kind of parents are out there these days, oh I forgot PERFECT parents right? Must be those perfect parents that NEVER text or talk on their phones while driving , leave their kids in hot cars, leave them unattended in the bath because they NEED to answer the phone, Need I go on?

Kids have accidents all the time, is it a lack of parental supervision, I think not, it’s part of growing up. You can not wrap your children in a bubble. My kids have sat on my counter tops more times than I can count, I want my kids to be able to be a funtioning adults so they learn how to cook, do laundry etc.

For those of you who think you are perfect, I suggest you get a GRIP, you are living in some fantasy world and I can guarantee you that your comments and actions will come back to bite you, your children will grow up into useless adults, with no means of living an adult life. Children need to learn how to cook, clean, do laundry, mow lawns etc, are you seriously going to do those things for them the rest of their life because you don’t want them to get hurt?? I think all these PERFECT parents lack some serious common sense!

Maggie on

From as far back as I can remember, my Papa always sat me on the countertop to fix us ice cream. I never fell. It was an accident people! And to say they are irresponsible for having him up there, you are just nuts. Kids want to cook with their moms and dads! Its alot better then them being under your feet the whole time.

mother on

imo its your responsibility to keep your child safe. your inattention put him on the countertop. pay attention keep your child safe. who cares if you think your “famous”?

Beth on

For the mom who said that it’s obvious that none of the commenters have had two year olds. I have – Actually, I had twin two year olds (who are now 4), and they know not to go up on the countertops The one time they did, they got in big trouble and haven’t done it since.

I feel very badly for them. Accidents happen, but one like this could have been prevented.

Eli on

Seems like alot of judgemental a-holes in this room. Your either not parents thus you shouldn’t be commenting or some self righteous sh*%head who has nothing better to do than spew their poison. We none of us parents are perfect no matter how much we love our kids. There is nothing far fetched about a 2 yr old boy climbing onto a counter, so all you smug narrow minded snobs should take a hike.

M on

Wow, you guys are tough! If it had been that the little guy was with a nanny, someone would say, “Where were Mom & Dad? They don’t spend enough time with them!” It never said he was left alone. My heavens, my son was sitting right at my feet and fell 6 inches away into our swimming pool! I looked up to watch one of my older kids do a trick and looked back down to see my 14 month old in the pool! I pulled him out with no harm done, but it taught me just how quickly these things happen – I knew it had been told to me, but no parenting class or book in the world can ever prepare you for real life with kids. Kids fall. Kids get hurt. No amount of chastising or CPS involvement will heal those bumps and bruises, nor will they eliminate every hurt and ouch. How else do kids learn to deal with the fact that the world isn’t perfect and we can’t control everything? Saying “why was he on the counter” won’t help anything. You’re not saying anything I’m sure they haven’t said to themselves over & over again. How about saying instead, “Wow, nasty accident! Glad he’s ok, how are YOU guys doing!” It’s always worse on the parents – we’re the ones who feel guilt.

Olivia on

Aw, poor kiddo! Kids wiggle and move so fast. I know I’ve witnessed my toddler fall or bump her head and not been quick enough to stop it. Such a scary thing for a parent.

Andrea on

It is ridiculous that the majority of you are picking on them because he was on a countertop. Do we know if this was the kitchen countertop or the bathroom countertop…was it when he was spending quality time with his parents while he watched them prepare dinner or wash the dishes….or maybe in the bathroom watching his daddy shave. Maybe they were changing his diaper or something and they turned around to grab something?? No one knows the scenario except for them and it’s not like they picked him up and body slammed him onto the floor. Accidents happen in a second and something like this could happen to any of us. I think it’s nice that they are so family oriented and we should only be happy that he is okay and on the mend.

Sweets on

Well IM a parent and MY child was never crawling on the counter tops. I was never on the countertops as a child either…

kct on

good lord – zuma was on a counter, fell off, and broke his arm. lighten up and get over your judgemental selves. kids can fall whether you are watching them or not. glad he didn’t fall on his head.

Lindaq on

Some of these posts crack me up. I have three daughters and I still can’t get my 18 1/2 yr old to stop sitting on the counter. Stop being so judgemental, it was an accident.

To the parents whose children have never sat on a counter, kudos to you for being perfect child-rearing parents with perfect children.

Riley on

If we must judge, let’s talk about them naming the poor kid “Zuma”.

That is a far worse crime.

jessie on

most kids at some point fall and hurt themselves. that doesn’t mean the parents are negligent and all it takes is one second to fall. don’t be so self-righteous

Shannon on

So what if children WANT to get on the countertop? Ever heard of the word NO?

jeanne on

Wow! When my kids were little my son got stitches simply from tripping when going out the front door when he was three! And lost the fatty pad tip of a finger when he slammed a car door on it! He was four at the time. My daughter went for a walk with her best friend when she was five and slipped and needed stitches. Accidents do happen – it sounds like lots of folks here judging because Zuma was on a countertop haven’t read the posts from people whose children were on a SOFA and fell off and broke a bone! Do we keep our kids on the floor forever until they are ten? Sofas appear just as dangerous!

A child can even fall off a kitchen chair and break or fracture a bone.

Mel on

Kids climb on countertops (and everything else) even if you teach them not to. And unless you’re a total helicopter parent, your kids are going to have accidents. I should know, I have 3 fun, energetic, awesome boys. Accidents happen. Hope he gets better soon! 🙂

Sue on

I have never read so much bunk from people blaming Gwen and Gavin in my life
Get over it, like they say accidents happen; and the good thing is he is not dead.

Sue on


AshleyM on

I have 3 children, and a step daughter….While I don’t allow them to get up on the counter I do allow them to help me prep and cook dinner one at a time. Maybe little Zuma was helping Daddy cook or prep something?!?! Accidents are accidents, they DO happen.

Shannon on

Kids don’t need to sit on the countertop to learn to cook. That’s just silly. Zuma is too young to cook anything anyway. He shouldn’t even be near a hot stove at his age. If he wanted to help, they could’ve let him assist from the table, ex. help mix ingredients, etc. It was probably more convenient for the parents to sit him on the counter so he wouldn’t be in their way.

Yes, accidents do happen every day but this one was preventable. Not sitting a kid on a counter doesn’t make you a perfect parent (no such thing) but it does mean you have common sense and the foresight to not put your child in danger. Many posters seem extremely defensive; maybe they don’t like questioning their own parenting skills.

Bubs on

I have a 2 1/2 year old. Never, ever would I let her sit on the counter while I cook, it’s a ludicrous idea. Lots of people on the comments suggesting that nobody’s perfect, accidents happen, “so I guess you’re the perfect parent!?!” etc. Look, that’s silly, accidents do happen and no one is a perfect parent. That said, kids should never be on the countertop. If they fall it’s an accident seasons with a big lump of parental stupidity or laziness.

Carol on

Kids, especially boys, are climbers. When my son was 4 years old my neighbor called me and asked if I allowed him to go on the roof. I said of course not! Turns out he had climbed up on the swing set, jumped to the tree, and then got on the roof. Luckily, he was not hurt as a little boy, but he sure did alot of dangerous things in the blink of an eye. He has been skateboarding for 15 years and never broke anything until a month ago, he broke his arm. He’s 21 years old now. So, all you new moms, be prepared. Little boys are dare devils and will be for a long time to come…..

skunknuggets on

Get a grip, people! You know nothing about the situation other than what is reported here so don’t get all judgmental about it.

I hope the little guy is healing well.

suzie on

wow sooo many judgemental comments on here its amazing … what are your kids doing while you are taking the time to comment on what these parents “werent” doing ???? & for so many to say they have never had or would never have their kids on a countertop or other elevated area – i call BULLSH*T we ALL do it @ one time or another for numerous reasons it is what it is SO WHAT??? & for someone to even suggest that CPS would be called for a child FALLING is just out right ridiculous! my daughter is 6 yrs old & has more bumps & bruises on her then some little boys her age i know she is an outgoing adventerous evil kanevil wanna be she is a KID being a KID …. she plays soccer, does ice skating & swimming …. soccer alone = bumps, bruises, etc & GUESS WHAT ???? its OK … IT HAPPENS!!!!!! accidents happen all the time parents feel horrible as it is Lord knows i have! but to sit here & point fingers playing the “holier then thou; i’m better then you” card is just petty immature & childish!

christie on

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! when my oldest was 17 months old, she was walking in our house in a pair of my gym shoes. she fell down (of course!) and started to wail. after a nap & screaming when trying to walk, i took her to an urgent care center & she broke her leg! in something as innocent as walking in a pair of FLAT shoes, she had a clean femur break. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS! and, she broke her leg while she was less than 6 inches away from me. unless you were inside the house with them, cut them some frikken slack already!

Tina on

I’m so sorry to hear that. Hope he recovers quickly. Unfortunately, some parents learn by trial-and-error. Some learn from other’s mistakes. But, foresight is a big plus when it comes to children. You kind of have to aniticipate what MIGHT happen. Then try to avoid it. Obviously, accidents happen. That’s why they’re called accidents.

jpclvrd on

There actually are some children that can get on the counter in less than a minute, so while you might want to criticize them as parents, unless you have had a child with this talent, don’t judge.

My second child is amazing in her ability to get into and onto anything before you can turn around. It isn’t negligence, it is life. I can turn to get something out of the pantry and when I turn around, she is standing on the counter with the medicine cabinet open. And yes, she can break through child locks too.

Unless you’ve walked in these shoes, save your criticism for someone that actually deserves it.

Aja on

WOW! So many perfect parents out there! I had no idea! It happens. It was an accident. I’m quite certain some of these “perfect parents” have done worse, except luckily nothing bad happened. Get off your high horses and get over it.

ally on

clearly, whoever is claiming their children knew better and they never got in to countertops is liying, children are children, they climb everthing and anithing, it happends, yes they are called accidents, america is getting filled with selfrigtheus people , specially moms who critize other people’s parenting,nobody is perfect, everyone parents their own way, accident’s happends, kids fall and make your heart skip some beats, and sure maybe not from a countertop, and not because by not falling from there they knew better, they fell from somewhere else, a chair, a table, the bed, they even trip running, IT HAPPENDS!!!!, lets stop critizing and instead sharing advice about how as moms we made the boo boo better and help each other, how about that? is it too much to ask now days for women to stay united with good moral values like america use to be?

Kristine on

This is too comical for me. If you let your child stand on a chair beside you while you cook, what are the chances of them falling off that chair? Give me a break. One little step aside and they can be off that chair in a split second.

Do you let your children ride bikes?
Do you let them play at the park?
Do you let them climb trees?

All things that can cause accidents. All these parents need to lighten up, get the pickle out of your butt and stop being so anal.

I have 2 children, six and two years old. My six year old was never a climber but my two year old is. She fell off my dining room chair and smashed her head on the tile floor. Does that make me a bad mother that my child fell off my dining chair? So you cannot say a chair is more safe then a counter because I proved right there it isn’t.

I think there is far worse things in life happening to children then a child being on a counter.

Audrey on

Poor Zuma, I hope he recovers quickly.

Just my opinion, but I don’t think there is any need for a child to be furniture, EVER, it was certainly never allowed for me, that’s not what its there for, and that’s why there were chairs to sit on at a table. I don’t think his parent’s deserve judgment, I hope they learned from it. I’m not judging, nobody is a perfect parent, but it is common sense.

Dee on

For those ladies who say they cook while their young children are on the countertop should have a visit from Child Services. Countertops are no place for children…who places them there in the first place.

Yes I have 3 adult children, 6 grandchildren and worked with Child Services to protect children. Anyone allowing this type of behaviour is asking for trouble.

Maeve Lynch on

lol good lord! people need to get a grip.

my brothers and i have been in and out of the hospital for breaks, sprains, and many many needs for stitches from sports and other things but id say were pretty good kids and we’ve been through/ are going through college (lol so no damage). we even sat on counter tops as kids to bake with my mom its just a fun bonding thing. kids will be kids you cant protect them all the time. i have a son of my own and ive learned that even when u are watching they can get hurt sometimes.

i dont think anyone can get through life without getting hurt its just how like is theyre called accidents for a reason.

Stephanie on

Wow, judgmental are we? Things like this happen all the time to kids. Yes, he probably shouldn’t have been on the counter, but it happens. Luckily he only broke his arm. Don’t be so quick to judge others when I’m sure you all are so not perfect in your lives. Oh but wait, I guess that why you waste your time commenting on tabloid articles.

Beth on

Do any of you people commenting about why he was on a counter top even have kids? Kids climb…epecially two year olds and even if that wasn’t the case I’m sure they are good parents but accidents are going to happen. That is part of learning as parents so I’m sure they will learn from this experience. I guess all you making negative comments are perfect parents.



chris on

Oh come on people, leave them alone! My mother used to put me on top the fridge and let slide off and then would catch me…. its was fun and would make me laugh like crazy!!!! I would climb in the bottom cupboards and up on the counter top… I would even push a chair to the counter and climb up to get cereal or whatever my little eyes would spy… It’s called Growing Up!

FiveStar on

I am the mother of a 13 yr old, 10 yr old and I am expecting. I have never sat my kids on a countertop for any reason. When they have asked, I have told them no due to germs and because of the danger of falling. When we bake or cook together they sit in a chair at the table or I put papertowel down and let them cook on the floor.

Anonymous on

Often times two year olds do what they want to do when they want to do it, so he probably was sitting on one of the counter stools, his parents turned to put a dish in the sink and he was up on the counter. things like this happen everyday, I have a son and he is always trying to climb out of his highchair.

Christy on

Geez!! How in the world did we all survive? Looks like most of your kids (if you even have them) are growing up wrapped in bubble wrap and in a bubble. It’s unforunate but accidents happen. My 2 year old slipped and fell and chipped her tooth and bumped her head in the shower and guess what?!? I was right there, not more than 2 inches from her. It happens.

Get a grip!

Katie on

LOL @ chris, I’m assuming you’re joking.

Looks like there’s two types of posters. Those who say they would not put their child on the counter unattended because it’s not safe and those who are defensively calling those who say that “Perfect Parents” and attacking them.

If you choose to let your child get up on the counter and he falls and breaks his arm that is a preventable accident. Other childhood accidents from normal activities are not necessarily preventable such as riding a bike, falling out of bed, tripping, etc. It’s apples and oranges.

I have four children and I can honestly say they have never been on my counters unattended and if they were placed there for any reason at all (bandage a knee, etc.) I gathered my supplies before I placed them there and always had a hand on them. I was worried about them falling off so I just never did it. And NO, I am not perfect, just attentive.

nikko on

All you people with your opinions need to shut up…Shit happens.

janet on

oh my, NO NANNY TO WATCH HIM FOR YOU..WHAT A SHAME. Poor child. Hire a Nanny, all the other fat cats do.

EDJ on

To those of you who either don’t have kids or don’t spend any time with them, trust me — however the kid got there, accidents happen. To those of you who do have kids and still criticize, please pass along your recipe for being perfect, because I need one.

Jovie on

WOW! What JUDGMENTAL people we have here. No one has EVER put their child on a table/counter top to show them that their doing something, maybe while cooking or baking or doing an activity? Mistakes and accidents happen….Don’t be so quick to judge.

Karen on

You people are ridiculous and so judgmental. I have a 2-1/2 year old daughter and she sits on the kitchen counter all the time to help me in the kitchen. She also sits on our bed sometimes and stands on a chair to wash her hands and brush her teeth. She climbs on playground equipment and slides down slides too! She doesn’t wear a helmet or protective padding while doing any of this! As parents, we try our best and sometimes accidents happen.

She on

You people that are asking how he ended up on the counter obviously don’t have kids. I have a 6-year old and a 3-year old and they can climb on things faster than you can react when they’re little like that. It doesn’t indicate bad parenting, if anything it indicates how normal they are. Unless your kids are connected to you, or you’re one of those helicopter parents, you know that things like that can easily happen, even to the best.

Jess on

My son wanted to see how I baked so instead of putting him on the counter I put him on a chair. thinking it was safer. I was RIGHT behind him and he made a quick movement to get the sugar and fell off. It just goes to show even though you have the best interest for your child, Things happen it doesn’t make you a bad parent and for the lady that said “child services should visit these parents”. Are you kidding me? really? that’s just insane. How dare you criticize someone for ONE accident and think they are unfit parents. That’s totally out of line.

Robin on

Stop judging!

My daughter was frequently on the counter, helping to measure stuff when we baked cookies, etc.

Accidents like this happen to regular, non-famous parents ALL the time.

My daughter wiggled off of my husband’s knee and fell into the coffee table, cutting her forehead. I don’t think the event made it into People magazine.

They are regular parents like the rest of us except with cameras following them everywhere, recording and judging everything they do.

Hope the little sweetie recovers quickly.

maya on

I have kids, and am one of six kids, – NONE of us was ever on a countertop when we were toddlers (older is another story). Anyone foolish enough to put a little kid on a countertop is going to get into trouble sooner or later.

showbizmom on

Those thinking that CPS should visit, you must not have heard about parents on crack cocaine, parents selling their children into prostitution, parents leaving guns out and loaded that kids play with, parents that beat their kids, should I go on? CPS has other major issues to deal with and massive budget cuts then to deal with parents who may or may not have put their kid on a counter for any number of reasons and opps he falls and breaks his arm. Reality check maybe? Grow up Moms!

amy on

Wow there are some really self-rightout people on here. I guess all of you preaching much be the perfect parents. I feel sorry for your kids, they probably live in a bubble and dont get to run, yell, or play like kids are supposed to. It’s pretty harsh to judge someone’s parenting skills, even a famous person, when the only info you have to go by is something written on a website. Get over yourselves

Samantha on

Why is it so easy for everyone to judge other people?!?!?! KIDS CLIMB, even if you are watching their every move!!! Not only do they climb, but they are fast and will disappear before your eyes!

I feel for them, it was just an accident!

Pearl on

Hey remember when kids use to ride bikes without helmets.
Well we all grew from that. Now we will grow from this.
“People of the CORN”. Take a breath and back off!

Amy on

For those of you who are so judgmental, do you have children? My 2 1/2 year old can monkey his way up on to the counter faster than I can turn my head. “What a silly place for a child to be…” Give me a break. People need to worry more about themselves than what others are doing. I am sure ALL of your children are perfect and never climb on anything. Aren’t you all brilliant… perfect little parents.

Amy on

Poor Zuma, hopefully he heals quickly!!

To everyone who says that putting your child on a countertop is not normal/responsible/safe/or whatever, sorry but to me and my family and friends, putting a child on a countertop to cook, clean a scrape or cut, or tie shoes, was NORMAL to US. Obviously my parents (and all of the others who have placed their children on countertops) didn’t just plop me down and walk away for an hour, they were there in the kitchen with me. Accidents do happen no matter how safe or dangerous you deem something to be. Playgrounds, climbing trees, swimming, running-they all have the potential to hurt children but it’s part of growing up. What about the poor boy in Arizona who was killed in his baseball game by a pitch that hit him in the heart? Should we get rid of baseball and sports? Do you tell parents of kids in sports that they’re only asking for injuries? You can’t bubble wrap your kids and there are places more dangerous than a countertop.

Gwen and Gavin seem like responsible and loving parents in that they are eager to allow their children a happy childhood, and whether it includes a trip to the hospital for a broken bone or a few stitches, their children will still know they were loved and taken care of.

Courtney on

You people just need to calm down.. Accidents happen.

Anonymous on

I am a mom, and have two daughters, one is 6 and the little one 2 years old, and they had never EVER sit on the countertop, or table or wherever they can fall…I kno accidents happen, they are kids, BUT you can try to avoid those accidents by taching your kids things they can’t do…like climbing countertops! I can’t believe all moms here that said they always let their kids sit on the counter to help cook?? Maybe is something people do in America, here in Europe moms know kids should sit on top of counters! Anyway, hope Zuma recovers soon! 🙂

Stacey on

I have a 2 year old little boy. It is almost impossible to keep them off of counter tops.

Pat on

It is true – things happen in a split second. My son is now 9 years old, but when he was around two, he was able to climb up on the kitchen table in a split second when my back was turned. I was shocked when I turned back around and saw him up there – shocked more by how quickly he got there than by the fact that he was up there. Luckily he didn’t fall off, but certainly he could have. You don’t know what toddlers are capable of until they do it, and you certainly can’t plan for every possibility.

I don’t think anyone has to judge these parents for their son’s accident – I’m sure they feel bad enough.

Rose on

Guess what, I sat on a counter top, rode my bicycle, skate board and roller skated without a helmet, knee and elbow pads and I am not broken or was I broken. ACCIDENTS happen – he could have tripped on an untied shoelace and then the “perfect parents” would be having a fit that Gavin and Gwen didn’t make sure his shoes were tied. He is young and believe it or not, he probably will fall again. Life is like that – just as long as he is able to get back up and start all over.

Tom on

Two years old and sitting on the counter! Heck, I’m 49 and I sit on my counter all the time. Have just about everyplace I lived. Now, I aint saying I never fell off one… cuz, I have. And come close a whole buncha more times. Anyway, no matter how old she is, or where she’s plopped herself down to sit at, the point is this; Nobody should have Rock Stars for parents.

You're crazy on

So Dee how many kids died at the hands of true abusers while you were out harassing mom’s that cook w their kids? My son climbs the counters all the time – he’s 3 and he’s been able to get up there since before he was 2. He likes to watch me cook – and yes he’s far enough away from the stove that he doesn’t get burned. I’ve also TAUGHT him that stoves are hot and not to touch. My daughter has since followed suit – she is 2 and both kids will sit on the counter & help me mix up brownies or pancakes or cookies! Neither has ever fallen or been burned. And as the wife of a cop I know CPS has better things to do w their time than harass a loving parent!

charicon on

My daughter was on the counter all of the time involved with baking and preparing meals. That is not unusual. People are sure quick to judge what they are not familiar with…

Betty Finn on

Those of you questioning why he was on the countertop must not have a 2 year old child. They climb on EVERYTHING! My nearly 2 year old has been climbing up bar stools, onto tables, windowsills, etc. for the past few months. We don’t encourage or allow it, but all it takes it turning your back for a second because they are QUICK! It’s easy to critisize and question other parents, but please… it is not unusual or in any way CRAZY that Zuma was on the countertop in the first place.

Laura on

I have a now 6 year old boy and never put him on the counter no matter what. It’s just too dangerous. But on the other hand, my son was sliding on his bum down the stairs one step at a time when he was two and pitched forward doing a somersault over the last 4 stairs and fractured his arm. And I was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking right at him. Accidents with an active 2 year old boy, however they happen, are pretty normal I would say.


Why don’t you people CHILL and leave the judgment to Zuma’s doctors??????

My little girl was a climber- turn around five seconds, and she was on a shelf, a dresser, any high place she could find.

Leave her in crib for a nap?–she climbs over railing, out of crib, and right up the side of the dressing table.

Some kids are almost like monkeys. and it’s hard for mom and dad!

Susan on

Wow, there are so many perfect parents out there that can judge. Obviously, you don’t have a 2 year old boy. Toddlers do all kinds of crazy things and yes, it can happen in the blink of an eye. Accidents happen and when they do, we need people to be understanding, sympathize and non-judgmental!

lala on

@Brittany WOW you think Child Protective Services would get involved over a child on a countertop? Good Lord its a good thing you weren’t there to take me away from my parents as I climbed everything as a child, including counters to get my sippy cup. I never fell. My own children never got onto the counter tops but there are a million ways for a kid to accidently hurt themselves. Either you have no children, or you are one of those smothering ridiculous parents.


I hope little Zuma is in good general health.Breaking a bone can be a sign of other health problems. Hope the little guy is OK and back to playing with his brother soon!

Monie on

Averagemom, are you sure you’re not talking about MY daughter? My daughter will be 2 in October, and she’s been climbing since she was 16 months. If its an elevated surface, you better believe my daughter is trying to get on top of it.

She tries to climb the gates we put up, her crib, the dinner table, my bed, her brother’s bed, chairs, couches, counters… you name it. We call her our little monkey, and you’re right; Its VERY hard for her dad and I… Scary too.

So the second I saw this story, I immediately thought “that’d be Johanna”. All you people writing about irresponsible parenting and all that need to maybe focus on YOUR kids and families, and stop judging other peoples…

Lindser on

Why are people so quick to judge? NOBODY has put their child on the counter? Come on people. This is real life, understand that while a countertop isn’t safe neither is a couch, a slide, or the bathtub/shower. Accidents/injuries happen. My daughter broke her arm on the slide at daycare. Safe? No. Was anyone judging that my daughter was on the slide? No. Get a grip people.

Tara on

Oh please, I dont know any kids that dont climb up on the counter. I have my friend’s niece sit on the washer so she can look out the window while I do dishes or throw laundry in the machine. I watch her and have super quick reflexes but accidents can happen. My sons fallen off the couch before-big egg on the head. Things happen. You should never judge another parent- accidents do happen. If it was a habitual accident, that would be a different story. Kids are quick- TOO quick. You dont know until you have your own, and even when you do, you dont know until they get to that age. NOBODY is a perfect parent.

Brianna on

Let’s see… My daughter has had a freak accident on the trampoline and fractured her elbow, fell out of the dining room chair, and smacked her face on the coffee table and had a nice looking golf ball for a couple days. They are KIDS… ACCIDENTS happen. My kids sit on the counter to help cook or mix up cookie dough with me. They aren’t NEAR the stove or anything, but accidents happend and everyone who thinks otherwise either has no kids or can just shove it!

I hope the poor little man heals soon.

Kassidy on

So many people so quickly to judge! When I was a toddler, I was bathed in the sink, I sat on the counter to cut cookies at christmas, I sat on the counter to mix batter and help with dishes. I was set on the counter to get my shoes tied and get my “boo-boo” fixed up. I was never allowed out of mom and grandmas site… yet accidents still happen. I still tend to sit on the counter, and will let my daughter do so to have the same bonding I had with my mom and grandma. I have never broken a bone and for all you people who say children sit where they want and have no respect… I grew up just fine and was always patted on the back for my good manners. I am curious however, for the people who say there kids aren’t allowed in the kitched while cooking… where are your kids then… and whose watching them?? Think before you become so judgemental.

Amy on

Good to know Zuma is okay. All of us with active little ones know accidents happen no matter how diligent you are. And Mr. Rossdale is right. It is horrific when it happens. But for those of us who were not in the room with this little boy, be quiet and let his parents BE HIS PARENTS. We are not them. None of us are perfect and have no room to judge another person. My son climbs everything- trees, counters, tables, fireplaces, walls if he could. He has since he was 16 months old. His nickname is Monkey. All you can do is keep your eye on them to the best of your ability. Kiss the boo boos and take care of them.

Shannon on

Who called them bad parents?

Shannon on

“Oh please, I dont know any kids that dont climb up on the counter. ”

And I don’t know any who DO. Why is that so difficult to believe?

Tee on

I’ve only made it through about 100 of the comments and would be willing to bet that the rest are all pretty similar. I’ll just say my piece and move on.

I am SO SICK of people using the “if you don’t have kids you don’t know what you’re talking about and you don’t have the right to comment” line! I have never given birth but I have five young nieces that I help take care of. Quite frankly, I spend more time with the girls than a lot of mothers spend with their own children! So please stop assuming that I (or anyone else) couldn’t possibly understand things. With the exception of actually pushing a baby out of my body, there isn’t a thing that defines a mother that I haven’t done!

The article doesn’t say if Zuma was deliberately put on the countertop or not. We don’t know if he was helping cook or if he just climbed up there on his own. If he climbed up there on his own while their back was turned, than yes, it was an accident! He disobeyed the rules and got hurt. Happens to every child that I know! But if Zuma was up on the counter because they lifted him up there, then I will say that it was pretty irresponsible. Setting a two year old on a countertop is kind of asking for an injury!

No matter how it happened, I’m grateful that his only injury is a broken arm. It could have easily been a lot worse. Hopefully this will be the end of Gavin and Gwen letting their kids sit on counters. (if it was intentional) I’m sure they meant no harm! Everyone makes mistakes, including celebrities!

Holiday on

Tee no matter how many nieces and nephews you have it does NOT equal to being a parent.

Rayna on

Can u imagine having ur child in ur sights without taking ur eyes off them for a single mila-second..? wow! such judgemental people commenting here. makes me sick! all children have accidents. no matter how well u watch them. takes about 6 seconds for a child to pull a chair to a counter and climb up then fall. U deserve a award if ur child has never had 6 seconds out of ur sight.

jj on

I am the mother of 3 daughters and anyone who says girls are quiet and sweet is sadly mistaken! My girls are rough and tumble, they wrestle with each other constantly and fight. They are now 19, 17 and 14, but i have had my share of “accidents” in my house. My middle daughter had a broken collar bone from my older daughter jumping on her as they were fighting (by the way, i was in the bathroom, sometimes nature calls and they were 3 and 4, not babies) My oldest daughter fell off her bed as she was trying to pull up her blanket that was falling off and she broke her arm. My youngest daughter was at the park on a beam that surrounded the mulch on the playground, and fell. The beam was aproximately 4 inches high. She broke her arm and had to have surgery and pins in her arm. These are just a few of the accidents they have had. Now I think I should mention that these accidents happened when they were any where from 3 to 8, but who would have guessed that a 7 year old reaching for her blanket would end up in the emergency room, or a fall from 4 inches would result in surgery. I was right there or close by when all these happened, I saw my daughter fall from her bed, since i was there to tuck her in. I saw my daughter fall at the park since i was there with her. Does it make me a bad parent? According to some I should have lost custody of my children, but the wonderful people at the hospital have seen much worse and these were childhood accidents.

Now to the countertop issue. I many times have put my kids on the counter. I put them up there when putting on shoes, when wiping knees, washing feet and yes when cooking. So for all the people who think the countertop is too dangerous, that theroy would also say that my childs bed was too dangerous, and the playground was too dangerous and also that my kids should not have been allowed to interact with each other because they are too dangerous to each other.

Get over your holier than thou attitude and relieze that people have different ways of doing things. Some think a stool or a chair is safer, but my kids have fallen of those too and although they didnt break anything they certainly could have.

As for Gavin and Gwen, nearly every picture of them they are with their children. Most celebrities are not like that. It appears that their wonderful loving caring parents and their boys look happy and confident! Why would people on here be so critical of their parenting style? Just because you do things differently doesnt mean that they would intentionally do something that would harm their children. Whether they put him on the countertop or he climbed up there himself, accidents happen and they are still awesome parents!!

Putting your child on the counter does not make you a bad parent! Believe me you can be standing right there and accidents can happen. Even if your holding on to them, things can happen. They are crafty little things that can manage to do just about anything. Kids are like rubber and can move their bodies in the most unbelievable ways to get where they want to go or do what they want to do.

Terri on

Poor guy.

AG on

My son is 2 and always sits on the countertops while I am cooking/preparing meals. He loves to help, but I never take my eyes off of him. If I move somewhere in the kitchen away from him, I pick him up and move him with me. Especially boys, they are going to have bumps and falls. It was a freak accident that hopefully won’t happen again.

Molly on

Good God, really people!? I’m amazed at all you perfect parents. As a mom of three, my third boy was a climber. Everywhere, everything. I’ve NEVER met a mom who can see everything and be everywhere at once. Never. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe all you perfect parents whose kids were never on countertops could be. Wow. Must be nice to be perfect. The rest of us had moments when our kids were on counters, up trees, climbing out of their cribs, oh yeah, and my three year old even walked through his birthday cake while I was changing a diaper on another baby. Life happens. Get over yourselves.

Sybil on

man so many of you have assumed he was alone. maybe they sat him there to wipe his face or he was being a helper or he climbed up on the counter top himself none of that matters….the bottom line is it was an accident and they happen. the accusatory tone of some of your comments are ridiculous.

Joy on

I don’t put my child on the counter because we prep food at the table where he can help. If he falls and needs a band-aid or first aid, I sit him in the chair. My husband is a very obsessive chef, so having a child on the counter is not for us- plus we have the sharp knives up there! To each his own though. I was a nanny for ten years, so I am probably more vigilant than most- (for example, I would be monitoring about 10 toddlers at the playground while the mothers chatted at a distance- as a nanny you are paid to be more vigilant than the average parent- lol! You won’t have a good reputation if lots of accidents occur!). Accidents still happen though, even if you are as anal as I am.

Rev. Meg on

He fell off a counter top? That’s all? Well, he’s young yet. If he becomes a really active kid when he gets older the emergency room will probably become as familiar to him as the local playground.

My mother and my aunt had four girls between them, and we girls were fearless. We climbed and fell from fences, were bucked off of horses, fell out of trees, decided that sliding into a swimming pool using a Wham-O Slip N Slide would be more fun than jumping in, jumped off the roof of the house onto a trampoline, and decided re-creating the chariot race from the movie Ben-Hur using a friends pony and pony cart on a public street was a good idea. One year my sister alone had 3 ER visits in a two month time period: my uncle was teaching us how to play golf and my sister stood too close to my cousin who was practicing her backswing. She was hit in the mouth with the club and split her tongue. After she healed from that, she and I were jumping rope in my bedroom on a rainy day, with one end of the rope tied to my bedpost. She tripped over the rope, fell, and broke her cheek. And then there was the incident with the slip and slide, whch resulted in a sprained wrist and a scraped chin from contact with the opposite side of the pool (she shot out over the pool as though she had been fired from a cannon). When the ER doctors saw us there yet again, they told us they were naming a room after us. We girls just thought it was all part of being a kid.

Ashlee on

Zuma is in good company. I was a “counter top casualty” myself. When I was two months old, my grandma placed me in my car seat on the counter. I started rocking and fell ass over tea kettle and broke a leg. Mind you, this came a mere two months after having brain surgery to have a shunt installed. Hang in there, Zuma!

anonymous on

OMG!!!!! I guess all you defenders probably allow your kids to run around the house blindfolded holding scissors and if something happens it was just an accident?????????????? If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny.

mb on

omg get over the whole counter top ordeal! The point is zuma is fine. I was on the counter top all the time…I fell and busted my knees a lot and mom would sit me up there to clean me up. I’d get on the counter and sit while she did dishes and what not. Some times you dont think of consequences. I dont think there’s any issue with it. Besides maybe he some how climbed up there himself. 2 yr olds are sneaky little boogers. What do we know? I’m just glad he’s doing good.

Michele on

I hope Zuma feels better soon. It amazes me how critical people are. My son burnt his hands on the stove when he was 18 months old. We were both standing there when it happened basically back to back the kitchen was so small I was making a bottle for my other son who was 3 days old and my husband was cooking. My son was in the dining room adjacent mt husband went to drain the noodles and next thing ya know he was screaming. Accidents happen all the time but I’ll tell you what it is so scary and you just keep going over what you could have done differently. All you can do as a parent is learn from your mistakes and do better in the future. My son definetly learned a leeson he wouldn’t even go in the kitchen for six months he would stand there and say HOT HOT.

JB on

my 2 y.o. broke her arm tripping over a teddy bear – your only option is to duct tape them to a wall

Alecia on

Well, being that he is a 2 year old (“terrible twos”) he managed to climb the counter on his own and fall off. U know, boys will be boys.

Not to defend them, but just bc it says he was on a counter people shouldn’t assume he was put there. Kids will find a way to get into anything.

Thank God he’s ok.

Miranda on

So many people who are quick to judge others! The kid is over two, definitely mobile enough to climb a chair and get up there on his own. You can’t be watching your child every second of the day. Sometimes you have to let your children take risks and learn from them. I’m sure all you perfect helicopter-moms raised just the most wonderfully normal kids, who aren’t going to grow up to be nearly as fun, daring, and successful as Gwen Stefani’s kids and many others will be. Maybe jealousy makes you quick to point fingers. Accidents happen. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Anonymous on

oh come on not like ant of us that have kids never sat them on a counter get real crap hapens

Jen on

Oh good grief people, the kid broke his arm. Get a grip! “Horrific” is when your child is hit by a car or killed. Falling off a countertop? Please. No wonder kids are such spoiled sheltered wimps nowadays!

Anonymous on

good grief – give parents a break


seriously? alot of you are focusing on the counter top thing? really? I have three kids. And although they know they themselves arent allowed to climb counters or tables I have sat them on the counter to clean hands, bruises on knees…whatever the case may be..for all those making these negative comments…do you know the reason why he was on the counter? for you to judge?
Maybe gavin or Gwen was cleaning him up or something and turned for a second…

really though? what matters is that he is ok…that they did what any normal parent would do…take him to the hospital …Pot calling the kettle black..please..Alot of you are hypocrites…There is no perfect parent…period. God bless you all especially little Zuma

maryp on

My 2 year old grandson started climbing out of his crib so his parents got him a toddler bed. After about a week of sleeping in his new bed he fell out of it one morning. He was fine, just a bruise but if you have toddlers, you’re going to have accidents sometimes. Lighten up!

JFonseca on

Seriously people…she’s a good mother, i have two boys now 10 and 14…though mine never have broken any bone in their body, it happens…she did nothing wrong. it was an accident.