Who Owns Carey Hart’s Heart? New Mom Pink

06/04/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

“My wife @Pink owns my heart. And she just gave me my best achievement of my life #WillowSageHart. Medals and flips got nothing on her.”

— Motocross racer (and proud papa) Carey Hart Tweets a love note to popstar Pink and their new daughter Willow Sage, born Thursday in Los Angeles.

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Silly Mama on

That is awesome! They make such a sweet couple! I suspect that P!nk will be a better mom than her mom was and that their daughter Willow will be adorable, polite and well-behaved and very much loved!

Silly Mama on

I hope for pictures soon. I bet Willow is an adorable little lady!

Lauren on

Very sweet Tweet. I agree. BUT NOW PLEASE STOP putting so much publicity on these two! As you can tell from the messages after Pink gave birth, so many people had said ‘FINALLY!’. Finally is right! I can’t wait till they show the world what her baby looks like, then we can stop the nonsense afterwards. I only came to this article so that I can express this comment! Not because I was curious!

KRS on

Daddies and daughters…..sweetest thing in the world!

Bancie1031 on

AWE! Congratulations to Carey and P!nk!

AlaBella on

That’s so sweet!

Jordan on

Wow, Lauren. Have issues do we?

Congrats to Pink and Carey. I’m sure they’ll be lovely parents 🙂

Molly on

That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever read. They will be great parents. Pink totally rocks and I’m so happy for her and Carey.

Hea on

Lauren – What’s your problem?

They seem like such a sweet couple.

Bancie1031 on

Lauren – SERIOUSLY? Go to another site if you don’t like it ….. WE ENJOY SEEING PINK AND CAREY ON HERE! “FINALLY” was used because people are HAPPY AND EXCITED to hear about her giving birth not because we’re tired of hearing about Pink and Carey! …. I think you were being very rude and I’m surprised that your comment even made it to the post …. The Moderators are getting where they let more and more rude comments make it through …. before long this site is going to be as rude and uncomfortable to go to as the others …..

meghan on

God forbid Pink and Carey express joy about the arrival of their first child. Like it’s their fault the press followed her throughout the pregnancy, making it seem very long. She’s now supposed to go away because Lauren is sick of it? Well if Lauren is sick of it, by all means People, don’t ever mention it again. Pink can be the new Voldermort!

Lou on

I’m happy for them, they seem so content with their new little family!
Congratulations x

ps…Lauren, if you don’t like them, don’t read it. Simple. That’s what i do with posts about people i don’t know of/like. Doesn’t take a second.

Natalie on

I just think lauren might be a little jealous that no one cares about her life?
I think that it’s very exciting for pink and carey ! And I bet their baby is adorable, I love the name willow

Molly on

@Natalie, I agree but who wouldn’t be jealous of this sweet couple 😉

lilly on

laurn needs a smack in the face…ppl here like to read nice positive things here not negative junk from haters like u lauren, shame on you…geez anyways i hope baby and mom are doing great, i bet willow has her daddy wrapped around her finger

Kerry on

Congrats to Pink and Carey. They are going to be wonderful parents and that little girl is so lucky!

Jillian on

So sweet!! I can’t wait to see a picture of her!

josy on

maybe it’s because I am pregnant and hormonal but that tweet made me tear up haha..I can’t wait to see my hubby with our baby girl 😀

Tee on

Lauren, I have to admit that I was surprised by your comment! This is a celebrity baby site who’s sole purpose is to report on celebrity parents and their babies! Reporting about this sweet comment that he made on twitter is a pretty normal article. Why does this bother you?

Bancie1031, I was very surprised by Lauren’s comment but I’m not surprised that it made it past moderation. Rude and unneccessary comments have started to overrun this site.

bianca on

I think thats so sweet, she will be daddys little girl for sure. It nice to see a guy thats NOT afraid to share his feelings, so i dont get the negitivity. I love Pink she is able to be tough and feminine at the same time, and I cant wait to see her in mummy mode 🙂

Dawn on

LOVE THEM!!! Congrats to the happy family!!!

Heather on

@ Lauren, if you weren’t curious and only wanted to express your negativity there are PLENTY of sites you can do that on. Congratulations Pink and Carey! A baby is always a blessing and Carey’s statement was very sweet.

Cynthia on

@Lauren, Your mistake was coming to the issue period.

Becky on

Awww, such a sweet thing for him to say..Congrats to Pink and Carey..