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Spotted: Jennifer Garner and Violet Book It

06/04/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
GSI Media

Taking a bite out of books!

Jennifer Garner and budding bookworm Violet Anne, 5½, put their library cards to good use during a visit to a local Santa Monica, Calif., library on Wednesday.

Little sister Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 2, stayed home for this outing.

The girls are Garner’s daughters with husband Ben Affleck.

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Showing 35 comments

Jordi on

I think there is a sibling on the way for these beautiful little girls!! I love this family they are always happy and I love their closeness!!

Jersey on

I think that maybe she’s expecting also which would be so nice. I am surprised though that she allowed Violet to put a library book in her mouth…just imagine the germs.

J on

Germs are everywhere, I’m sure she’ll live.

Aleena on

For once, Jennifer doesn’t look quite so frumpy!

AllisonJ on

What a cute photo! I love that Jennifer takes her kids to the library to borrow books – a great habit to get into.

I’m not one to typically speculate on if a celebrity is pregant, but it kind of looks like Jennifer is pregnant again. Either that, or it’s the combination of the dress and the angle of the photo. Anyways, I’d love to see them have another baby!

SAR on

I’ve said it before, but the Garner-Afflecks are the cutest family I’ve ever seen. So many dimples in one place.

Noelle on

I’d be worried about the book, not the germs..

Shannon on

Is Jennifer pregnant?

Terri on

Ewww, lots of germs. I saw a picture of Jennifer just this week looking extremely thin, very flat tummy. I think it’s the dress.

sarawara on

Finally! So glad I’m not the only one who’s said, “Is she pregnant again?” Thank you!

Amanda on

I love how normal this family is!
The angle does kind of look like she might have a bump but based on other recent pictures of Jen I think it’s probably just the dress/angle/wind. As much as I’d love to see them with another baby I get the feeling they are done with 2, nothing wrong with that but they sure do make cute kids!

JM on

yeah actually, yeah Jennifer is pregnant. haven’t you heard? she’s been pregnant for about three years now, that’s going to be some big baby. no, honestly, it’s not just that she has the tiniest, slightest, teeniest belly on her, it’s that she’s pregnant yeah, that must be it.

in other news, violet looks adorable. such a happy little girl. i am surprised to see so many germ obsessed people here though. you do realise that children have to be exposed to germs, it’s what’s supposed to happen? behaving like it might kill them will just make them overanxious and obsessive.

just sayin' on

Germs on a library book? GMAB – that’s why we have an immune system. You must be the kind of mom who is a slave to the anti-bacterial sprays and wipes and a total germaphobe.

Rachel on

I don’t think she’s pregnant, just the angle of the photo. There have been several photos of her with the girls the past few days, including the one below, where she doesn’t look the slightest bit pregnant.,,20007218_20971019.html

As for the book in the mouth. Ick. Regardless of whether it’s a library book or not, books don’t belong in your mouth.

sar on

remind me to never wear an empire waist style dress, because seeing the reactions on here I would hate for people to speculate if I was pregnant ;)

Lura Albee on

I think its more the angle of the shot … but who knows?

Lou on

Re: pregnancy – CBS said she issued a statement recently (in the last few days i believe) saying she ISN’T pregnant…if she hadn’t done so, i would also be agreeing that she looks it! lol x

Sarah S. on

Yay for public libraries! So many are being closed right now here in California due to the budget cuts…and any positive photo showing a celeb going to one, well…they rate very high on my list. Love books!

Silly Mama on

The Daily Mail had some pictures of her looking most decidedly pregnant which is why she made that statement recently. In going to the website looking for those pictures, I’ve found these, which between the stretching of her shirt and the fact that she seems to be deliberately using Seraphina’s leg to cover herself, I’m thinking she may in fact be.

These were the original pictures that caused her to make the statement:

Sam & Freya's mum on

Silly Mama, was thinking the exact same thing. Am bored at work and saw the Daily Mail site’s pics of her taking the girls out, and looks like a slight bump to me. She’s wearing a light blue jumper while Violet’s in a sleeveless dress – isn’t it pretty warm in California at mo?! Seems slightly suspicious to me, but do feel for her, every moved being watched! Who knows?, but wouldn’t be surpised if she is.

She’s same age as me, 39, and imagine she wouldn’t want to leave it much longer if planning a 3rd child anyhow. Must be awful all the scruitiny, but is natural I guess, their celebs and in the public eye, a downside for them but it happens – and I just wanted to echo what others have said….

Michelle on

Love them! I think it’s gross and hilarious that she has a book in her mouth–something one of my boys might do, and something I’d tell them to stop! it’s germy and hard on the books, and pretty normal! ;-)

Christine Troskie on

Not exposing your kids to germs can lead to lifelong allergies and autoimmune diseases like Type 1 Diabetes and MS.

SH on

you all do realize that she has to touch the books with her hands too…and probably touched a lot of other things in the *gasp* public library…the germs get on her hands and probably would go to her mouth anyway…get a grip people….

terance on

The easiest way to tell if she’s pregnant or not is her knees. Skinny women don’t just all the sudden have bigger knees! Translation = biscuit in oven.

Melody on

Lol… my kid eats dirt and tries to put everything he sees in his mouth… I gave up on being a germaphobe a long time ago. Obviously I don’t like him to touch and eat gross stuff, but it happens. I doubt Jen let her keep the book in her mouth for long. Kids do stuff that’s gross, dangerous and downright weird. Our job is to make sure that they stop doing that stuff before they get hurt. However all you mom’s who seem to raise your children in a plastic bubble (bpa free of course), need to loosen up a bit. Kids are kids. They aren’t little for very long, so let them play and be weird and gross and just go with it. Or just lay off the judgement. Unless someone is abusing or neglecting their child, there is NO reason to get your panties in a knot over differing parental views.

Mary on

Jm, I totally agree! She has been prego forever….

Annachestnut on

Jennifer was a bio/chem major from Dennison. Her parents are professors. Learning is important to her. so “un Hollywood”.

saydee on

Love this family!!!!

Mia on

I hope she is!–and if she is it could be early on + she doesn’t want to announce it so soon….

Momjen on

My first thought wasn’t germs, it was teaching your child more respect for a library book. But they both look great.

danigirl on

I work in a library. Its disgusting what those books carry on them. People picking their noses and touching books, taking them into the bathroom. We’ve found blood and feces on books sometimes in the book drop. I love libraries but yeah…no books in my mouth.

Olivia on

I’m surprised no one said she should just buy any books Violet wants. Why waste time going to the library, and then returning the books. Sometimes there are checked out/unavailable books that you want, and with all of Jennifers money they could buy all the books they want online or at a new book store. There are tons of germs on those books too.

JM on

olivia it’s attitudes like that that are contributing to the death of libraries. libraries are wonderful places and in and increasingly consumerist capitalist society what’s wrong with wanting to slightly reduce one’s own consumption by understanding you don’t have to BUY and OWN everything.

i for one am glad that jennifer is consistently supportive and enthusiastic about libraries and that she supports them. how wonderful for violet to have a mother who takes her to a world of books where she has wide variety to choose from and can learn that it’s not all about HAVING something, it’s about the joy of reading.

Jillian on

Jm, I LOVE your last post!! We love our library. I am an avid reader and have not purchased one book in over a year. Some are on my iPad, but many are bc I have the cities libraries. My children love going their for story hour, computer time, and getting books. We have plenty of money to buy books but it is very unnecessary.

stella on

Calm down everyone….the book in violet’s mouth DOES NOT seem to be one of the library books. It doesn’t have the characteristic plastic cover that the others do nor the label on the spine. So its probably a book from home.

Notwithstanding that, I also side with the posters who think it wouldn’t be so bad were it a library book. Germs are everywhere and in my experience, the kids who are enclosed in sanitized bubbles the most by their germophobe parents are also the kids who tend to get sick ALL of the time. Exposure to germs and AVERAGE environmental toxins builds children’s immune systems by not only building antibodies but also by teaching the immune system how to respond to such factors. As a result, kids who are exposed to germs and not kept in sanitized glass houses typically grow up to be more resistant to illness in general and better able to adapt to new environments (and their germs/toxins) better than their counterparts. And before those overly sensitive cbb readers rip apart my statement, I am not talking about letting your kid eat out of a toilet or off of a public sidewalk; I’m talking about acts within a normal range of child behavior which includes putting dirty things in your mouth (haven’t you seen a baby who just learned how to crawl or walk put their mouth on evey surface possible and drop toys then pick then up and put them in their mouth….this doesn’t even touch on the germs that get on own hands which they constantly put in their mouths).


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