Tiffani Thiessen Credits Family for Her Motherhood Success

06/03/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
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Time flies when you’re having fun — and since the birth of daughter Harper Renn, new mom Tiffani Thiessen has been having a blast with her baby girl.

“She’s going to be 1 in a couple of weeks. I can’t believe it. I feel like I just had her yesterday, but it’s super fun,” the actress, 37, told reporters during the 10th Annual Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash on Wednesday in Central Park.

But with her work on USA’s White Collar, the first year wouldn’t have gone as smoothly without the help of two very special people: husband Brady Smith and Robyn, Thiessen’s mom.

“I wouldn’t be able to do it without my mother and husband. Family. I don’t know what I would do without them,” she admits, adding that the trio often tag-team throughout Harper’s day, including her bedtime routine.

“[Our routines are] different all the time. I get a 4:30 a.m. call, I get a 6:30 a.m. call. It’s going to make [Harper] very adaptable, I guess.”

And although life can become a bit hectic for the family, Harper isn’t letting anything — or anyone! — hold her back when it comes to hitting her major milestones.

“She started walking at 10ยฝ months and it scared me to death,” Thiessen laughs.ย “My husband was working and I was working, but she was with me. It was exciting and I got it on film right after so it was pretty cool.”

While family is always first and foremost for Thiessen, she admits her good intentions don’t always pan out in her favor when it comes to balancing both her career and her child.

“The priority is her, but it doesn’t always work out that way and the guilt that sometimes you feel as a mom is hard,” she reveals.

Fortunately, Thiessen has learned a few tips and tricks along the way for maximizing time for herself and her 11-month-old daughter.

“I usually work out with my trainer when she’s napping because I don’t want to miss anything!” she says.ย “When I’m working I feel like I’m already missing stuff, so when I’m not working I want to spend as much time with her as possible.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by K.C. Baker

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Krissy on

She sounds like a real mom with struggles. I am guessing the hate comments will start soon for she mentioned a trainer…….you look beautiful

mommyof2 on

pretty picture!! she looks just like her daddy!

Chantal on

Wow, little Harper definitely looks like her daddy. Cute!!

Jen DC on

I think it’s great that she can have her Mom there as an extra pair of hands/childcare. There’s nothing better than family around you giving a hand.

Harper is beautiful! And if that’s not a haircut, they should consider it for her later as her hair gets longer, because it’s adorable! A baby pixie cut. ๐Ÿ˜€

Kelly on

Harper is beautiful!! Tiffani sounds like a pretty normal mom trying to juggle everything she loves.

Renee on

Love Tiffani and Harper is so adorable! she looks like both Tiffani and Brady I think. She has Tiffani’s cheeks and nose for sure. I knew Tiffani would be such a great mom. I too can’t believe Harper is already almost 1! The time just flies!

just sayinโ€™ on

Krissy, please explain your crack about the trainer. If it’s the perceived extravagance factor, get real. Even regular folks with middle class income can afford a trainer.

If you anticipate people mocking her for “needing” one (i.e. she lacks the discipline and expertise to do it alone), get over it. Well-conditioned regular gym goers often use a trainer regularly or periodically to re-vamp their routine, assess their form, etc.

ecl on

Krissy wasn’t criticizing her. She was guessing that other people would because the people who come on here are predictable critics of anyone who uses outside help. THOSE were the people she was jabbing at.

Mina on

Cute mom, cute baby, ugly baby name. Heartburn? Really?

Krissy on

Ecl, thank you. I in no way would criticize another mom who obviously is caring and loving. They both look so pretty.

RKF on

Mina — Are there specific sub-categories for trolling? Everywhere I turn on here (and I read this board infrequently), you “hate” every name mentioned. If “Harper Renn” sounds like heartburn to you, then I would suggest seeing an ear doctor.

Seriously, you’re creepy.

stella on

she sounds happy and as I guess harper enjoys life, too. all’s great. I wished my Mom had time to help us so I could work. harper is really cute!

martina on

They are so blessed to have a hands-on grandma! Both my mother and mother-in-law come to play with the kids – but that’s where it ends. Forget cooking, feeding or changing diapers. Having grandparents that actually help is an amazing gift. I am glad that Tiffani has that in her life.


I absolutely love the name Harper. If I were to ever have another daughter that name would be at the top of my list. I have always love Tiffani and wish her and her family all the best.

Mary on

RKF, I am glad I am not alone in being confused about the heartburn comment. Macy is another one who likes no names mentioned.

Tee on

Just sayin, your comment towards Krissy really surprised me! She said nothing wrong, just mentioned that she was anticipating a lot of hateful comments towards Tiffani because she (Tiffani) mentioned using a trainer. Quite frankly, I agree with Krissy and agree that comments like that are only to be expected. This website has gone downhill in that sense. I’m curious as to why you were so rude to Krissy when she wasn’t attacking Tiffani?

Jenn on

I think Tiffani is just an amazing mother! She makes her daughter her #1 priority and she’s dealing with the struggles that all of mothers go through. I love her daughters name and think Harper is just the most adorable little girl!

Valeri on

Awww, she sounds so happy being a mom. Its always hard in the beginning and I think every mom starts out thinkng they aren’t doing enough. It gets easier and you realize perfect is just where ever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Jennifer Rice on

I happen to think Tiff is beautiful, as is her daughter Harper.


The title of this article cracks me up … Motherhood Success?
Puh-leaze!!!! The kid is only 11 months old! Cry me a river with her work juggle because these rich people have it made. All moms have challenges but she’s got tons of money to give her family a life of fluff. Here’s to all you mothers out there who truly achieve motherhood success with a couple of kids, LITTLE MONEY, and NO HELP! And for all you people who think I’m bitter, I’m not … there is just no reality to some of these people’s lives. Give me a break!

lily on

aww i love her! she’s so amazing and i don’t really think that its a big deal that she has help from her mom its great! and to be honest she sounds like a normal mom to me!

Inkthoughts on

Thanks for being real – no matter how much money you have, where you work and what you do, there are always struggles, guilt, and, ultimately the joy that makes everything else worthwhile! Congrats to a sweet mother-daughter pair!

And to all the “haters” out there – we all know that money doesn’t truly buy happiness! Sure, being rich certainly can make life easier. Why visit a celebrity website if you’re just going to criticize? Be a good example for your kids and yourself: play nice.

Sarah M. on

Laura, this may not be your reality, or even the reality of most of America; this is, however, her reality. Success and happiness can be found in a variety of realities.

Sage on

Laura- Your comment does sound a bit bitter. How can you say that a mother shouldn’t be seen as a successful mother because she has money.Am I am less successful mother because my household isn’t struggling?

Jen N on

I love the name Harper. In fact, I named one of my 6 month old twin daughters Harper. Her sisters name is Quinn.

D on

Harper Renn is a very pretty name!

Dee on

aw beautiful baby, and mommy and i agree,she is dealing with all mommy issues with ease , sounds like she has a great support system!,

Alik on

Where can I get the pant/shirt the baby is wearing from??

RKF on

Oh, Laura, your bitterness and envy shines through (though you loudly claim otherwise.)

Bancie1031 on

Harper looks a lot like Tiffani …. she’s gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

mom on

She is the priority, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Um, then she isn’t the priority.

Jen on

I think this is a sweet article about the struggles most of us have, but I think the problem I have with it is that whomever wrote it put in “motherhood success” in the title which is…well, funny at best.

At 11 months old, first child, no one can say, “I’m a ‘successful’ mother” because the first year is pretty easy compared to everything else down the road. =) I look back at that first year with my child and think, “Man, I had it SO easy compared to now!” Wait until the Terrible Two’s and Terrible Three’s!

I think that’s where some of the negativity is coming from. Whomever titled this article strikes me as someone who isn’t a parent. Or, someone who didn’t think through what that title would mean to parents who have already made it past the one-year mark already with their kids.

It never ends….so the author of this article should have probably not declared her a “success” considering she’s been a parent for about 2 seconds! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Like her, like her daughter’s name and I think the spirit of the article was fine. She works, she feels guilty and she gets some help from Grandma. Totally relatable. Just a dumb title, in my opinion.

carly on

krissy i was thinking the same thing once she mentioned the trainer.. hopefully if anyone has a negative comment they will keep it to their self.

Jean on

OMG all the celebrities featured on this blog have more money than the average American. If you don’t want to hear about their motherhood experiences then don’t bother coming here. What is the point of chastising them for having money for trainers and nannies and stuff. If you had the money, you would too.

Becky on

Don’t really know that much about Tiffani, but I think her baby is adorable..I love the name..My only “negative” comment about her having a personal trainer, is that I don’t have one..I think it’s great that she has Grandma there to help her out, regardless of how much money she has..