Dorian Brown Welcomes Son Cayman Tyson

06/02/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Jason LaVeris/Getty

It’s a boy for Dorian Brown!

The actress and her husband, producer Guy Pham, welcomed a son, Cayman Tyson Pham, on Thursday, May 26 in Los Angeles, her rep tells PEOPLE.

Cayman weighed in at 8 lbs., 9 oz. and is 22 inches long.

Brown, who wed Pham five years ago in the Florida Keys, next appears opposite Elijah Wood on FX’s Wilfred, premiering June 23 at 10 p.m.

— Sarah Michaud

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soph on

Cay Man…okay.

Mina on

What an ugly horrible name!

Ben on

Mina – is a pretty meana person!! what is wrong with her?
People should have removed that comment!

Mary Kay on

And Mina is such a pretty name?

Mary Kay on

Mina that wasn’t nice! While it is an unusual name, it is not horrible plus I have seen a photo of the baby and he is beautiful! With a great name like that, he will never be just one of the crowd.

RKF on

Cayman? Uhhh… Sounds good for the Caribbean islands, not necessarily for a child. It also sounds like “Gay Men” when spoken. Not into it, and don’t care if anyone else agrees with me (so save the snarky rants.)

Julie on

I’m not familiar with his parents, but I hope this child’s name doesn’t catch on. I’m assuming the parents are thinking of the Cayman Islands, but my first thought was of the nasty tempered caimans that have become an invasive species in Florida.

Emilia on

Julie – me too, I’m afraid I thought of the crocodile/alligator-type creature of a similar name. Hopefully her son will put his own stamp on the name! Mom is very pretty, and I can’t wait to see what a beautiful baby he is.

I think the name is in the Caden, Mason, Braydon-type name family but just a different variation.

I think if I were a famous star I would want to buck the trend and shock the world by reviving an old classic name. I know a little boy called Abraham and I think that is SO cool.

Etsy on

Mina should be spelled “Mean-a”!

As far as baby names go, it’s not a bad one at all! I am guessing it’s pronounced like the ‘Cayman Islands’? At least it’d not another Caden!

Shawnna on

Cayman is a great name. It’s not boring, it’s unique and he is a gorgeous baby!! All of you need to get over yourselves!

Taylor on

I know a little girl named Cayman and I think it’s an adorable name. Congrats Dorian and Guy!

JM on

i never understand why people get so upset about others stating their opinion about a name and then really act like they are a better person when they go ahead and personally attack someone for stating said opinion. hypocrite much?

why are some people so insecure and feel that everyone in the world has to like the same things and only talk about fluffy bunnies and rainbows. i am PRETTY sure dorian doesn’t care what we think. she likes the name and can name her kid whatever she wants.

why get your knickers in a twist over it? so some people don’t like the name, so what?

personally i don’t like the name either. i wouldn’t be offended if someone said they didn’t like my children’s names, they’re entitled to their opinion. i live in a free country where people can state their opinion and it is not hateful or incitement to violence.

seriously guys, figure out what is really worth getting worked up about….

Ellis on

@ JM, people were attacking her because she was being a bitch. No one said she can’t express her opinion, you idiot. You can, but without sounding like a tool and being nasty about it.

Mira on

I’m assuming the Cayman Islands are named after the crocodile species too. Either way, silly name with a silly association. And it sounds like Caveman, which is worse than Gay Men. Unfortunately, the baby won’t have a nice middle name to fall back on either. Oh well, he’ll be okay I’m sure.

Cynt on

I actually like the name, DEINITELY better than Morrocan, Apple, and Zuma, Bear, and Pilot Inspektor…. I could on and on

soph on

Well said JM…

Anonymous on

Mina isnt really my name but nice try lol. And Mina is nicer than CAYMAN. I thought it said Candyman at first glance. Then when I said it out loud, I too thought it sounded like Caveman. Not to mention all I can think of is those little alligator things on Diego. Sounds like someone just shouted out 2 syllables and they were like hey, that sounds good..just switch up the spelling so it LOOKS like a name.

Who came in? Cayman came in. It doesnt even SOUND nice in any way shape or form. I dont like the name Cayden either, but at least that is a name that sounds decent. I’m not insulting the baby or his looks…really its his dumb parents I am insulting for giving their kid a dumb name.

And that is my opinion lol.

soph on

If only we could all be as sweet as you, Ellis!

RKF on

Gee, Ellis, brilliant retort. Stay classy!

KRS on

The problem is the people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet and say rude and insulting things that we all know they’d never have the balls to say face to face. Kind of cowardly, but hey!…that’s just my opinion!

Shawnna on

Mina, obviously you’re an idiot. You state that your name really isn’t Mina then sign your statement as anonymous. You have no business stating an opinion at all.

As far as opinions go, is this really worth your time? Making new parents feel bad? Shame on all of you. You “ass”ume they don’t care. How do you know? Just because she is an actress she doesn’t have feelings? Really? She loves that baby enough to care that there are cruel and hateful people out there with nothing better to do than write hateful coments on an article that is celebrating the birth of her son. Nothing hurts worse than people attacking your child. This is very shameful and you should all get a job because you have way too much free time on your hands to be ripping on the name of a baby. And people wonder why celebrities hide their children from the public. Disgusting!

Jenny GG on

I couldn’t have said it better, Shawnna! Luckily, Mom, Dad, and Cayman know better than to take these ignoramuses to heart. The baby is amazingly beautiful to match the personalities of his parents. These haters must be really sad inside.

Congrats, again, Guy and Dorian!

JM on

soph and RKF thanks, and thanks too for actually being able to read.

ellis, wow you sound lovely, dumb, but oh so sweet. i don’t know who you are referring to by “her” being a “bitch” as i didn’t mention anyone specifically. i was talking about people who get SO upset when people just say they don’t like a name. go back and read what i said, it’s ok, you can read it slowly to make sure you understand it, you might get what i was saying.

i stand by what i said, if people want to say they enjoy living in a free country then they should accept that when it comes to something trivial like names we are not all going to agree. otherwise, move to a country that censors was people say even when it is totally harmless, sorry you can’t have it both ways.

soph on

“This is very shameful and you should all get a job because you have way too much free time on your hands to be ripping on the name of a baby.”

You obviously have as much free time as the people you’re bashing.

“Ripping on the name of a baby”? Hilarious. It’s just a NAME. You’re ridiculous!

ELO on

Many congrats on their new arrival. I’m not too fond of the name either, but to each his own.

Mina on

Shawnna then they should not have givin their child a weird fake made up name if they are so concerned with “feelings getting hurt”.


Okay, apparently I am in the minority here because I love the name Cayman. I, like Cynt, think there are FAR worse celebrity names out there than this. I think Caymen is a very strong masculine name that is unique without being totally weird. Compared to Audioscience (Shannon Sosserman’s son’s name), Cayman is really cute.
Good luck to the family and enjoy your little man.

Dar on

Mina should go away. In a tragic way.

Nella on

First let me say Congrats on their new arrival. I think we all have our own opinions on this website and that’s especially true when it comes to names and that’s okay. I am okay with people expressing themselves, but if you’re going to state an opinion at least sound like an adult just like ELO did, she stated her opinion without sounding mean or like a high school kid. In my opinion the name is odd sounding and I’ve never heard of it, but I wouldn’t call it horrible or ugly, I’ve heard much worse names, plus at the end of the day it’s their child and as long as they like it that’s all that matters.

Jennifer on

I agree the name is terrible.

Tiff on

My little boy is 8 years old, his name is Caymon Kyzar, it is unique and fits him very well. He has big blue eyes and blond blond hair with a bigger than life personality. I was wondering how many other people had named there children Caymon and I have only found 3 so far.Non spelled the same