Spotted: Kourtney Kardashian’s Big Apple Baby

06/02/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Enjoying the escalator!

Mason Dash Disick is all smiles while out and about with mom Kourtney Kardashian in New York City on Sunday.

The 17-month-old is the only child for the reality star and her boyfriend Scott Disick.

Seems like Mason will be the only baby in the family for awhile — newly-engaged aunt Kim Kardashian just shot down pregnancy rumors.

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RachelfromBoston on

beautiful child/beautiful family! this little guy always looks so happy – and so stylish, too! 🙂

A. on

He’s cute! In this picture he’s looking more like Scott, I think.

sky on

that birkin bag sure looks bigger than her son!

sar on

he’s super adorable!
now, granted, I’m a total germaphobe, but seeing him touch that railing makes me gag :/

Tieraney on

He is too cute…but knowing what a slimeball he has for a dad kinda ruins it, IMO.

micheley on

Mason is my favorite celebrity baby!! I just adore him! He is so adorable!!

sat on

handsome baby!

Brooke on

Sar – I thought the same thing. I can just picture Mason sticking that hand in his mouth right after the pic was taken.

That being said – Mason’s little smile is just precious. The Kardashian family is obviously over the moon in love with this little boy.

NickyAngel on

This little man is just too cute to describe…true that he’s always smiling 🙂

torgster on

He always looks so happy, just like Satyana Denisof. So cute.

Lady on

What a doll! Mason is so cute, hopefully he’s on the new season a little bit!

Cindy on

Cute now but he will soon be as screwed up as the rest of the family

Shannon on

He is definitely the star of the family. lol

AllisonJ on

Little Mason is just so cute! He is always smiling in photos and definitely looks like a Kardashian.

BTW, I am seriously coventing Kourtney’s Birkin bag! LOL

Jillian on

Cindy, who? What? Huh?

Mira on

I actually think he’s one of the least cute celebrity babies. Along with Anja Ambrosio or whatever her last name actually is.

JM on

Mira i actually agree with you. nothing wrong in saying it, he’s not unattractive i just think there are cuter kids out there and on this website.

Tee on

I do not understand why anyone would leave a comment saying that they don’t think a baby is cute. I understand and appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There are certainly kids out there that I don’t fawn over. But I don’t say that! If I don’t think a child is cute, then I just don’t say anything. Or I comment about loving their name or whatnot. Freedom of speech doesn’t give license to be rude.

I’m being serious when I ask this. Can someone explain to me why people think it’s okay to say things like that? What’s the motivation to leave an ugly comment about a child, especially one they don’t even know?

Anna on

It’s a bit disturbing some people think a baby holding a railing is scary or making them gag. Do you keep your child’s hands away from every railing you pass by? How do you even do that? Germs are good for baby, they built their immunity up.

JM on

Tee, not sure if you meant me but i am happy to answer your question. i have never said that i think a child is not cute, just that there are certain kids that i find cuter than others. mason is cute, but there are others like halle berry’s daughter, zahra jolie pitt, kingston rossdale etc. who i think are cuter.

it’s interesting that you say that when you don’t find a child cute that you’ll comment on how you like their name or something. this is actually something that bothers me more. i just find it a little fake and patronising, it’s like when someone clearly finds someone unattractive but says ‘but you have a beautiful smile’, or ‘you are beautiful on the inside’. comments like that make me gag when they are clearly covering up for what the person has really thought. they just come across as fake.

like i said, i don’t think anyone actually cares that i find certain kids cuter than mason, and he IS cute afterall just no as cute, so it’s just my opinion.

Jillian on

If I don’t think a child is cute and there are some, I typically don’t post on that article. But if I have something to say, I will, and not mention the looks of the child. I don’t think that’s fake or patronizing. It’s being real. I am not going to say, the child is not cute, which is what I think.

In this case, the comments are about how cute Mason is, which I think he is a doll and one of the cutest!! I didn’t find the way Mira or JM responded to be that out of line. They just said, not of the most cutest. Didn’t say ugly or hideous or unattractive, as others have said about him or others.