Family Photo: The Heigl-Kelleys Take Flight

06/02/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Have guitar, will travel!

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley flew away for Memorial Day weekend on Friday, boarding a private jet at the Van Nuys Airport with daughter Naleigh, 2½.

There’s lots more road-trippin’ ahead for the family — Kelley heads out on tour this week in support of his new album, Georgia Clay.

“She loves it when I sing — if I’m playing the piano or guitar, she’ll come over and sing with me,” Kelley, 31, recently told PEOPLE.

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Theresa on

I love this family!!! I really miss Katherine’s long hair tho, but any way she wears it, she is beautiful!

Eleanor on

Love Katherine and her adorable family. Naleigh is so cute. They were just going home to Utah. Josh posted a pic on his Twitter.

hillks on


Brooke on

Naleigh is so, so cute….

amber on

I love katherine and I just recently saw josh in concert!!! Love them all best wishes for their family!!!!

S on

I wonder if Katherine knit her cardigan..i love the cables around the neck!

Naleigh is adorable!

Amanda on

Why is she always dressed like a grandmother now? She looks like her own mother!!!

Mira on

I agree, Amanda, she’s not aging well at all. And she desperately needs a better stylist that will get her out of the clothes that add 10+ years to her real age

Doreen on

Yikes!! What the heck has become of her? She’s looks terrible! I wouldn’t have recognized her if I had seen her.

Anonymous on

I dont see what is wrong with her clothes, it looks like comfy jeans an a tee shirt..sometimes people just want to be comfortable.

Nella on

I agree regarding her dressing more matronly now, her style seems very different to me now. I hope she goes back to her old style, it was much better, but that’s just my opinion. Naleigh is adorable and they seem like such a nice happy family.

Tiff on

I don’t know about the clothes, but the hair and sunglasses definitely age her. She looks like the mom on Burn Notice.

NickyAngel on

Naleight is way too adorbs 🙂

hayley w on

hahahahahahah so the same ones thats slam katie holmes and victoria beckham for being over dressed moan because this lady is under dressed??

well i guess the only way around it is that they will just have to call you ‘experts’ in mummy dressing up before the leave the house to clear what they are wearing. Because in the grand scale of life it really matters that much what jeans you wear, and if some stranger doesn’t like them.

jeez these poor women can’t please, snipe here they have heals on snipe there they have too much black on ..mommy jeans , looks fat, never smiles, brush hair, cut hair, grow hair. colour hair the list is endless.

I used to love this site , but its so shallow now, just a place to be mean.

Kat on

So she has the ‘mommy comfy’ style now – some people do. I know I would never leave the house in a tee and jeans before my daughter, now it is whatever works and is clean. As your life changes it isn’t shocking your style changes too.

Jean on

I’m not a fan of Katherine really, she just tends to rub me the wrong way in interviews. But I must defend her “style decline”. When you have a toddler and you are hopping on a flight or running to the store or going to the playground, it’s all about whatever is clean and whatever you don’t care about getting juice stains on. I have a lot more respect for Katherine and especially Jen Garner, who we often see in jeans, a plain t-shirt and flats, no makeup and wet hair, out running errands, looking like an everyday mom, than I do with those celebrities who are at the playground with their kids with a face-full of make-up in $300 high heels and a $500 dress.

I am waiting for Kim Kardashian to have a kid so she can realize that there is a better way to spend time than in front of a mirror.

Lauren on

Why do moms either have to dress like they’re cleaning the house or walking a runway? I much prefer moms like Jessica Alba and Isla Fisher, who you can tell have a natural sense of style and can effortlessly put together an outfit that is stylish in minutes. An interest in fashion does not mean that you have to spend an exorbitant amount of time on it, nor does being a mom mean that you have an excuse to dress like a slob.

I totally agree that Katherine has been dressing way more matronly since Naleigh come, and it’s frankly not becoming. But Naleigh is adorable, and I love Josh’s music.

AllisonJ on

Little Naleigh is just so cute! I want to squeeze her little chubby cheeks!

Elisa on

Naleight is a doll! So, so cute!
Katherine, I love you and I forgive you for leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Izzie was my favorite.

Mira on

Well-put, Lauren. That’s what I meant. Katherine obviously spent some time getting this atrocious color/cut job, so don’t blame her deteriorating looks on little Naleigh.