Simone Masterson-Horn’s First Birthday Bash!

06/01/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Happy birthday Simone Lynn Masterson-Horn! The daughter of Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, a.k.a. Tori Spelling‘s children’s “Guncles,” celebrated turning 1 year old with a party at The Carousel at the Santa Monica Pier on Sunday.

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Joined by 50 friends and family, including godmother Spelling, Ali Landry and Sasha Alexander, Simone — whose actual birthday is June 7 — enjoyed a raspberry and pink “Modern Circus” themed bash.

“Without any doubts I can say that the past year has been the best year of my life. Being is dad is amazing, and Simone is truly one awesome little girl,” Horn tells PEOPLE. Adds Masterson, “The Santa Monica Pier Carousel was the perfect spot for our Simone’s 1st birthday bash! It was so fun planning it with Tori and seeing our ‘modern circus’ vision come to life. I’m so grateful for all of our family and close friends who shared this special and momentous day with us.”

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Guests dined on delicacies from Grilled Cheese Patrol, Jenny Cookies and Sweet Lucie’s Organic Ice Cream, while The Bashful Rose handled the flowers.

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The birthday girl wore a dress by Luna Luna and treated her guests to gift bags from Gotta Have It. The party will be featured on the sixth season of Oxygen’s Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood later this year.

Frazer Harrison/Getty

Frazer Harrison/Getty

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B.J. on

Adorable baby!

Lau on

I hate when birthdays are celebrated in advance… Oh well, very cute kid.

Angie on

That table looks amazing!!! Love the cake! Happy 1st Birthday Simone!!

Rhonda on

LOVE “The Guncles” & baby Simone! Thanks for sharing this with us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMONE!!!!!!!

Brooke on

She is beautiful! And does anyone else think that Simone resembles Tori’s kids in the bottom pic??? Hmmmmmmmm…..

Meghan on

Lau- why? what does that have to do with anything? sometimes the dates just work out beforehand.

Nancy on

They all look so happy! The dessert table looks so amazingly good.

Rhonda on

AAAAAADDDDDOOORRRRAAAAABBBBBBLLLLLLEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Everyone looks so happy. Happy birthday, Simone

Abi on

I think she looks like the dad on the right 🙂

Maggie on

Isn’t Stella’s birthday the 9th? They probably have a lot of the same friends and wanted to make sure everyone could attend both parties.

Simone is just adorable and you can tell how happy she makes her dads – Bill and Scout are just beaming.

Ashley on

I agree Abi I thought the same thing!

Ashley on

aka The dad that is holding her in every picture! Not sure if he is Scout or Bill.

AllisonJ on

aww…so cute! Happy first birthday, Simone! That is one very loved and blessed baby.

I know she is adopted, but I think she looks a lot like Bill!

Jennifer on

Adorable! I think she also looks alot like Daddy Bill! What a sweet family…I can’t wait to see this on Tori & Deans show!

AmeliaBidelia on

why is this on CELEBRITY baby blog?

Lau on

Meghan, it has to do with the article because it’s stated that her birthday is not for another few days, so I believe what I said is on topic.

Now, if they celebrated it before the actual date it’s because it was convenient for them or they liked it that way or whatever, I really don’t care. I was just making a comment about how I feel when it comes to that.

Oh, and to answer your question of “why?” I guess it’s because when I was younger I heard plenty of people around me saying that it’s bad luck to say happy birthday to someone before the actual day, and some other similar things. That’s all.

Shannyn on

Bill is the one with the striped top holding her and Scout is the other.

Gorgeous wee girl and they are awesome parents!

Rose-2 on

@AmeliaBidelia: Read the article. They are cast members on a reality show. That makes them celebrities, minor celebrities, but celebrities just the same.

Mari on

What a happy loving family and the baby is one lucky little sweetheart to have such loving parents and Tori in their life.

RKF on

Adorable pics! As for her birthday being celebrated beforehand? I highly doubt Simone realizes it, nor will she resent her parents later on (for celebrating her life with a beautiful party a few days early.) Sheesh!

Dee on

I always had my parties a week later b/c school would be out for summer break.

That last picture is absolutely adorable.

pia on

such a cutipie…and that dessert table…i had to control myself not to lick my screen here

Lisa on

Simone is perfect! It looks like she had a wonderful birthday. What a very lucky little girl and 2 very lucky Daddy’s. I love “The Guncles”! I’ve never seen an episode of Tori&Dean but somehow stumbled upon their website (and thus their Twitter’s) awhile back and have been a fan ever since! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMONE!!

Tia on

There is a kid in my childs class who had a birthday at the very beginning of February.Her birthday party is next week.I kid you not.Her parents view is ” who cares when the party is” as long as she has one.I tend to agree with them.

Rhonda on

These guys are an inspiration to me. As a young gay man, I don’t see real gay families on tv (only characters). Thank you for posting this. I really wish they would have their own reality show too. It gives me hope that maybe someday I can have my own family.

Nella on

Really cute pictures, especially the last one! The decor looks amazing and Simone is adorable, she does resemble Stella-Tori’s child a bit. Anyways, they all seem happy and in love with this little girl.

Jennifer on

My sons birthday was March 24 and we didn’t have his party till the end of April. That was just when all of our family could make it and we didn’t want to exclude anyone. Does it really matter when it is?

Kim on

Happy 1st Birthday Simone. She is adorable and the guncles look like amazing dads.

acorr on

what happens to all the food and goodies once everyone leaves?

Michele on

How cute are they!!!!!! Love it!

mem on

My mother who has very few standards for anything says, celebrating a birthday early is “bad luck, god forbid something happens before you reach your birthday, but after you’ve celebrated it” I have to say, I agree, but could care less what other people do!

I really like T&D, all their old shows and their newer show sTORItelling, I get a kick out of them and all they do.

SDQ on

Love Bill and Scout! Simone is ADORABLE! What a beautiful family.

Senna on

They aren’t celebrities. This is irrelevant.

mem on


Violelric on

The little girl is not adopted. Both Bill and Scout were sperm doners and she was born via serragate mom. Evidently Bill must be the biological father, since the baby looks like him. Some have mentioned that the baby looks like Tori’s kids also, but that is only because both Dean and Bill have those small, squinty eyes with laugh lines, and Liam and Stella (especially Stella)favor Dean. Anyway, Happy Birthday to little Simone!

Sarah S. on

Simone is wearing the most beautiful dress–love it! Happy 1st Birthday to her!

Maggie on

Violelric, that is misinformation you’re spreading. If you watch the show you’d have seen them going through the whole adoption process. They are not biologically related to Simone.

NatalieC on

How precious! What a beautiful theme and party! Samone is a doll baby! But, I did notice how much she resembles Stelle and Liam! OMGoodness! I love anything Tori Spelling does! I love her style. Her personality. Her house. Her party-throwing! Others may not care for her or the decisions she’s made in her life. But, who am I to judge?! I think Tori’s a doll!

Kelly on

beautiful baby, beautiful dress, beautiful party and a stunningly beautiful family they make!!! Happy Birthday Simone!!!

Rhonda on


Molly on

@Maggie, While I have no knowledge of Bill and Scout beyond this blog, it *is* possible that both you AND Violelric are correct. It’s possible that yes, Simone may have been born to a gestational carrier, and in order to legally become her parents (as both men are not able to be listen on a birth certificate) they needed to go through the adoption process to ensure that both men are legally listed as her parents. There have been numerous instances in which one or both genetic parents have needed to legally adopt their child depending on the state they live in. It’s backwards, but it’s not impossible.

Maggie on

I understand that that is occasionally the case, but it isn’t here. Their whole adoption process was shown on Home Sweet Hollywood. I was very moved by their story, putting together their book for potential birth mothers, and finally being chosen.

Violet on


A sperm donor does not need to go through the “adoption process” in order to be declared a parent of a baby born to a surrogate. There are other legal avenues to make this happen if a legal issue arises.

Their adoption process was featured on Tori’s show as Maggie indicated.

~ Florida Lawyer and “adopted mother” of two (even though I hate that term)

Anne on

Yes, Simone is adopted. Her birth mother was not a gestational carrier for Bill and Scout.

Shannon on

Pretty sure this adorable little girl is adopted and she is not biologically related to either Bill or Scout. They discussed their adoption plans many times on Tori’s show and from what I gathered they were chosen by a birthmother, they did not use a surrogate. But either way who cares- families are built all different ways- the most important that is that Simone has a great life and is loved a lot by family and friends.

My daughters birthday is on Christmas eve, we have to have her birthday party early- otherwise no one would come- who cares? The point is to celebrate in a big way, and Bill and Scout did that! Adorable party! LOVE THEM!! Happy Birthday little lady!

Molly on

Ah, as I said, I don’t know anything about these two men beyond seeing the posts on this site about them (aka, I don’t watch the show) so I know nothing about their adoption journey as it was chronicled. Thanks for the info!

Jessy on

These two men are a shining example of why gay marriage and adoption should be legal everywhere! Look at how happy and in love this family is. So many more children could have amazing families and be loved and safe in great homes if more couples like these two were allowed to adopt.

As an adoptive mom I know how hard the process is and I wish your family the best and hope that you are lucky enough to give your incredable little girl a sibling in the near future.

Julie on

Adorable! Everyone looks so happy! Happy 1st Birthday, Simone! Can’t wait for T & D HSH to return in the fall…

jessicad on

What a precious little family!!

Megan on

“These two men are a shining example of why gay marriage and adoption should be legal everywhere! Look at how happy and in love this family is. So many more children could have amazing families and be loved and safe in great homes if more couples like these two were allowed to adopt.”

I could not have said it better myself. They may be minor players in the celeb world but I enjoy reading happy stories like this over 20 articles on Kim’s 20M engagement ring.

Amanda on

I actually understand the idea of not wanting to celebrate a birthday early. Not because it’s bad luck or anything it’s just that if you have your birthday and everyone says happy birthday, but then you have a party to look forward to later it’s exciting. But to have a big party first and then have your actual birthday, is just kind of anti-climactic. But Simone is young enough that she likely wont remember which came first the party or the birhday.

And I’m pretty sure Simone is not biologically related to either Scout or Bill and was adopted by both of them together not one or the other. How would it have worked if they both donated sperm, like was previously suggested on this forum? They mix it all up in a big cup and see who’s swimmers “won the race?” It’s more fair to them, as a couple, if they adopted her without any biological relation that they could end up resenting the other person for. And I honestly don’t think Simone is missing anything not being biologically related to either of her dads. They love her, and she loves them and they are a FAMILY end of story.

mvk on

The Guncles are great people and the baby is beautiful. thanks for covering the story.

Katie on

Who are these people?????

mary alice on

What a wonderful spread on this terrific family! Simone is one lucky young lady to have these two loving young men as her dads….her adoption was a mitzvah for the family and she couldn’t be more adored. She is such a sweet, happy baby!!!

Anna on

They are not celebrities, but I guess the companies thought they would get enough attention to sponsor this party. I hate it when people sell out their children’s party.

Brandy on

Cute invitation!! It’s perfect for the occasion!

Dawn on

They are the best daddies ever! I can’t believe their little girl is 1 years old. People need to see how loving and good these men are and see what great parents they can be. It doesn’t matter that they are gay. Love is love! 😀

Katie on

@lau……you’re an idiot!!!!

Someone You Know on

What a beautiful girl and such happy fathers. Many blessings to the family…LOVE IS WHAT MAKES A FAMILY!!

Hope Carroll on

I just love seeing this new family together, and obviously so happy. I remember watching them talking about adopting on Tori and Dean’s show, and am so pleased for them that they are parents to this lovely little girl. They both seem like sweet and loving people. Glad to see good things happening for them.

Simone on

I love the Guncles….and I love them more since their beautiful baby girl shares my first name…..Here’s to another Simone in the world 🙂

Anonymous on

Such a BEAUTIFUL Thing!! So Happy They Got Their Baby!! She Is Stunning!!
All The Best To This Family 🙂

Bethanne on

Such a beautiful family! Simone is a very lucky little girl.

Cilla on

Lau,whats wrong with celebrating a birthday in advance? Sometimes things don’t work out when throwing a party,especially one that was as big as this one appears to have been. It is possible that those closest to them could not be there on the actual date of her birthday. My daughter’s birthday’s over the years have been celebrated before her actual birthday and after her actual birthday so that family and friends could all be there to help celebrate. Despite doing her parties that way we have also alway had a small party on the actual date of her birthday too and I bet that will happen with beautiful little Simone as well.

Simone resembles Stella when she was that age! Simone is absolutely beautiful and she appears to be a really happy baby. What a gorgeous and fun birthday theme too!

cindy marks on


Steph on

i have watched tori and dean for a few seasons and simone was indedd adopted. they are not her biological fathers but they are doing an awesome job never the less. congrats

Lisa on

I am so happy for Bill and Scout. You just know they are amazing parents. That is one very lucky little girl and she is so adorable. You can see the love.

Laura on

What difference does it make really if the baby is biological or adopted? Carried by a surrogate or someone else? Simone is very clearly ADORED by her Dads and close friends of the family. Quit gnawing on a topic that really doesn’t matter in the end. The child’s obviously happy.

I don’t know that I’d throw such a huge party for a 1 y.o. (who will look back on photos and not really remember it), but I guess things are done big in Hollywood. Gorgeous child, deliriously happy Dads, and lots of sugar and presents for little Simone…she’s got it all!