Joey McIntyre Welcomes Daughter Kira Katherine

06/01/2011 at 07:30 AM ET
Roger Karnbad/Celebrity Photo

And baby makes three kids on the block.

Joey McIntyre and his wife Barrett welcomed a baby girl Tuesday afternoon. “Kira Katherine McIntyre was born May 31st at 12:30 pm PST. 7 lbs., 3 oz., 21 in. A beautiful baby girl with great timing and gorgeous hair,” McIntyre Tweeted.

Kira joins big brothers Griffin Thomas, 3Ā½, and Rhys Edward, 17 months.

McIntyre, 38, told PEOPLE in March that he wouldn’t reveal the sex of their new baby. But he let the secret out in May, sharing the good news with NKOTB fans traveling with the band on their Carnival cruise.

The couple’s son Rhys was born with severe hearing loss, and McIntyre has since gone public with his family’s journey to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis.

— Tim Nudd

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Kira Katherine is a great name.

gemini on

Kira Katherine is a gorgeous name! Congrats to them!

Kristen on


aurora mia on

I say very well done. The names of their children are gorgeous…Tradional with a modern spin. Just beautiful šŸ™‚

Jill on

So happy for them! What a beautiful name! Joe’s mothers name is Katherine. How nice!!!

Lis on


Mandi on

So excited for Joe and family!! All of us Blockheads are thrilled that we have a new little girl amongst us! She has a beautiful name and I know she is gorgeous just like her brothers.

Ashley on

I agree Kira McIntyre has a great ring to it. Love it!

Nancy on

congrats to them both. the name sounds great. i m sure she s as beautiful as the rest of the fam. cant wait to see pix of her

Marci on

I am so happy for them! Love the name – knew I could count on them to use a beautiful, normal name! Congrats!

Erika on

Aww congratulations to both of them! How special to have a precious little girl after 2 beautiful boys! There is no doubt she will be loved and well protected. I love the name Kira šŸ™‚

skye on

Congratulations to Joey and Barrett…Love the name Kira Katherine!!!

Regina on

congrats! love the name! i personally would have spelled it Kyra….but that’s my opinion and its not my child. Congrats again!

Kira on

That’s my name too! Love it!

Karen on

I think the name is lovely. I just hope her married name doesn’t also start with a K!

Angel on

Finally…a beautiful name for a celebrity’s kid! Congrats to the family!

Samantha on

Great name!

Nancy on

Love the name!! I just saw NKOTB with their reunion and Joey has the best voice of all of them.

Tee on

Aw, I love her name! Congratulations!

Taylor on

Congrats Joey, Barrett, Griffin, and Rhys, Kira Katherine is a gorgeous name!

nkotb90 on

Congratulations to Joey and his beautiful family!!

saydee on

Aww, so happy for them. I love that he included his mom’s name šŸ™‚

soph on

I’ve always loved this name! Kira Katherine is really sweet.

Barbie on

They are such a cute couple. Congratulation to them both!

Sloanesmomma on

Cute name do you pronounce it like the celeb keira Knightely?

Minami86 on

LOVE the name!! I would totally call her 2K or Kay-Kay. I love fun nicknames!

Shannon on

Three children under 4! Wow congrats!

Bancie1031 on

Kira Katherine McIntyre is a beautiful name! Congratulations to Joey and Barrett! I can’t wait to see a picture of Kira ….. I actually love all 3 of their kids names …. Griffin, Rhys and Kira šŸ™‚

Kira on

love the name… but Im bias.. since I have the same one šŸ™‚ Ofcourse I was named after an Olivia Newton John movie lol

Meghan on

I absolutely adore the name!

JM on

It’s probably not a name i would choose for my kids but i do think it is a really nice name i especially like the middle name but i prefer Catherine with a C. congrats to them!

AllisonJ on

Congrats to them! Kira Katherine is a pretty name. I’m a bit biased, though, since my daugther’s name is Catherine!

D on

Very pretty name!

Jen B on

LOVE the name! Congrats! She came on her due date! I have two girls of my own! šŸ™‚ I felt so blessed to be on the cruise and to hear your wonderful announcement personally! Glad she had good timing too! šŸ™‚ LOL. Enjoy!

Kira on

Kira..i was also named after Olivia Newton John’s character Kira from the movie Xanadu..i thought i was the only one!

Holiday on

I love the name! My daughter is Kathryn and I love to hear that name.

Jillian on

Regina Kira and kyra can be pronounced differently. I know my cousin, Kyra is not pronounced like most think Kira is said.

Regina on

Congrats and such a Pretty name hope they show us Pictures of Little Kira!

Susan Albert on

I agree with Angel’s comment about the name. It is beautiful. In fact the boys’s names are beautiful to. Congrats to the whole family.

patricia l stahler on

congratlution to joe and barrett on the birth of there baby girl god bless the both of you and your family.

Jennifer Chew on

I’m glad to hear that they had a healthy baby girl, and the name is nice and normal. My niece’s middle name is Katherine, which is a nice middle name. Her first name is Alison, so everyone in our family calls her AliKat. I don’t know why my brother and my sister-in-law decided to do this, but she’s not my kid.

Regina on

@ Jillian who cares about how it’s pronounced? i just like the way the “y” looks in the name.

Penny on

AWWW. What a beautiful name. Congratulations to Barret and Joe

Georgina on

Regina- isnt how its pronounsed the most important part of a name!!

I was going to ask the same thing, is Kira said the same as the Irish Ciara or is it KAI-Rah. I was saying the latter, rather than Keira as in Knightley.

Erica on

congrats on the new edition to your family. I hope all goes well.

Mallory on

Um, Regina? Because Kira (Keer-uh is how I pronounce it) and Kyra (kye-ruh) are two different names. That’s why people care.

Mallory on

That aside, congrats to the family on the arrival of their baby girl!!!

Delores on

Congrats to the McIntyre family on the birth of there daughter Kira Katherine..which is such a BEAUTIFUL NAME..i have a friend that spelled her daughters first name Keirra…

Keona M. on



Melissa on

Congrats on the baby girl. She’s so lucky to have 2 big brothers to look after her when she gets older.

Ashley on

Joey showed off a picture and a video of his new daughter last night at his concert, she is adorable and has soooo much dark hair!

Stacy BasabeMartinez on

So happy for them both and glad little Kira Katherine is healthy. Much love from a fan and congrats to the whole family!

California Surfer on

Love the name!

Steph on

Congrats to Joey and Barrett. I Love that name too. When he announced it on the today show the other day, i had to smile. Such a beautiful name and she is adorable with all that hair. He also said, Big brothers love her, how cute is that!

Kira on

My name is Kira!!! Who would’ve thought, a guy I crushed on when he was young and famous would have a daughter with my name?!

Nancy D on

Congratulations to Joey and Barrett. I was at the concert last night and Joey showed a picture of Kira. She is beautiful!

Shannon on

Congratulations to the McIntyre’s! I love the name with Joe’s mom’s name included…so sweet! xx

alise on

Just curious: is it Kee-rah or Kye-ruh? Either way, I applaud the normalcy of the name šŸ™‚

Jillian on

Oh Regina! That’s funny!!