Review: Bugaboo Donkey Stroller

06/01/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Bugaboo

Finally, the luxe double stroller we’ve all been waiting for has arrived.

The Bugaboo Donkey — that name is going take a little while to get use to — is amazing and then some.

Check out our review below for all this cool set of wheels has to offer.

Things We Like:

Really, what’s not to like? It’s the smooth ride you already love, now in a double version.

But the greatest feature is that it works as either a single stroller (in the mono configuration) or as a double stroller (in the duo configuration).

So if you’re a first-time mom you can buy the single version — which is the same width as the Bugaboo Cameleon — and then just add on the Duo Extension Kit when your next baby arrives.

For extra storage space, there’s a great side luggage basket that clicks easily on and off with just a push of a button, which is perfect for city moms who grocery shop or run errands while out and about.

In typical “they think of everything” Bugaboo fashion, this stroller is a breeze to use with only one hand free. Even removing the stroller seat or bassinet is a cinch.

But best of all, it can hold two children of varied ages in any combination (stroller seat & bassinet, stroller seat & car seat, etc.) There’s even a twin configuration that allows for two of anything (car seats, stroller seats, bassinets) to be used on the base at once. And the seats can face each other, which we absolutely love.

The fold is easy and the switch from mono to duo is a three-click maneuver that’s simple to handle, though does require both hands free. And the air-filled tires make for great steering and a very smooth ride.

Things We Didn’t Like:

Aside from the silly name, there’s really nothing to dislike about this incredible stroller. The model we tested was a little trickier to transform from mono to duo than it should have been, but we think that was just a result of it being a tester model. That said, it is a two-handed job and requires a fair bit of strength to pull it open.

The other down side to this stroller: the price. It’s hardly affordable, to say the least. But we do think that the functionality and the multi-use advantage help justify the cost; particularly for parents who plan on having more than one kid back to back.

Moms & Babies Rating:

We love it! Anyone looking for a luxe double stroller should consider the Donkey. From parents expecting their first baby to parents of twins, two children of different ages or more (there will be an adaptor for the Bugaboo ride-on board soon), this stroller really does everything. Now, if only they could do something about the name!

— Stephanie Phoenix

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Appreciate on

This is not a new design. Dutch company First Wheels make a stroller called “City Twin” – the same features, same design, for a much more reasonable price. First Wheels is Bugaboo’s economy branding. I have used both First Wheels and Bugaboo and prefer the ‘economy’ version!

TC on

Thanks appreciate! I went searching on google for the stroller you’re talking about and it does look like the same exact stroller at about a third of the price

Mari on

Companies should not give their products a silly name.

PS: I drive a Honda Fit. :p

ForeverMoore on

I’m researching double strollers right now – my second baby is due in December. I will check out First Wheels…but if anyone has any other suggestions, I would appreciate it!

just sayin' on

Forever Moore, I would highly recommend the Valco Twin. Before my second child came, I thoroughly researched my options and this one came up ahead on all counts. Not sure on the age difference between your 2 (I had 27 mos. between mine) or how you plan to use the stroller, but it worked perfectly for my situation.

In particular, I liked the rugged functionality of the stroller (I live in a colder climate and have to contend with a lot of snow – the valco lived up to the challenge), the suspension and the rubber tires – vs. plastic. My oldest is now 5 and if I wanted to (I don’t – he can walk!) I could still put him in the stroller as the foot plate extends out long enough.

If you don’t plan to use the stroller as extensively as I did – it was my second car- or you want something to use for casual neighbourhood strolls or taking to a mall, then this may not be for you and you could use a cheaper stroller with fewer features.

Gigi on

Seriously the price is the only downside? $1650+ for a double stroller is insane! There are far better double strollers out there that aren’t going to cost the same as a small used car.

I saw one the other day at Nordstrom and all I could think of while looking at this butt ugly stroller is the cost. It’s obviously for the parents that want to flaunt their money.

Anonymous on

I went and took a look at this stroller a month or so ago and while it has some good features, this review fails to mention a few things. First the footprint of the stroller is actually pretty wide. If you live in a city and want to push this on the sidewalks, good luck. Also you may not be able to get it through some door frames. I was also shocked at the plastic chasis. For something this expensive you think you would get metal or chrome so you know it wouldn’t break. Another thing…there are so many latches! (And they are plastic which I am scared would break.) Maybe some moms could figure it out but I would be horrified everytime I used it thinking that maybe I didnt push all the latches the right way and the thing would collapse on my babies. I know that may sound a little crazy but really there were so many!

Grace2 on

The Bob Dualie Revolutions seems like it’s practically free compared to this thing. I have wondered when Bugaboo would come out with a double…But I love our Bob Dualie. It turns on a dime, can fit through all doorways, and cart around 70lbs+ without even thinking. In fact today, I had all three boys it (which I’m sure they don’t recommend), two sitting in the seats and one sitting on the front hump. I would have to try and push this thing around to see how easily it maneuvers. But if you are interested in a stroller that can do it all (including running/jogging) the Bob dualie is it.

Grace2 on

Oh and that is the most “riDONKulous” name ever.

K on

@Appreciate; the First Wheels stroller does look very similar.. except that it cannot go down to the “mono” mode like the Donkey.

I’ve had the Donkey for about 2 months now and am absolutely in love with it. I have a 9mo daughter and take care of a 23 mo five days a week. This stroller was the best investment for my small home. I only own one stroller and I can go out with both girls all week and just my daughter on the weekend. As both a double and a single, this stroller is a dream.

Walking down sidewalks, even congested sidewalks in Manhattan, has been easy as can be. We fit through every door, even in crowded, small grocery stores. I see other people with double strollers that they are struggling to push, hefty the weight of them and running into small bumps that stop them in their tracks. The Donkey is smooth, easy, wonderful. I have never regretted the investment that I made in this stroller (and as I plan to have more kids, I mean for it to go the distance!)

K on

Oh, and the Valco Ion Twin was our stroller before this. Couldn’t wait to get rid of that heavy monster! Forever Moore, you’re welcome to mine!

ForeverMoore on

Thanks for the suggestions! My babies will be 18 months apart and I plan on using it for pretty normal things: walks, amusement parks…I live in Southern California so I don’t need anything too heavy duty. I’m hoping to find one that isn’t huge, too cumbersome to deal with or is the size of a bus but I’m not sure that’s possible! I plan on keeping my “singleton” stroller for the times where hubby or I only have one kid with us.

poppykai on


I am a huge Phil & Ted’s fan for double strollers. I never wanted the bulk of a side by side double, so the P&T’s design was perfect. I have used it for 3 1/2 years along with a Maclaren umbrella stroller(another favorite) for when I only need a single. The P&T’s is a great jogging stroller as well as perfect for shopping, Disneyland, etc.

There are so many great strollers that don’t take a chunk out of a college fund. I have tried the Bugaboo’s and personally never got the appeal. I know everyone has a favorite, but research, test drives, and choosing quality over status will pay off when choosing the best stroller for you.

Lis on

If you need an AWSOME single /double take a look at this. MUCH easier to use. This stroller rocks.

sar on

Poppykai- I second the Phil and Teds, I love that I can so easily go from single to double with no bulk.

I had a chameleon back in the day and while I loved how easy it was to push I can never ever bring myself to spend that much on a stroller ever again, I did get my money’s worth and used it for over 4 years and I plan on reselling it since I’m sure someone out there would love it. I only use my Phil and Ted’s now 🙂

But seriously out of all the name’s in the world they chose donkey?? lol.. maybe mule would have sounded a little better haha..

Canadian Koukla on

I have the Baby Jogger City Select and LOV it! I get stopped all of the time by people asking me about it. It is fantastic.

M on

With my 4 year old son we used the bugaboo bee which is a one-hand fold stroller. We traveled the world with it (many times by myself) and it was always easy to go through security (hold baby with one hand and fold stroller with another), not to mention how easy was to put it in and out of my car. When we did buy this stroller we did stay away from the other Bugaboo models since pretty much you have to take them apart into pieces to put them away. Now I have twins and at first I was so glad that bugaboo finally came with the double stroller, but I am constantly on the move (constant airport visitor) and need things to make my life easier and no more complicated that already is. I am am leading towards the Maclaren double stroller but we loved the bugaboo bee so much that I would like to hear opinions about the portability of their new double stroller.

tommy on

the city twin does not look like it convertible to the mono mode that the donkey is. this is a big feature and great for people that only have 1 child and maybe thinking of another one you don’t wanna walk around with a twin stroller and only one chile

Guest on

AND the first wheels city twin has TINY front wheels, i feel like theyd break if too much weight was in the stroller!

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