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06/01/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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B.J. on

I reposted the Old Navy link on my Facebook for my friends with kiddos 🙂 Love it, thanks for sharing!

mary on

No – My tax dollars should be paying for all of this.

This is the question here in Wisconsin; for starters I hate my governor and what he has done to divide the middle class. And for the record we were not in the red as a state until he gave all the tax breaks.

I send my children to private schools, not because I want to spend thousands of dollars a year for tuition. But we wanted a Christian education. If one of my children has a disability the first place I would at as far as schooling would be public schools, since our Christian schools are not equipped to handle those.

I have to live in the city of Milwaukee because of our employment, and I own my own house so I pay quite a bit in taxes. I believe that public schools should be paid for by tax dollars. If they don’t then they will have redo all the logistics of neighborhoods and schools along with who can go where. Right now we have bussing from the north side to the south side to attend schools and vice versa. That’s just one along with many more problems this change will cause.

I also believe it’s not a teachers fault if your child fails. Are you, as a parent making sure that your child is doing their homework? Are they showing up at school? Do you partake in parent teacher conference? Are you asking your child if they understand what is being taught? The teacher is responsible for your child during school, NOT before and NOT after!

Yes there are some teachers that probably should not be teaching, just like there are some police officers who should not be an officer and be carrying a gun. And just today I was at our local grocery store when the clerk was very unfriendly to the elderly person ahead of me, and was grumpy to me. SHE should not be a clerk! You will find in every profession someone who should not be in that, but to grade a school or teacher on performance is wrong until you look at the whole picture. Look at The student he or she has in the classroom, the students home life, the upper management of the school, are they handling the kids that are disruptive and how are they doing that? And there are more but all these things must be addressed before ANY school changes.

A change like this will only cause major segregation. Did we as a country not learn anything from the 1960’s or before that?

Lacey on

Old Navy-Right on!

mary on

I also forgot to add… I love that Old Navy has the gay pride t-shirts! I will be ordering some for my four kids!

jessicad on

I’ll be getting a t-shirt for my daughter as well, awesome!

Laura on

Very good points Mary. I just graduated with a degree in Elementary Education (and Special Education) and I agree with everything you said 🙂

Jillian on

I have not shopped at Old Navy in years, but I just found a reason to finally return! Heading there tomorrow to buy shirts for the family. Way to go!!

mary on

Laura, thank you! I wish some people would remember that teachers are teaching our children the past, present and what holds for their future! They are not glorified babysitters. And they even work thru the summer unpaid.

Good luck and remember that for every person who cuts down or belittles a teacher there are people like me out there that respect the work that you are going to be doing! A Teacher doesn’t get into this profession for the money, (what a huge misnomer) they do it to help, direct and teach children and young adults.

I wish you the best of luck!

klutzy_girl on

If I had kids, I’d definitely be buying them the Old Navy gay pride t-shirts! That is so awesome of them! Way to go Old Navy.

Laura on

Thank you, Mary! And teachers do really really appreciate parents like you. You make it so we can do our REAL jobs.