BumpWatch: Tori Spelling Displays Belly In Bikini

05/31/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Tori Spelling is basking in the sun — and the glow of pregnancy.

The expectant mom, 38, showed off her growing baby bump — by wearing just a black bikini and a sarong while walking along the beach in Malibu on Memorial Day.

The actress enjoyed the balmy Southern California day with husband Dean McDermott and kids Liam, 4, and Stella, who turns 3 next week.

The star of Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings revealed in April that she’s expecting her third child, due this October.

However, there’s one part of the pregnancy the couple is keeping under wraps — the sex of the baby.

“We’ve been blessed with a boy and girl already, so this time we’ve decided to do it the traditional way and not find out the sex,” Spelling told PEOPLE recently.

— Marla Lehner

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cara on

She looks great, very nice baby bump !

I can’t help wondering what wrong with her boob job to have left such an obvious ugly indentation. (sorry, I know it’s about bumps and not boobs, but it is so weird, my eyes are always drawn to it)

Jen on

She looks sooo much better with a little weight on her! She looks great!

Natasha on

I just noticed her breasts, and maybe it was a botched boob job ?

NatalieC on

I love her! And, I love them as a couple. What a beautiful family! And, beautiful baby bump! Sooo sweet!

Jennifer on

She is so unfortunate looking. (Nicest word I could muster) It’s a wonder he left his very attractive ex-wife for her.

sher on

Tori is very open about her boob job and how it was botched.

emma on

I just wonder why she doesn’t do something to fix her boobs. Surely a good plastic surgeon could make them a little less deformed. It’s not like she doesn’t have the money for it.

Kit on

I think she looks very pretty in this picture πŸ™‚

Christie on

@ Jennifer… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He thinks she is gorgeous and has said that many times. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about her looks…. only her husband. She looks great to me.

Megan on

“She is so unfortunate looking. (Nicest word I could muster) It’s a wonder he left his very attractive ex-wife for her.”

Cheating has nothing to do with how attractive or unattractive the wife is vs the mistress.

allison on

looks like she has Pectus excavatum (or sunken chest). it’s a birth defect.

Jen on

Wth does she have that big dent between her t**s??

SS on

that big dent has something to do with her chest bones, it is NOT a consequence of a boob job!

Lenoir on

Tori has always had a self image problem. At least I read that somewhere. But I never found her to be ugly as many say she is. Sure, she’s no Adriana Lima (whom I don’t find pretty, actually) or Scarlett Johansson, but she’s not terrible looking. To me ugly means excessive face work such as Shauna Sand, Jocelyn Wildenstein and Pete Burns. Tori looks natural and only seems to have had her nose corrected. It’s always great to see her happy with her growing family. They’re amazing! Congrats on the Spelling McDermotts!

Ps. If that’s a giant cookie, I wouldn’t mind one myself.

alexis on

She looks pretty with the sunglasses, yes. Let’s be honest, she has no beautiful face.

You can see a dent between the breasts, yakkk.

Diana on

I think she looks good for having her 3rd.

Some people can be so mean..its not about her boobs or her looks its about her beautiful baby bump and her family. He loves her for her

Doreen on

All the money she has, she should get she indented chest, fixed.

KL on

Congratulations! Tori looks great and the whole family is beautiful.

Katherine on

I think she is having a boy, she looks great

Anonymous on

what I want to know is, why is her belly button off center?

Sam on

Ladies, Dean didn’t cheat on his lovely wife Mary Jo for Tori’s looks. They are SOUL MATES, remember! Soulmate Spelling has helped Dean to move on from low income living in Toronto, to being on Malibu beach expecting ‘baby number 3’ with his soul mate. Guess a conscience doesn’t count when you find your soul mate. lol lol All the best to them, their children are precious, all 3 of them and I’m sure baby number 4 will be a cutie too.

emma on

i think she is having a boy.

Krissy on

My gosh ladies, jealousy is not very becoming. Judge yourself not others. I bet many of you are ugly and insecure and that is why you hate on others. She looks happy!!!!!!!

Kelly on

People seem t just love her or totally hate her!! Personally..I have always liked Tori although I don’t like how she and Dean got together. I have always thought Tori was cute. Their children are beautiful…that is one thing I think everyone agrees on. I have watched them on TV together as a family for quite awhile and they seem genuine. Tori looks great!

Corie on

But she is a good mother, a good good daughter, and good wife and them the girl Terry,have the same wisdom of her father the late Spelling everything she touch turn to gold so Mrs Spelling should be smiling to see some one inherited his wisdom of creativity and business, she will never be with out a job she is the future of her last name i am very happy for her and her mother have to love her and the kids because ho do not want a daughter like Terry .Thank you.

brooke jones on

I will always remember that in highschool, the boys thought Tori was the best looking woman on 90210. I was surprised, thinking Jennie Garth was so beautiful. Anyone who is critiquing her, take a really long look in the mirror. She is just adorable.

Vanessa on

It makes no sense for her to get her boobs fixed, until she is finished having children.

Melissa on

I think she looks great. Yes, it is unfortunate how they were both married when they got together but they seem to really love each other and its not really anyones business but theirs, they were unhappy in their previous marriages they shouldn’t have to stay that way.

Jennifer on

I think she seems like a down to earth, sweet person! And I do not find her unattractive at all. It is obvious how much Dean adores her. I think they are having another boy….

summer on

Looks to be having a girl to me…all in the front thats usually means a girl…theyre a beautiful family many congrats! to them…

auntblue on

They make a nice looking family, and I too think that Tori will have a boy.

Nancy on

For those complaining about her looks. She actually is above average in looks and better than most of us on this board. I just think it must have been difficult for her to act with such gorgeous women as Jennie Garth, Tiffani Thiesen and Vanessa Marcil.

ellie on

Ick! The only time strangers should see this baby is when it’s in a stroller! TMI!

SadieA on

I like Tori. Dean, not so much. He gives me the creeps on their tv show. But I guess, like Sam says, they’re soul mates lol

Sus on

Tori…you are beautiful!!! Congrats on your gorgeous family!!!

Amy on

Looking great, Tori! Better than ever.

Karen on

Good Lord, you people are brutal. I am all for saying it like it is, but criticizing someone for their looks is so rude. Seems very “school yard bully” to me.


All the people guessing the sex of the baby have a 50% chance of being right! LOL

Violet on

Botched plastic surgeries are very often not able to be fixed-even with the best surgeons and all the money in the world.

I think she looks great! Congrats to the happy family.

Violet on

Tori has talked openly about her botched plastic surgery.

janina on

please fix that messed up boob job, that looks so gross!! with all the money you have since 90210 days you should have gotten that fixed years ago.

Jennifer on

Beautiful kids, beautiful mama, beautiful belly!!

tara on

she does have the money, but maybe she doesn’t want to go under the knife again, it would be major surgery. I don’t blame her for not wanting to risk her life considering what she would leave behind.

Sara on

Why oh why in the world do pregnant women wear bikinis?????? I know they’re proud of their soon-to-be-born little one, and I don’t care who they are and how great they look, but it’s totally tacky! Girls, maybe you’ve heard of something called, I don’t know, a maternity section???? They sell decent maternity bathing suits, yes even what you can wear and I’m sure some expensive enough for you so you won’t have to darken the doors of Walmart or Target. Puh-leez!

nettrice on

Nothing wrong with Tori Spelling. She is as God made her… beautiful.

Donna Ward on

she didn’t have that boob dent before her boob job….maybe when she goes in for her likely scheduled c-section she can also have them fix that dent..it is so gross looking!

heather on

i like how everyone’s an expert on what sex the baby will be based on how she’s carrying, which is different for each woman. enough already.

steph on


St.Ephanie on

I agree with Jennifer. She always has looked like a huge plastic surgery mistake. *shudders*

ecl on

If SHE doesn’t care about fixing her breast than why do all of you? What is it to you? Do her breasts hurt you or offend you somehow? The only sad thing here is that she felt the need to get implants in the first place. Ripping on people for their appearance is super low.

veraroberts on

I think she looks great. All pregnant women should wear bikinis!

tori fan on

I think she looks amazing and I think shes is an amazing wife and mother. The rest of you need to remember that if you cant say anything nice then dont say anything at all. No wonder she has self image issues people can be so mean and catty.

Melissa on

RE: BOOB job, botched.

She doesn’t have a botched boob job. She has a common birth defect called “Pectus Excavatum” – funnel chest or depressed sternum. It is a deformaty of the breastbone. There is nothing she can do about it.

john on

She still looks as if she had open heart surgery. Failed boob job. And not very attractive to begin with. An ugly woman with no talent.

Anonymous on

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

Ursula on

Congrats! I love them both, what a beautiful family! Tor and Dean have an amazing chemistry, and love each other so much. I’m such a big fan of Tori. Looking so good!!!

Meems on

Her kids are not that attractive at all. But she seems like a real good mom. Too bad her husband seems like a horse’s ass…

As for the bikini, it’s tacky and she really should cover up her belly.

Steffi on

Hey, all the power to her I must say. To be going out on the beach with a belly sticking out and her breasts looking terrible with a sunken in chest, all I can say is she has alot of courage. But it is him who has to like it, not us, right? I give her alot of credit anyway, even though she is not exactly good looking.

nlt on

wow.. are we all teenagers here? are your brain filters turned off? Whatever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything? this mean-spiritedness is just sad.

i wonder what would happen if someone took a random picture of you and posted it on the internet with a comment section?

tury on

i really like them as a family. i grew up watching all of mr spelling’s shows and i’m glad she seems happy. she looks nice with that preggo weight.

Molly on

@nlt, I think most of the comments are here are from teenagers now. They tend to be shallow and mean around here. Anyway, Tori has the pregnancy glow and her two children always look like twins imo

pink2 on

What’s up with her chest? It almost looks caved in from the implants? Congrats on the new addition.

tury on

they look nice and happy!!!

Missy on

Aww I think she looks adorable. I have always been a fan of hers. To many heteful comments from so many unhappy people. You dont lay down with her or even get the chance to get anywhere near her to be makin comments that she should get herself fixed. You are all what is wrong with the society and images today.. shame on you. Congrats to the OBVIOUSLY happy couple. Get your glass of hateraid

jessicad on

Molly I really hope most of these comments are from teenagers, I can’t imagine grown women typing these things. I think Tori looks great, they seem to be great parents and down to earth so that’s all that really matters in my opinion. I rocked a bikini my entire pregnancy and absolutely LOVED it! Felt good to free the belly and I didn’t care what anyone else thought, they didn’t have to look.

sally on

For those of you complaining about her botched boob job, stop. It’s ridiculous and makes you sound ugly. She’s had her concaved chest like that even before her boob job, It’s obviously a defect of some sort. That doesn’t change her as a person. And i want to see pics of all of you, especially after having 2 kids, going on a third. Bet your tatas are a bit saggy, no? stretch marks, cellulite? There’s only a few that bounce right back. Not the majority, so if you’re a teen just wait πŸ˜‰

charlene on

She looks like she is carrying a Boy.Boys are all out front and round like a basketball.Girls weight gain is all over.

Alyssa on

Hmm..she looks farther along for someone being due almost 5 months from now. She looks great either way!

JM on

oh come on guys don’t be ridiculous. these celebrities put themselves out there to be judged based on their appearance. what is wrong with saying you don’t find someone attractive? it’s not saying that they’re a bad person or a bad mother, just that to you they are not attractive. stop being so sensitive and please stop with the bs statement ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all’ i’ve never heard such an airheaded thing. seriously you guys sound like cheerleaders or miss world girls when you say that. think about that statement for a few minutes and see if it actually makes any sense.

“I don’t like that you’re a fascist”, “that’s not nice you should have kept that to yourself”, ” you’re right, i don’t know why anyone would stand up to fascists, that’s just mean” πŸ™‚ seriously, talk about teenage mentality, let’t not be ashamed to have opinions, we dumb ourselves down with statements like that.

as far as tori goes, i have never found her attractive, i have always thought she has that fake plastic surgery look on top of a very average looking face. but fair enough, i know many people like that. if she said she didn’t find me attractive i wouldn’t care so i assume she doesn’t care what i think πŸ™‚

her kids are adorable and almost look like they could be twins in this picture.

Vigs on

I care less about her bump or marriage or boobs, than the fact that the kids aren’t wearing hats or sunglasses. It’s never too early to protect them from the sun!

Lola on

She looks great & they make pretty babies!!

dawn on

It’s sad how people sit here and judge her and say nasty things. What did she do to you? If you dont like her then quit stalking her pictures just to leave a bad comment. Nobody is perfect so why sit and pass judgement on a person you dont even know. Keep doing YOU Tori and and let the haters hate because they cant be you! And congrats on the new baby!

Cammy on

I just wonder if Tori (or any woman for that matter) who has implants can breastfeed. That’s one reason I never got implants as I wanted to breastfeed (not that everyone has to or can). Re the kids not wearing hats – it is possible they have SPF on, but I also always have hats on my kiddies when we’re out and about (especially at the beach. Anyways, to end on a positive note – she’s got a beautiful family, a loving husband and wish her only the best!

Alyssa on

@Cammy. Yes, women with implants can breastfeed.

JennG on

This picture of Tori is disgusting! It’s known that she is pregnant, so why does she have to flaunt her belly like that? And, BTW, she’s got the weirdest set of boobs that have ever been displayed! Has she every heard the word “discretion”? Cover up, Chick!

Mari on

If she is low, it will be a girl and if high, a boy. Time will tell!

D on


alicejane on

How sad is it that some people are so offended or disgusted by a pregnant woman showing off her belly?! It’s not like she’s wearing a shirt that’s riding up, she’s in a bikini and is at the beach! She’s growing a baby, there’s nothing gross about that and she shouldn’t have to hide it just to please a few stuck up women here at CBB.

Mari on

Where are all the rest of the comments?

I carried my son high and gained more weight, so, my prediction is that if Tori is carrying the baby low-a girl-high-a boy and soon enough we will know.

My son’s wife carried both babies low and I told her they would be girls and so far I was right.

Kim on

Wow…can’t we just be happy for her and her family? Such ugly comments from so many people. We all have our flaws…that is what makes us human.

JMO on

wow and we wonder why kids are so mean to each other. I think adults are worse!!

I for one don’t think Tori is drop dead gorgeous but she certainly isn’t hard on the eyes. And she seems sweet and looks to be a good mom and that’s all that matters at the end of the day! Funny thing is I didn’t even take note to the chest my eyes were on the cute kids however when I saw the high post count I immediately thought oh no there must be something going on! Never fails!

stephanie on

omg will yall just leav her chest and belly button and anything else yu all might think she has wrong. in my eyes shes a very beautiful woman who has a great husband and 2 excillent kids with a third on the way! iv always loved her and her amily they are very down to earth ppl. congrats to tori, dean, liam, and stella! you all look handsome/beautiful!

HJM on

How about you negative people put your photos up and let people pick you apart. Seriously you people are disgusting get a life. That is those kids’ mother you are talking about.

Angel on

Most of you are so rude! Tori looks great. In fact, she is probably prettier than the average lady who comments on this board. How would you feel if you knew that she came to this board and read such rude, uncalled-for comments? You know it has to hurt her. I would not want to be the one who caused Tori to cry over something like this. We need to try to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes before we start with the catty comments. You never know when it might come back to bite you. Karma does have a way of doing that, ya know.

AmandaK on

Actually wearing a bikini while pregnant is pretty practical. When You have the big belly to deal with, it’s much easier to just pull down the bottoms while going to the washroom than it is to whip down your whole one piece too tight over the belly suit. Some people don’t like it, too bad. Just cause you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to go hide yourself away! She looks good to me and I’m sure her hubby loves it!

Katie on

People are so judgemental these days!! Tori looks happy, and she is beautiful no matter what anyone’s opinions are. I’m sure most people judging her are not at all perfect themselves! I love Tori, I loves her show. She is very fortunate to have such a wonderful family & I wish her the best of luck with her pregnancy! πŸ™‚

TXCatlady on

Some of you are so rude and thoughtless!

Congrats Tori and your beautiful family!

tacky66 on

she looks stunning but what is wrong with her breasts; what happened and why doesn’t she cover them up, and why is her chest discolored! the kids are gorgeous and look like twins, dean finally cut his hair and shaved that awful beard or whatever it was. please bring back their show i missed all of them and especially her gay friends; they are terrific peeople.

Stella Bella on

Man, people are mean.
I think that’s one of the prettiest baby bumps I’ve ever seen. If mine looked that good, I’d wear a bikini. She looks great!

kris carlin on

I like how everyone that post a comment can make fun of someone else’s body but they are far from perfect themselves. Who cares what her chest looks like or what she is wearing or not wearing. I can say that as long as she feels good about herself who cares. I personally think she is a beautiful woman who has proven herself to the public that even though she came from Hollywood royalty that she is very smart and business savvy and can do what she sets out to do. I love that she is very commited to her children. We only wish we could be and half of what she has. Love you T!!!!!

Ali on

She looks good .

teana on

she’s bootiful….now & ever..

Embarrassed on

Tori has the face of her father……a little bug eyed and her eyes are set on the side of her head a bit BUT so what he loves her and her family is great. She looks better with the shades on. Why should she cover her baby bump? It is a beautiful thing it’s 2011. Women are embracing their baby bumps. She is married no need to hide the bump for any reason at all. I am happy for her.

Cat on

I really like Tori, she is the ambious one in her family. She did not inherit big bucks when her dad died and is constantly looking for opportunities to support herself, husband and kids. Dean to me is an odd duck, nice looking, the lumberjack. backwoods type but has a very blase’ personality whose acting fits into more family type movies now. If Tori and Dean consider themselves soulmates, good for them. The fact Dean left Mary Jo Eustace for Tori was a scandal at the time, Mary Jo is a great gal and fine person. But the way the romance between happened between Tori and Dean left people wondering more about him than about Tori. Wondering if Dean is a bit of an opportunist. What it all comes down to is that they two people found love and have 2 lovely kids and another on the way. The way they live their lives is their business when it comes down to it. Lots of gals who are pregnant wouldn’t dare go out in a bikini pregnant, Tori look great, wishing them all the best with their new little baby on the way.

Jen DC on

I like her cute belly!

I never thought she was particularly attractive, but neither did I find her U-G-L-Y. If you don’t like the way she looks… STOP LOOKING.

Re: Chest. I had a friend in high school that had the same thing – there’s nothing to be done. I’m just trying to think back to those 90210 days – did we never see her in a bikini or v-necked shirt? Seems hard to imagine… But I guess so!

She seems genuinely happy with Dean and their children loved and sweet. And both of ’em look just like Dean. Wonder if she’ll have a Tori Jr this time?

A. on

Tori is beautiful and I love her bump!!!! This is by far my favorite Hollywood family, and Liam and Stella are adorable, as I know their new addition will be! All the best to them! πŸ˜€

SanOnPad on

YES, Her eyes are wide set. They are on the side of her head like a lizzard BUT she has a man who loves her and I bet many on here do not so leave her family alone they are great. I think her baby bump is something to be proud of and not hidden….it’s 2011. Women embrace their baby bumps now and show them off. Leave her alone will ya?

sky on

i love their reality show. she appears to be somewhat ‘real’ when it comes to raising her children. congrats to the family!

amy on

nevermind the baby bump which i think is a little much….she should keep the face covered..and no I’m not a teenager.

Ceseley on

@nettrice, well said…i agree!!

Molly on

Ummm Amy, you sound like a teenager. No adult,mature woman would post a comment like yours. If you’re really an adult, you need to learn more about not judging people by how they look and take JM and Mina with you. Did your parents forget to teach you to never judge someone by their looks?

zappo on

I remember noticing her concave chest years ago watching 90210. I know a girl who has that. It is congenital and the “fix” for it, as so many on this blog would like to see her have done, is extremely serious. The condition can be more than just cosmetic, as the sternum is actually not normal, and can compress on the heart and lungs. Surgery WOULD involve cutting open the chest cavity, cutting the sternum and or ribs, a very very painful and risky operation. The girl I know is putting off the surgery until it actually impacts her breathing severely.

She shouldn’t feel the need to fix something so many women on here feel is unsightly. I have scars all over my torso from cancer surgery, and I wear tank tops and bathing suits. I don’t “feel” that I need to have these deep scars comsetically fixed for superficial people who think its ugly. I don’t see why she should receive so much nasty harsh commentary about a physical feature that us not an easy fix. She’s just lovely the way she is, and her husband thinks so too, so that’s all that matters. I wish her a good pregnancy!

Anonymous on

I don’t think she should be wearing a bikini until she has her baby.

ecl on

JM, beyond the question of what it says about you to rip apart a woman’s appearance, why is it even interesting? What a boring thread. She’s ugly, she’s not, don’t judge, she’s ugly, ad nauseum. What motivates someone to write such a boring comment. I guess they just want to elicit negative reactions.

nettrice on

Good looking, well-adjusted people (inside and out) don’t spend time posting negative comments about other people, celebrities or no. Tori is as God made her: beautiful.

tlm on

Most of you sound like bullys on the playground. And you wonder why kids act so awful …. look at the adults posting on here. Tori isn’t ugly …. if you think she is Costco has a great deal on eye exams for the next week or two … take advantage of it!!! Geesh … what a bunch of nasty bozos!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawna on

For crying out loud, those of you who are claiming the dent is a birth defect obviously don’t know how to google. Go to google images and type in Tori Spelling 90210. She did NOT have the dent before the breast implants. The implants are what caused the problem. But it is true, from what I’ve read, that it can’t really be fixed because the damage is already done. If I were her I would wear shirts that cover it but if she’s comfortable then oh well. And her belly button is not off-center, it’s just the way the picture is taken.

Lisa on

Forget Tori being a hot mess… Dean is a looser. He would do anything to avoid actually earing a paycheck. He saw Tori as a golden ticket $ and ran with it. The only thing he can do (obviously) is knock women up. Man up Dean and start taking care of the kids you have before producing more!

Dahlia on

She looks healthier than I’ve seen her in a very long time. A little weight on her looks so good! They all look so happy together.

Dahlia on

I’m so happy for them. I have tried to have another child but have had 8 rough miscarriages…the last one landed me in the hospital where I had to get 4 blood transfusions. I really wish I could have another child but I thank God every day for the miracle I do have. Best wishes to Tori & Dean. Congratulations!

Nikki on

Congrats to them! And a big “boo” to all of the fugly women on here that are jealous of Tori… you wish you looked half as good as she does. Get real.

Maureen on

People people people…she absolutely did have that concave chest during the first round of 90210, it’s all anyone talked about. She later got bigger implants, which only made the problem (man-made or congenital) more pronounced. For all the “She is beautiful as God made her” comments, you’re joking, right? She fully admits to a nose job, boob job, and tons of botox.

These are two blatantly starved for attention fame wh*res who prance around begging for attention any way they can get it, often using their innocent children as the cherry on the sundae. If you don’t think Dean holding both cookie-eating kids on a beach over a HOLIDAY WEEKEND IN MALIBU as Tori preens in her suit is a completely staged photo op on their part, you’re delusional. This wasn’t a nice family stroll. On the contrary.

Newsflash: Not everyone who makes a crack at them is “fugly” or fat or disgusting. Or hateful or jealous, for that matter. And isn’t calling someone “fugly” on the heels of issuing a “If you can’t say anything nice…” directive a bit hypocritical?

Maureen on


unknown on

Looks like she’s going to have another girl, maybe….just guessing. She’s gonna have her hands full with 3 children under the age of 6. Congrats to tori and dean, I wish you both all the best and another healthy child on the way.

Molly on

Maureen, have you ever heard of the word ‘sexist’ before? If not, you need to look it up immediately.

Moe on

She actually looks a bit healthier…she has hips.

Rose on

I think she looks great, betting it’s another boy!

denise on

I’m shocked how rude and hurting some comments are. Neither do I think Tori pretty nor ugly. She’s just a person, a Mom, a wife, a woman. I don’t get why people care she’s showing off her belly, she’s a proud mom-to-be to a new baby. I don’t know her in real life, so I can’t comment on her personality, from what I gather from her show sh’s a loving and caring Mom, so she probably isn’t a bad person. She and Dean aren’t the first people who used to be married to the wrong person, so what? They seperated from their former spouses, should people stay together when they don’t love their partner and are unhappy? It seems an American thing to me to complain about that. They are happy, have two kids together and are having a third one, and Dean is becoming a Dad for the fourth time. So what? I wish them well, and especially their kids. I would be so hurt if I read comments like those here about my Mom! Would any of you like to read that you’re “ugly”? I’d cry my eyes out. Tori is not UGLY. She’s a person not a thing!

Liz on

She seriously needs to cover up. She has such an ugly body and those boobs ugh! She will forever be a homewrecking tramp!

Susan Albert on

I have always liked Tori, and am happy she found happiness with Dean.Her chidren are beautiful, however I guess I am a little old fashioned because, even though I think pregnancy is beautiful, I still don’t think it is right to expose your belly in public.

Corine on

She was ugly to my eyes from the first day I saw her and I still don*t understand what this guy saw in her…probably the $$$.

connie johnson on

with tori being such a “diva”, & “fashion icon”; wouldn’t you think she has PLENTY of money to have had this FIXED years ago? maybe she is doing this “for attention”.

Louise on

Wow – I read the last people it was politically correct to still make fun of was fat people (NOT nice) . . . but it seems that here it is okay to make fun of anyone who you do not deem to be one of the “beautiful people”. No wonder so many people have trouble accepting themselves, and/or seek plastic surgery (which you then mock).

Rae on

Tori and family, I wish you all the best. I just had my last and third child in July 2010. you look good Mama.

Jamie on

Look, if you can’t say anything nice about someone….come sit by me!

Macy on

Dear god her boobs make my eyes bleed. Put them away girl

amy on

Im pretty sure her boobs probably look like that because she’s so skinny. When you put fake boobs on a person that doesn’t eat enough, it’s NOT going to look natural, thats not the plastic surgeons fault! She’s not my favorite celebrity, but she seems like a better mom to her kids than HER mom was. I read her first book and you take everything you read with a grain of salt, but what a creepy set of parents she had

Sal on

congrats and they sure look like a happy family.
having said that- with her money, you’d think she’d fix the problem with her chest. I believe she chose to huge of boobs for the frame of her body. why not downsize and have the problem fixed as it’s very unflattering. the rest of her looks awesome!

Rhiannon on

Unfortunately, whomever her plastic surgeon is/was did a HORRIBLE boob job on her.

Rhiannon on

After you are done having kids, Tori, please get your boobs fixed…you have the money to fix that horrible job your plastic surgeon did.

Jgirl on

Beautiful family. Congratulations on your new blessing. I am sure he/she will fit right in!

I would HATE for my picture to be put on this website, I would be heartbroken at all the negativity. I agree it is a blog, and a free country, but I think we can all be civil and not make it a practice to tear other people down. I am going to believe that Tori is a wonderful mother, and a loving wife because I choose to believe the best in everyone.

Emmie on

Everyone blames celebrities and the media for “causing” eating disorders but…look at these comments!!!! It’s no wonder so many girls suffer from body image insecurities. If she used money to fix her chest people would be complaining that she should be using that money for her kids and not focusing so much on her looks.

Kimmeh on

Women that cheat with married men are bad, bad people (any married/in-committed-relatonship person who cheats, regardless of gender, sucks). If their love was meant to be, it could have waited until AFTER he divorced his wife/she divorced her husband. They both seriously suck.

nic on

She looks great. I really hope she doesn’t read the comments posted here. Women are so catty and unsupportive it disgusts me. No wonder so many young women have such low self esteem. It’s gross.

Kimmeh on

Don’t get me wrong; I think that she looks fantastic. I’m just commenting that she appears to be a home-wrecking whore, and her husband seems to be a disrespectful douchebag.

elizabeth on

Perhaps someone from PEOPLE MAGAZINE, who allows these comments to be posted, should stop posting NEGATIVE COMMENTS. It’s that simple. Someone is clearly not allowing the FUCKS and BITCHES and SHIT comments TO BE POSTED, and why? because someone might take offense? I am offended that such a respected magazine, allows such hateful comments.

Jane on

Amazing – Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie – earth’s angels but both adulterers. Tori Spelling, LeAnn Rimes – also adulterers. One admired by the public, the other villified. I haven’t been able to figure out all of the venom spit on LeAnn while so many others of our society’s “stars” have done the exact same thing for the exact same reason and are forgiven. My point – no one has the right to be casting any stones – everyone has secrets, everyone has done something wrong and no one is perfect. I hope everyone who has made a mistake in their lives and are sorry for it are able to forgive themselves and then move on with their lives better for it.

mariyam on

People need to lay off her, what has she ever done to you?! She is a down to earth,funny woman who is a great mom and seems like someone who always tries to do good. These comments most of you are writing about her boobs, weight, looks, belly-button are horrifying and makes me lose faith in humanity. It’s disgusting. Grow up, get a life and leave Tori alone!

Kim Nicoliello on

In my opinion, when Dean McDermott met Tori Spelling he saw “dollar signs” and an opportunity to be “famous” !!!! To me, this definately looks like a “staged” day at the beach. These are 2 people that are dying for attention, at any cost.

Joy on

I love Tori and her family!! Congrats to them!!! For those that don’t like her or want to see her belly why did you click on the picture? If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. Someone asked about her belly being off center usually if the baby is moving or sitting more to one side it will cause the whole belly to shift and look off πŸ™‚ I think its awesome she can wear a bikini while prego. Its her body and her right!! I think she looks amazing!! They seem so sweet together!! And they do really sweet things for people who need it I love their new show but miss the old one where it just followed their family around.

stephanie on

Tori is fugly and it not her fault her daddy was not a good looking man but he was talented. She is lucky to get any man at all with how she look. She has so much surgery on her face her boobs and other place we don’t no. The man marry her for her money forget she has no money her daddy cut her out of his will because she was ungrateful daughter,and she having all those kids to hold on to her man.

Kimmeh on

My glass house is intact; never cheated, and never will. Very happy with my husbamd.

Lou on

A nice sundress would have looked much better, we know by now she’s pregnant, no need to advertise it. Dean ex wife was lovely but Tori had a better inheritance.

Shawna on

Maureen – show me any pictures from her 90210 days where she had that dent. Because I looked an she did NOT have it.

Rose-2 on

Molly: Your comment that Maureen needs to look up the word sexist makes no sense. There was nothing sexist about her remark.

And I agree with those who say they’re a couple of famewh%ring attention seekers. If they don’t want other people commenting on them then they should stop exploiting every aspect of their personal lives to get attention.

Bancie1031 on

Awe Tori has a little bitty belly …. I think Tori looks better with a little bit of weight on her …. yes I do realize it’s not my decision but it’s just my personal opinion ……
Stella and Liam LOOK so cute …. they look just alike here … could pass as twins …..
I think this is a very cute family πŸ™‚

AllisonJ on

Wow. lots of haters on here. I happen to be a big fan of Tori’s. Dean has definitely grown on me, too.

I think Tori looks lovely. What is wrong with a pregnant woman in a bikini? Nothing!

As far as her chest is concerned, it looks like she has a genetic defect on her sternum – I have a similar defect. It’s just accentuated by the unfortunate boob job she has had. The surgery to correct her sternum would be VERY serious and VERY painful, just as another poster mentioned.

I am 41 with two kids and have no plans to fix my sunken sternum – the medical risks are just not worth it.

Best of luck to Tori and Dean on their soon-to-be-born baby! I’m guessing it will be a boy.

Heather on

I LOVE Tori Spelling. She is beautiful and so is her family. I wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to find out the sex of their baby. She shows such great confidence with her beautiful glow/bump! She shows just how comfortable a woman should be in her body ❀

Molly on

I’m tired of girls like you Rose-2 hating on other women. Maureen and yourself don’t deserve to be called women until you both mature and learn respect and dignity. Did your parents fail to teach you about those things?

HeatherR on

I am surprised that so many people are commenting on her looks. When Alanis Morrisette was pregnant, I made a comment on here that she needed a stylist and people thought my comment was rude. I was only talking about clothes. These posts on here are bashing Tori’s physical appearance! She looks better than most of the people that I see on a daily basis.

kimberly on

I love Tori and I think she looks fine the way she is.She is very pretty and if the two of them are happy that is all that matter’s.Everyone needs to leave her alone boobs aren’t everything to a women.

Dee on

They are both a trainwreck. He is nothing in Hollywood without her and saw his golden ticket when he met her. The kids need to be sheltered more from the paps and cameras. I hope they learn real values in life and don’t get too much too quickly. God knows Mom & Dad don’t have any morals or values.

Terri on

Cute belly! Stella and Liam look like twins! I can’t hardly tell them apart.

Tinkerbells37 on

Dean is nothing but a douche bag. It’s a well known fact in Toronto. (remember his son jack and his newborn adopted daughter L, that he abandoned for some cheap fame?) Poor piece of Regent Park welfare case . The only press he’ll ever get is because of Tori. She was born into her ugliness. Just saying. I do LOVE his ex-wife though, she’s got beauty and brains…says it all.