Spotted: Katie Holmes and Suri Beach It

05/31/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

And she’s off!

Katie Holmes is hot on the heels — literally! — of daughter Suri, 5, during a Memorial Day beach party in Malibu on Monday.

Suri is the only child together for the actress, 32, and husband Tom Cruise.

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AllisonJ on

Suri sure loves those gold heels! I’ve seen her in them in several different pics from different days. Katie looks like she is wearing heels in the sand, too. I don’t know how she does it! I’m a “flats” girl, myself.

jordan on

a blazer at the beach…..

Suri looks cute.

Selene on

Heels on the beach is one kind of uncomfortable but caged shoes is just ridiculous. If I have mine on and a bit of street dust gets in them I am annoyed to say the least so I suppose I should applaud her stamina.

I know I should say something nice, I am sure Suri had a blast but this just doesn’t sit right with me and I know I am not alone.

Sure there are a lot worse things Katie could be doing to her child, but this just really annoys me. I just get the impression that Tom and Kate never say no to her and it has really made her (Suri) disliked, which is ridiculous and disgusting. She is a child, a child of 2 famous people. And even though she isn’t thrusted up the press and public like some others, it seems like Katie some how enjoys the attention.

She has been blasted over Suri wearing heels before, she is probably aware of the health risks that go with a 4 year old wearing heels, but she still puts them on Suri knowing fine well that people, like myself, will have something negative to say about it.

Jen on

Looks like fun!

ForeverMoore on

Oh this is just TOO funny…heels in the sand?! It just takes a few seconds to take off your shoes and it’s probably a lot more comfortable than trying to walk in the sand like that. Silly celebrities.

x on

First off, if you look closer you can see that Katie is wearing sandles, Not heels and why is it when it’s winter Suri never wears a coat or sweater but now in the summer she has a sweater on?

Cammy on

I actually see very adult-like shoes at Target in the kids’ section. They are thong sandals, or have heels. Once they get past size 12 (toddler) the sandals are no longer comfy.

emma on

Actually, x, Katie is wearing heels. There are better pictures on other sites that show it more clearly.

Soco on

Suri always looks so happy, Katie seems to be doing a great job raising her!

Ella on

@x – I was wondering the same thing about the sweater. lol

cris on

I saw these pics on another site and felt bad for Suri as there were several other children dressed appropriately for the beach and playing in the background…even if Katie wanted Suri to wear a skirt for the party they were at, I would have at least thought she would pack a bathing suit or shorts knowing they were going to be at the beach.

Stella Bella on

They are both dressed a little oddly for a day at the beach. Maybe Katie didn’t realize the party was so close to the water?

Lena on

I saw pics of Marcia Cross and her family at the beach for Memorial Day and the contrast between wardrobe is so stark. The family looked dressed for the beach. To each his own, I guess.

Senna on

She was wearing heels!

Mariel on

Maybe they JUST DIDNT PLANNED girls, theres so many reasons for god sake… i live near to the beach and it happens to me and my son a lot of times!

By the way, Suri and Katie sure had a wonderful time!!

Katherine on

Maybe Katie is preggo again?

brenda on

Come on people leave them alone. They look HAPPY. Mother and Daughter time. What I wouldn’t give for that again no matter what.

Jessica on

My God people!! Must everyone nit pick every last thing about others??! Where’s the ‘Awww Look at how sweet they are playing together on the beach!’? Katie seems genuinely happy. Suri seems genuinely happy. Can’t that ever be enough!???

Shannon on

They look ridiculous but at least they seem to be having fun.

Noelle on

I’m not at all a fan of Katie and Tom and who am I to say how they’re raising their child. But the fact is, Suri is still a child and shouldn’t be brought under so much scrutiny.

Regardless…my thoughts are that this was probably an impromptu visit to the beach. Probably not planned and that’s what they were wearing at the time and made the best of it. It’s not like they were walking around in snow clothes. And as far as the long sleeve shirt on Suri is concerned, just because it’s a beach does not by any means it was hot that day. Some beaches are chili, and if you look closely at the background people in that picture, someone is wearing a white sweatshirt with a hood up. Hardly attire for a hot day at the beach.

Jillian on

Kate, how rude! Selene doesnt like the way you dress your daughter in those shoes. Why do you continue to do it knowing she and others will be looking and be negative? Think of Selene next time……sigh.

Jillian on

Ahh…….I enjoyed this picture. I think it is a beautiful one. I knew the negative comments would be the majority because Kate and Suri do nothing right. I read this at the perfect time and enjoyed a wonderful laugh. I noticed her shoes bc of the comments. Some ppl look for something negative to nitpick this family about. Instead of seeing how they spend so much time together and seem to be happy. To me….that is all that matters in life. Shoes….so not important.

Molly on

We can’t have a Katie and Suri without a bunch of negative comments 😉 I would like to see Katie with a short haircut. I think it would give her a new image and make people focus more on her than just seeing her Tom Cruise’s wife. I do miss Katie Holmes pre-Tom Cruise though

SAR on

Ah yes…I love the double standard on this website, wherein it is impermissible to criticize, say, Natalie Portman, but altogether permissible to minutely criticize, say, Katie Holmes and Suri.

ang on

@brenda and Jessica…totally agree. And if you look in the background there is clearly someone wearing a shirt and jeans and someone else wearing a white hoodie. I can’t say they are dressed unusual for the beach. ALOT of these so called prissy mothers make me sick. Someone always has something negative to say. Shut up because I’m quite positive you are not perfect and if you are trying to be you are ruining your child! Look in the mirror and worry about your own kids before you log on, click, and comment on someone else’s child.

Victoria-Jane on

I’ve seen these pics on another sight and they were actually attending a party (hence the balloon Suri is holding) so my guess is she wanted to put on a party frock for the party she’s a girly girl who likes to dress up! If Katie had taken off the blazer then she’d be fit for the beach but would have been better without the sandals but there’d be nothing for everyone to complain about!

Cecilia on

I’ve seen photos of Katie Holmes wearing stilettos by the swimming pool, so wearing heels on the beach isn’t a too far out of ordinary thing for her.

Janna on

“Kate, how rude! Selene doesnt like the way you dress your daughter in those shoes. Why do you continue to do it knowing she and others will be looking and be negative? Think of Selene next time……sigh.”

Jillian, your comments almost made me spit my coffee!! Spot on, you are!! Thanks for the laugh this morning, and for putting the Mommy Nazi in her place!

Sadie on

Katie is wearing heels. Here is a link to another site:

It wasn’t random, they went to a party and she choose to wear a blazer and heels to the beach. Maybe she wants the attention and for the celebrity paps to take her pics!

Suri is not wearing a sweater but a long sleeve t shirt which looks lightweight. I will be on Katie’s side and say that Suri is wearing that for sun protection.

jessie on

it’s kind of weird to wear heels at the beach digging into the sand, whether you’re a girl or woman,but whatever

J on

Jillian…LOL! 😀

I wonder what Katie and Suri can do that IS acceptable to a lot here.

Jacqui on

I get the impression that the party was really inside Joel Silver’s house, which just happens to be on the beach. That’s not the same as a “beach party”. The party was in the house, they just stepped out for a bit — that explains why they were not dressed for the beach. There are lots of pictures of others who were at the party and they were all dressed just like Katie and Suri — casual, stylish.

Sage on

People they were at a party and decided to probably do a quick run on the beach. What is so wrong about wearing shorts, a tank, blazar, and heels to a Memorial Day party?????

Toya L. on

This picture is too cute.

Tee on

Katie and Suri sure do look like they are enjoying their day at the beach!

Jillian, I understand your point and think it’s a good one. People often nitpick anything regarding Tom and Katie’s choices when it comes to raising Suri. To be completely honest, I don’t care for most of the choices they make, at least not the ones that are public. However, it’s their child. I will say one thing, though. In my opinion, the thing about the heels is more than just people nitpicking her shoes. Wearing heels is not good for feet, especially children’s feet, and Suri is seen wearing them all the time. I know some people just complain for the sake of complaining but I also know that some people have reason for their concerns. Not everyone is judgemental. Some people have honest concerns.

SAR, get real. Your comments on Natalie Portman go far beyond simple critizism. They are downright rude and nasty. The very fact that you constantly call her “Little Miss Portman” takes any validity out of your comments for me and I’d be willing to bet that a lot of other people feel the same way.

Jennifer on

I saw these photos on another site yesterday. You can very clearly see them leaving a gated patio and stepping onto the beach. I’m guessing they were at a house party and Suri wanted to play on the beach and Katie, being the horrible mother that she is, allowed her inappropriately dressed daughter do so…

Seriously, some of you are just plain nuts.

Sarai Christine on

WOW seriously.. WHAT does it matter what they wear to the beach?? Suri Is Adorable And it Looks Like She Had Fun..

Lila on

I just don’t understand why everyone hates them so much. What has she done that’s so evil? She seems like a caring mom who spends mostly all of her time with her child. They are often laughing and smiling together. Ooooo-evil! I roll my eyes at you perfect moms!

Bancie1031 on

Awe, this is a very cute picture …. I love seeing Katie playing around with Suri ….. I like both Katie’s and Suri’s outfits ….. very cute ….

just sayin’ on

Good comeback for the Mother of the Year (Selene), Jillian! Alas, the rest of us lowly moms can only aspire to come close to meeting her standards.

Victoria-Jane on

you know its sad really, so many criticise her but Suri is enjoying herself and Katie is too. They love to be together and so what if Katie’s ruining her shoes but I’m sure she has more important things on her mind like enjoying her daughter and having fun! I can’t see why that’s so bad, so many children would love to have that but don’t yet people pick on their clothes rather than the joy the picture displays tut tut!

tlc on

SAR, come off it..your comments about Natalie are stalkerish and way over the normal realm of criticism.

Selene, maybe, just maybe Katie doesn’t give a flying fig what YOU or any other sanctimonmy thinks. She is not raising Suri for YOUR approval believe it or not! Suri is a healthy, happy kid and has two parents who adore her and spend lots of quality time with her. Damn that Kate for loving HER child and raising her without consulting you!!!

Janna on

I’d be interesting in reading all of the studies the Perfect Mommy society has done and/or read that show that wearing platforms shoes like Suri’s are dangerous(!) and hurtful to her feet (!) and signify that her mother is unfit(!).

What EXACTLY are the health risks, Perfect Mommies? I doubt there are any.

And let’s face it, nobody repeat nobody, is voicing their opinion here out of concern(!) for Suri. Do you do this much concerning(!) for everything your next-door neighbors do, too?

Jillian on

Please tell me the health risks for children wearing the shoes Suri is wearing. Of course you know how many hours per day she is wearing the shoes……right?

Anna on

All I see is a happy child and a happy mum. What do their clothes and shoes matter?

Selene on

I did not say I would prefer Katie not let Suri wear heel, I said it’s something I don’t agree with and I know there are plenty of other people who feel the same.

I think that Tom and Katie seem to be wonderful parents, Suri appears to be a very happy child. There is always going to be something to nit pick about any celeb parent. That stroller is too small, those trousers are too small, that baby never smiles, why is SHE wearing a waistcoat and so on. There is nothing wrong with stating your own opinion. It is MY opinion, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with it.
I am not a mother, I am 19 years old, I was just commenting.

just sayin’ on

You are 19 years old and you are opining about child-rearing practices on a moms & babies website? Get a life!!

Signed, “Old enough to be your mother”.

Selene on

Yes I am 19, I didn’t realize there was an age limit on this site. I work with young children and I am qualified to do so. I wouldn’t advise a young child to wear heeled shoes, the same way I wouldn’t advise a young child to run with a lollipop in there mouth. They might not damage her feet, she might not fall and choke on the lollipop but it’s not a risk I would be willing to take.

Mimz on

I have always wondered if Suri has sensory issues. I have had them all of my life but when I was a kid in the 70’s, no one thought to “diagnose” me with anything. I can often be seen in the dead of winter with no coat on. I get over heated easily and I feel claustrophobic if I have on too many layers. Suri needs to breathe people! LoL! And let the kid wear whatever shoes she wants. What is the difference if she wears a slight heel now, or shoves her feet into real heels in about 10 years, for most of the rest of her life?

Nella on

You know what I see when I look at this picture? A mother and daughter on the beach looking happy and enjoying themselves. After reading some of the comments I am surprised that people find the smallest things to pick at, but of course that always happens when there’s a post about Katie Holmes. She is the one celeb that ALWAYS gets picked on no matter what. Now I undestand not everyone always agreeing with one another and having positive comments, but I feel that she gets picked on all the time regardless of what the post is about. Some of the posters just seem to have something against her, it almost seems personal to them. I don’t know, but I find it all weird. Lot of judging goes on more so than other celebs. I’m not a Katie fan, but I don’t dislike her either and I’ve seen sooo many posts about Katie that are just cruel and examined so harshly and that’s every post! This picture to me is adorable!

Jude on

If it was an impromptu visit to the beach, Suri should go barefoot! What stupidity to wear heels at 5 years old! My father made my mother wear high heels, my mother was in her early 30s. It ruined her feet!

First the stupid haircut, with Suri’s hair in her eyes for years and then these heels! Well..