BumpWatch: Kimberly Stewart Shows Her Stripes

05/29/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Mom-to-be Kimberly Stewart quenches her thirst — and gives us a glimpse at her bump — during a trip to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Wednesday in Studio City, Calif.

The actress/model, 31, is expecting her first child with actor Benicio del Toro.

Although the parents-to-be are “not a couple,” the pair are “looking forward to the arrival of the baby.”

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Hea on

Looks like she’s stepping on her dress. Other than that, she looks good!

amw on

these maxi dresses just seem like miles of fabric and so hot and unflattering to me.

NikNak on

Not a couple huh? Ok then…

Soco on


Lou on

Aah she looks great…This dress is very Gwen Stefani-ish, did she wear something similar when she was pregnant? x

jordan on

she doesn’t seem very happy (unlike the 100’s of others to-be moms)

Hea on

Soco – No.

JM on

Soco, no no no! you are so wrong!
if you are ok with using that word then you must be ok with a man using that word to describe a woman, and i just can’t respect someone like that.

i don’t think it’s the smartest thing in the world to get pregnant by accident, but doing so does not make you a slut and no woman should be called a slut.

Alyssa on

Really Soco? Calling someone a slut because they’re pregnant and not with the father? Grow up.

emily on

She is not the first person to have an “oops” baby via one night stand (or even short term relationship) and she surely won’t be the last. Move on 🙂

anonymous on

soco, this site isn’t here to use terms like that to attack celebrities. it is for opinions not insults. while it is unfortunate she isn’t in a relationship with the father, that doesn’t make her a ____.

Shannon on

She looks cute. I have found maxi dresses to be quite cool in the summer months since they’re so loose.

sloanesmomma on

hope the little one is a girl since they are not together i feel like ts harder for boys

Corrie on

soco, that’s unnecessary and nasty…do you know her personally? Do you know the situation? Then stop judging. What an ugly thing to say.

I’m thinking girl by how high she’s carrying.

Laura on

That dress makes me dizzy

Robin on

I agree with Coco. Her lifestyle says it all! I feel sorry for this unborn child.

Gigi on

So there is no one from this site monitoring these comments?? Sad.

M! on

sloanesmomma, While I may not agree with what you said..Stevie Nicks was on Entertainment Tonight talking about Rod Stewart. She just finished touring with him or whatever. She mentioned that Kim’s baby is a girl that’s she’s named Sophia.

anonymous on

robin, i feel sorry you. if you think its ok for someone to call a female a slut then i guess its ok for someone to call yourself one if they feel that you are one based on one picture and a few pieces of information about your life.
It is never ok for someone to use such a degrading term on anyone, let alone someone you don’t even know.

Poppy on

@Robin – good thing you are not bring up this child – would hate to have you as a parent!

Devon on

It’s really none of our business on how she got pregnant. She’s pregnant, apparently very happy about it (as is Benico) and she’s doing what she feels is best.

As for the comment about maxi dresses being hot, I totally disagree. They are the most comfortable thing to wear in the summer and I live in them. In fact, I’m wearing one right now! They are great since they are non constricting, usually made of cotton and they breathe! They can be dressed up or down and you’re ready in an instant when you throw one on. And they are good for all body types. What’s not to love. I want Kim’s dress badly.

Danielle on

I just bought this dress on Sunday! It’s from Anthropologie and is only $88. I’m still in my first trimester so I’m hoping it will grow with me 🙂
Kim looks great! I’m sure she will have all the support she needs to raise this baby. It will be loved and cared for and that’s what matters.