Spotted: Rachel Zoe Snuggles with Skyler

05/28/2011 at 08:00 PM ET
Clint Brewer/Splash News Online

Sneakin’ a peek at Skyler!

Rachel Zoe snuggles up to her 9-week-old son during a snack stop at Pinkberry in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Monday.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I feel completely content and complete,” the┬ástylist, 39, tells PEOPLE of parenthood with husband Rodger Berman.

“But they say your priorities shift and they definitely do.”

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cris on

I will probably get blasted for this, but looking through these series of pics, Rachel just does not look natural holding her baby…some mother’s it just looks natural and comfortable, with her it is just the opposite.

Rossy on

Rachel’s looks happy! Rachel words communicates very well the pure joy of having a child of your very own. Rachel is a first time Mom and its always a LOL when you come in contact with first time Moms. I know I was one once and I was so into my career, I never helped my friends when they had infants, so I was looking like Rachel too!

Sara on

This looks like it could be a poster for the Hollywood baby trend. I agree with Chris, it looks completely unnatural.

T.U.M on

Cris, I think her uncomfortable look has more to do with the paparazzi following & scrutinizing her every move, rather then her lack of maternal instincts.

Melanie on

I actually think she looks perfectly comfortable and content.

Brooke on

I love Rachel and Rodger! I am so happy for them both.

Mama90210 on

It is cute seeing her so in love with her little one, never thought she would have a baby by seeing her show, Rodger wanted the baby more than she did. She is a first time mom, so lets give her some slack…

katherine on

I’ve been waiting for a sneek peek ,he looks good .so happy for both of you . I love being a parent you have so much to look forward and best wishes rachel and roger berman.

Jess on

such a cutie pie…congrats rachel and rodger

Angi on

Such a little peanut! I wonder who he will grow up to look like.

Jen DC on

Oh, look at his little self! So cute…

Well, you have to remember: Not everyone has baby experience before their own first one, so indeed they ARE uncomfortable! All the doubts – Am I holding him right, has he been fed enough, is he wet, is he warm, is he cold… PLUS the paparazzi. I never saw Rachel Zoe as the baby type, but she looks as though she’s doing reasonably well. And as long as the baby is happy and growing, what else matters?

Alma on

Cute but who is Rachel Zoe ?

SMD on

I must say I looked a lot like Rachel too when I had my first one, 2nd one too, lol! Give her a break, she’s a new mom!

Lisa on

Glad to see Rachel holding him rather than a nanny. At least she is trying. Motherhood is hard on all of us, imagine having the world watching your every move along with it.

Anonymous on


That’s what I thought as well. But I think it has probably a lot to do with the clothes she is wearing. That is something someone would wear to go to a party or a special occassion, not something you’d normally wear around your child.

I also have no idea who Rachel Zoe is by the way.

maliasmom on

@ Anonymous and Anna:

Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist. She also has her own reality show and website.

I must say, I have pics of me holding my daughter and I looked just as uncomfortable. Ir’s funny too look back 7yrs later and think, what was I scared of? I’m sure one day she will too.

cara on

I think it is a gorgeous photo of both her and the baby.

RKF on

I think it’s an adorable picture. I’m not seeing how it looks “posed”, or “uncomfortable” at all. Do people expect her to be kissing and hugging him while she’s try to eat (with paparazzi in her face?) No celebrity can win with some of you. If she had him in a stroller, then the complaint would be “she doesn’t pick up her son!” If a friend/nanny were holding him, it would be ” Well, sommmme of us can’t afford a nanny.” Bla bla bla.

Shannon on

How cute!

mimi on

rachel looks amazing. so happy and adorable. motherhood works for her.

id love to see regular everyday non-famous mothers look “comfortable” with their first baby with a million cameras shoved in their faces 24/7 scrutinising their every move, facial expression, comments etc.