Family Photo: The Winokur-Miller’s Kung Fu Kid

05/27/2011 at 09:00 AM ET


Zev Isaac Miller gets a leg up with a little help from parents Marissa Jaret Winokur and Judah Miller at the Los Angeles premiere of Kung Fu Panda 2held Sunday at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The 2½-year-old is the only child for the actress and her husband — but they are looking to expand their family.

First though, Winokur, 38, will be returning as Tracy Turnblad in the Hollywood Bowl’s summer production of Hairspray, a role which won her the Best Actress Tony Award in 2003.

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Bonnie on

Could they afford some non-highwater pants for their kid? Just sayin’.

Ke on

Could we not pick on the little kids Bonnie!

meghan on

Could it be because the boy’s is kicking his leg up in the air, Bonnie?

Megan on

Marissa needs another kid like a hole in her head. Sorry, but if her guest posts here were any indication, she probably won’t mellow out when a second kid comes

Jen DC on

The thing about little kid clothes is this: They may fit in the hips and thighs, but not be long enough (chunky toddler!) or they may be long enough, but not fit in the hips and thighs (skinny toddler!). There’s not a lot of material with which to work. And where they fit in the hips and thighs, it’s better to go short and avoid tripping them up than go long.

Also, he’s stretched in both directions. They may appear longer if he were standing straight up and down.

Jen DC on

And I was right:

@ Megan: Really? So she’s a little neurotic – when is that a crime? Most people don’t “need” kids to begin with, but until they effect a licensing scheme, let’s hope for the best.

Jenny on

Her smile always creeps me the hell out. Im sorry, but she looks psychotic. And no, im not jealous.

Sarah W. on

Wow, she’s going to play a high school student at the age of 38?? I would think she would have grown out of the Hairspray part by now! Cute family, though!

Romy on

actually usually the skinny toddler has the pants too short, and the chunky toddler wears a bigger size with the pants too long

ELO on

Wow, this is a little bit of a negative post. I was coming on here to say that this looked like a fun family photo and I smile every time I see Marissa smiling. She is obviously so happy to be a mom.

Ellie on

I don’t mind the clothes at all – what makes me cringe is that a 2 1/2- year-old goes to a premiere of a movie and is exposed to about 100 minutes of TV… Come on, let’s get the discussion started!!!

Jen DC on

@ Romy: You’re right. I was too indignant. 😀

@ Ellie: A lot of times, celebrities don’t stay at these events. Maybe this was one of those times? Can’t say. But 100 mins of TV seems like a lot for a little guy and I can’t imagine he’d sit still for all of it.

megan on

What Ellie? Whats wrong with a 2 1/2 year old watching a movie? You are nuts.

Ellie on

Megan, your response is exactly what I have expected – thank you very much. It is a careless attitude IMO. Do you have children?

If yes, how often and how long do you hand your children over to “TV’s childcare”? THIS behaviour is NUTS.

tegičič on

I agree with Jenny. Those huge grins look so fake… But maybe they aren’t, I don’t know, I only see her on photos and wonder if she can smile normally at all.

just sayin' on

Ellie, speaking as the parent of a 2 1/2 year old myself, I find your point valid. I think in my case though, the 100 minutes would be a moot point because my 2 kids would not sit still that long!!

Some parents get defensive and take it as a personal attack if you criticize something that they are doing 🙂

Amanda on

Her smile freaks me out. It’s like when you get done eating and you check your teeth in the mirror for food…..her smile is like that all the time. Huge and creepy. The little boy is cute, looks like his dad.

Molly on

@ Megan, shut up and go away

marissa jaret winokur on

Anyone who has read my blogs knows I read comments.

Just FYI, Zev had a great time they had a huge party before the movie with games and crafts!

I dream every day of making my family larger and hope to be able to soon.

And if you have children you know how quickly they grow. The pants he is wearing are the longest ones he has! Two months ago he was 35 inches and today 41… I won’t waste money on new pants every week.

And my grins may be very big but they’re not fake – my son was doing kung fu on the red carpet. It was amazing!


Nella on

Wow Molly so very mature of you! Sometimes I think some of the posters on this site are children themselves, since they don’t act like adults.

As far as Marissa goes, yes she’s a bit neurotic, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I think it just makes her more real and most moms can relate to that, I’m sure most parents had moments when they freaked out over something, it’s life.

Marissa seems like the type of person to me who is full of energy and outgoing, almost every picture i see her in she’s smiling and being animated and I think that’s cute. Zev is a little cutie and I hope they have more kids.

Ashley Spinella on

To those of you who keep making disgraceful comments on this beautiful family photo, you should feel so ashamed of yourselves. What gives you the right to judge a 2 1/2 year old?? He a freaking child guys! I don’t think any of you would like it if someone was telling you that your kid was too big for what they were wearing or if they looked like there was something wrong with them, so do me a favor and leave Marissa’s child out of this! Her being a mother, and a great one at that, I know Marissa would never do anything like that to another person’s child.

Also leave Marissa and Judah alone as well. They are great parents and both very talented in their professions. They like everyone else do what they can with this economy to support there family, even if that means Marissa is doing hairspray still. Marissa is one of the nicest most kindhearted individuals and really shows her love for her fans. She smiles big and what a lovely smile she has. She dreams big as well, which is why she has everything she has ever wanted inlcuding a beautiful family.

True it is unfortunate that some people are not as fortunate as Marissa to be able to go home everyday knowing that there are people there waiting to greet her with open arms and uncondtional love, but that is no reason to take your anger out on her family. So I ask you all to please stop making negative comments against this family, because I know you wouldnt like it if people did this to you.

Love you Marissa (I’m friends with you on facebook :)), Judah, and Zev! xoxo ❤ God bless

mary on

Marissa, You are damned if you do or damned if you don’t. People have taken to a new low. Look at previous postings, on being Carla Bruni and someone said something about Michelle Obama and how she was dressed before the queen. She wasn’t even in the blasted photo of Carla Bruni.

And by the way, my 10 year old just had a growth spurt within the last 2 months, I did not go out and buy new pants, (he has 2 from his older brother that fit fine) school is done next Tuesday and I’m not spending 25-40 bucks on pants he would only be wearing for a couple of weeks before summer starts when all he will be wearing are swim shorts and shorts. I hate wasting money, whether you have money or especially if you don’t.

Gen on

Marissa and her family are beautiful (inside and out). It makes me happy everytime I see a photo of them. Zev is the cutest kid ever.

Allison J on

Love Marissa and her family! She seems like such a loving, wonderful mom. I hope she and Judah realize their dream and have another child.

As far as people complaining about her son’s pants and Marissa’s smile: all I can say is “Really?!?” That is so petty and ridiculous!

Love you, Marissa! Keeping doing what you do! Ignore the haters; you don’t owe them any explanation.

nettrice on

Marissa kind of shut this thing down, didn’t she? 🙂

Marisa with one s on

Thank you, Marissa, for responding with such dignity to such hateful and judgmental comments… I always wondered if celebrities read these blogs and sometimes I cringe at some of the mean, cruel things people say about other people’s children… Keep your lovely smile shining and best of luck in expanding your beautiful family.

just sayin’ on

Whoa, Marisa with one s — I see some negativity and criticism going on here, but hate? Come on, that’s pushing it a bit dont’cha think?

Mary on

Marissa coming on here only for me would make me want to speak my opinion more. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if she or any celebrity can’t handle it they shouldn’t write blogs for this site or be in the public for “press.” I for one, found nothing relatable in any if Marissas blogs, as I don’t raise my daughter anyone close to how she does. I was turned off by the way I felt she insulted moms who look put together all the tile, especially in the morning. Many….people did. I was happy the blogs ended. I find it is better to be honest and nice then rude or stay quiet. Everyone needs feedback.

Mary on

Oh and I understand not buying pants every week but my daughter would never wear a pair of pants that are too small for her. I mean, I wouldn’t wear a pair that were tOo small for me bc it looks silly!!!!

just sayin’ on

Mary, your second sentence says it all. As long as comments aren’t racist, anti-semitic, homophobic – you get the picture – people are entitled to express their opinions and shouldn’t be taken to task for taking a dissenting view.

kendrajoi on

I cannot stand this woman. When she was expecting the baby, she said some completely moronic thing like, “This summer I’m going to be lounging with my baby by the pool!” I thought, wow, so she thinks it’s that easy, huh? Ridiculous! And, no, I’m not jealous.

Grace2 on

Wowsers. I wondered what could possibly ellicit so many posts. And, frankly, I’m still wondering. I haven’t ever seen anything she’s been in, but I always think her little boy is adorable and looks very happy. And any parent who tries so hard to have one and isn’t able to go the traditional path gives me warm fuzzies.

1). THE PANTS: It’s the end of a colder season and her kid’s probably outgrown them a bit. But, like all mothers, maybe she was pressed for time and trying to get out the door when he refused to change. I for one stopped buying long pants for this season back in January. And my motto is we pick our battles as parents. Most days, clothes are not battles in which I wish to engage. And Mary, good for your daughter. But my boys would wear Star Wars t-shirts every single freakin’ day if I let them (most days I do), too small or not. Who the f#@K cares? Your judgy tone will no doubt be passed onto your perfectly dressed child. Congrats. Don’t you feel like a good mother?

2). So he watches 100 minutes of a movie at 2…Does she let him do it every day? Who knows. But it’s one day out of 365. And I speak as a mother of three little boys (under 5) who lets them watch very little media (maybe an hour a week?). But I don’t judge other mothers and the choices they make for their kids.

But whatever. Opinions are like … We all have them. And, we all get to parent our children as we wish, as long as they are safe. Why can’t we, as women, support one another instead of pick apart each other’s techniques. Something to think about.

Molly on

Nella , you can shut up and leave also. Happy?

ecl on

Mary, it’s called having a little compassion and thinking why someone might feel the way they do. So she doesn’t like being around the put together moms? It’s probably has to do with insecurity, especially since women are totally judged for their looks. Put it in that context and I don’t see why you wouldn’t feel more sorry for her than put off by her. Kendra, low threshold for dislike, huh? Who cares what she thinks is going to happen? Just chuckle and think, you’ll see. I have no problem with dissent, and often argue with people, but at least have a debate over something worth discussing. Short pants? Smiles? Not in any way important unless you are totally superficial.

alexlovesgoatcheese on

I guess I missed that day in Mommy and Me Class when they taught “in order to be a good mommy you have to have no life so you can sit all day on the computer and say hateful things about people you don’t know.” I am glad all you a-holes took copious notes and are applying what you learned.

Jillian on

How can someone, who is a celebrity, not like being around the “put together moms?” she is put together all the time!!

Alexlovesgoatcheese, Its a shame you missed the class! I went and calling people the a word is not permitted. 🙂

Emma on

Nothing at all wrong with the boy…yes pants are short but they just grow so fast! As for Marissa, her smile scares me. It is like the Cheshire Cat on speed. Can she not tone this down a bit? Seriously she looks like a lunatic.