Catherine Bell’s Blog: Meet Me and My Family!

05/27/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Please give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger, Catherine Bell! The actress — mom to son Ronan, 9 months, and daughter Gemma, 8, with husband Adam Beason — stars on Army Wives and can next be seen in the TV movie Last Man Standing, premiering on Lifetime June 6 at 8 p.m.

Bell, 42, can also be found online on Facebook and @reallycb on Twitter.ย In her first blog, the actress introduces you to her family and talks about life at home in Charleston, S.C.

Courtesy Catherine Bell

Hello!! I’m so excited to talk with you about my favorite thing: babies andย mommy-hood! Looking forward to sharing stories and experiences and hearing from you guys.

I can’t believe my baby is already 9 months old! Where did the time go?! And my other “baby” just turned 8 … wow! Let me back up a minute here and actually introduce you to the family:

ME: Well, I’m a mom! That’s my most important and most rewarding job! I’m also a wife, of course. And an actress. ๐Ÿ™‚

These days I’m on Army Wives on Lifetime and we film in Charleston, S.C. where my husband and I decided to relocate to full time (even though we only film 6-7 months out of the year). Mainly to give our daughter the stability and consistency of her school and friends — and it’s a great place to raise a family!

The show is an ensemble cast, which means I’m fortunate enough to have 1-2 days off a week while other characters film their work โ€ฆ so I get lots of time being a mom and I love that!

Courtesy Catherine Bell

ADAM: My hubby of 17 years!!! Very proud of that (especially in our sometimes crazy business). We’ve been together 19 years! Am I that old?! LOL.

He’s a screenwriter, which means he can work from anywhere, so I get to have him with me on location. Though I end up traveling a lot for work, so sometimes we have to juggle who stays home with the kids for shorter trips, or we all go together for longer trips.

He’s amazing! A very hands-on daddy. I’ve worked through both pregnancies and was back to work 2-3 months after each baby was born, so he’s probably actually changed more diapers than I have (and thatโ€™s a scary thought, because I know I’ve changed A LOT)!

Adam and I just did our first project together — Last Man Standing. He co-wrote it and I starred in and produced it. It’s a Bourne Identity-esque action movie for Lifetime that airs June 6th!

Gale Anne Hurd (the amazing producer of Terminator and Aliens, The Abyss, both Hulk movies, Walking Dead, etc etc!) executive produced it. What an experience working with her. Amazing. Very proud of the product!

I still canโ€™t believe the baby was 9 weeks old when we started filming that movie. That was the best incentive to keep working out and eating well while I was pregnant and right after. People ask me how I lost the baby weight: do an action movie where you’re in every scene nine weeks after baby!! No pressure! Ha!

Courtesy Catherine Bell

GEMMA: My beautiful, sweet 8-year-old girl. She is the best big sister. I’m so proud of her.

There was maybe a two week adjustment period where she wasn’t so sure about this new little creature that was getting SO much attention. Even though we did our best to give her equal amounts of attention … it was still different than being an only child for seven years!

BUT … after a couple weeks, she got used to that and became so sweet and protective and helpful.ย She’s like his second mommy! We are so lucky. She helps feed him and watch him … or sometimes just entertains herself while we have to take care of him.

For us, the age difference has been perfect. With work and travel, it was nice to enjoy just her and now to have the best little helper!

Courtesy Catherine Bell

RONAN: Our little boy! Born August 21 in Charleston S.C.! Yes, in the middle of Charleston’s hot and VERY humid summer. This L.A. girl had an interesting time being pregnant in that heat and humidity! BUT… it was all so worth it the second I laid eyes on him. Thick black hair and gorgeous blue eyes … what a combo. I was instantly in love. My “little man”.

The second baby has been a little easier. Maybe because you know what you’re getting into, or you’re more relaxed about it all โ€ฆ and it seems Ronan’s picked up on this because he’s pretty easy going.

I’m always amazed at how much of their personality you can see so early on. Ronan is a very “go with the flow” kind of guy. We’ve been having so much fun with him. His “boy” energy is very apparent. Inquisitive, wanting to grab (and eat!) everything. He looks at things like he wants to take them apart and try to put them back together. Cracks me up.

He loves to scoot around in his little car thing or do the “Marine crawl” on his belly, exploring the house and pulling everything off every shelf. We’re going to have our hands full when he starts to walk!

We’re also setting aside a fund for his FOOD. The boy can EAT! Anything and everything. He wants our food though we try to stick to our homemade baby food — organic veggies and fruits and meats, all pureed in the blender. Trying to stick to as much healthy stuff for as long as possible …

In between eating, we do a lot of cuddling! Him and his sister or with Mom and Dad. He’s so sweet. Loves to cuddle and caress my face while we read or have a bottle before bed or nap time. The best!

Courtesy Catherine Bell

As you can see, I love having another baby. It’s a lot of work for sure and having a second didnโ€™t double the work … it made it exponential! But man itโ€™s worth every second when you get a little smile from them. Or when you see the siblings sharing a sweet moment.

I have a journal for each child that I started when I was pregnant with them and I try to write some of those special moments in there when I can. Itโ€™s so fun to look back and remember the adorable things they did and said (you think you’ll remember but I’m always amazed that I don’t! Maybe itโ€™s the sleep deprivation…).

Well, hope youโ€™ve enjoyed getting to know my family a little bit. Looking forward to your thoughts and hearing about your families!


— Catherine Bell

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Karen F. on


Both your children are very cute. I went through with 2 of my four having a little jealousy problem. Our only daughter had hoped her first brother would be a girl. She wanted us to send him back to the hospital for the first 4 months. Our middle son was 4 when his younger brother was born and he was jealous for a while. They are survived and are grown.

Our daughter just had our first grandchild a daughter in April. We live overseas and don’t get to see her a lot in person, but Skype is great.

Jubellant on

So glad to see Catherine Bell here as a celebrity blogger. Welcome! Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

Congratulations on 17 yrs of marriage (and counting). What a beautiful loving family you have. Great journal idea to capture those special moments. Great photos too! You can feel the joy! ๐Ÿ™‚

KPR on

LOVE LOVE LOVE this new blog.

I am just recently pregnant and was really down for the count for a bit … nauseous and fatigue. I stumbled upon Army Wives on Netflix and have since went through all 4 seasons in about the time it took for me to get through my first trimester (sure helped the time go by when I was stuck on the couch!).

Needless to say …. I am officially obsessed and I just love it! Congrats to you and your beautiful family.

klutzy_girl on

Love Catherine! Her family is adorable, and she’s great in JAG and Army Wives.

I can’t believe season five of AW is almost over. This season went by fast, and I’m glad there’s going to be a sixth season!

faustine on

Gemma & Ronan are so cute! Congrats to you and Adam for your wonderful Family! LOVE that I saw & read :))) Way of Happiness forever<3

labouille51 on

Bravo for your Blog Catherine.Beautiful pics. Ronan is a beauty little boy. congrats to the Family Bell& Beason.

Susan B on

I have been a fan of yours from your days on JAG and I absolutely love watching you on Army Wives. You have a beautiful family – your babies are just precious!!! I have 3 boys myself and I absolutely understand where you are coming from about being a mom. Many many blessings to you and your family and I look forward to seeing more of your writings on here.

Becky on

Oh, those kids are soooo cute..I love Army Wives and think that Catherine is awesome..Congrats on having two beautiful children and for having such a great of luck to y’all and may you have many more years of wedded bliss..

kirsten on


I am a military wife and a HUGE fan of Army wives! I have 2 children too. A girl and a boy who are 5 years apart. I agree it is much easier the second time around.

With my first child I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for her to make her milestones, such as walking or talking. When my son was born, I was much more relaxed and patient. I wanted to enjoy every second of it since I knew from my experience with my first child how fast they grow and in a blink of an eye the baby stage is over. One thing I have learned though is that with children there is always something to look forward to. It is exciting seeing them accomplish something new no matter how old they get.

I wish you and your family all the best ! Enjoy every moment!

Shelly on

Thank you for the blog! Your children are absolutely beautiful. I love the fact that you relocated to Charleston, SC for your daughter, Gemma. The stability of family, school, friends is such a comfort for any child and y’all chose her first, that is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your family with us.

My family has been an avid fan of yours since Jag’s first showing and we watch every episode of Army Wives. You can see how much depth you pull out of the character “Denise” each season and this season is the best so far! Again, thank you for your talents and for sharing.

Julia R. on

Thank you for this article.
Your family is beautiful. Much love to you and yours ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

Sandy Cunniff on

I first became “acquainted” with you on JAG and would love to see an update on Harm and Mac! (maybe a made-for-tv movie??) Equally love watching you on Army Wives! There seems to be a real report with all the cast members. Now, am so excited to meet your family and hear first-hand details.

I have three grown children, two married sons (two grandchildren from each) and one daughter about to be married. My oldest granddaughter is graduating high school tonight! Time goes way, way too fast!!

Lynsey on

Big sister looks so much like her mother. What a beautiful family!

Belinda on

i think Gemma is going to be like her mother and become a MODEL.
She is very beautiful..

ConGrats Catherine and Adam.

Linda R on

Catherine you are an amazing gal. For years have provided us with wonderful entertainment, Jag, SSV, Army Wives, other TV and movies. yet you always seem so grounded and your family comes first. in you away from home tweets and FB you always seem to be thinking of family first. i totally respect that your really live your faith. God bless you and your beautiful family always. xo

Ewa on

though on different ends of the world and with different careers (i’m a lawyer) we seem to have a lot in common. my second kid, also a boy was born on august 22, 2011 and also has blue eyes and dark hair and his big sister, now 6, is also now the best helper. All the best!

Sarah S. on


Welcome to CBB! It’s so nice you are blogging here. I loved reading your 1st one about your lovely family. Gemma is so beautiful, just like you; and Ronan is such a handsome little guy. As my Persian husband would say, “kheili khosghel”…I know you are half-Persian. My half-Persian children (13 yr. old son and 10 yr. old daughter) are stunning just like yours.

My husband and I just celebrated 20 years of marriage on Tuesday (5/24) so congrats married a long time too! Looking forward to reading your next blog!

Marla on

Congratulations, Catherine! What a lovely family. Sounds like you and your husband make a great parenting team, which is so important when raising a family. You can’t put a price on being on the same page as your spouse. I commend you for laying down roots in S.C. so your daughter can have consistency both academically and socially.

Loved you and DJE on J*A*G! Keep up the good work and all the best to you and your family.

Camille on

You have a BEAUTIFUL family. Gemma & Ronan are SO cute !!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Congrats to you & Adam.

Thank you very much for sharing !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Big kisses at you & your family.
Love from France.

Tori Rock on

I adore watching you on Army Wives. You have a gorgeous family and I look forward to reading your blogs. As a mother of 4 myself and now a grandma to a 7 week old Micro-Preemie, the sweet moments are truly what life is about!!!

Marisa on


First I just want to say I love your show! I’m active duty in the Air Force and we used to live in Charleston, SC about 9 years ago.

Lived there for four years and hope to some day retire there as well. It is truly a wonderful place to raise a family and I miss it incredibly. I’m so glad you and your family have found it to be wonderful too. I had my babies in July 2002 and September 2006 in Charleston so I can really empathize with the heat and humidity factor during pregnancy there!

Thank you for your blog entries and your family is beautiful; best wishes!

Amy S. on

I love you on Army Wives, and I follow you on Facebook. I think it’s awesome that you’ve been with your hubby for 19 years, and you have such a beautiful family. Look forward to reading your blog and sharing in your life, thanks for sharing with us!!

elodie on

Thanks for this amazing article; What a cute family. It’s wonderful to see how proud you are of your family, we can feel all the love between you all. That’s incredible.

Take Care.

Theresa Reise on


cheryl on

I loved reading about y ou and your family and a lovely family they are. I also live in Charleston, SC and it makes me feel really great that as a native Charlestonian you selected our city as your residence, when you could live anywhere. It truly is a great place to live and raise a family. Like all places there are some bad things and areas to avoid but I still LOVE living here and I am 64 years old.

You are super in Army Wives and I never miss an episode………love that great show and cast and the fact you film here makes me extra proud all over again. Good luck to y ou and your family and the other cast members of your show and thank you for all the hours of enjoyment it brings to me and all my friends. We love having yall here.

Kim on

Catherine— I’m soooo super excited your the new baby blogger! I love seeing you in Army Wives and look forward to seeing all your future blogs! Your children are beautiful!!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Meghan on

Personally, I don’t agree with the little helper comment. As someone who did not get a sibling until I was 8, I loved them at first but once I hit my teen years and my siblings hit their toddler years I quickly turned into the babysitter. (and not necessarily by choice) So just make sure when she’s older you let her have her own life! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure it will be fine, that was just my personal experience.

Christine on


Wow what a refreshing blog!!! I’ve always loved you in Army Wives (I cried along with you when your son died, it was so emotional – my husband tried to console me by telling me it’s just a show…but he wouldn’t understand. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also loved you in the movies on the Hallmark Channel, where you played a ‘so called witch’:).

You have a beautiful family filled with love and joy. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I’m looking forward to many more. Keep it up and congrats!!!

rachel on

are you a scientologist? if so, why?

Corinne on

Thanks to share with us about you & your beautiful family. Gemma & Ronan are so cute.
And congratulations for your new blog : )

dwain harrington on

congrats to mom & dad on having a great family & being able to juggle careers & home life in unison . i’ve followed catherine’s career from the early years & seen her move to main stream cleb statues. i pray god’s continued blessing on all your endeavorers. your senior fan……..dwain

Bev Taylor on

Thank you Catherine for sharing your beautiful family with us it shows how you love being a mom and your children are just beautiful and happy in these great pictures

i have one son who i treasure each day as i call him my miracle baby after 2 miscarriages before he arrived he is called Matthew and he is 20yrs old this year but he will always be my baby LOL.Much love to you Adam Gemma and Ronan.

Take care Hugs from the UK.

Tara 70 on

Catherine you rock. I too was sick with the flu a few weeks ago and had never seen ARMY WIVES. I tested it out on Netflix and managed to get through all four seasons during the night hours (my 2 year old never sleeps so it helps pass the hours;). I am addicted and I do not watch any mainstream TV!!!

I loved your Good Witches Series as well. Ok about the blog, keep it going you are the best one PEOPLE has had in a LONG time.

Jane on

Hi, Catherine! Loved reading your post. You have such a beautiful family. Gemma looks just like you and Ronan is gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚ I absolutely adore ARMY WIVES. It is probably my favorite show and you are my favorite character on the show. I can’t wait to see your new movie on June 6th. Good luck and congratulations on all your wonderful life accomplishments! ๐Ÿ™‚

blahblahblah on

Wow – catherine – you are very beautiful without makeup – you also look angelic!

Charley on

What beautiful children she has! I am looking forward to her blog.

Jeff Price on

NIce first post. I am 3 years behind you, a husband of 16 years with 2 children(9 yr girl, 6 yr boy), plus 15 in the Army.

It is great to see how you are enjoying your family and your life. I really have enjoyed all of your work projects. You bring a great perspective and playfulness to your characters (especially the Good Witch, which caught me by surprise how much I enjoyed and miss.) I am looking forward to see what surprises you have in your new projects, and any other posts that definitely share that your life, filled with family, is rich indeed. Congratulations.

Marlene L. on

Thanks so much for sharing with us. So beautiful family… Congrats for this new blog =)

donna on

Catherine Bell, you are so beautiful. You have the perfect family and are so very lucky.

Your daughter is a cutie pie and your son is adorable.

I loved your series on the witch hallmark movies. You are drop dead gorgeous. Thank you for entertaining us with your talents.

ELC on

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. I enjoy watching you on Army Wives-you do a terrific job playing Denise.

B.J. on

Gemma and Ronan are great names! Love ’em both. Cute kids and also cute dog!

Melissa on

I am so happy Catherine is doing a blog, i love her as an actress. Here children are adorable and i love the name Gemma

Hea on

Such a beautiful family. So much love.

Fiona on

Excellent blog Catherine! What a wonderful family you have, your kids are gorgeous and seem very happy…thank you for sharing these personal pictures with us!

I look forward to reading your next blog! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anya on

Ms. Bell, welcome and thank you for the introduction article. I truly enjoy the show and really love the independence of each woman. All of them have a deep sense of love, determination and drive to succeed in their professional lives as well as their personal lives.

Thank you for sharing and many blessings,
Anya N. Burnett

Erin on

I am a Navy Wife and I was pregnant with our son during the very hot, humid Charleston, SC Heat! lol. I love how you have such a normal, loving home life, so different from most famous families! Kudos to you and your husband for putting your family first. I enjoy Army Wives, it is my favorite thing to do on a sunday night ๐Ÿ™‚

Brenda W. on

Catherine, been a fan since Jag. Now my favorite sunday night is Army Wifes. Your family is beautiful and look and sound very grounded. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Looking forward to the next blog. Thank You ….until next blog
Take Care and God Bless Brenda

blessedwithboys on

Hi Catherine!

I like you already…maybe it’s the “real” pics you choose to have accompany your blog (as opposed to another celeb blogger who stages all her shots with a pro photog! LOL).

Did you know a 9 mo doesn’t “need” pureed food? I love the homemade organic idea, did it myself, but if you google “baby led weaning” you’ll get lots of good info on the benefits of offering non-pureed food to babies.

Looking forward to reading more from you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Cathy T on

Catherine, I love your blog. It was so nice to get to see the whole family. I am a huge fan of yours. I own all the JAG DVD’s and I watch them over and over to the piont I know what each person is going to say next. Love Good Witch and now Army Wives. I have to wait till Monday and watch it online as I don’t have Lifetime on my basic cable. So glad they have them there. That show must me so much fun. Well anyway keep up the good work and you are so Blessed with a wonderful family.

jagawfan on

I am a huge fan of JAG (and AW too ! )and watching again and again JAG DVD’s. In Europe, we are waiting for the last season of JAG DVD and…a movie !!! Thanks for sharing your life. It is really amazing to read information about “reallycb”. God bless you and your family.

Keyshla on

Love that you now have a blog! I watched you on JAG as a little girl and Army Wives has now become one of my favorite shows! I recently moved to Spain – in the middle of Season 5 (ahhh! lol), but glad they are now showing it here! =) Cute names…mind sharing the story behind their names with us? Beautiful family, Best Wishes!


Tara on

I have to say I love Amry Wives now with child number 7 here I am back a couple seasons, I will rent them and catch up. I love your look and you always, always have the best hair!!!! Glad you are blogging!!!

Ana L on

Your children are adorable! I also have 2 that are seven years apart and to top it off my youngest was born on August 21st as well! My oldest is a boy and my little one is a girl ๐Ÿ™‚

Sara on

Thank you Catherine for sharing your beautiful family.

I love watching you act, and perform. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

My husband and I will have been married for 19 years this month(June)and I too have two children, a son who is 8 1/2 and a daughter who is 3.

Their age difference of 5 1/2 years definitely made it easier the second time around. My son is so loving towards his little sister, and those special moments, well just precious.
I like you idea about the journal, only wished I had done that for my two. I do take a lot of pictures though, and write down those special moments in our blog.

So glad to see you on here, looking forward to more wonderful posts and getting to know you and your family more.

Thank you again. I will be watching on Sundays for Army Wives.

loga6093 on

I love this woman! The happiness just glows from her, not to mention that she looks great. Her family looks wonderful and I can’t wait to read her blogs! I love her Witch movies for Hallmark(yeah, I know:))

Fran on

Catherine, you are amazing and your family adorable. I love you on Army Wives. Enjoy them while they are still young, because they grow so quickly. I know, my baby is turing 20 in a few months.

The best to you!

Janice Watson on

Thank you Catherine,for sharing your family with us. Congratulations on 17 years of marriage. You are so right, that is exceptional in your line of work and, really in these times. My husband and I have been married 48 years this coming October. We have four grown children, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren. We are so blessed. The children grow up so quickly, you have to enjoy every minute of their childhood. I am looking forward to “Last Man Standing”. I love everything you do!

Arlene on

Catherine- I’ve always admired you and your acting…Lifetime, Jag, etc. Looking forward to watching your new movie this pm on Lifetime. Your are so blessed to have such a beautiful family and so deserving of this. Enjoy!!!

Vicky Mabe on

Hello Catherine,
Just returned home for a short trip with my husband from Charleston SC. Beautiful, beautiful place. If it wasn’t for my grandchildren, I believe I would move there. However, love love love the “Army Wives” and I’m so hoping you continue shooting in Charleston and the show continues. It was actually due to the show that caught my interest in wanting to go to Charleston. If it wasn’t for that, I probably would never had went. My husband and I enjoyed a tour of the city on the horse and carriage. Hope to see you as well as Army Wives back on lifetime.

sharon Hoffman on

I think you have awsome family perfect. girl and a boy . I appreciate your Hallmark movies I can’t tell you how many time I have watched and waited for the( Good whitch) to come on.I hope you will seem as nice as you are in person as you are on tv.

c. vandeberg on

Catherine its so nice to see you on comes on twice a day your family pictures are very adorable. and it looks like you and your husband are great parents. I admire you as a person always so confident in how you produce your self in front of the cameras lots of luck to you and your family

Regina on

Catherine Bell you are a Beauty Why did you mess your mouth up they don’t fit your face now they Look awful ! Sorry but True

Katelyn schooley on

Hey Catherine I am katelyn Schooley , I am 12 I love all your show like The good witch and the movies and army wives. I am like a second nother to my little brother that what my parents say even know he makes me very angry I still love Hayden he is 3. This mite sound weird I some times know bad things or good thing are going to happen here I will explaine. One year we had a bad storm I New some thing was going to happen well I was right the sirens went off we had to go to the base ment, I live in michgan. Well hope you responds you my favorite actress plz text me back. Love katelyn Schooley.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜„

Lyn michael on

Your children are so adorable, what beautiful gifts! I have most everything you have been in, you are a great actress, I must say. You have such a soft soothing voice. Motherhood is the most important thing we do, I have written journals for all 4 of my daughters. My oldest is 39, then my middle daughter is 33, then my twin daughters are 30, and they are all beautiful women now. When I read my journals I cry and laugh, you will be so glad you took the time to keep a reminder of these years while your children are young. Enjoy….time flys so quickly!

Donna Horner on

Catherine, thank you for sharing about your family. you have been so blessed with 2 beautiful children. looking at the pictures of you children, they are just so cute. They are lucky to have such amazing parents.

I came from an abusive background, my parents neglected me i wast starved, and beaten by my mum. when i was born, and was the same for my 2 siblings. It got so bad living with them, that my 2 siblings and i ended up going to foster care. wen changed schools so many times, and went to different foster homes. but then found the right family. my siblings and i are now adopted. and i have a family of 5 brothers and 4 sisters. Im an auntie to 9 children. Most of my older siblings live over seas, so dont get to see each other much. so we skype, or have a family whatsapp group to help us stay connected.

anyways enough of my story, there is so much more i want to share with you but dont want to bore you. LOL
thanks again for sharing about your family.
God bless you all.
lots of love

Karen C on

Your children are so cute. I didn’t have any jealousy issues with my 4 children. My older daughter took to being very protective of her baby sister. Then I went 4 years and had a 3rd, so there was enough space between them. My only problem was that the only time I had alone with my son was during his 6am feeding. When he was 3 mos old I got pregnant again and had the most precious little boy. He too had dark hair and blue eyes. The boys are “Irish” twins and if you get the two of them together, no one get a word in edgewise. They finish each other’s sentences. Alas, they are all grown up. The boys are 37 & 38 and they all live in different states. I am currently raising my granddaughter and have since I delivered her. She is now 17. She is my “daughter.” I have three grandchildren which I don’t see anywhere near often enough. Since I was around babies all of my life, I didn’t have any fear issues. Further, I was spoiled. Not one of my children got up for 2am feedings. In fact, my youngest came home from the hospital and slept for 12 hrs. That did scare me.

Congratulations on your long marriage. Congratulations on your beautiful family.