Carla Bruni’s Maternity Style Debut: High Fashion!

05/27/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
KCSPresse/Splash News Online; Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Landov

After months of speculation, mom-to-be — and first lady of France — Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, 43, debuted her bump in some seriously chic outfits during this week’s G8 Summit in Deauville, France.

On May 26, the former supermodel, who is reportedly four months pregnant, wore a Chanel Haute Couture white tweed dress and black tweed jacket paired with bow-accented kitten heels to a luncheon she hosted for attending wives.

And later that evening, Bruni changed into a sleek black mini and T-strap sandals for a dinner date with husband French President Nicolas Sarkozy at Le Ciro’s, where the happy couple hosted President Barack Obama.

We can only wait to see how she puts a Parisian spin on pregnancy as the months go on!

TELL US: What do you think of the French first lady’s maternity style?

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Robin on

Elle est tellement jolie, on ne croit pas qu’elle ait 43 ans! She is so pretty, I can’t believe she’s 43!

Jennie on

She is so pretty & looks great, and she looks a lot like Ellen Pompeo to me as well!

Mira on

I think she has the typical plastic surgery look, which to me is quite unappealing.

Jen on

I think for some reason she looks like a younger version of Kate Middletons mother in the photo with the white dress!!!

I think she looks beautiful!

Peglete on

C’est Joli

Kate on

What is up with the low heels? She must not feel good in heels, but I’d rather see her in flats because they look so matronly with the clothes she’s picked out. I love the clothes, but they need heels to look fresh and young.

Peglete on

C’est Jolie!

Brooke on

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is gorgeous and so chic. I love her style.

amw on

carla has been a big lover of wearing flats, im actually surprised she chose a heel at all. her look is simple, sleek, and classic.

lulu on

High fashion = hot mama.

Susan on

Kate, I think Carla wears lower heels because she is already several inches taller than her husband and would really tower over him in high heels. I imagine lower heels are also more comfortable and easier to walk in for someone who is pregnant.

h on

sadly, the main reason she’s having a child now is because of the 2012 presidential election..

she’s so fake, if you look at her sister’s valeria, you’ll know why.

louise on

My my, the comments are catty here tonight.

Ms Bruni usually wears low heels as her husband isn’t very tall and she doesn’t want to tower over him. And many women find high heels hard to manage when pregnant- I usually wear heels but couldn’t do it when I was pregnant, it was too uncomfortable.

She has also long expressed a desire for a child- since her husband was elected in fact so I doubt she is having a child only because of the 2012 election.

Anyways, she looks very nice, and as a politician’s wife she is hardly likely to dress outrageously.

Crystal on

Maybe Carla’s pregnancy will rub off on Michelle (hint hint)!!! 🙂 CONGRATS to the couple!

@Jen- I totally agree!

@H- Hi Hater!! Glad you could join us on the blog!!!

diane on

for all of you who talk about her heels. she usually wear flats or very low because her husband is smaller. she used to wear much taller heels before she met him…he might have some issue.
she’s very cute in those outfits, yet still very flight attendant to me…

Nickle on

Her fashion looks nice traditional simple classic! Carla is securing media attention for sure as 2011 is the year of Celebrity having babies!

Pamela on

She is stunning and has always been very fashionable ..surprising no pictures of the Obamas along side with them..think this lady will outshine mrs o like she has done sooo many times previously…speaking of mrs o..I thought her dresses for her visit to England in dining with the queen..well you just do not bare shoulders and then wear bling galore..totally soo out of place..when will they learn ….

bevvie on

She looks very nice. And great comment, Louise. You summed everything up well.

Anonymous on

I like the dresses allot but she is NOT an attractive woman.

Mary on

Someone commented that they can’t BELIEVE she is 43- my god that is still young… ageism is alive and well I see!

Olivia on

43 and pregnant? Hmmm….someone is really pushing it.

doreen on

She wears low heels because she would be taller than her husband in her high heels!!!

rocknmovies on

She has to wear low heels because her husband is short!

Dee on

Uh 43 is not young. It’s not old either by any means, but I think people should really cut the 40 is the new 20 crap. Which I think is funny b/c if it was a pregnant 23 year old people would be saying she’s too young to have a child.

That said my grandmother had my dad when she was 46, so I say more power to Carla. I think she’s gorgeous and I wish her a very uneventful pregnancy and healthy baby.

Moonlighter on

I think she is beautiful…..has a great fashion sense….at least some first ladies know how to dress!

Amy on

I think it’s wise of her to wear low heels. High heels are not good for a pregnant woman to wear. It’s bad on the back,not to mention could be dangerous walking. She looks very chic and nice.

Danielle on

Low heels = CAN not, MUST not look taller than the dude.
Sad indeed !

Cecelia on

She looks beautiful!

Pamela, you must be incredibly bored and stretching to find topics to discuss. Thanks for the laugh!

Sarah N on

H – you are a nasty piece of work … she has said, time and time again that if nature was kind enough to give them a baby at her age, they would be blessed …

As for not looking like her sister, hence she’s had plastic surgery : she found out the person she thought was her dad really wasn’t. Therefore, they do not look like each other because they don’t share both parents. She may have had plastic surgery, I don’t know, but it’s not the sole reason why she doesn’t really look like Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi.

mary on

Pamela, ARGH! nuff said!

Melanie on

First of all: having a baby at almost 44(she) and 57(he) is sooo selfish! Can you imagine them at 60 and 70 with a teenager in the house?! Carlita did have nose job and face-lift several years ago;
she is 10 cms taller than her hubby, otherwise she’d wear high heels. She has always been elegant, classy.

Sara on

Too old! And Sarko is def too old!

Der Kaiser on

What is it with really old people having kids these days??!! The Prez is 56, Carla is 43! How can they possible cope with the rigours of raising a child? Don’t they realize that, at their child’s graduation, they will be 75 and 62, respectively? The age of every other child’s grandparents!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

ser on

I think that stupid americans think that anything a french woman wears is high fashion:)

Molly on

She looks great, and who cares about her age. I have to agree with the person who said if she was 23 people would be saying she was too young.

Anonymous on


Corinne on

She does look her age I*m sorry to say…grandma is having a baby!!!

Kit on

@Kate: What is up with the low heels? Um…have you ever been pregnant and actually listened to your doc? High heels are a nono. Even Mariah Carey, who had nothing but high heels in her wardrobe before pregnancy, bought and wore low heels in early pregnancy and flats in last 1/2. I think she looks chic and can’t wait to see what styles she pulls off as time goes on! If the smoothness of her skin comes from botox, we will know soon because they won’t do the redo’es on that while she’s pregnant. Personally I think, no matter what her age, she is beautiful!

Kit on

@Pamela: You are so right…I saw those pics of Mrs. O with the Queen…did she not ever listen and learn from how Buckingham denigrated Diana for wearing bare shoulders…especially in the presence of the Queen? Did she not listen to those in charge of protocol and dress appropriately instead of like she’s going to the prom or an inaugural ball where the only restrictions are see how much skin you can show off more than the next girl to flaunt it in their face…or like she is in the beauty contest/dress division? Mrs. O needs to get her head off the runway and think about respect when visiting heads of state…like every other head of state and spouse does. NO WONDER she didn’t get an invite to the wedding…they didn’t want her state of undress showing up and bringing the class down.

Gaby on

Open your mind, be fair and honest: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has always wanted another child, 43 is not too old, she is in great shape and very healthy, intelligent, emotionally balanced, and has the means to support her children. So why wouldn’t she have a child? Those of you who have heard interviews of her will agree that her elegance is not just in her clothing, she is a very classy woman. France is fortunate to have her as her First Lady. I wouldn’t and frankly couldn’t afford her style but it is and has always been impeccable!!

Denese on

She looks great. It’s so nice to see a pregnant woman dress with style, versus sloppy-floppy or in spandex with their stomach hanging out.

Mira on

ser, you nailed it

Toya on

Cluck, cluck, I honestly feel bad for people who seem to have horrible lives, where negative seems to be as normal as greeting someone. You don’t always have to be positive but it must absolutely suck to have a life where negativity seems to be a norm.

Gloria on

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous, May you hava a blessed birth.

Cecelia on

Ser, it doesn’t suprise me one bit that you’re ignorant enough to believe that everyone who comments on this website is American.

Laurel Guerrero on

C’est tres jolie! Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is an asset to her husband, as is Michelle Obama. They are the wives of President of the U.S.A. and Premier of la Belle France! In reality, they are equals to the Queen of England.

They all look so happy and I’m glad that they are all becoming great friends. The Obamas looked fabulous with the Queen – she looked rather serious as she is trying to mend a little faux pas for not inviting the Obamas to the royal wedding. Hopefully will pass the crown to William and Kate and save us all from Camilla!

They all seem to have impeccible manners, look happy, proud, and rather victorious even.
Best wishes to the Bruni’s for a wonderful event that will be fun to read about! Lighten up, folks – love trumps war!

Georgina on

Its kind of an joke on this side of the pond that Nicolas Sarkozy has “little man syndrome” and doesnt like being photographed next to people who are taller than him, hence Carla always wears flats! Being pregnant is a really good excuse now!

I dont think shes particulary chic, I just think shes better at taking advice about what to wear, that probably comes from being a model. Michelle seems to want to add her own style to what shes wearing, at least she has some flair, it would be really dull if we all wore just black or white. (And how comes when Angie Jolie does it shes dull)?

AND just FYI Laurel, there is no Queen of England, no one can oust Prince Charles from his turn on the throne, AND Queen Elizabeth II did not commit a faux pas in not inviting the Obamas to the wedding; 1)because she wasnt in charge of the invites and 2) as the Obamas do not know William nor Katherine, and as the wedding was not a state occasion, the Obamas should not and were not invited. There was no mistake made.

NiteNurse on

Why do some women have badies so late in life? It’s so unfair to a child to have an elderly parent just when it needs someone who can keep up with it’s busy needs. I have friends who are grandmas at her age.

Mensaman on

Mrs Obama looks like a 10 year old trying to dress up. Those clothes are ridiculous. She is about as clumsy as a cow in drag. Her belts get lost somewhere between her stomach and her boobs and then those stupid little jackets make her really resemble a man trying on his girlfriend’s clothes. Flaring skirts when out in the wind and no hat just makes her look ill at ease and ill prepared.

Carla Bruni has style and class – something that one HAS and does not ACQUIRE just because they have a bottomless clothing account as our First lady appears to have.

Somebody please help her dress like a grownup!!

british columbia on

in the old days before the pill ,many women had children well after their forties… we tend to forget that…..

Monica on

She is beautiful, classy and elegant. And she’s not french, she’s italian.
And it’s great that she’s having a baby over 40’s. She is a modern woman and doesn’t look like a grandma at all.

Crystal on

Mensaman- What a cruel and disrepectful thing to say about out First Lady. Luckily for ME, magazines such as Vogue, Instyle, Glamour and countless others disagree with you. I wonder why whatever she wears FLIES off the shelves within minutes of her wearing it???? It could be because…. ok not COULD…. it IS because she is a fashion icon in not only American culture but everywhere around the world. I’m sure your taste is much more Laura Bush. Demure and BORING!

Heather on

Frankly, a strike for women in low heels is very welcome. Thank goodness ONE prominent woman is willing to forgo the pain-for-“fashion” that is inflicted on women by shoe makers! Way to go!

marjorie on

Je déteste ces talons ridicules. Bravo pour Carla de porter des souliers avec des talons raisonnables, qui sont d’ailleurs très jolis aussi.

Que ce soit parce que son mari est plus petit qu’elle, ou que ce soit à cause de sa grossesse, ou pour une autre raison, je m’en fous.

Catca on

What is wrong with us women? It’s like we see a picture of another woman and we have to try to find something to criticize. Seriously, people are criticizing a pregnant woman for wearing low heels? Seriously???? Here’s a news flash – check out the pages of high fashion magazines, high end shops like prada, etc. Low flats are in style and are high fashion. Maybe not with a ball gown, but they are classy and most definitely stylish. And by the way, when you wear sky high heels, you do knock your entire body off alignment and it can cause foot, knee, hip and back problems over time. I know that and I still wear them and love them, but I wear low heels and flats as well and mix it up depending on the outfit and occasion. The low heels Ms. Bruni-Sarkozy is wearing is perfect with her outfits and for the occasion she wore them for (frankly the sky high heels would not be conservative enough for the state event she was attending) and she looks lovely.

amy on

she thinks she is the new jacqueline kennedy.

Gabrielle on

Catca, for the majority of women featured on this site, it’s a lose/lose situation once the claws come out. If she was wearing stilletos, some people would still bitch and say doing so could cause the baby harm, he/she will be born with five heads, etc.

I will say the select few who constantly look for the worst in every post must lead incredibly boring lives if they have to constantly dig for something to complain about.

Daniella on

I’m guessing that all the ladies commenting on her lack of high heels are fairly short in stature & do not have to worry about towering over 90% of the men in a room when wearing heels. Trust me, for those of us ladies over 5’8”, it can be rather frustrating & many of us prefer to wear heels as little as possible. I’m 5’11”, so if you put me in any type of heel, I’m well over 6’0” or even taller, usually making me one of the tallest or the tallest person in a room. Besides, the Carla Bruni is pregnant, let her dress for comfort for once & enjoy the time before the baby arrives.

Terri on

Pamela and Kit, why don’t you let Mrs. O worry about how she dresses? Neither of you will ever have to worry about what to wear when you meet the Queen because we know she would never lower herself to meet two nasty, catty creatures such as yourselves.

Terri on

Carla looks great. I love her shoes as well. I don’t know why people think you have to wear such high heels.

cara on

I think her maternity wear is gorgeous ! very flattering, understated and classy.

Susan on

I think she’s a tramp and a tepid singer – no matter how stylish you may think she is.

Sage on

Crystal and Terri well said!

Vi Mc. on

I think Carla looks beautiful, but I would have preferred to see her in a longer dress. The shoes are nice, but flats would have been safer for walking. Those stalletos [sp?] are no good for your feet, especially for a long period of time. Any doctor will tell you so.
I had a baby at 42, and felt great after giving birth.
The insults are not worth posting here. She doesn’t deserve them. She’s a nice lady, as was seen on a Larry King show.
Take a look in the mirror, and see if you look any better? I think not!! xoxoxo

MiB on

Honestly, she is not wearing high heels! They are probably 2 inches at the most. A friend of mine was actually recommended by her doctor to wear 1½-2″ heels to allieviate her back pain during pregnancy and the width of the heels doesn’t actually matter unless you’re not used to heels.

As for her age, during the late 40’s the average age for women to have their last child was 42, which would maker her spot on age wise.

Annie on

I think she looks adorable, happy and chic.

Floosiemagoo on

Ladies, ladies…

Let’s not feed into the frenzy of it all. Both MO and Ms. S are lovely women with style. It may not be your style, but it is their style. Let’s revel in it, positively, and not tear it down.

Personally, I think it’s nice to have a change. If we didn’t, women would still be wearing that garb from the 13th Century?? NOT! We are in the midst of change and MO has the right to “bare arms.” Carla, enjoy your baby.

Happy, Love, Joy and PEACE my dear sisters!