Ana Ortiz Expecting Second Child – a Boy!

05/27/2011 at 10:30 AM ET
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Ana Ortiz is thinking blue for baby number two!

The former Ugly Betty star and husband Noah Lebenzon are expecting their second child, the couple tell Latina.

“We know it’s a boy! [We] are trying to come up with some names that we can agree on,” Ortiz, 40, shares.

High on the list of contenders? Names that work in both English and Spanish, much like the one given to daughter Paloma Louise, 23 months.

“It has to be Spanish, but something non-speakers can pronounce without mauling,” Ortiz explains. “Suggestions? I’m open.”

Having just signed on for a role on HBO’s Hung, the actress reveals her pregnancy won’t be written into the storyline.

“They are shooting around it,” she reveals. “It’s been an interesting journey.”

— Anya Leon

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ForeverMoore on

How about Mateo? Pairs nicely with Paloma!

Brooklyn on

Forgive me if these names aren’t Spanish but I just looked them up online.

I like Joaquin, Orlando, Roman, Teo or Cristobal.

Anyways, congratulations to her!

H on

I was also going to say Mateo!

MissMel on

I guess it’s a pretty common name but I really like Mateo also. Another name I think is pretty cool is Diego.

Emily on

I really like Teo and I think its easy to pronounce as an English speaker.

Annie on

I’m in the same boat for my child’s middle name. I want something to honor the Latin heritage since the first and last name will be Anglo.

Brooke on

Mateo was my first suggestion as well. I also love:


maryb on

I like names that have the same spelling in English and Spanish like: Daniel, Julian, Adrian, Eric, Damian, Edgar, Elias, Eric, Fabian, Felix, Gabriel, Isaac, Israel, Ivan, Lucas, Martin, Noel, Omar, Oscar, Samuel, Saul Sebastian, and Victor.

Sandra on

Marco, Mateo, Cristian or Orlando.

I think ALL these are cute and easy to pronounce. And I think that they all go well with the name Paloma. 🙂

Congrats to Ana and Noah 🙂

MariaP on

I like Lucas, Diego, Fernando, Santiago, Leonardo ( Leo), Sebastian, David, Louis and so on

Rachel on

My 8 month old son’s name is Sebastian Thomas. I too wanted something English and be able to be pronounce it in Spanish as well. My husband’s grandfather from Durango, Mexico was Sebastian and my grandfather was Tomas. So I put them togehter, Sebastian Thomas in English or Sebastian Tomas in Spanish.

I love Mateo, Diego, Santiago, Joaguin, Benjamin…

Amber on

I really like Mateo and Joaquin!

Cara on

What about Angelo? When I worked in a daycare we had the cutest little boy named Angelo and I have always like that one. Plus it sounds good with Paloma.

zappo on

I like Fabian and Paolo, Angelo is also nice, as Cara suggested. All Spanish names that are easy to say in English, too.

Natalia on

As a Latin person it was very important for me to honor my heritage so I chose the name Mateo and it sounds great in English and I Spanish!

huh on

I have a Mateo too! See it’s very popular. Thankfully I haven’t heard it around these parts yet. Now I’m pregnant with my second also, and was considering Joaquin or Santiago if it was a boy, but just learned it’s a little girl. Now we’re looking for a girl name in Spanish that won’t get mauled, as Ana Ortiz says, lol, in English.

acorr on


Mimi on

We have an Adamo at home, I think that would sound great with Paloma 🙂

Bea on

I suggest Francisco, Gonzalo or Hugo. Congrats to Ana and her husband!

J.J. on

Mateo, Diego and Angelo are names I really like suggested by contributors..except Angelo is more bit Italianish than Spanish. How about Dominic? That’s one of the names I’m really fond of if I ever have a son. I think Paloma and Dominic sounds cute!

Niko on

I think Matteo is overused. Doesn’t Benjamin Bratt have a son named Matteo? What about Pablo? Diego? Or Felipe? Hmmm

Mia on

Gabriel is great.

Mirella on

What about Dario? Love this one!

Sydney on

I like Javier.

Angelo was a great suggestion too.

Toya on

Congratulations, she looks soooo young.

Catca on

I like Javier or Enrique. People of hispanic origin are pretty common in the U.S. where Ana lives so most of the spanish names won’t get butchered badly as people are pretty familiar with them. I know Enrique is supposed to have the “r” rolled which is hard for english speaking people, but it doesn’t sound bad to me without the “r” rolled, probably because I’m used to people not doing it when they say Enrique Iglesias’ name.

C on


I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter, also named Paloma, and Emilio was our number one choice if she would’ve been a boy.

My husband’s name is Joaquin. It’s funny to see it growing in popularity these days. We still encounter people who don’t know how to pronounce his name, so I don’t know if it really meets the “easy in English test.” Nine times out of ten, people call him “Jockwin.”

MissMel on

@C: It surprises me to hear that there are still people that can’t pronounce Joaquin. I feel like it’s becoming so much more common these days.

Susan Albert on

I like the name Javier. I think Paloma Louise is a beautiful name. Congrats to you and your family.

Kelly on

I like all of the other suggestions, but the name that instantly came to my mind was Hugo. I like Paloma paired with a 2-syllable name.

jessie on

I also like the names diego and also miguel, javier and alehandro

FC on

Whatever Ana decides to name her son, he’ll be a wonderful addition to her family. I’m sure, with Paloma, that I’ll want a clone of him for myself, lmao.

Many best wishes to Ana and her family. I’ll be looking forward to hearing more, much like I was when she was pregnant with little Paloma. 🙂

Bella Mama on

Santo, Gustavo, Pablo, Diego, Marcello, or Claudio..

Bella Mama on

Hugo is a great name too!!