BumpWatch: January Jones’s Purple Passion

05/26/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Peter Kramer/AP

Pretty in purple!

January Jones stylishly shows off her growing belly in a dress by Preen Wednesday at the New York premiere of her upcoming mutant movie, X-Men: First Class, out June 3.

“I haven’t [had any odd cravings] yet,” the expectant actress, 33, tells PEOPLE. “It’s a bummer. I wish I had something weird to tell.”

Jones, who stars as Betty on Mad Men, announced her pregnancy in April.

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Romy on

they say Matthew Vaughn is the father. It would be sad if it’s really true, since he is Claudia Schiffer’s husband. I hope it is someone else.

Romy on

on cdan he said he will reveal the father in his blind item reveals July 4 if it has not come out yet!

Silly Mama on

Yeah but CDAN is rumored to make up most of his blind items. I still think it’s Kevin Bacon but I truly hope not because he and Kyra make such a neat couple.

Anyway, her face looks totally different lately. I suspect she’s having a girl.

Ryann on

Im conviced its sudakis
Or maybe she doesnt ever know who so if she doesnt even know how on earth are we gonna know?

Megan on

You know i think it’s totally ridiculous that people in the media feel the need to “out” someone as being the father or dig into find out–honestly what business is it of theirs or anyones–she’s clearly stated she’s raising the baby as a single mother and that’s completely her prerogative. Clearly if either of them wanted us to know, they’d tell us–and again that would be their right to do or not to do…I think everyone should just be wishing January and her baby well and not so focused on digging around for secret fathers or speculating insane and i mean INSANE guesses on who it might be. And I am not talking about this site or anyone on it but i just mean on other sites and all these “rumors” honestly who cares…I hope January has a healthy baby who I’m sure will be gorgeous and loves motherhood as much as it clearly seems she’s going to =)

Indira on

There’s something really unappealing about this woman.

Stella Bella on

Indira, I can’t put my finger on it, but I know what you mean.

Hopefully, all the gossip about married men is just that- gossip. Since she hasn’t announced who the father is, maybe people are just making stuff up. I’m sure we’ve all known folks who do that in real life. :/

Romy on

I have never heard that about cdan. some of the blinds are his, and some he just copies and pastes. Who said they were fake? Plus if they were fake couldn’t the people sue after he reveals them? He’s had SO many reveals. Anyway, it was also on Eonline about Matthew Vaughn being the father. Her face DOES look very different!

A. on

@Indira and @Stella Bella I’m with you both!

Molly on

It really disgusts me that some people in her can be so judgemental on someone we don’t know. Yeah, she’s in the public eye, but it always seems like people make snide comments thinking she did something personal to them for some reason.

Lauren on

It’s true, she is very unappealing. There is just something SO ungrateful about her, so smug– just from reading interviews she’s done over the years and then watching her play that awful character on Mad Men, I don’t know how she can be likable.

SadieA on

Romy, if you really think about all of CDAN’s blinds, you’d realize how implausible it is that he would actually have any of the information he claims to have. Some of them are so personal, only one or two people in the world would know, and so humiliating that no one would ever tell anyone about it. There is no reason for him to have that information, especially not about so many different people.

Think of how many blinds he’s put out and how many different people he supposedly has dirt on in all of his years posting blind items, you really think he has all of that information about all of those people as an entertainment lawyer? It is insane that anyone takes him seriously, IMO.

I think people don’t sue because it’s just a blog, it’s not from a legitimate entertainment news source, like E! or a tabloid. People probably just don’t take him seriously and would rather not waste their time and money on his nonsense.

Katherine on

Maybe Josh Groban is the father! lol

Molly on

People who hate her seem to be jealous.Also, why post you hate someone? That’s pathetic

Molly on

@ The other Molly, she gets so much hate around here and it’s ridiculous. They hate her based on celebrity sites aka Perez Hilton. I thought most parents taught their kids to never believe gossip but apparently not all parents do that. I don’t believe most of the people attacking her are over 18 tbh

Nella on

I don’t know what it is about January, but she is odd to me. Not in a negative way, just odd. I don’t dislike her or absolutely like her either, So while I respect the other posters opinions, I don’t agree with the posters that said she’s unappealing. I don’t have a negative opinion of her, I am just not sure what I think about her, except that she’s different. To me being different is not bad, I have a feeling if I met her in life she would be like that, she doesn’t seem like most hollywood actresses to me.

As far as the baby daddy issue goes, I don’t think she owes it to the public to announce that to us, it’s between her and the baby’s father if he chooses to be in the baby’s life. Anyways, I wish her all the best with motherhood.

Sandra on

Indira and Stella Bella, agree!
Cannot put my finger on it either, don’t know her of course.

But anyways, congrats on the baby.

Nickle on

If a celebrity truly wanted privacy, they would change careers, like many other folks! January Jones and her lovers, whoever they may be, know what goes with the territory! I always feel sad for the child, who will be loved, but will have to be taught from early on about life’s unfairness due to the morals of their parents.

Molly on

I have to say that people have a right to their opinions, but some people in here, just have this total hatred towards January Jones. What did she do personally to you? I’d ask that question to people who post hateful posts to other expecting celebs like Natalie Portman.

I’ve only seen a few episodes of Mad Men and January seemed good, but I don’t know her personally and won’t comment about her character. I am guilty of reading Perez Hilton and other gossip websites, but it’s just for fun. Some people in here just think they were cheated on by her.

This website, to me, is just a fun site, but reading some of the comments doesn’t make it fun. And no, I’m not going to stop reading, but I wil comment if I don’t like what I’m reading.

Jillian on

I haven’t read one hateful comment. All I have read is people saying they don’t LIKE her. Why do people confuse this with hate? I don’t know her, but don’t like her acting. I think it’s rather boring. I certainly don’t hate her or any celebrity.

I have no problems talking about who the father of her child could be……if she didn’t want people to discuss, don’t make your like public. It IS possible. She is rumored to have been with multiple married men. Of course, I blame the men for cheating. I hope it’s not true, I happen to like their wives.

Molly, you act like you are her or her best friend and were betrayed by people. Celebs need to be thick skinned and not put themselves in situations in they can’t handle them. I am not going to feel bad for her or any celeb. She has made bad choices……..and that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Toya L. on

Yawn, She has been linked *not that all women sleep with every man that they are seen out on a date with* to several men and these eight are the names of just a few that are RUMORED to possibly being the father: Matthew Vaughn, Jason Sudeikis, Bobby Flay, Adrien Brody, Jeremy Piven, Brandon Davis, Jim Carrey, Josh Grobin and sadly the list of her “ALLEGED bedroom romps” goes on and on.

Out of just those eight, six are single. People do have the right to believe a RUMOR that her child’s father is married and I believe the RUMOR that he is single “the ex”.

On that note congratulations again January on YOUR child that YOU will be taking care of.

j on

There is a lot of rumors going around and accusing married men of fathering her child. I think it would be hilarious if the father was sperm donor #56789 down at the local sperm bank.

Tess on

She needs to hire a stylist.

Maggie on

Vaughn’s lawyer calls the rumors “an absolute lie”


Liz on

She just has a vibe of conceit about her, “smug” is a good word. She is very pretty, I will say that. Good luck to her and her child with….well, some guy.

Stella Bella on

j, I totally agree. 🙂

Molly on

Jillian, your comments are always ignorant.You must be proud. You’re also sexist. Do you forget you’re also a woman?

Molly on

Btw, Jillian why should anyone care what you think? You seem to spend all day and night on celebrity blogs.

Maddie on

I’m going to ignore almost all the negative comments and just say that she look really pretty in this picture.

Terri on

She looks beautiful.

Indira on

I don’t find her appealing. I’ve seen her on several magazine covers and even with the photoshop, I don’t find her beautiful or even pretty. I find her face homely and bland. Just super plain and on top of that her acting is mediocre. Recently, she’s been all over giving interviews and, she sounds very unappreciative/catty.

I don’t hate her or wish her ill, she’s just not my cup of tea.

Sidebar- She wasn’t an A list actress and, I really don’t think the public really cares who her baby daddy is. At all. Mad man is a popular show but, not that popular. I think her people wanted to generate interest in her using her pregnancy.