Review: iCandy Peach Stroller

05/26/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy iCandy

Having a baby is a ride of a lifetime and you need a stroller that can keep up.

Enter the iCandy Peach ($900), a sleek set of tot-friendly wheels that celebs including Elton John, Penélope Cruz, Jewel and more have already snapped up.

Want to know how it rides? Check out our review below:

Things We Like: Designed in the U.K., the iCandy Peach offers both forward and rear facing positioning so parents can interact with their baby while out and about. And when their wee one wears out, the seat easily adjusts into a lay flat position.

We also love that there’s ample storage space and an adjustable push bar. Plus, it folds up with ease and sports a strap that you can throw over your shoulder.

Things We Didn’t Like: The downside, however, is that you must first remove the actual seat before folding up the base, which gives you more to carry and would make it difficult to hold your baby while trying to store it.

And although it says it will hold a child up to 50 pounds, an average sized 3-year-old’s head will definitely hit the top of the canopy cover. However, it is removable if you’re okay with more sun exposure.

Moms & Babies Rating: Those caveats aside, the iCandy Peach is a fashionably smooth ride that is sure to make your adventures with the baby, well, just peachy.

Chelsea P. Gladden

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Katherine on

Wow, wish I could walk my son in those heels, that’s exactly what I feel like wearing when I take my son out for some fresh air.

Jen DC on

LOL @ Eduarda – I was just checking out the whole thing. Really, she’s wearing what appears to be a silk blouse and a dangly necklace… All I can think about is all the spit up and mushy food I wore on my shirts for 6 months+…

Tieraney on

Wow only $900? What a steal! *rolls eyes*

Anonymous on

I live in the UK and EVERYONE has this buggy! I had never seen it before in the US, but I just moved here. I think it’s less expensive here though.. $900?! WOW! The one advantage of this over other ones is the massive basket- I wish I had that! The Bee Plus has a small basket and doesn’t do much for carrying groceries!

BB on

Wow. That’s the most realistic mommy photo I’ve ever seen. Long hair down to pull, necklaces to pull off the neck, bracelets to pinch your arm when you pick up your 30lb toddler, flouncy blouse to pull down or spit up, spread mush on…heels to trip on any random toy on…yeah…not so realistic after all. I’m all about being an attractive mommy but I’m not about being tortured! lol

mary on

Hey, if you can afford this stroller than you can afford dry cleaning or just throw out those clothes and buy new ones!

Tess on

Do celebrities even use strollers? They always seem to be carrying the kids.

Laura on

900 dollars!? WHAT!? Absolutely not……….. Even if I WAS rich, I don’t even think it looks nice.

Indira on

If a stroller is gonna cost 900 big ones, I should like EVERYTHING about it. Also talk about realistic she’s using the stroller indoors XD

Ann Marie on

Celebrity kids are allowed to use those lower appendages us common folk call ‘legs’ only when they turn 7 or 8. Unless it is Angelina Jolie who reserves the right to carry her adolescents around.

$900 is how much I pay in rent every month.

T.U.M on

At BB….I have long hair and always wear it down… My son just turned 3 and never once has he pulled my hair (or my long necklaces)!!

As far as all the other comments go…who really wants to see a tired looking mom in sweats, who is covered in vomit, pushing a gorgeous stroller??? Not me. It’s an ad guys! It’s supposed to look glamorous, not realistic.

torgster on

Uh huh….we “need” $900 strollers to keep up with our babies…what an utterly stupid statement.

Cm on

Precisely, Indira! If I’m going to dish out 900 big ones, I’d better like EVERYTHING about it, too! Or, I’d have to have three arms-you know, one with which to carry my 27lb daughter, and two with which to remove the seat and fold the base. Also, my daughter would have to be shorter than average when she hits 50lbs, or sit hunched over with head-down, or otherwise be okay with exposure to cancer-causing sun rays and heat when the canopy’s removed. As we live in the usually sun-drenched Los Angeles, I am not okay with that!

This buggy looks nice but I’ll take my Valco Baby Tri-Mode EX with extra sunshade over it any day!

Sydney on

Ann Marie – Maddox is hardly an ‘adolescent’!

JM on

Ann Marie, you make yourself sound incredibly stupid. do you know what an adolescent is? maybe look it up, it could help you sound a little less stupid.

as for carrying a child, why do you care? seriously, what is it to you? seriously, why do you care if a parent carries their child? i mean SERIOUSLY! you sound like one of those weird, curtain twitching neighbours gossiping about other people’s business.

Ann Marie on

Sydney and JM, crack open a book and read about sarcasm. And reserving a right generally points to a behaviour or something in the future. Sometimes I wonder about the simplicity of some readers’ comprehension. A little more educational attainment may have remedied that.

Maria on

I have this, it is great!

just sayin' on

CM, ITA about the Valco. I have the single and the double and they are exceptional in terms of durability and functionality. The double is just as easy to push and navigate as the single.

I have to agree with some of the posters on the issue of price. Total waste of money – this stroller is a show piece and nothing more. If you are not a celebrity and need a kick a$$ stroller that does the job, get something rugged like Valco, Bob or Mountain Buggy.

samantha on

Why do ppl get so worked up over others comments on here? Geeezz!! Tolerance ppl! that’s why the world is the way it is…moving on..I do think 900 is a lot for a darn stroller! and yes the “mom’ in the ad is a marketing strategy, HELLO!!! Although I have seen moms who actually run around looking like this..I see one everyday and it’s ME!!

ChristineB on

I got this stroller at Ciconia and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s such a straightforward product to use, incredibly easy. True it’s pricey but we cut corners elsewhere (hello second hand baby clothes!!) and it was worth every penny!