Jessica Alba Gets Busy Planning Honor’s Third Birthday

05/25/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Brandon Todd/Splash News Online

Jessica Alba isn’t going to let a thing like lobbying Congress stop her from the important business of planning her daughter Honor‘s third birthday party.

As spokesperson for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition, the expectant actress has been on Capitol Hill this week, asking members of Congress to push forward a bill that would increase the safety of chemicals used in common household products.

But Honor, who turns 3 on June 7, still has Mom’s attention.

“I’ve been planning [her birthday party] from here,” Alba, 30, told PEOPLE in Washington. “She likes playing dress-up, so there’s definitely going to be a playing dress-up element to it.”

Getting dressed up was not on Alba’s mind when she vacationed in Mexico earlier this month. She was spotted in a bikini top and sarong, with her baby bump in full view. She didn’t think twice about the exposure because, well, she didn’t think anyone was looking.

“It’s the only thing that kind of fit!” Alba said, laughing. “And there was nobody around, except for photographers in boats, I guess. There was nobody around where I was.”

People will be watching for the return of Alba’s post-baby figure once her second child, due this fall, arrives. If good genes have anything to do with it, she’ll bounce back quickly.

“My grandmother was amazing,” Alba said. “She would go home in the clothes that she wore before she got pregnant with all five of her kids. It’s definitely good genetics, but she also worked through all of her pregnancies. Just being on your feet and moving probably helped.”

But body will have to come after baby. Alba has plenty of things to look forward to before the return of her fantastic figure — namely, having a newborn again.

“Aww…” she cooed at the prospect. “They’re little peanuts! They’re just the best. Their smell, and the cuddling! They’re so sweet.”

— Helin Jung

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Mariel on

Awwww, i’ll give everything to get pregnant again 😦

Marine on

This fall ??? are you kidding ? This baby will be born late july or maybe august but not later !

This woman is amazing, such a beautiful family !

America on

I am so sick of hearing about her. She just doesn’t seem like a pleasant person to be around. I feel like everytime I come to the site, she always pops up.

LaKesha on

@America, you don’t sound so pleasant yourself.

America on

Yeah well neither do you LaKesha, neither do you lol.

Poppy on

@ America – why do you waste your time commenting and reading about her if you dont find her interesting!!! makes one wonder…..

Molly on

America, Why whine about her? You sound like you’re butthurt because her life is in order while the only thing you do is troll on blogs like this one

Jillian on

Marine, really? I think fall for sure! She is small for even august.

Jenna on


I get the totaly opposite feeling about her. She’s always smiling and seems so positive when there are reports about her! She’s adorable

Kerry on

I think she is beautiful and her daughter is just as adorable. She truly looks happy and healthy. She also is probably having a great pregnancy. Not everyone who is pregnant is gripping the toilet bowl and looking awful.

Sunny on

Happy 3rd Birthday Honor!

Tess on

America – I don’t know if she’s pleasant or not, but I completely agree that she’s on this site all the time. Enough already, she’s not that famous. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I can’t name a single movie she’s ever been in.

Violet on

Not famous? Clearly she is famous as she IS on this site all the time. What constitutes famous to you?

I never understand all of the mean, negative comments towards people posters don’t even know.

Happy Birthday to Honor and congrats to the mom to be!

Aileen on

Tess: are you kidding???? I mean she’s not an “A list” actress but she’s definitely been in plenty of movies (and a TV show -Dark Angel) that are well known: both Fantastic 4 movies, Sin City, Good Luck Chuck, Little Fockers, Valentines Day, Love Guru, Into the Blue, Never Been Kissed…the list could go on.

Blissful on

Didn’t your mothers teach you if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all? Assholes. Get a damn life and stop being mean about others. You are what is wrong in the world. Judge, judge, judge. Shut up

Tess on

Violet – I said she’s not THAT famous.

Violet – Can’t the same be said for all the positive comments directed towards people we don’t know?

Aileen – I didn’t say she hadn’t been in a lot of movies. I said I can’t name one that she has been in. Of the ones you listed, I’ve only seen Valentine’s Day, and I fell asleep on the plane and don’t have a clue who she played in it.

Blissful – Does the name-calling fall under the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” rule, or is that exempt?

heather on

blissful – as you judge yourself. hypocrite.

Kami on

People really have nothing better to do than to sit around judging and fighting with people over the internet… its pretty amuzing but kind of pathetic.

Jocelyn on

@America – Completely agree with you. I usually wouldn’t judge someone I don’t know like this, but I can speak firsthand by saying I once was at a “Meet and Greet” event several years back. Let me say – she was NOT a pleasant person. I remember there being a fairly open gay couple there and Jessica giving a look of disgust while whispering something to her assistant and then giving them an autograph in a hurry. As for everyone else, she seemed to be quite the same. Not very smiley at all, straight-faced, kind of brushing people off. Now I know constantly being surrounded by fans can be annoying and frustrating for a celebrity (I understand that!), but brushing the gay couple off in disgust – that is just unacceptable. As a gay rights activist, I certainly can’t say I’m a big Jessica fan from what I’ve witnessed. Don’t mean to start a debate here, but the gay rights issue definitely hits home for me. I’m not a fan.

Bella Mama on

America I totally agree with you.. She has changed alot and is very smiley in her pics now, but in the past she always seemed so nasty.. I remember when she would get annoyed when people would call her “latina”.. Seeing her on here is getting old..

Bella Mama on

she totally isn’t a big time celebrity.. come on now..

Scarlet on

Aaww, she’s a lovely mom and human like the rest of us.