January Jones ‘Feeling Great’ About Pregnancy

05/25/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
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Expecting her first child in the fall, mom-to-be January Jones is experiencing a pain-free pregnancy.

“I feel great. I haven’t had any weird physical side effects,” Jones, 33, told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s New York press conference for her new movie X-Men: First Class. “I feel pretty lucky so far.”

Without any physical discomforts or any mood swings, the Mad Men star says she’s also not dealing with any odd cravings. “Everybody is asking that. I haven’t yet,” she says. “It’s a bummer. I wish I had something weird to tell.”

Jones — who is planning on raising her child as a single parent — is embracing her pregnancy experience and simply says she hopes that she will be a “good” mother.

— Paul Chi

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Jennifer on

Can’t figure her out. Love her on Mad Men….my favorite show. But, she seems so serious and intense. Congrats to her.

Mariel on

It is just me? Or she looks sad?

Valerie on

I don’t know- it does look like a sad expression, but if someone were taking pictures of me on random days, I would probably appear all sorts of ways- sad, crazy, happy, mad… just the expression that is caught at the moment! And I am a very happy person, it is just sometimes you are deep in thought or something and the camera catches that!

Barbra on

I’m not a fan of January Jones. I don’t think she’s that great of an actor. I also confused as to why we are complimenting her on a pregnancy that is rumored to have been conceived with a married man. I usually don’t believe gossip,but this I do. She seems kind of petty and into herself. Wasn’t she arrested not too long ago for dui? Hmm. I feel for her child. I also feel for the baby if it’s true that the father is a married man. That isn’t cool and we should not be celebrating this pregnancy.

Anne on

Nobody still knows who the father is. It doesn’t matter whether she used a sperm donor, whether it was her boyfriend, whether it was a one night stand or whether it was an affair with a married man. She doesn’t really have to share it. Whatever happened, she announced she is ready to embrace single-parenthood. It might as well be a decision made with the input from the baby’s father. Or she might have just decided to keep the baby. It is her body and her choice.

If the father didn’t want to have a baby, he should have been wise enough to take the necessary precautions. I don’t see why it should be treated as the wrong-doing of January Jones only. After all, if the father is married, he was the one who broke his marriage vow.

No matter how it happened, she got pregnant and decided to bring this child into the world. As for celebrating the pregnancy, every child deserves being celebrated since none of us get to pick our parents or determine our own conditions of conception.

I am not in her shoes, so I don’t think I have the right to judge her.

Olivia on

I didn’t have any strange cravings either when I was pregnant. I almost feel cheated I didn’t get to send my husband on an emergency craving run.

Molly on

Barbara, unless you know her personally, just stop. You sound delusional and immature.

Molly on

Btw, Barbra would you prefer it if she had an abortion?

Amanie on

@Barbra all children a blessing from GOD and should always be celebrated.
I’m not sure if she is full of herself but that usually changes when you have kids, it has to if she is raising the baby herself. Just my opinion…

Barbra on

I never said that children aren’t a blessing. I am pro-choice, but I am not one to chose an abortion for someone, that is their own personal choice. You people sound delusional. We are condoning her pregnancy that may have resulted from an extra-marrital affair. Read the papers people!

Yes. It’s her business. The fact remains that she has mentioned the pregnancy early and I am allowed to have an opinion just like the rest of you. Let’s not forget, you all have opinions and I have not always agreed with what you post either, but I don’t call you delusional. You really do need to get a grip. Unless you people know her personally as well, you cannot judgeme either.

Sri on

I agree with Barbra’s views. I’m pro-choice too. On the gossip sites, it’s rumored that the baby’s father is Matthew Vaughn, husband to Claudia Schiffer..father of 3…director of the new XMen movie, which January is on. True or not..I don’t know.
Mad Men is one of my fave shows. I wish January all the best in her pregnancy but if the rumor is true, I’m disappointed.

collete on

i don’t know january jones so my opinion is far from definitive. but something about her just doesn’t click for me. it’s easy to associate someone with their most memorable character, so i don’t know if it’s betty draper’s icy cold persona that’s coming across. but in pictures and interviews january never seems to radiate any warmth. she’s graceful and poised but i can’t imagine she’s the loveliest girl in the world.

Tess on

Barbra – very intelligent posts.

Jay on

it actually just came out on a few gossip sites that yes, the baby daddy is very married Matthew Vaughn (hubby to claudia schiffer). Way to go January. If he was going cheat, he was going to cheat. You couldve been the one to say no.

Imoverit on

Another sinle celebrity raising a child on her own… Novel idea. And if rumor is true about a married man fathering her child, disgusting. No wonder she looks sad, she must have no self esteem.

I’m not sure why on this blog, peole attack others, viciously. Didn’t Barbara have a right to her opinion? That’s why these comments are open. Not for a bunch of obsessed people commenting on babies they do not now or will ever, know.

Mia on

I hope that’s not true–and whether it is–or isn’t–things happen, but nobody looks forward/wants to be a single parent.

Anonymous on

it’s a *rumour* people…..

Mariel on

You ladies………………….closed mindsssssssssssssss……. suckssssssssss

dsfg on

I also confused as to why we are complimenting her on a pregnancy that is rumored to have been conceived with a married man.”

Key word: RUMOR

I’m confused when you think we SHOULD congratulate someone. Should it only be when you approve of the father? Should it only be when the parents are married to each other? Should it only be when the parents are a certain age? Should it only be when the parents have a job, own a home, etc.? Sorry, but hardly anyone is born under “perfect” circumstances.

“I also feel for the baby if it’s true that the father is a married man. That isn’t cool and we should not be celebrating this pregnancy.”

So we should punish the child and not celebrate because you THINK due to GOSSIP that there is a chance the child may have been conceived during an extramarital affair? It doesn’t sound like you feel for the baby at all. The only reason I see that baby could suffer due to the circumstances of his birth is because of people like you.

Barbara, you are entitled to your opinion, but so am I: I don’t know anything about January Jones, so I’m not going to comment on her, but I think that YOU, based on your comments on here, are extremely judgemental, presumptive, and perhaps a bit “slow” (sorry, but intelligent people don’t believe gossip they read on an entertainment blog about people they don’t even know).

dsfg on

“We are condoning her pregnancy that may have resulted from an extra-marrital affair.”

People on this site are also condoning a pregnancy that may have resulted from a sperm donor, a pregnancy that may have resulted from rape, a pregnancy that may have resulted from a consentual relationship with two single people.

Mary-Anne on

“People on this site are also condoning a pregnancy that may have resulted from a sperm donor, a pregnancy that may have resulted from rape, a pregnancy that may have resulted from a consentual relationship with two single people.”

Whoa…have I missed something? @dsfg….would you mind posting who you are speaking about in the above post? I visit this site often and have no clue who’s pregnancies may have resulted from a sperm doner or a rape.

Cecelia on

Regardless of the situation, a child is being born and January seems delighted to welcome her son or daughter into the world. For that, I say congratulations. Everything else at this point is heresay. Until January or the father, himself, steps forward to make a statement, I’m not gullible enough to believe every heading that graces a cheap, gossip magazine. Their incentive, afterall, is to make money.

Besides, even if this child was a product of an affair, are posters supposed to state how unhappy they are to see her pregnancy progressing well and how they wish the worst for her and her child? Regardless of the scenario, that child is innocent and, since January decided to continue with the pregnancy, should be welcomed with open arms.

Mia on

I highly doubt it’s from a rape….it would have been reported/info would have been released.

Jemma on

I agree with Barabara too. No matter whether you love January or not, everyone in some way is speculating or being curious, regardless of how happy they are for her. No one is saying that she shouldnt have the baby, obviously a baby is a blessing no matter what.

Anne on

As long as it’s not by someone else’s husband, which she seems to involve in her problems.

Mira on

dsfg, your posts are incoherent and I get a sense that you don’t know what the word condone means. Condone means to tolerate/excuse a person’s reprehensible behavior. Becoming pregnant through rape is not reprehensible behavior, so there’s no need to “condone” it. Oh well.

In any case, I agree that Barbra’s posts are intelligent and I fully agree with her. I have nothing to add.

Devon on

In regards to the rumours of her baby daddy, where there is smoke there is fire. There is more than one report that it’s Matthew Vaughn. Here is a blind item: http://blindgossip.com/?p=28974 and here is another report about it: http://www.thedaily.com/page/2011/05/18/051811-gossip-january-jones/

It’s really doesn’t matter who the father since the deed is done but by her omitting the information, people are going to want to find out. Curiosity is a motherf*cker. She would have had to know that by not saying ANYTHING about who the father is that it was going to invite speculation. This is why actors have publicists and managers – to manage information and tell them when to stop being an idiot. They aren’t dumb. It’s hard not to wonder since she’s been playing the field so to say in the last 6 or 8 months. I don’t men actually being with loads but she’s been linked to a few men. In order to avoid these questions, she could have just said that the father prefers to stay out of the press or something like that even if it wasn’t true to get people to perhaps back off a little bit. It might not work but at least it’s something.

Alyssa on

Why is it anyone’s business who the father is? She’s having a child and she seems to very happy about that. And for the person who said she looks sad: do you always smile at every single picture you’re in? A paparazzi took a candid photo; she obviously wasn’t aware.

Molly on

I was right Barbra, you are delusional and don’t deserve any respect.

Helena on

Mia- Yes, there are people who DO look forward to being a single parent. Not everyone wants – or gets – the marriage with 2.5 children and the white picket fence. Close-minded much?

Toya L. on

Again Congratulations to her I believe the RUMOR that it’s her ex’s, either way she seems to be at peace with her decision to raise it as a single mother. She may look sad because every man that she has ever breathed next to is rumored to be her child’s father.