Spotted: Travis Barker’s Billboard Babies

05/24/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Looks like they’ve perfected Dad’s rock star stare!

Travis Barker poses with children Atiana Cecelia, 12, Landon Asher, 7½, and Alabama Luella, 5, on Sunday at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Landon and Alabama are the Blink-182 drummer’s kids with ex-wife Shanna Moakler, while Atiana is Moakler’s daughter with boxer Oscar De La Hoya, who entered rehab over the weekend.

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At preshow Backstage Creations event – Mark Sullivan/WireImage

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TC on

I love the fact that he’s stepping up to the plate and being a father to Atiana, certainly he didn’t have to but he’s showed the world what a great man and father he is. My hats off to you Travis.

Ashley on

In the second picture Landon is wearing a Blink 182 shirt! Awesome! 🙂

I am also very happy with how Travis how really taken on as a father for Atiana. It’s clear that he is still very involved with her and it’s wonderful.

micaki on

I agree, Travis seems to be a stand up guy. You always see him in photos w/ his children (including Atiana). Glad is is doing okay after the plane crash. Things happen for a reason & he is doing a great job of parenting 3 gorgeous children. All the best to them all!

Brooke on

Travis – major points for you!!! I love that you made Atiana your daughter when you married Shanna, and then haven’t forgotten about her (Ahem – Halle Berry coughcough)

nelly on

Love his relationship with Atiana very respectable man for taking on another man’s child, loving and caring for said child unselfishly …

Jen DC on

It is amazing how closely Landon resembles his dad! I still can’t figure out which one Alabama really resembles. Her mom? Atiana is all Oscar; good thing he makes a pretty girl as well as a handsome man. 😀

@ Brooke: Halle Berry’s relationship with her stepdaughter is still there (at least according to eOnline). But unlike Atiana, India Benet is nearly 20 years old – with her own life, college studies etc. Plus, given that Halle Berry accused Eric Benet of having a sex addiction, maintaining a close (and necessarily public given Berry’s fame) personal relationship must have been difficult. Furthermore, Eric Benet remarried last year… Talk about torn loyalties! Basically, nicely: Lay off. Just because there’s little photographic evidence doesn’t mean the relationship hasn’t been maintained.

Allison J on

I love Travis Barker! It is so great that he continues to spend time with Atiana. Those kids are so cute, and Travis looks like a proud Papa to all three of them.

Nanny_Emma on

So cute! Love how Travis is all about his kids or his ”humans” as he says on twitter.

B.J. on

🙂 Good guy, that Travis! I like how all of the kids resemble each other, even if Atiana is their half-sister.

ELO on

Super cute family.

Erika on

He seems like such an involved father and I think that it is great that he is still involved in Atiana’s life. The girls are both beautiful and I love how they are dressed. Landon has such beautiful features- his eyes just seem to pop!

Melanie on

@Jen DC, from what I’ve heard, Halle Berry is not and has not maintained a relationship with India. She did for a few months after the divorce but that was it. From the article I read, this is straight from both Eric and India’s mouths. Of course, it could be wrong…but, for some reason, I doubt it 🙂

As for Travis, Atiana is ALWAYS with him–he really is a standup guy and people (not just Halle Berry) could do with a lesson from him!

Shannon on


Jen DC on

@ Melanie: Gossip sites are gossip sites, and who can verify how this was actually sourced. Here’s the link to the 2010 eOnline article that states that Halle Berry maintained (can’t speak past the date of the article) a “close relationship” with India Benet:

@ BJ: I think Alabama and Atiana have the same shaped head and the same nose! And Landon and Alabama have the same eyes. But man, Landon got Travis’ eyebrows. They look like sweet kids.

Nella on

All of the kids are adorable and they’ve all gotten so big! It seems like yesterday Landon and Alabama were babies! I think Travis is a great man, especially for staying close to Atiana and being there for her and including her as one of his children, not every man can do such a thing, especially after they’re no longer with the child’s mother. So I applaud him for that! He seems like a loving father.

Melissa on

I never thought Travis or Shanna were that good looking, but wow they make some gorgeous kids!

Love how Atiana is always included in things like this. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of Travis with just Alabama and Landon.

LisaS on

Now THAT’S an amazing man and father. It’s just so heart-warming to see a man (or woman) continuing to be a loving parent to the child of a former spouse. Those children are very lucky to have Travis for a father.

NikNak on

From what I read Halle Berry voluntarily paid Eric child support for India. I might take from that she has some sort of relationship with the girl. Who readily gives up money each month just to never see the child?

Marsha on

That right there is a true man. I love seeing dads who are so involved with his kids. And to see how the kids react to him (always holding hands or hugging). He seems to be an amazing dad. I prefer to call him a dad because any sperm donor can be a “father” but it takes a special man to be a dad and Travis is truly a dad.

Shelley on

He is such a class act, guys take a lesson!

momma23 on

Anyone know who Alabama is wearing. GORGEOUS dress.

Traci on

Travis – UROCK!!!

Traci on

Landon and Alabama both look just like Travis.

What a awesome daddy!

Jillian on

Jen DC, You do know that eOnline and Entertainment News also reports a lot of gossip. They don’t only report facts. This is actually the description of their site, “The source for entertainment news, celebrity gossip and pictures.”

Melanie, I also read an article that was from Eric or India saying that she doesn’t have a relationship with her anymore. The article said she has a good relationship with his new fiance.

Annie on

I just want to reiterate what everyone is saying. I am impressed I am with this guy, he always has Atiana when his has his bio children with him. Really, incredibly cool.

Anne on

Kudos to Travis for keeping Atiana in his life. He never officially adopted her and I think Atiana still calls Oscar de la Hoya as her “dad.”

Travis could have easily excluded her from his time with Landon and Alabama, but he didn’t. Even when he and Shanna were arguing via press, he kept on spending time with Atiana. This is not an easy thing to do. I truly admire him for that.

Sus on

Travis looks like an amazing father and stepfather! Beautiful children! I love the 2nd picture best…the kids look happier 🙂

dsfg on

Anne, why would Travis adopt her? Did Oscar abandon her?

Melanie on

Thank you Jillian! We must have read the same article 🙂

Carla on

I remember watching their show on MTV when Landon was just a baby, he was adorable then and still is. I always loved his name and when I found out I was having a boy I chose the same one, different middle name though. Anyhow, great to see Travis being a great dad to those adorable kids, seems like a great guy, although do you notice we dont see Shanna with them to much, maybe its just a coincidence but still seems wierd.