Rebecca Romijn Reveals Twins’ Reaction to the Royal Wedding

05/23/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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Nature or nurture? Rebecca Romijn seems to vote nature when it comes to fraternal twin daughters Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose.

“It’s just like a crazy social experiment where you have these two people who were born on the same day, who have been raised in identical upbringings in the same bedroom and they could not be more different as people,” the actress says during Wednesday’s Rachael Ray Show.

“People are just born how they are born and there’s nothing you can do to change that.”

Case in point? When Romijn, 38, and husband Jerry O’Connell sat their 2-year-old girls down to watch the royal wedding last month, the twins’ response to the glitz and glamour proved to be exactly what their parents expected.

“Their reactions to it could not have been more polar opposite. Charlie is going, ‘Princess, princess, princess,’ with starry eyes and Dolly was running out of the room going, ‘No, no, no!'” Romijn laughs. “Charlie, since she was a baby, if I get dressed up for something, she’s the one who looks me up head to toe, checks out my shoes, takes it all in. Dolly’s never noticed.”

While her sister places her focus on fashion and all things girlie, Romijn reveals that Dolly has become the family’s little daredevil. “[She’s like,] ‘Where is a giant piece of furniture I can stand on top of and almost die?'” says Romijn.

“I feel like we’re getting through the death watch period where they might almost die, but hopefully we’re going to start communicating and explain why you can’t stand on that really tall piece of furniture.”

As for the family disciplinarian, Romijn admits she wears the hat well as O’Connell — who she lovingly calls a “softie” — is idolized by the girls. “They’re in this little girl like ‘Daddy is a rockstar’ [phase]. He walks into the room [and] they’re like, ‘Daddy! Daddy, daddy, daddy!” she says.

Yet it is O’Connell — and not Romijn — who has faced the fears of taking Charlie and Dolly out on the town alone. While the doting dad has no qualms about venturing out with his daughters, Romijn admits her on-the-go girls can run — very fast.

“They’re at this age where they run off in opposite directions from one another, so I’m still not really brave enough to take them out alone by myself because you can’t run in two directions,” she explains. “So if you’re in the middle of the parking lot and they both just drop dead weight … Jerry’s big enough, he’s brave enough, to scoop down and pick them both up, but they’re getting to be big people!”

— Anya Leon

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kalebsmummy on

odd how the baby daughter with the more girly name seems to be less girly than Charlie which isnt that girly lol.

Vicky on

Sha can’t take her kids out alone? Hmm kinda weird…granted toddlers can be daunting…I can’t imagine how two might be. But I believe it has a can be done. I know two single mom’s with twins and they are out and about. If she is the ‘disciplinarian’ in the house i would think handling the girls would easy for her.

B.J. on

I was thinking the same thing, kaleb’smummy! You just can’t predict what a kid is growing to grow up to be like.

sloanesmomma on

I named my baby girl Charliee then 4 weeks later decided to change it to Sloanebut I still like Charliee just not for my little baby girl didnt fit her! Sloane is totally her its a cute baby girl name!!

Shaye on

I too giggled at the fact that Dolly is a girly name yet she’s not girly and Charlie is not as feminine yet she’s the girly one. Too cute! I get where she’s coming from about the concern that the kids will run two different directions. I imagine the fear is heightened given she’s a celebrity. While the possibility may be far fetched, there may be extra concern that someone would want to kidnap one of the girls. Or the other factor being the paparazzi, I imagine it would be harder to catch up to one if they ran with the crowd of paparazzi.

Sarah M. on

I sit periodically for a family with twins that just turned 3. Their former nanny took them and her daughter (about 1 1/2 younger than the twins) out all the time. Dad takes them out all the time. I do sometimes when I watch them. From what I hear, their mom has never taken both girls out by herself! They are their first and only kids, so I think she’s just scared of something happening, even though neither girl is a runner. But she doesn’t have to worry about the paps, though, so I could entirely see Rebecca’s worry!!

They are super cute girls. I LOVE how Jerry always seems to act with/towards them, and how he always talks about them. You can tell they are loved!!

Twin Mom on

I have 2 year old boy/girl twins and they are polar opposites as well. I know you expect that with boys and girls but she’s the daredevil while he’s the quiet and reserved one. I expected the opposite!

As far as taking them out by yourself, it requires practice, practice, practice. My twins know the routine and they’ve never run off. They actually like to go run errands with me and do extremely well with the constant flow of getting in and out of the car.

meme on

I agree that you have to take them out from early on, so they get use to it and know how to behave. My SIL will still not take her only child, a 5 year old out. I am not kidding, she NEVER takes her out alone.

plannbb on

This was one of the few times that I actually stopped to read a celebrity baby story that had nothing to do with a birth or controversy. Very cute read.

Kelly on

do people use strollers anymore?? Seriously…my kids (18 months apart)…were always out with me by myself…I had them in a twin stroller most of the time..except at the park or sometimes at the mall I would let my oldest walk alongside the stroller…it really isn’t that hard…I guess with celebrities it might be more daunting because of the paparazzi too, but Jerry seems to take it in do many others (Marcia Cross or SJP for example). Idk..I get the feeling Rebecca is kinda “scared” to take them out alone! When you have no choice (like most normal non celeb parents)…you just do it!

Dawn on

She couldn’t have explained fraternal twins better! I feel relieved that I’m not the only one who is afraid to take their 2 year old twins out alone!

Dee on

Firstly, where on earth does this presumption that any two human beings should be the same come from – it’s weird! Secondly, who the hell sits two years old down to watch a wedding, Royal or otherwise – also weird!

MiB on

I think twins are sometimes different from other children the same age, I thought it was a myth until I started working with young children, but now I know better from experience. I have both worked in day care/kindergarten and as a nanny, and I have noticed that many twins go through a phase (usually between 1.5 and 2.5 years of age) where they both suddenly dart into two different directions at the same time. So where as I have never been afraid of taking 4 2 year olds out by myself, I have sometimes been scared to take 2 year old twins out by myself when they go through that phase, especially if one or both are dare devils.

Using a stroller isn’t always practical; I babysat one set of darting twins who lived in a walk up 1 block from a fenced playground, and it was a pain to get the stroller out the door, unfold it and get the kids into the stroller, not to mention that you had to keep track of them while you did it, so I usually took them to the park by foot once they were big enough to walk, but boy did I wish for a third hand to open the gate for me when we got there or the door when we got home again. Luckily they will grow out of that phase as well, eventually…

Jenn on

I’m glad they are letting Dolly be herself and not forcing her to be “girly” when it’s really not her thing. So many parents of girls try to make them into something they’re not and treat them like living dolls instead of people.

Natalie on

I guess people who do not have wild toddlers would never understand why she is afraid to take them both out. I do not have twins, but have a very wild 2,5 year old. And I worry every time when we are in parking lots/malls/department stores/grocery stores because she thinks running away is fun. She, too, is fearless, climbs on top of very tall objects and just leaps into swimming pool, even though she can’t swim. It has to do more with personalities, not upbringing or your personal parenting skills.

Jodi on

“I named my baby girl Charliee then 4 weeks later decided to change it to Sloanebut I still like Charliee just not for my little baby girl didnt fit her! Sloane is totally her its a cute baby girl name!!”

You should of not changed the name, Sloane, not cute at all.

JM on

yeah not a fan of the name Sloane at all, sorry. just my opinion, i know it doesn’t matter, i just find it interesting to hear people’s opinions on names.

the girls sound like cuties, but yeah in my experience twins are rarely similar, let alone the same, in personality.

vlamommy on

I’ve always loved the name Sloane 🙂 To each his/her own. Dolly & Charlie are such little cutie pies! Love their unique personalities.

Laura on

@sloanesmomma thanks for that info…?

Anyway, I’ve been wondering what Charlie’s and Dolly’s opinions were regarding the royal wedding so I’m thrilled they have finally been revealed haha!!

Joking aside, it really was a cute article. I like that Rebecca tells it like it is- toddlerhood is definitely not a bed of roses! She always seems to be very honest in her interviews; she was open about her fertility struggle, her body afterwards, etc. To me, that garners a lot more respect and admiration than other celebs trying to paint these pictures of perfection. 🙂

Taylor on

Why would you make your two year olds watch the Royal Wedding? There’s no point in it AT ALL, it’s not like they understand what’s happening!

sloanesmomma on

Oh I think Sloane is such a classy Ralph Laurenish name…I thinks its a surname…I can see how it would be hard to name your own child Charlie if its a girl becus its cute but a little boyish! Boy names are cute though in the end!

kimB on

Taylor, I am sure it was more of a moment where Rebecca wanted to watch the wedding on tv and her girls watched along. It won’t have been where she actually sat her kids down and forced them to watch the entire wedding broadcast. 🙂

ecl on

God, some of you are so mean. Who cares if you don’t like the name Sloane? No purpose in saying it except to be mean. It makes me wonder how many of the people I think are nice are actually the ones saying nasty things to people on the computer. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face then don’t say it here. I am not against dissent, but I am against using dissent as an excuse for nastiness.

Shannon on

She can’t go out alone with her own children? I find that very strange. I used to babysit 2-3 toddlers at a time and we always did things outside. I never had any issues. *shrugs*

Kaye on

Sloanesmomma, I was a little shocked when I read your comment, it read – Sloanebut – which I pronounced sloan-ee-butt, and after some of the names we have seen from some celebrities I had a moment for a split second where I thought that was her name! Ah, sleep deprivation. I think Sloane is a lovely name, certainly not very common and would not be liked by everyone. I’m glad you like it, and as it is with everyone, that’s all that really matters.

I do love this couple. They really seem to enjoy their kids, without being unrealistic about it and saying its all wonderful all of the time. I imagine twins aren’t really twice the difficulty but exponential. Best of luck to them.

sloanesmomma on

I don’t know why I made the comment…wish I didn’t because I forgot how people criticize. Ill admit i am little sensitive to mean comments. I actually think I named my daughter Charliee on her birth certificate because of influence from my family/friends and i liked it but always like Sloane better and then I couldn’t bare calling her Charliee although Im not saying I don’t like it…i think its cute just not for my daughter…ANYway this conversation is over thank you to the nice people on here!!

Sydney on

I quite like Sloane as a name, but could never use it over here in the UK as it has a very derogatory meaning.

Jenn on

My oldest kids are 16 months apart and I have always taken them out. It’s not always easy but Mom and babies need to get out at least a little.

Meghan on

I think everyone is taking this too literally. She’s just chatting and joking with Rachael. The text of someone’s quote always comes across very differently than the way they actually said it. That’s why I like to watch the interview because it usually makes more sense.

Anyways, I totally love them! One of my favorite celeb families. Their girls are adorable, but I definitely think they try to keep them out of the spotlight which is good.

Helen on

My two year old watched the Royal Wedding because I had it on and she was in the same room as me. Now whenever she sees a picture of Kate Middleton in the paper or a magazine she points out “the lady from the wedding”. Same for the Queen on banknotes!

Imoverit on

That’s why I officially will not look at comments ever again. Someone always has to act up and be mean. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all. I agree that some of these mean comments wouldn’t be said if someone wasn’t hiding behind their computer.

T. L. on

Geeeez, it never ceases to amaze me at how critical you moms are when it comes to commenting on this cite!!!
So what if she let HER babies watch the Royal Wedding!!! Who cares if SHE feels like she can’t take em’ out alone. Kids are HARD work!!!! I only have one (who’s 8yrs old now), but at that age taking her out was like going to war & a lot of times I too was afraid at how she’d behave not the actual act!!!
Who are u women??? Seriously!