David Schwimmer Welcomes Daughter Cleo

05/23/2011 at 12:35 PM ET
Abbey Drucker

It’s a girl for David Schwimmer!

The actor-director’s wife, photographer Zoe Buckman, delivered their daughter Cleo Buckman Schwimmer on Sunday, May 8 in New York, his rep tells PEOPLE.

Schwimmer, 44, wed the London-born Buckman, 25, last June after dating since 2007.

Speaking to PEOPLE in 2006 about his desire to start a family, the formerΒ FriendsΒ star said he was eager to be a dad – in due time.

“It will happen when it feels right,” heΒ said at the time. “Maybe part of me is waiting for myself to slow down a little and be ready to stay put. I’m confident it’s gonna happen.”

Schwimmer most recently directed Trust, starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener, and will next be heard reprising his role as Melman in Madagascar 3.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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Jen DC on

Ohhh! Look at all her hair! (Yes, yes, I know it will unfortunately fall out.) Adorable. Cute family photo.

klutzy_girl on

Awww! Congratulations to them! I’ve been wondering if they had the baby yet.

I love the name.

kendrajoi on

Cute family! Congrats!!!!

Sandra on

Awww, congrats to David and Zoe on baby Cleo πŸ™‚

Alyssa on

@Jen DC: What exactly do you mean? Not all baby hair falls out.

miche on

My babies were all born with full heads of hair and didn’t lose any of it!

Angi on

Awww…what a sweet little girl. Many blessings to the family.

chelsea on

That was a nice Mothers Day present

M on

Congrats to the family, and lovely (and wonderful ‘normal’) name!!

Rebecca on

Aww!! So cute! She looks just like Daddy, from what i can see. πŸ™‚ She was born on Mother’s Day (my birthday) too.

Congrats to David and Zoe.

Pamela on

So happy for him! And Cleo is such a sweet name (although I always think of the TV psychic Cleo)!!

Jen DC on

In my experience, babies usually develop a bald spot, losing a good portion of their birth hair.

Linda on

I love the name. So happy for them too, they look so sweet in that pic πŸ™‚

Lau on

Love love love the name. Congrats to them!

Brooke on

Beautiful name! Welcome Cleo!

Sydney on

Cleo is a lovely name.

Very cute photo.

Cath on

I was waiting for this news πŸ™‚

So happy for David, Zoe & Cleo!!

Dana on

Love the name!

Congrats to the family!

xoxo on

Congrats to them!

-I didn’t realize there was almost a 20 year age difference between the 2 of them.

Amy on

Congrats to David and Zoe!

They seem so down to earth… I think they’ll be great parents.

Cleo looks exactly like her dad!!

Michelle on

What a sweet picture! Congrats to them!

Rae on

right away, I thought aww! Such a sweet photo!

Jgirl on

What a really neat family photo. They all look so happy, congratulations on your new baby. I am sure she will bring you many years of joy!

jordan on

She’s a cutie! And I love that name πŸ™‚

B.J. on

Cleo… What a great name! I think of the now defunct Miss Cleo (call me now for your free readin’) as well, but it’s still a lovely name. His wife is very pretty.

Ana on

Cleo is such a cute name and I love that she was both last names Buckman and Schwimmer.

A. on

She’s a cutie! Cleo reminds me of the cat on Pinocchio though… πŸ˜‰ I guess it could be worse!

Lou on

Aah, what a lovely picture! Congratulations to them, love the name Cleo x

Ashlee on

Congrats to David and Zoe. Also, A, Cleo was the goldfish in Pinocchio. Figaro was the cat.

Sarah S. on

Congrats–how wonderful!! I am so happy for David and Zoe! πŸ™‚

Amber on

They really do look cute together. I’m not a big fan of the name Cleo, but it could have been much worse. I’m also wondering how Americans would pronounce this name: c-LEE-yo or c-LAY-o? (last one would be the Dutch/Italian/German/French pronunciation.

Taylor on

Awww what a precious picture! Congrats David and Zoe! I really like the name Cleo πŸ™‚

cris on

What a cutie (from what we can see, anyways!)

So, he started dated a 21 yr old when he was 41???

cris on


Karen on

Cris, I noticed that too. That’s a little too large of an age gap for me, but that’s just me. No haters!

momof3girls on

Congrats to the happy new parents!!

As for their age difference, you know if she was 20 years older than him, everyone would be making negative comments!!!

Ann on

Starting with the always at the bottom P.S.: Oh Gosh, what an important thing to discuss right now! (read: after their child has been born; in 2011 – 21st Century; and since it’s none of our business). I am 21 and I would if I loved him – she was old enough to do anything else, right? Even to die for some cause, what about to just be with someone she loves? One life, one chance.

Now, back to the point. That’s is one sweet baby girl! I like the name, actually. It matches her, and the parents, very well. Love the picture. and how they embrace her. Nice!

Babies do lose their hair, some develop new one of the same color at the same pace they lose their birth hair, so you may not notice. Some lose it all first, and others grow new hair of a different tone.

Romy on

cute baby, cute name. she may keep her hair. only one of my three lost their hair.

Ann on

@momof3girls I know. But they are, anyway. I think people just like to judge. It seems there’s some inner pleasure in it that I still haven’t understood. In my opinion, people just should try to be happy the best they can. All the rest is unimportat, and in the end that is what’s left; good moments, like Cloe. πŸ™‚

Charlotte on

I didn’t lose any of my hair as a baby, nor did I get a bald spot. It’s still just as thick and the same colour as it was 29 years ago! (with the exception of a few dye jobs over the years).

I’m so happy for “Ross”, I mean David :-), and Zoe. Yay for ‘Friends’ babies, there hasn’t been one in a while!

pookiewookie on

Hate the name Cleo. Especially for a girl. Yuck!

lala on

She is by far 1 of the cutest & prettiest babies i’ve everseen (besides my own lol) I luv the name & i think it suits her.
Congrats guys!!!!

Rose on

Aww she is beautiful ! Congrats to them.

teresa on

Congratulations to the lovely romance David and Zoe and their daughter Cleo Buckman Schwimmer!

Allie-Rose on

Adorable picture! Congratulations to David and Zoe. Love the name Cleo too.

@ Amber – actually, in French, we’d pronounce it Clee-oh, as in Greek. I assume they might just have picked Clio, like the Greek muse of history, but chose to spell it with an E instead of an I

Tabitha on

Lovely picture, he seems to be really rather smitten and in awe of his baby girl- gorgeous. Lovely name too.

Inge on

Congrats! Cute name.

Emily on

Aww this is cute. I had forgotten we were waiting on this arrival. Love that they had a daughter and I love the name Cleo. It’s so cute! Tempted to add it to my baby name list.

Kelly on

Love David…beautiful little family!!!! And the name is even cute!!

Tams on

Congrats to the family….Cleo is a lovely name. Just to comment on the age gap, I think people are ridiculous. I am one year older than my fiance, and even though it’s been five years my family still makes a big deal out of it because they feel that the man should be older. I just think a lot of people expect people to be closer in age if they decide to be a couple, hence the negative comments on here. As long as David and Zoe are happy, everything is fine by me.

Georgina on

I didnt think anyone was particularly mean about the age gap, just when you say it as 20 years it does seem so huge!! She must have watched him on tv as a child! Thats got to be a bit odd! But then I suppose marrying someone that famous isnt going to be normal is it!

I think theyve spelt it Cleo rather than Clio, because there is a car called a “clio” over here, maybe they wanted to avoid that. I only say because one of my friends is named Clio, and that (Renault!)is all she ever got called at school, even though Clio has such a lovely meaning! And most people do tend to spell it with an E, as in the shortened version of Cleopatra. All in all, good choice!

Sarah S. on

My grandmother’s name was Cleo…and I personally love it!

Brooklyn on

Not a fan of the name, but congratulations to them both! She’s beautiful.

TB on

What a beautiful baby. They make a wonderful family. Congrats to them.

Ally on

what a wonderful picture, congrats to them. I was waiting for that announcement! They seem like a great couple and Cleo is a gorgeous name! It’s unique but not too “out there”.

cc on

Why dont you morons just say you are happy for the couple and leave all the negative comments to yourself. Some of you people really need to GET A F***ing LIFE.

Hea on

Aww such happiness and love in this picture. The little one looks adorable.

Leslee on

Such a beautiful picture, truly. I’m so glad they were willing to share that precious moment, it’s one of the little things in life that makes life wonderful.

kaiser070 on

Some people r haters when it’s comes to the age difference, since the beginning of life, man was always older than his woman and that’s what makes a great and solid family. When u have the same age or couple years difference it will end up in divorce or cheating on each other.

Hytaris on

She looks so adorable on her parents arms. What a beautiful mother’s day gift. God Bless you

Poe on

The age difference made me cringe. I keep thinking about all these amazing women in their 30s that may not get a chance to have a family because older guys are chasing women 20 years their junior.

There is double standard on our society for sure, if she was 20 years older than him there would be a lot of negative comments for sure. Of course, she would also be in her 60s and a bit to old for childbearing.

Sorry about the ramble, congrats to the happy couple!

Becky on

Beautiful baby, beautiful family..Yeah, at 20, the age difference would of been a little creepy, but if it works for them, best of luck..

Rihanna on

kaiser070- your comment is creepy.

The age difference is what it is. If it works out…it works out. I do think it’s a bit of a stretch with 20 years though….I think it’s a little bit more about where they are in their lives. I mean, she is 26 years old so she obviously knows what she wants for herself. If she was 19 or 20 I would be upset but she’s at an age where most women know what they do or don’t want in life.

Cleo is cute. The name always reminds me of cats though for some reason. But, still…super cute.

J.J. on

Congrats to Zoe and David!!! Cleo is an adorable name and the baby girl is beautiful, and I’m sure these parents will be awesome in raising her. Well wishes and love their way. Kind of felt it was a girl b/c there is a baby girl trend among the “Friends” stars (Matt LeBlanc’s daughter Marina and Courtney Cox’s daughter Coco lol)

Sun on

Beautiful baby and beautiful photo. πŸ™‚

zhunis on

Congrats! David, happy for you family! you’r good. wish you and your family all the best.

Hmmm on

He is old enough to be her father, ick.

Also well said Poe.

Jen on

So what if there is an age difference between them….good luck to them I say.. anyway, the story is about them welcoming their beautiful daughter Cleo into the world. Congratulations to you both πŸ™‚