So Cool (and Handy)! Yoomi’s Self-Warming Bottle

05/22/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy of Yoomi

Every once in awhile, a baby product hits the market that completely revolutionizes everything. Well, we think Yoomi‘s self-warming baby bottle system ($33 – $35) definitely fits the bill. Already a hit in the U.K., it safely (and conveniently!) heats up breast milk or formula in just 60 seconds.

Designed by husband and wife team Jim and Farah Shaikh, it features breakthrough technology that warms up milk directly in the bottle to the ideal temperature (86 to 90°F).

Now, you don’t have to worry about overheating and losing valuable nutrients or exposing your tot’s bottles to microwave radiation. With the touch of a button, you can quickly get warm milk while at home, out-and-about or during extended travel.

“Necessity was certainly the mother-and father-of invention for yoomi, and we are proud to be able to help families everywhere solve the feeding challenges we personally faced as new parents,” says Jim, a former engineer at BMW.

Even cooler? Yoomi’s bottles are BPA-free and ergonomically designed so they’re easy to hold. The wide, soft silicone nipple is shaped to mimic a woman’s breast and it features well-placed vents that prevent air from bubbling to help reduce colic.

For more information on this ingenious new bottle, go to

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poppykai on

If you are in a pinch and feel the need to warm a baby’s milk, then I guess this would be a good idea. I personally never warmed either of my children’s bottles. A baby won’t care if the bottle/milk is warmed unless that’s what they are always used to.

Noa on

In the case of breast-milk, a baby WILL be used to drinking it warm (meaning at body temperature) and since this product IS aimed at the breastfeeding crowd…

anna on

This looks like a great product. As a mother of 2 who has to heat breast milk and formula on a daily basis then this looks like a product that I would definately buy. Will check out the website.

TC on

If you read the instructions on how this thing works you have to boil it ahead of time and then it can only be used a certain amount of times before it has to be thrown away and you have to buy a new one.

Neat concept, I’ll give them that but overpriced and not goof for the environment because it has to be thrown away.

Mama of 2 on

There are definitely better products on the market. The biggest problem with this bottle is that you have to boil the warmer for 25 minutes every time you want to use it. That makes it not very convenient for travel which is when you need it most!

I have the Prince Lionheart bottle warmer and although it is one time use also it does not require boiling for 25 minutes. The warmer is like a heating pad so it wraps around the bottle, which makes it take longer to heat the milk. I breast feed so only used the warmer a couple times.

I was looking for something I could bring with me on vacation that doesn’t require boiling, (how do you boil water in a hotel room?) but I’m now thinking the best thing to bring is a small pot. fill that with hot water and let the bottle sit in that for a a few minutes.

just sayin’ on

Wow, where was this product when I needed it a year or two ago!!!

Laura on

It might take a bit longer but I don’t mind heating the bottle the more old-fashioned way. Stick it in warm water and let it heat all the way through. I can usually get it plenty warm enough in 3 or 4 minutes.

M on

@poppykai: it can be that it worked that way for your kids, but there are babies who’s intestince cannot work on colder milk, as it’s harder to digest. Sounds stupid, but is true. I used to work in a kindergarten with really young children. Some would take it ‘cold’ (roomtemperature), but some suffered stomach aches after such actions, so it’s not for every baby!

I’ve looked at the website for I was curious about the comments you had to boil the heat compartment first. I found of no such instruction though. Am wondering if you read something I didn’t. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea, but it’s just like egg-boilers: there are so many and everybody has his/her own opinion and reason for it to work (or not). You could, for instance, warm a bottle in between your breasts as well, breastfeeding or not.

TC on


You’ll need to sterilise and charge your yoomi warmer before you feed your baby. This takes a bit longer than sterilising your bottles.

The yoomi warmer only likes pans and electric sterilisers – it can’t be put in the microwave.

Either put the warmer on its side (not on the rubber base) for 25 minutes in a pan of water that’s kept boiling (best option) or put it in an electric steam steriliser for 25 minutes continuously with four times the amount of water the steriliser manufacturer recommends. So if they say 40ml, use 160ml instead. It’s a good idea to check the manufacturer’s instructions for your steriliser.

yoomi warmers need a little rest before they are ready to go so leave them to cool down on their side for 75 minutes. If you press it too soon you could permanently damage your yoomi warmer.

The bottle and teat can be sterilised using all conventional sterilisation methods.