Miranda Kerr: Motherhood Made Me ‘More of a Woman’

05/21/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Miranda Kerr is back to effortlessly strutting her stuff on the catwalk. However, those first few steps — in sky high heels! — after welcoming son Flynn were some of her most daunting moves to date.

“I felt a little nervous,” the Victoria’s Secret model, 28, tells PEOPLE of her first time back on the runway. “It was probably a good five months since I had worn high heels, but it was kind of like riding a bicycle.”

Fortunately, the first-time mother has no qualms about showing off her svelte post-baby body in a bikini. According to Kerr, the transformation of welcoming her son has left her with a newfound appreciation of her figure — and her womanly assets!

“Basically it feels nice because I feel a little bit more curvaceous than I was before,” she explains, referring to her “wider” hips and “obviously bigger” bust. “I feel like I’ve become more of a woman now and I’m really embracing those curves.”

Still, despite back pain due to her “heavy … almost 10 pound” baby, Kerr can’t help but reminisce about her pregnancy.

“I loved just watching my tummy grow every day,” she recalls fondly. “I would go to sleep and then I would wake up and it would be a little bit bigger, and I just loved watching the growth that was happening inside of me.”

Now 4 months old, Kerr’s little “heart breaker,” has captivated his mama’s heart with his gummy grins. “When I see him smile it brightens my whole world,” she raves.

“It’s so rewarding to watch him smile and laugh. It just makes everything better. When I see him smile it makes me realize just how lucky I am.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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jesse on

i love how much motherhood agrees w/ her!

toren on


Y on

What exactly is gross?

Tee on

Gross? What’s gross about this article?

Minami86 on

It’s AWESOME to see a celebrity mom say good things about her post-pregnancy body instead of talking about her extensive weightloss plan. I mean I have nothing against moms who exercise right after birth but it’s just cool to see someone basically say “I’m happy with myself as is now. Infact, I love myself more”.

Emilia on

Well, gee, wouldn’t we all be happy to have a body like hers? It’s rather amusing to hear her talk as if she’s having to accept a bigger shape, etc., when honestly she is still tiny.

I am glad she is enjoying her baby so much. She and Orlando seem to be doing everything right and it is always sweet to read another article about how much they dote on Flynn.

mominFL on

yes the woman is gorgeous, but it is nice to hear her say how much she likes her body even better that it is curvier.

mary on

she was sexy before she had a kid, And she is still sexy!

Nancy on

I just think she misspoke about the comment about “feeling more like a woman since she was pregnant” I don’t think she meant it harmful but it makes it sound like women who haven’t been pregnant or can’t get pregnant aren’t as much of a woman as those who are.

zappo on

she doesn’t need to be possibly think about how everyone in the world may (mis)interpret her commentary.. She feels the way she feels, and anyone who is sensitive or offended by it has deep issues they need to fix within themselves instead of asking someone to censor her own feelings. NOT EVERYTHING a celebrity says is a slam against someone else. Why can’t we just take it as face value for what it is instead of picking apart her comment for secret meanings. Seriously. It’s pretty f-ing ridiculous that she should have to think about all the ways her sentence could be construed before speaking.

Nancy on

Zappo, I think you have some deep issues for you to get so angry rather than just have your own opinion. Also, your profanity is pretty childish too.

Toya L. on

I can definitely see what you are talking about. She does use the words I and MY, therefore she is only speaking about how SHE felt. There are plenty of women who DO have children and do not feel as if they are more of a woman because of doing so (ME), so I definitely take her comment as talking about her own experience.

Steph on

funny, I took her comment to mean that perhaps she thought her figure was a tad boyish before pregnancy, and perhaps she likes the new boobs and hips? Nothing more, nothing less..

SL on

I met and saw miranda during her victoria secret autograph for there perfume they were promoting at victoria stores in LA. I say about 3yrs ago and yes I still have her photo on my wall of my picture and Miranda. I was sad hear she gotten married to bloom. I just feel it will not last long marriage it just my thought. She was nice and will not forget her beautiful smile and those eyes just want keep talking with her all day. Oh i wish i found a woman like that to marry. I was thinking taking down her photo on my wall since she is married. But i decided not too has everytime i see that photo it just reminded me of her and makes me feel good when i have a bad day.

Emily on

I think it’s easy for us regular people to say, what the hell does she mean? shes TINY. but its all relative! youre always going to be skinnier/more beautiful than someone else. That doesnt mean you dont have your own personal insecurities. Even beautiful women have them! It’s a human trait.

Jen DC on

I’m w/Zappo.

She does look adorably happy, which is great for the whole family! And watch out – make sure you change arms holding that baby, or you’ll develop a repetitive motion injury!

RKF on

Leave it to the nutcases on here to complain if the sky is blue. She sounds like a proud, thrilled Mom who is raving about her new role in motherhood.

As for her comments, how can they possibly be misconstrued? She’s saying she feels more womanly, as she now has more curves than before –it’s written in plain English.. Regardless, I’ve randomly seen her in some interviews, and she actually comes off very down-to-earth, and quite sweet. Why not complain about Mom’s who could care less about their children? Geez.

Janna on

Nancy….. “but it makes it sound like women who haven’t been pregnant or can’t get pregnant aren’t as much of a woman as those who are.”

Yes, I’m sure that’s what she meant, the b*tch. She just wants everyone to know that she’s better than they are and rub her new found womanhood in the faces of all barren women. How dare her!


Bridgette on

Those boobies will actually be smaller then before once she stops breast feeding but until then, enjoy.

Gina on

yawn! another skinny model talking about her “curves”- whatever! I am glad she is happy being a mom, but she is hardly what I would call curvy!models are generally so self obsessed I guess it comes w- the job. Anyway she and Orly seem like a sweet couple and I am happy they have a cute kid together

j on

@ Nancy…are you serious with that statement? You are definitely entitled to your own opinion…however, I am not sure how you came up with it. The woman is talking about how she feels about her body after she gave birth. I highly doubt that she had a premeditated thought about saying awful things to people who are having fertility issues. You are reading way too much into a very simple statement. It is not an article about fertility so don’t make it into one.

mimi on

she looks fabulous and motherhood is definitely agreeing with her. she doesnt need to justify her comments about her curviness being relative to other women – SHE is curvier than SHE was before, simple fact. glad to see she’s embracing it!