Rachel Dratch Still Using the Nursery Nate Berkus Designed

05/20/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

After discovering she was unexpectedly pregnant last year, Rachel Dratch was faced with a typical New York City dilemma: figuring out how to maximize the space in her one-bedroom Manhattan apartment. Lucky for her, she bumped into a producer from The Nate Berkus Show on the street, who asked if she needed any renovation help.

“I said, ‘I have a unique little design issue,'” she told PEOPLE last September. “I need to take my bedroom and split it into two spaces.”

She was thrilled with how the room came out, and, in a new interview with Berkus that will air on Wednesday, June 1, the mother to 9-month-old Eli Benjamin says she’s still making use of the nursery. “It’s so good,” she tells Berkus. “It’s working!”

That’s all Berkus needed to hear—but not to be outdone by the Saturday Night Live alum, he cracked a joke of his own. “Most people destroy it as soon as I leave,” he said, laughing. “They get the wrecking ball in!”

Sony Pictures Television / Julie Holder

— Lesley Messer

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Michelle on

Oh, looks like little Eli is full of personality already. love it! 😉

Grace2 on

Love her!

But that is the dumbest headline ever. The baby is 9 months old, of course he’s still using the nursery.

RKF on

Grace2– I wouldn’t say it’s a dumb headline, as the article jokes that people destroy Nate’s designs right after he finishes a job. The headline seems like a tongue-in-cheek joke that she actually kept the nursery as is…because she found it actually worked for her son… Cute kid!

Grace2 on

Ehh, didn’t initially read the last paragraph but still think it’s a stupid headline.

But again, love her! What a cute little boy.

torgster on

I miss her so much on SNL but at least get to enjoy her zanyness in Jimmy Fallons’ Jersey Floor videos now!

marie on

That’s a big onesie!

Jillian on

It’s not a dumb heading considering most people do not keep the design…… And you even admitted you commented before reading. He did a beautiful job decorating the room.

Cecilia on

Hmm… I don’t know. She couldn’t afford to find a two-bedroom apt. in nyc?

andreaRL on

two bedroom apts in nyc are extremely expensive (over 1 mil). it’s not a realistic option for everyone.

Jen DC on

Ha! Look at his sweet face. I wonder what happened to elicit that expression?

emma on

cecelia, do you know how much real estate costs in NYC? If she owns her place, it’s not necessarily that simple to just find something else. And anyway, you really don’t know anything about her life. Maybe she is planning to move, but finding the right place can take time – maybe she’s just too busy. Maybe she’s waiting till her son is old enough that it’s really, truly necessary to have a bigger place (with an infant you don’t really need it). Maybe she’s waiting to see how her relationship with her son’s father pans out before committing to moving.

mrscabrera on

If she rents she’ll be fine, but if she is trying to buy something it is expensive, but at the same time it depends on where you live. Manhattan is crazy expensive but the other boroughs aren’t that much. (non celebrities buy them without a problem and not everyone is crazy rich either). There are nice parts of every borough that a celebrity could live and be comfortable with privacy, so unless she’s waiting on her relationship, her child to get bigger, or maybe deciding to move out of state, it could be an option.

sat on

congrats! they are precious together 😉

Shannon on

Cuteness alert!

jenny on

I lived in NYC for the first 2.5 years of my daughter’s life in a 450 square foot one bedroom apartment. You definitely make it work. We rented the apartment and the rent was super-high. We really couldn’t afford a 2-bedroom. When people would visit, they’d either be super impressed with how much stuff we managed to fit (in a fairly organized manner) or they were shocked that we could live that way! Ha! Ha!

Miss Ann on

That is a HUGE onesie. What size is it? Like a 4T?

EG on

Love Rachel Dratch! Her son is so cute!

Show business needs more people like Rachel. She is nice, down to earth, has not forgotten where she came from.

I do hope she continues to find success in show business.