Marion Cotillard Welcomes Son Marcel

05/20/2011 at 07:00 AM ET

Inception star Marion Cotillard and her French actor-director beau Guillaume Canet are parents.

Their son, named Marcel, was born Thursday night, May 19 in Paris, a source confirms to PEOPLE. “Mother and baby are fine,” says the source, who adds that Cotillard is “very happy.”

Cotillard, 35, and Canet, 38, first starred together in 2003’s Love Me If You Dare and began dating in 2007.

Though Cotillard – who won a Best Actress Oscar as singer Edith Piaf in 2007’s La Vie En Rose, and will costar with Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale in the upcoming Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises – has been spotted wearing a diamond solitaire from Canet on her left hand, they are not engaged.

“They haven’t disclosed any plans concerning marriage,” a source told PEOPLE when the pregnancy was announced in January.

The couple most recently collaborated for the film, Little White Lies, which Canet directed.

Cotillard currently costars in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, which kicked off this year’s Cannes Film Festival on May 11 – Cotillard did not attend – and is opening in limited release in Los Angeles and New York on Friday.

— Peter Mikelbank and Stephen M. Silverman

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Natasha on

I have no idea who she is.. but I love the name Marcel. Congrats to her and her husband

jay on

congrants to tmem! beautiful name of a french boy 🙂

ELO on

Congrats to them. Beautiful name.

Sarah S. on

@Natasha–Marion won the Best Actress Oscar in 2007 for her portrayal of Edith Piaf in the French film “La Vie en Rose”.

Congratulations to her and Guillaume and I love the name Marcel!! 🙂

amw on

such a gorgeous couple. loved them in Love Me If You Dare. im sure Marcel is going to be a handsome boy!

Anso on

Congratulations to them !!!!!

Such a beautiful and old fashion name !

It’s cute. And a great tribute to Edith Piaf (Marcel Cerdan was his lover…)

Catca on


You should check out “La Vie en Rose” as it’s a fabulous movie. Marion has been in several movies and is an A-List star. Most recently she starred in “Nine” as Daniel Day-Lewis’ wife. She lives in France so she doesn’t get photographed by the American paparazzi much.

Catca on


She also starred in “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio as his wife.

Marcel Canet is a gorgeous traditional french name. Congratulations Marion and Guillaume!

Tess on

A normal name, properly spelled, and for the correct gender. Good for her.

Brooke on

I thought the same thing about the Edith Piaf reference. Lovely name.

JM on

congratulations to the family. Marcel is a very sweet name. i wish them all happiness.

aurora mia on

I love Marcel!!!!!!!!! Perfect name 🙂

karine on

It’s funny because here in France, Marcel is a very old name,it was popular in the beginning of 20th century !

Veronique on

I agree with Karine… The name Marcel is rather old-fashioned in France and I also mentioned that in a post on my Facebook page (Name Sociology: So it would definitely make sense if the name was inspired by Marcel Cerdan. Or maybe he was named after one of Marion or Guillaume’s grandparents. Unfortunately both Marion and Guillaume are quite private people, so I’m not sure they will ever disclose why they chose this name.

Olivia on

Does anyone think of that tv commecial with people shouting Marcel! , that are trying to get the guys attention on the couch?

Alice on

So happy for them!!

Niko on

So happy for Marion. She’s my favorite actress!!. Congratulations are in order for her and Guillaume. That baby boy will be handsome as hell

paloma on

oh god i’m happy for them but believe me “Marcel” is soooooo weird!!! I’m French and this name is really old fashioned… nobody’s called Marcel except people over 80 years old ! Whatever, when you’re a movie star calling your baby Marcel is kind of rock and roll I guess. Welcome baby Marcel and congrats to the parents

ceji on

And in french Marcel = wifebeater… so I don’t like the name, but it’s their choice!!

Mallory on

I’d rather have them name their son Marcel, an “80 year old man’s name”, than Pilot Inspektor, Bear, Buddy, Yardley, Moroccan, or Zuzu any day!!!! Congrats to the family!

Miss Ann on

@ Olivia – Yeap. That’s the first thing I thought about. Good name. I wonder what the middle name(s) is/are.

marie on

Anyone else have a Friends flashback when they read the name? Marcel was Ross’s monkey!

KRS on

Sounds like naming him “Marcel” would be like the equivalent of naming him Stanley, Herbert, Norman or Harold here in North America! Maybe cute to foreigners, but pretty funny in one’s native country. I like it, and I love Marion as an actress. She was so good in that gangster one with Johnny Depp that I can’t think of the name of….

Maddie on

Marie, I was totally having a Friends flashback! That’s the first thing i thought of. Congrats to Marion and her hubby, he will be a beautiful boy

Sydney on

Definitely thought about Ross’ monkey when I read they’d named him Marcel!

Interesting to hear about the Edith Piaf reference though…

sophie girard on

félicitations! marcel is the name of my brother! i like both marion and guillaume very much in the movies,, so i am very sure their baby will be talented as well!!!!!

Allison J on

I personally like the name Marcel. I’m American, but my boyfriend is from France. He said that even though “Marcel” is a French name, it is “old-fashined” and “not used very often in France anymore” when naming children.

MiB on

I like the name, it reminds me of the french actor and mime artist Marcel Marceau. Anyways, old fashioned names are in vogue where I live, a friend just joked the other day that if you gave her a list of names, she wouldn’t be able to judge if it was taken from the birth or death anouncements. Several of my friends have had children within the last three years, and I’d say that 50% of their children have names that were last in fashion 75-80 years ago. Maybe France will see a revival of “old fashioned” names soon?

Melanie on

Felicitations a vous deux!! Vous formez un tres beau couple et vous avez choisi un tres joli prenom, avec une superbe histoire! Edith Piaf et Marcel Cerdan sont sans aucun doute tres flattes la haut!