Spotted: Gavin Rossdale and Sons – The Life Aquatic

05/19/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

That’s the life! After hitting the Cannes red carpet with wife Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale enjoys some chill time with sons, Kingston James McGregor, 5 this month, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 2½, on Wednesday in Atibes, France.

Optic Photos/PacificCoastNews

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Kendal on

I’m really surprised that these little guys, Kingston and Zuma are not wearing life jackets. I thought it was a law, just like wearing a seatbelt or not drinking and driving.

one_love on

I had the same life jacket question…maybe it isn’t the law in France (where the photo was taken).

just sayin’ on

You’d think with 2 nannies along for the ride, he’d have all the health & safety stuff figured out!

Alice on

I don’t think it’s a law in France… not sure because I don’t really go on boats, but I’d be very surprised. Zuma has floaty things on his arms though.

Does the American law apply to adults as well?

Anonymous on

Law or not children should have their life jackets on! We have a family boat and it doesn’t matter how many adults are on the boat or how well behaved your/our kid is. They have a jacket on at all times. It’s just foolish to me.

Lauren on

Yes, they should be wearing life jackets, but come on! How cute is this picture?? I am so happy to see that Gwen and Gavin have really made it as a couple and have two super cute boys to match 🙂

Jen DC on

They are adorable.

Mmm, floaties won’t do it in a serious accident! What you’re looking for is something to keep the head and torso lifted above the water, and floaties don’t do that. I also hope they’re wearing serious sun screen. 😀

mominFL on

I only see arm floaties on the little one, but I would make my children wear life vests. You can never be too careful. but hey, not my kid.

Mary on

You’d think with people could find anything positive in a photo….geesh!

Beautiful family photo! I love seeing him spend quality time with the kids!!

H on

I’m the bad guy, I know, but the thought didn’t even cross my mind about the kids wearing life jackets. My family always lived on a lake and were on the water every day the weather permitted… and we only wore life jackets until we knew how to swim and felt comfortable not wearing one, even then it was only while the boat was moving or we were swimming.

I just don’t think we necessarily know their situation or are in any place to judge. There is a person’s arm almost completely around Zuma… I just don’t really see what could happen at that particular moment that would necessitate the use of a life jacket rather than the floaties on his arms and several adults right next to him.

Jillian on

The kids are cute, having fun, and with their dad. I try to find positives about every picture I see. It is fun to do that, since so many can’t do that…..especially about this family!

karine on

The law in France required a life jacket for kids and adult

Joan on

You know, there have been several occurances of spouses cheating with the nanny. In addition to the fact that it is odd that a parent or both cannot take care of their own two children for outings, it speaks volumes about the lack of privacy that is CHOSEN by these celebrities. Families should have outings together and share memories amongst themselves. It is quite odd to share all of these family memories with the nanny. It is no wonder these lines become blurred at times.

jessie on

they’re sitting right next to their parents, i doubt they’ll let them just fall out of the boat.stop the negativity

just sayin’ on

While I don’t necessarily think there’s any cheating going on here, one of the 2 nannies they have with them does look a lot like Gwen ;)!!

lisa on

2 words. LIFE JACKETS!

Vanessa on

They’re cute kids, but couldn’t she have picked a reasonable name for the second child?

Catca on

I’m a big believer in life vests as well, but I think it’s very difficult to judge from a still photo. There is no wake behind the boat so chances are the boat is not moving and they are relaxing on the boat with it still moored to the pier! We really don’t know. If the boat is moving, that’s another story but we don’t know what the deal is. Getting past the life jacket issue, the two boys do look adorable.

B.J. on

Is Kingston’s hair dyed?? I know he’s not as blonde as Zuma, so I can only assume. Does anyone else find this really weird?

Jillian on

Catca, totally agree!
B.J, I don’t think it is weird at all, IF it is true. There are so many different ways to “dye” hair these days that are not damaging to the hair, scalp or the person. I had it done when I was pregnant and my nephews have had it done as well. We are all perfectly fine!

kendal on

After reading the posts from others, I looked at the picture again,did anyone notice that Zuma’s fingernails are painted black? Very odd for a what 2 or 3 year old BOY!!!!