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05/19/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

It’s Thursday and the week is coming to a close … check out these links:


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N.S on

Bad move Atlanta. Bring on the over 2 year olds nurse-in I say! What craziness.

mary on

Wow what interesting ‘around the web….’

Breastfeeding ban of children over 2, I have never seen a woman breastfeed a child over 2 in public.

Saw the good morning America episode with the two dads. I think they are wonderful and wish them the best. I have four which can be a challenge I can’t imagine 12…. Can you say calgon take me away!

The 19- month old…. what the hell? I am truly speechless and that right there says a lot! Mom, dad should NEVER get the kid back without supervision.

I understand the liquid gold boom. I did breastfeed and understand the important it was for me, us. I also know of family who had babies very early 24 weeker whose doctor told her if she did not intend to breastfeed she should look into a breastfeeding bank. The doctor could order breast milk for her baby as a prescription. She did breastfeed. Baby never took to the breast so she pumped for 16 months! Talk about hard work.

Jennifer Chew on

It could be my misunderstanding since I don’t have children of my own, but once a child reaches 2 shouldn’t the breastfeeding stop, and they child continues to be bottle fed??? I once knew a mother who breastfed her 2 year old daughter, and I thought that that little girl was too old to be breastfed. I thought once the child reaches at least a year to at least a year and a half years old the mother stops or at least starts to slowly wean the child off the breast, and by the age of 2 the the breastfeeding stops altogether. Like I said I could be wrong.

Laura on

Jennifer, there is no set time limit for breastfeeding. Many women stop at various times based on what they feel is best, what their body dictates, or even what the child dictates. (some babies wean themselves before the mom is ready)

Personally, I will be happy if I am able to breastfeed for one year. I am not sure I would do it past that. I certainly will not breastfeed past 2 years. It just is not for me. And to be honest, I don’t really want to see a 3 year old publicly breastfeeding. Ridicule me all you want but I think that it is just too old and doesn’t need to be in public. If you choose to breastfeed your child past the age of 2 then who am I to say that is wrong? But I don’t want to see it so sorry if that upsets anyone. I am definitely FOR public breastfeeding when the child is younger.