Meet Tamyra Gray’s Daughter Sienna Marie

05/19/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Jeff King

When Tamyra Gray gave birth to daughter Sienna Marie last July, the former American Idol contestant was shocked to find out that, “she looked nothing like me.” Gray and husband Sam Watters‘ first child together was definitely Dad’s twin.

“The only reason you’d know she was mine is if you were at the hospital,” says Gray, 31, with a chuckle. But now, 10 months later, Gray says their daughter is “a good blend of both of us. She’s got his head with my face.”

With a singer/actress for a mom and a music producer/writer and ex Color Me Badd member for a dad, it was only a matter of time before the music bug bit Sienna.

“She is really into this radio station Kids Place Live,” says Gray of the SiriusXM station that plays fun music for kids.

“At first if I put on Eminem in the car she would stop crying,” she adds. “But we’ve moved to Kids Place Live and if we don’t turn on her music as soon as we get into the car she’ll start screaming.”

Sienna’s also taken a liking to singing — especially the tune that’s a part of her bedtime ritual. Says Gray, “We have a song that we sing about washing her feet and hands and brushing her teeth that she loves.”

Jeff King

And lately mom has been entertaining her daughter with a little sing and dance of her own. After rehearsing all day for the Debbie Allen-directed play Twist, which opens at the Pasadena Playhouse on June 14, Gray practices in front her daughter at home.

“She just starts cracking up,” says Gray.

Still an avid Idol watcher, Gray remembers when she was eliminated in week 10 and identifies with the high tension surrounding this year’s remaining contestants Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart.

“It’s anyone’s game at this point,” says Gray. “I’ve been a huge fan of Scotty from the beginning. Every time he opens his mouth I’m dumbfounded. But I think Haley is kicking butt. She wants it and I’ll steal one of Randy’s quotes and say it’s hers to lose.”

Jeff King

— Jessica Herndon

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Ebonie on

I remember the night she was eliminated. I had just given birth to my daughter the day before. I remember watching the elimination and being in shock. My mother came to visit me right after the elimination and I said ” Ma, guess who got eliminated – Tamyra Gray” She said “girl, no she didn’t” 🙂

Ashley on

Sienna is absolutely gorgeous!

Jen DC on

She looks more like Daddy when she is grinning! So adorable.

Karen on

Love those big brown eyes! Too cute!!

Rosy on

She is so beautiful, what a cutie pie. She looks a lot like her mummy, but then again I haven’t seen her dad so I have nothing to compare with.

Tash on

omg! she’s so precious. Makes you want to run out and make one. Oh and mommy looks good too.

Gigi on

that child is beautiful!!!!

LPW on

Nice to see Tamrya and her baby. I really hope her singing career takes off one day.

Lisa on

Very cute!!! Anyone else think that Tamyra kind of looks like Beyonce??

Sierra on

haha my name is Sierra Marie so of course i’m going to like the name since it’s similar to mine 🙂

I love her hairbow/headband too!

Shay on

Awwwe, she’s Adorable!
Yup Tamyra, she her daddy’s twin…Hopefully With her Mommy’s beautiful voice!

Sarah S. on

Aww, Sienna is soo cute!!

sheri on

Wow…now that is a gorgeous baby!

Michelle hamilton on

She is so precious! She does look a lot like sam, but a lot like mommy to! I love her name!

Patrcia on

Agreed, Jen! Sammy’s smile for sure. Actually, the second pic, with the slightly pouty face… total Sam. ha ha! She is just plain adorable! Tamyra looks like such a happy Mommy. 🙂

I know what she means, too, about not knowing the baby was yours unless you were at the hospital. A nurse actually looked at my daughter and said “wow, it looks like Daddy had her all by himself!” That pretty much summed it up. 😉

Once she got hair, though (which took ages to come in), we found out she has mine (wavy/curly brown, versus Daddy’s straight black), and she has my family’s chin.

Most daughters seem to look like their father, for some reason… at least as little ones. I was different, though – my mom’s twin from birth. 😉

Michelle hamilton on

Beautiful baby

China on

Sienna IS Adorable! Cant Wait for new music from Tamyra. Opening night for the play in Pasadena Cant come fast enough!

Patrcia on

All the cool girls have Marie for a middle name (says Emily Marie’s mommy). 😉

bevvie on

Cutie Pie baby! Mom looks good too. Waiting to see Tamyra performing again, singing and/or acting. Me seeing her!

Aly on

Awwww!!! Sienna is adorable and that is such a pretty name! God bless you Tamyra<3

bevvie on

Wish that I could see her in Twist!

Beatrice Edwards on

She still has her daddy’s face. I couldn’t remember who he (Sam Watters) was from CMB until I saw the baby.

Trish on

Beautiful baby just like her mama! Love that after all this time, Tamyra is still being remembered and celebrated. Her talent is endless and her ♥ as big as the moon. She’s multi-talented and shows that in every project she takes on. She will be amazing in Twist and so look forward to someday soon getting a new album from her as well. “Watch this space” 🙂

Deborah on

Pretty baby. I liked Tamyra. Glad she is doing very well.

China on

Sienna Is beautiful!! Cant wait for new music from Tamyra and cant wait to see that play in Pasadena!

Ann on

Sienna is gorgeous. I’m so happy for Tamyra and her family. I saw Tamyra several times when she was in RENT on Broadway. She was amazing!

Jess on

such a beautiful baby…can’t wait to hear new music from her. she rocks and love color me badd.

Shannon on

Sienna is so cute! Tamyra is gorgeous!

besimon on

Tamyra was my favorite to win AI. So, glad she’s doing well and her baby is beautiful. Will definitely check out TWIST in Pasadena.

Jenner on

Tamyra copied Kevin James’s daughter’s name!

Lina on

Awww poor Tamyra, she does all the work and daddy gets all the genetic credit. Lol, but look at that beautiful face!!! Definitely a blessed baby.

Eden on

The baby is so cute, what beautiful pictures!! And oh my gosh, the mother and father are actually married!! Great role model unlike these others who get engaged after they are already pregnant and sometimes never get around to marrying.

Shirlita on

She has grown into a beautiful little girl just like her parents. Can’t wait to meet her!!1

Jill on

Awww she’s the splitting image of her daddy, down to the hairline! Lol!

I love her name too!

Patty on

It’s interesting reading about the daughter of someone you thought you’d marry. Yeah, so I was 12, and he didn’t know me from Eve, but still… LOL!

In all seriousness, she is a beautiful child, and I admire both of her parents, so this article makes my soul smile.

Brooke on

Oh My Goodness…..Sienna is her Daddy’s twin! Sweet little girl…

B.J. on

Wow, she does look like Daddy! Very cute!

jane on

she kooks exactly like her daddy.

Patty on

Well, Shay, daddy’s a good singer, too, so she’s pretty much set in that department. 😉

Tara on

Don’t be disappointed your child doesn’t look like you honey. That’s what you get for procreating with someone who’s ugly.

Yosra on

Aslamu Alaykom,

I loved Tamyra in Idol and she remains one of my favorite memories of the show ever. She had such talent that it gave me chills.

I’m really happy for her and her husband. Why not some pictures of the family together? That would have been nice 🙂

robbie on

She is as beautiful as her mom. Loved her on AI

kevin on


jessie on

she’s so cute, she looks like her daddy but has her mom’s complexion

Sue on

She is absolutely precious.



Lady on

I use to be absolutely in LOVE with Tamyra & was so so sad when she got eliminated! Happy to see her with a beautiful baby & happy life!

JackieM on

What an absolutely gorgeous baby!!!

marcy on

What an adorable baby girl!! Cutie Patuti!!!

Toya L. on

Awww she is such a cutie pie, she looks just like her Dad.

Liz on

This baby has PRESENCE!! She will be a major star, I’m sure of it. And I’m so glad to know Tamyra’s life has turned out so well. Good for her!

cathy on

she was always my fav..Great singer.. Congrats on a beautiful baby girl..

Terri on

She really does look like her daddy!

Susan on

Tamyra was fabulous in Idol her baby’s so cute! I saw Twist here in Atlanta and loved the show. Now that Tamyra’s in it I HAVE to see it again – California here I come!



Anonymous on


Patricia on

I’m with you, Yosra! I haven’t seen photos of all three together yet.

lr on

I feel like people just say every baby they see is cute. Our world is way too cushy and full of rainbows and kittens. I don’t see how out of 50 odd comments nobody said the baby is not very pretty. I would never use the word pretty for that child. I don’t believe the whole ” if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. I also don’t believe if you don’t have anything nice to say then you should lie and say nice things”. The baby looks like a little boy for one thing. IF it looks like her husband then she must have married him for his personality. sorry.

{JeLisa} @ Blogging Ever After on

Awww, how sweet are those mother-daughter shots!? 🙂

Patricia M.H. on

To “lr,” I must say this: while I appreciate your right to say whatever you want, that was pretty brutal. I think Sienna only “looks like a boy” because she doesn’t have a lot of hair just yet. My daughter had that issue; people said “oh, isn’t he cute?” until she was about two, because she was basically bald until then.

Since I think Sam is gorgeous (outside and in), and his wife and daughter also, I’m probably not the one who should respond to you… ha ha.

Becky on

@lr..You are so right, pretty isn’t a word that I would use for that baby either..I would use the word BEAUTIFUL..I wasn’t watching AI when Tamyra was on there, so don’t know much about her and I really don’t know who her husband is..I’ll google him and find out more..These pictures are so cute and Tamyra sounds like a great person..

FC on

Sienna is adorable. I’ve been hoping to see her since the moment Tamyra announced she was expecting. And Tamyra’s right about Sienna favoring her daddy, Sam, being his twin when she was first born. She still is, especially the forehead, her face shape, but she definitely has her mom’s big, dark eyes and her smile.

So cute!

Now I must listen to some CMB!;)

Embarrassed on

I do not think she is adorable or cute. She is not ugly but not that cute wanna kiss the cheeks baby

Barbara on

I love that name- Sienna.

Silvia Arruda on

I discovered Tamyra when I was looking for the music “A House is not a Home” and I was blessed to find such a wonderfu and touching performance in Idol’s! Far from that contest time and place, I kept listening to her music over and over… It was magic! Tamyra is realy good!!!

My best wishes to you, Tamyra, sing and sing to your child, enjoy… Then, please, come to sing to the world! Your music makes a difference!

Anonymous on

Beautiful baby, I am so happy for Tamyra and I hope all that is best for her and her family.

Jen on

The kid still does not look like her. Looks just like her daddy Sam Watters. Mama need to quit fooling her self. She is a MASSIVE NO TALENT HACK. Why do a story on her? Her 15 mintues of fame is dead and gone for the past 10 years.

Douglass on

Beautiful precious baby and Mommy looks great too!

I loved Tamyra on American Idol and felt she absolutly was the best singer/performer and should have won. I hope she puts out more recordings. Her voice is amazing!

Ebony on

She’s beautiful.