BumpWatch: Alyssa Milano Tunes In

05/18/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Crista Kennell/Sipa

Back in black!

Mom-to-be Alyssa Milano shows off her baby belly Tuesday at an L.A. celebrity karaoke benefit for UNICEF‘s Child Friendly Schools in Malawi.

Due with a boy in early fall, the actress says she’s craving “boring things.”

“Broccoli and pizza, which isn’t much different from my normal diet. I’m a vegetarian, but I do eat cheese,” Milano, 38, explains.

“No outrageous cravings. My doctor just told me she once had a patient that drank pickle juice – I don’t have that!”

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kristine on

I thought she was due much sooner than the ‘early fall’? She looks like she is too…

Meghan on

she looks great! i’m due sept 10th and am not even close to this big, i know everyone carries differently but i’m guessing august 🙂

Meg on

My sister in law is due Sept 15 and her belly is half that size. I know everyone is different, but I would still put her due date much sooner than “early fall.”

kristen on

I will never understand giving up meat but not dairy. Why allow a cow to be your wet nurse? Maybe as she is nursing her baby she can also nurse a calf who has been taken away from it’s mother so that she can eat some cheese.

Lou x on

Kristen, i think that’s a little unfair imo. I’m a vegetarian that eats dairy, and surely giving up meat is ‘enough’ in most people’s eyes? I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years, yet veganism has never appealed to me in the least, i just don’t like the idea of meat.

And the comment i actually came on here to post: Wow, she looks great, she’s really glowing! Sure her baby will be beautuful x

sloanesmomma on

big bump for sept 20 due date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christine Troskie on

She looks awesome but I don’t think she is due in early fall! If she is…then maybe it’s twins?

I’m a vegetarian who eats dairy and eggs but I do eventually want to cut those out as well. From an environmental or animal rights point of view, it still doesn’t feel right to me to contribute to the meat industry at all. I’ve only been a vegetarian for about a year so maybe in another year or two, I’ll go completely vegan.

Jeanne H. on

She may look bigger because she is a very petite woman and the baby has no where to grow but out. She looks beautiful and definitely has “the glow!”

Romy on

I kind of miss her old face. She was always so pretty. Even before pregnancy her face looked different. pulled or plumped or something.

robinepowell on

She’s a Vegeteraion who “eats cheese”? Don’t most Vegetarions eat cheese and other forms of dairy? Maybe Alyssa meant to see she’s a Vegan? They don’t eat anything that comes from animal products.

Rose on

She is definitely due in August, based on when she announced the pregnancy.

Linsey on

She looks gorgeous!

just sayin’ on

Sorry to sound like a nit-picker, but August in not early Fall. Fall 2011 starts September 23 (northern hemisphere). She looks quite big if she is having a singleton.

josy on

I am due Sept 11, I am also petite so my belly looks like hers. I asked my doctor cause I felt like it was too big but he said its normal because im small that there’s less room.

Ry on

@kristen, you’re a complete idiot, you know that?

Jillian on

I am confused why she would say I am a vegetarian but I eat cheese…..vegans don’t eat cheese.

Kristen, when did you become a vegan?

Hea on

kristen – That’s not really how it works and you should know that. Dairy products are an important part of everyday diet for many people around the world. I eat meat but almost solely from elk and deer. I think most of the meat industry is quite appaling but I sometime eat an ecolocical steak. I want to know where the animal has been slaughtered, preferably by whom since that’s possible where I live.

That said, I think Alyssa need to rethink her wardrobe. Fabrics such as this makes her seem ready to explode out of her clothes. Other than that, she looks great.