Constance Marie’s Blog: To Ponytail or Not to Ponytail?

05/18/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

We’re so thrilled to welcome back Constance Marie, our original celebrity blogger! The actress, mom to 2-year-old daughter Luna Marie with fiancé Kent Katich, stars on Switched at Birth, premiering on ABC Family June 6 at 9 p.m.

Marie, 45, can also be found online on Facebook and @goconstance on Twitter. If you’ve missed any of her past posts, check them out here.

In her latest blog, the actress can’t wait to put Luna Marie’s hair in ponytails. But when her dreams don’t pan out as planned, she learns a valuable lesson in the process.

Courtesy Constance Marie


To all my Mommy readers, a big thank you for your patience! And surprise — I am coming back! Slowly but surely!!!

My topic for today? TO PONYTAIL OR NOT TO PONYTAIL? Is that the question?

Okay — before I even had a baby, I would dream of the day I could make ponytails on my kid. I don’t know why. I somehow got it in my head that it would be such a cool thing. Every once and a while, I would even grab my doggie’s ears and wrap my fingers around them and make pretend ponytails … gently of course.

To say that my dogs Stella and Betty hated this would be an understatement! I would just corner them, cuddle and then BAM! Ponytail them! Of course, I would gush and say, “Look how cute they would look!” to which my fiancé would reply, “What is wrong with you?”

Courtesy Constance Marie

Cut to 3.5 years and a L O N G fertility struggle later and BAM! Ta-da! I had a precious little blob of a baby — AND IT WAS A GIRL!!! Oh boy. She was in for it! My ponytail fix would finally be satisfied! I would dream of the day my lil’ Luna Marie would have PONYTAILS!

Courtesy Constance Marie

Well, I had to slow my roll. Because she had to be able to hold her head up first. Then, I would dream about the day she would have hair. THEN a glitch in the matrix happened!

I had a baby girl with CURLY hair! All you moms with the curly-haired kids know what I’m sayin’. It took FOREVER to grow! It just kept growing around and around and around!!!

FINALLY at 21 months — YES! I said 21 months — Luna Marie had barely enough FRICKIN’ hair to make PONYTAILS!!! AND I WAS READY. I had all the supplies! Rubber bands, clips and barrettes — I had them in every color; some with flowers, some not … I had special organic detangling spray and a special detangling brush. I HAD IT ALL! I thought to myself, “Oh boy! This is gonna be SO fun!!!

And then upon my first attempt, I learned … LITTLE GIRLS DO NOT STAND STILL!!! POOP! This did not fit into my master plan. But I am a pretty determined person. I don’t give up so easily. I just thought, “I will MAKE this happen” … I just needed to come up with a technique.

I tried to sneak in and do it while she sat at the table and ate. NOPE! (That was just messy.) I tried to do it while she was still groggy first thing in the morning. NOPE! (She was too delicate and said it was hurting her.) 😦 I tried to do it on the run, ya know … stooping over behind her, while she ran around the kitchen! TRIPLE NOPE! (My back and I especially hated that one!)

Courtesy Constance Marie

So my whole master plan had been foiled by real life. But that is when I had a realization … I didn’t care about the fantasy so much! I just want my baby and my back to be happy!!

That is WHY you see oh so many cute pictures of my sweet little Luna Marie, proudly sporting a halo of frizz, held back by one little tiny clip that looks like it is hangin on for dear life!!!

As a real life mom I have now learned: WHO has time to make sure their kid looks perfect?! And WHY should they even be made to?!

Whether it’s ponytails, dresses, a tie, etc… children’s perfection comes from the inside, not a hairdo. As long as she and I are clean and happy, DOES ANYTHING ELSE REALLY MATTER?!

EVERY DAY, I try to remember that lesson and practice it.

As a woman, I am the teacher — my daughter will one day look to me to see HOW to live as a woman in this world. So every day I try to remember that my beauty as a person has to come from the inside and my actions toward others and NOT all the stuff that we are told we have to have, or wear, or buy to be truly beautiful.

CRAP! No pressure or anything! 😉

So there. My daughter is teaching me sooooooooo much. And all this, just from PONYTAILS?! Who knew?!

Courtesy Constance Marie

HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY! (pun intended)

— Constance Marie

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Sarah S. on

Welcome back, Constance!! Love reading your blog!

Ann on

I just love your blog. You are such a great mom!!!

La'Rita on

Awh . ! . This post is so Adorable . I Love trying to do my nephews hair . Which is always a failed attempt. But he had such a cute head of hair I always try to put bows in it. And I know thats horrible because he is a boy but he loves it . He especially loves wearing my Berrets and its all in great fun . Well Luna is so Adorable . I hope one of my sisters had a girl soon . =)

Jess on

I never post on these things, but I am truly happy that you’re back..I missed your blogs! I’m pregnant with a daughter…booo…does that mean I shouldn’t hold my breath on the ponytails? LOL

miameows on

welcome back to my favorite CBB blogger!! Luna is so beautiful!

VG on

Oh I feel your pain to a point. My daughter is 13 months and her hair is getting long, but it’s still too thin to really do anything with it. Even barrettes don’t stay in.

So I try to comb/brush it the way I like it, only to have her roll all over the floor and such w/in 5 mins 😛

It’s obvious that she doesn’t care about the way her hair is done, so why should I get all fanatical about it? At least I’m not the only Mom feeling this way 🙂 Thanks for posting!

Leidy on

Welcome back. Love your blog!!!

Janice on

I am so glad you are back. I love your blogs they are funny and informative. Welcome back.

Me on

Well, I enjoy your blog, but…Luna seems to be in control, not you. Yes, babies squirm and squeal in complaint. She won’t break. She can TELL that you are afraid to do what you have to do. she KNOWS that if she protests, you’ll back off. My baby is 2.5 and I can fix her hair. Why? Because she knows I am in control and when I tell her something, it will happen – in love, of COURSE.

Constance, you are sweet. Stay that way, but also do what you have to when you have to – parents only have to share the reigns SOMETIMES. That is the most imPORTANT lesson for a little girl to learn – you have to yield to mommy sometimes.

Kimberly on

Constance you’re one of my favorite celebrity bloggers. I must say my daughter has a massive load of curls and if I ever bring out the brush she’s screaming in the other direction. I have to beg and plead with her to put it in a pony tail…LOL!!! We just give up and let her hair run wild…it’s gorgeous in its natural beauty anyways.

It’s just a pain to go through a bottle of conditioner at bath time and try to brush through them…ugh!

lac's mom on

I love this topic and have always enjoyed your blogs. I have been planning to blog about my daughters hair one of these days too.

I had dreams of doing my daughters hair – ponies, piggies, braids, etc. But she will have none of it. It is curly so she often has crazy hair. I have finally found the perfect shampoo/condition combo for her and the perfect comb after lots of trial and error and discussions with my mommy friends with daughters and curly hair.

She still won’t sit still for me to do her hair but she will let her daycare teachers do it and she comes home looking adorable. Maybe someday we can play salon and do the braids and pigtails but not today.

Melissa on

Welcome Back! I love your blogs 🙂 Luna Marie is adorable!

Olivia on

My daughter has curly hair that was long enough for pony tails at around 8 months. Between 15 months and 2 yrs I did some running around behind her while putting her hair up, but she has started to sit still for longer. I just try to give her something to play with or read while I take care of it, and I always put it up right after her bath before it gets really tangled.

A. on

Yayyyyyyy!!!! Welcome back, Constance!!!! I loved reading your blog, and it just was never the same when you left! So glad you came back, and am looking forward to many more in the future! 😀

Marie on

Welcome back! As a curly haired girl myself, I get it. As a fellow vegetarian I would love to hear more of how your little one is doing & any good veggie recipes you may have.

Bonnie on

I have two girls, both of which had hair long enough for putting up by the time they were a year old. My problem was once I would get it pulled up, they would rip it out within 10 minutes. If I wanted it to stay up I had to redo it constantly all day long. Eventually, I would just pull it up, take a picture, and hold out my hand when they inevitably pulled it out a few minutes later. My oldest is now 4 and LOVES to have her hair done, sometimes begging me to leave it in for bedtime. So, it gets better.

grandma on

Love to read your blog. Sure missed you!

JMO on

Oh yes little kids don’t like sitting still at all. But some do. Just depends on the kid. My first niece I could do anything with her hair she’d even sit at 18 months and have her nails painted. Her 15 mos old sister however. Forget about it. If you get her to sit long enough for a clip or pony in the hair it’s out in about 5 seconds! So the struggles isn’t even worth it!

Dominika on

Both of my kids have very curly hair. With my boy, I just gave up. The moment he sees a brush, he runs away. My daugther lets her daycare teacher play with her hair. The moment I touch her hair, she’s not a happy camper. But I do enjoy their messy curls. Their hair is such a big part of their personality. I’m sure my girl will love getting her hair later. At this point, my morning routine is a bit shorter because I don’t have to fight with their hair. We’re out the door at least 5 minutes earlier. Glad to see your blog back. I love it!

October on

I feel your pain, but I am slightly jealous that she had enough hair by 21 months! My daughter is 2 and isn’t even close. 😦 My oldest was 3 before she had enough hair to even comb!

mary on

Argh! I feel your pain…. Our oldest had Shirley temple hair, thick dirty blond, curly hair. Even the fat cheeks, lol and our baby now 6 has straight, white stringy hair, I put it into a ponytail in the morning and when I pick her up in the afternoon from school she looks disheveled and a street urchin rolled into one. And boy her hair gets snarly more than the older Shirley temple hair kid.

Anonymous on

Yea, glad to have you blogging again!!! I have missed reading your funny stories about your sweet Luna!

As for the ponytails, let me give you my tips and see if that helps. I have five nieces and have done the curly ponytailed thing many times. Sit down on the floor with your legs spread apart and sit Luna sideways in front of you. Put one leg against her back and the other leg over her legs. You’ll soon master how to make cute ponytails from the side of her head instead of the back of the head! Good luck! Just takes patience and a firm hand. She will learn to sit still if you take a good lead!


So So So Happy that Constance is back to blogging. I have missed her blogs so much.

Kat on

don’t worry, Constance… my daughter HATED things put in her hair (except for rare occasions) once she could pull them out (we were fortunate that she had quite a bit of hair early on)… so that meant (because she had very straight hair that grew down over her eyes) bangs and keeping her hair at a length that I could brush quickly and keep neat easily (a bob that went between chin length and shoulder length).

However, as she got older, she changed her mind and wanted pony tails and such things… so, for the past two years, I’ve gotten to indulge. She still doesn’t always want her hair up… nor does she always want the complicated hairstyles i want… but I get to play.

So give it time and you’ll get your chance.

Samantha on

Yay!! So glad to see you back, Constance Marie!! You have the best writing-style. I literally laughed out loud while reading this post.

Luz on

Yay!! So glad your back! We missed you, and all your Mommy tips. 🙂

Sydney on

Welcome back Constance! 🙂 It feels like it’s been forveer since you’ve blogged! That’s okay. You’re a busy gal. Oh & I love your blog! I always kinda picture what it would be like to put ponytails on my kid too! haha 🙂 Can’t wait for your next blog! Bye 🙂

Nina on

Welcome back Constance! i think i speak for moms who read your blog, when i say that we missed you so much!

now onto the topic of ponytails 🙂 growing up in a house of four women with extraordinarily long hair since we pretty much only cut our hair when we donated it. soo ponytails and braiding hair were sort of, and still are, a way of life (i know how to braid hair 5 different ways in case anyone was interested). and may i just say, i know exactly what you are talking about in terms of no one wanting to stay still when having their hair done. just wait until you get the “oww mommy, you are hurting me!” screams even when you’ve barely touched their hair. the screaming, the squirming, the pulling away – i have come to know and expect them all very well.

anyway, i think my favorite experience when doing my daughter’s/sister’s hair is when daddy “attempts” to do their hair. now i know most people must be thinking, that dad would never have to do their hair, but trust me when you are a half hour late for work and dad has to get the kids ready for school, one time! the hair doing stories will leave you astounded. my dad for example, would lie all three of us on the kitchen table with our hair hanging off the end and try to put it in a ponytail from there.

needless to say, this never went well but sure did make for some funny stories 🙂 prepare yourself, because when your daughter starts school doing hair becomes a completely different game. and once the hair is finally done and the day can begin, when they come home, their hair, clothes, and pretty much everything else will look nothing like what you send them to school with in the morning 😉 cant wait to read your next blog


Cindy on

My daughter’s fifth birthday is coming up. She HATES having anything in her hair…pony tails, barrettes, anything. Always has. It’s her hair, so I see no point in fighting over it. Pick your battles, and all that.

Miss Ann on

I am glad you are back too. This explains why all the ladies in church when I was growing up wait until the baby’s are asleep across their lap to make ponytails. Those ponytails be crooked and one was always higher up than the others. Lol.

Jennifer on

Your family photos are adorable! Especially after seeing our very own Minky Patchwork Bear in the pictures with you. Glad to see you are enjoying it. Now that Luna Marie is getting bigger, I’d love to make a bear for her from her outgrown clothes. Maybe you can put ponytails on the bear first and then she’ll go along…

amy on

Well good luck with the ponytails! I had four younger brothers, always wanted a sister and never got one. I was sooooo excited to dress up my daughter, do her hair, etc. Well she was a baldy til she was almost 2. Now she’s 7, thin blonde hair that wont stay in a ponytail holder to save my life, always hanging in her eyes lol.

Maddie on

I’m *so* glad you’re back Constance! I actually squealed and clapped my hands when I read the article headline, lol. Welcome, welcome, we have missed you!!! Lil’ Luna is still as gorgeous as ever..I love ponytails on little girls, I’ve convinced I will have a daughter one day just to unleash the ponytails (pigtails and braids) and tutus on 🙂

MG on

Love the post! My daughter has semi curly hair. Compliments of her father, she has this straight on top, ringlets at the bottom thing going. But her hair looks exactly like Luna’s does in the 3rd pic.

I can honestly say that doing a 2 1/2 year old’s hair is no easy task at times. Some days my daughter will be good & sit down for me so long as I keep assuring her how pretty she’s going to look when I’m finished. Other days she gets distracted & tries to run off. I just pull her back, tell her to sit still & carry on. It takes practice, & patience so I wouldn’t give up just yet.

Chus on

Yay!!!! I’m so happy you’re back I commented before even reading the blog! Looking forward to hearing about little Luna Marie again!

EMA on

First of all, I am so glad you are back! I absolutely love your blog as I have a daughter Luna’s age and can relate to almost everything you post about mom and daughter subjects.

So now to the ponytail subject….my little one hater her hair done also! She too has curly short hair that took FOREVER (an understatement) to grow long enough to put anything in her hair. So now that she’s 3 and her hair is almost shoulder length, I thought yay! I can finally fix her hair the way I always imagined. NO. As soon as I get anything on her head, she pulls it right out. Not to mention the days I am able to get two piggy tails on only to arrive at our destination and find she has pulled them out and now has a Crusty the Clown hair-do! Oh well. I have come to love her crazy wild hair all over her face now.

Amanda on

You’re back! I’m so happy that you’re blogging again, Constance Marie. You are a ray of sunshine.

I can’t wait to read more Luna Marie updates. Namaste.

AKH on

Welcome back, Constance Marie!!! I loved your blog and I’m so excited to be able to read your blog and laugh! And, Luna Marie is so adorable!

I have a 3 year-old daughter and it took a while for her hair to grow for ponytail. So, when she was younger I used to love putting piggytails on her and it was cute. Now that her hair is long enough, I love doing all the hair dos including ponytails and she loves them too. It surely is a precious mommy-daughter moment when I fix her hair.

I’m 100% sure it won’t be too long before you can do all kinds of hair dos on Luna Marie!

Cathy on

Welcome back Mama Constance! lol I have 3 daughters and know all too well that doing ponytails can be a challenge. What ended up working for me was making it into a game. I used to tell the girls “lets play beauty shop & I’ll be the hair doer.” I would sit the girls down in a chair & tell them “hi there miss, what would u like to have done today?” They loved it and sat still through the whole thing. Of course, each of them were 2 before this could work but if you really want ponytails give it a try n play dress up n beauty shop it’s fun!! Good Luck…..PS ponytails or not, your daughter is precious~~

April on

I put my grand daughters (18months) hair up everyday. Mind you that I had 5 sons and she never sits still but I found a way. I sit her on the bathroom counter with her feet in the sink and run the water. She either has her toothbrush or something else to occupy her mind while I do her hair, works every time. Try it, it may work for you too:)

Lily on

I missed you and I’m so glad to see you back. This blog was great, and oh, so true.

seila on

you’re too soft. it’s not like youre hurting the baby, you’re trying to make her look good… if i’d have kids i wouldn’t like them to be with all the messy hair..

Tee on

Here is a neat suggestion. Take her to buy a paddle hair brush. They has plenty logo-ed in all types of characters, ie: Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, etc. You buy one for yourself and let her mimic you while you brush you hair. Would not hurt to spritz a little hair softener over her head. That way she enjoys her hair being styled. Or let her choose hair ties and barrettes with her favorite characters. Tell her what it is for and do her hair while she watches one of her favorite shows, with her favorite snacks. When you are done take her to the mirror to see and make a big fuss about how nice she looks. Only until she is comfortable with you doing the process. And then you can stop with the praising.

Secrets from a mother with a daughter that has one the most tender scalps in the world. Hope these suggestion works. And welcome back. I love your blogs.

Anya on

Welcome Back Constance! You’ve been truly missed on these blogs. Even though I don’t have a little one anymore (my son will be 20 yrs old this September), I truly, truly enjoy reading your blogs. Again, welcome back and I look forward to reading some great stories about your journey in motherhood. Peace, Love and Faith!

besimon on

So, happy your blog is back. Your baby is getting so big. I love this age.

Here is something that worked for my nieces. Sit her on the bathroom counter, her legs in the sink, you behind her, and let watch you do her hair. Maybe even put ribbons in your hair, so she will want that.

Someone mentioned how dad’s never comb their daughter’s hair or make pigtails. My dad combed my sisters and my hair (I should have whiplash from his brushing) and even my nieces’ hair and could make really good pigtails. He also let us comb his hair – it was fun. He had gel in his hair like Elvis and you could mold it into spikes and flat tops.

Constance, it sounds likes you’re have fun with your baby. That is waht life is all about. Can’t wait to read more.

Amanda on

Hello welcome back if you wanted pony tails in your child’s hair you should have trained her hair from the beginning to stop it from hurting her to much:) but good luck anyways you might get it to work sooner or later!

Nella on

First of all let me start by saying welcome back! I love your blogs, they’re always so fun and sound “real” if you know what I mean, you address subjects that regular non celeb moms do and I think that’s great! Luna is adorable, she looks so much like you and I love her big brown eyes! My niece always gave me a hard time about doing her hair when she was younger especially the toddler age. Now she loves doing her own hair! She’s 8 now,Everyday before school she loves to just brush her hair and experiment with different hairstyles and she’s all about cute hair clips/headbands and loves ponytails as well! Now she lets me braid her hair and give her hairstyles so it’s fun. she’s been like this for the past few years. I think every child is different and you just gotta let them do it on their own time and through fun and play.

Natasha on

Constance, I am SOOO happy to see you back! I LOVE reading your blogs! I am not a mother yet, but I enjoy gathering tips for the day that I will someday have to create a healthy happy environment for my offspring. I love that you are a proud Latina woman striving to raise a happy and healthy little girl! I love that you are green and focus on the quality of life. You are such an inspiration to me!!

hoxton on

I don’ like celebrity moms blogs usually, but yours is priceless. So fresh, full of love, true and hilarious. I love it, and love how you always work on yourself to be a better mom

Anonymous on

what a beautiful story. absolutely loved it!

RachelinAZ on

We only got pretties in my daughter Lydia’s hair, when my good friend Crissy put them in. Crissy is the ONLY one she will let mess with her wait. Stinks, cause she is so cute with her hair made up! So I feel for you. When we tried, she would rip hair out, trying to get the prettied out 😦

Sandy on

Welcome back! Love your stories! Like you I also dream of the ponytails and braids but my daughter barely has a full head of hair so it’s going ot have to wait.. the little I can do she likes so at least we’re on the right road not if only that hair would grow…lol

tiffani on

cute blog entry…
but, here’s the secret…you have to do it while they are asleep! =)
now go forth and ponytail! LOL

Carla on

Glad your back!! Can I just say I had the same issues with my little girls as well and my solution….CHEERIOS OR GOLDFISH! Sat them on the counter in the bathroom, gave them a bowl and that caused them to look down. It worked great and now they are 3 and 2 so they know the routine 🙂 Welcome back!!!

ODB on

I am so happy you are back!! Your previous blogs helped me so much with my baby who was born in march 2010! Thanks so much for telling me about the happy heiny diapers. My baby has curly hair too so I’m going to get the detangler you recommended…yay!

sue on

I just read this article out of boredom… and DANG!!! What an eye-opener! Great writing with an even greater sentiment! Kids are truly our teachers, sometimes, aren’t they?!? You made my day!!! Thanks!

Jessica Nunez on

Constance I’m so happy you’re back! You’re my favorite blogger! My daughter is now 9 months old and her name is Luna Isabelle and her hair is taking forever to grow out! We’re just waiting because I too have the same desire to see her in little pony tails. Ahhh I guess it’s going to be a LONG wait. Welcome back!!

Laura on

So glad to have you back blogging. I like some of the other bloggers but yours is just the best! You have a very honest, open-let me put it all out there style. You don’t censor yourself or try to make yourself look good, you’re just you.

Ponytails. Now there is a tough one. My daughter was mostly bald for just about ever. But once it did get long enough to work with I would sit her down and brush her hair and that was all there was to it. Your daughter really won’t break and if you only do it a couple of times a week, for now, she’ll soon get used to getting her hair done. Also if you follow most of the other tips like sitting her on the bathroom counter or giving her a snack to distract her she’ll learn to go with it. You should also let her do your hair. It’s a riot. I had 3 boys and one day the 2 older boys decided to “do” my brother’s hair. They put every clip, barrette, rubber band and bow that belonged to my daughter in his hair. It was hilarious. I also let my daughter “do” my hair which generally consisted of her brushing my hair with the flat side and putting barrettes just on the ends of my hair. It was still fun.

One other thing, I know this is really long. Men doing hair? My brother did his daughter’s hair when he brought her to visit us. Poor child had the most lopsided, floppy ponytail you’ve ever seen but he was so proud of himself for doing her hair and getting her dressed. We snatched her up and redid the hair and then put matching clothes on her as soon as he left her with us!

Keep up the wonderful blogs. I get to relive a ton of memories when you talk about stuff and also file things away for the day I get to be a grandma!

LeighAnn on

Your blog is adorable! I have to say, when my daughter was born it was with a FULL head of hair, and Yay, she never lost any of it. Up until the age of 4 she HATED anything in her hair and if I went near her, or mentioned the word brush- she went running to which it usually took me forever to find her!! 🙂 But happily Constance I can say that she is now 5 and a total “girly girl” loves the dresses, fancy shoes, nylons, tights, mommy and big sisters (16) shoes and make-up, and LOVES LOVES LOVES to have her hair done, whether it is in barrettes, ponytails (her favorite) headbands, whatever, she sits completely still while it gets done, and even goes into the bathroom to get the brush and walks around the house brushing her hair during the day, it is so cute. So hang in there, curly hair or not, eventually Luna may be just like my “girly girl” and love the bonding time you get when she lets you do her hair!! Good luck and I can’t wait to continue reading your blogs and following Miss Luna, she is beautiful!!

FC on

Constance! I’m glad you’re back, because I’ve missed seeing your posts on here. Getting to read about Luna and her latest to-dos. And you came back with a great one—the hair debacle! I love it. (I especially love the photo I’m sure is of her after she wakes up in the morning, her hair all sprangled. Adorable!)

Maybe one day Luna might allow you to mess with her hair long enough to get a ponytail or two in. I know my cousin’s youngest girl still has her moments when she’ll freely get her hair done, and then other times, she’ll tell you she doesn’t want you to do anything to her hair. No comb, brush, barrettes——nada! I’ve no doubts she’ll surprise you and want a new ‘do!

But, hey, as you said, she’s happy, clean, clothed and that’s what matters. And, well, she’s yours to enjoy, and I’m envious! 😉

P.S.-I’m still crushing on your hot husband, Kent, and those eyes of his are just…wow!

Rocki on

Constance, I am SOOOOO Happy you are back to blogging for People. Ok So I have 3 boys…and I hate to say that I let my boys grow their hair out when they were younger. They had the most BEAUTIFUL thick long curly hair. And they would not allow me to put ponytails in their hair either. No matter how much I pleaded with them that they would be as cool looking as David Beckham (when he used to ponytail it) they sure weren’t buying that bridge. Needless to say, I think I traumatized the youngest with my desire to ponytail his hair so much that one day (right before Thanksgiving in fact) I was in my bedroom and I heard my middle son say “Rene what did you do?” and I hopped to my feet as quick as you could imagine and ran to the kitchen. It seems Rene found some scissors and sure enough he couldn’t just cut some of the length off…NOOOOOO…that’s too easy to fix. He went straight for the front and center middle of the top. He almost scalped himself and I just sat there with my mouth agape. My baby said “I wanted a big boy haircut” and all I could do was CRY! The next morning I was still too traumatized so my husband had to take him to the salon to get the rest of his head shorn clean. I have pictures on my phone of the before and after and I still tear up when I see the pictures. LOL.
Well again, I am so happy to see beautiful Luna Marie in your pics and look forward to the new tv show! Until your next blog…
(PS hide the scissors)

Angela Keith on

Beautiful reminder!