Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Bump-Revealing Cannes Look

05/18/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Tony Barson/WireImage

Talk about not hiding your pregnancy!

At Wednesday’s Cannes Film Festival premiere of her new movie, Melancholia, Charlotte Gainsbourg put her growing bump on full display in a ruffled see-through black dress (paired with a peek-a-boo lace bra) while posing with Rodarte-clad co-star, Kirsten Dunst.

The French actress, who is expecting her third child with partner Yvan Attal, must be taking style cues from her famous mom, Jane Birkin.

Not only did she inspire the famous Hermès Birkin bag, but she was known to push the envelope fashion-wise in her day too.

Gainsbourg is a fashion darling herself, starring in the Balenciaga fragrance ads for her good friend, the house’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière.

TELL US: What do you think of Gainsbourg’s revealing red carpet look?

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Lou x on

Oh wow…that’s a whole lot of see-through, pregnant or otherwise!

It’d be quite a nice dress if it were in a different material. Can anyone tell me what else she’s been in? Haven’t heard of her before but not sure if its just because i’m british x

showbizmom on

I could never pull off that look with or without a baby bump, but more power to her! She looks great.She has the glow 🙂 She’s one of the great actors and musicians of our time. Her new film from what I hear is a bit out there but with a awesome cast. With a Director like Lars von Trier (freak) and his previous works, I would expect nothing less then a weird but beautifully acted and shot film.

I wonder how far along she is?

Mary on

She looks horrible. Like she wore that set to bed (where it belongs) and forgot to get dressed.

Lynn on

It looks like she’s wearing a bra and a robe. I agree that it looks like she just rolled out of bed. She has a great body but this looks pretty ridiculous for going out in public.

Sarah S. on

That’s so not a good look, pregnant or otherwise. I don’t care if it’s “fashion forward France” or what, it’s just bad taste.

Tess on

Both dresses are horrible.

What of it? on

I love Charlotte Gainsbourg, she’s such a great actress. She starred in my favourite movie version of Jane Eyre. She’s half British, half French and does mostly indie and French films.

Anna on

Pregnant or not, that is an awful outfit.

Sydney on

She looks wonderful. So comfortable in her skin.

Not many can pull that look off, but she definitely can.

Molly on

Charlotte is the daughter of French singer/actor Serge Geinsburg and British actress/singer Kane Burkin (sp). I’m not a fan of the dress, but Charlotte is a talented actress and singer.

Kay on

That see through look is not a good look, pregnant or not. If you are comfortable showing off your pregnant belly, why not just wear something fitted instead of something that looks like lingerie?

Amy Y on

I have a feeling that Kirstens dress looks bad due to the flash on the photogs camera but the other lady just looks like she is wearing a robe and pj’s. If your going to Cannes why not choose something beautiful? Bad choice, but she is still a beautiful lady that has a cute baby bump.

pia on

LAWD! what DO they look like!! hahaha!! dreadful..but a good laugh..

good luck and congrats tho charlotte!

Brooke on

She looks ridiculous. It looks like lingerie. I love Charlotte Gainsbourg, but this is just weird.

me on

It looks ill-fitting and sloppy, not a good look pregnant or otherwise.

look on

I can see her bra dead on or is that part of the dress? at best it looks like a bathing suit, at worst sexy lingerie for pregnant women.

soph on

Molly, learn to spell. It’s Gainsbourg, and her mom’s name is even in the article.

Molly on

Whoops, my fault. *lol*

ZaraB on

I love Charlotte Gainsbourg, but don’t love her outfit! It looks like an ill-fitting robe… I’m all for showing off your baby bump, and hers is very cute, but that outfit is just wrong!

lola on

just because one comes from a family that is known for their “fashion forward” sense doesn’t mean one can push the envelope so far that she looks absolutely silly.

i get fashion, i get the french, i get trying to be different but this is just lame. quit trying so hard! although perhaps if my mother was the muse behind the hottest purse/bag ever, then maybe i’d be trying way to hard as well!

either way, i think she looks silly and needs to work on her less is more approach.

Mira on

I think it actually works. It does look like lingerie, of course, but she pulls it off somehow.

Kirsten Dunst, on the other hand, looks quite homely.

amazed ! on

I am French. I find the dress to be ridiculous.

I find many of the “good” stereotypes about us French being gifted concerning fashion sense false.

We’re overrated. LOL.

sabine on

Good for her for not trying to hide her pregnancy. She looks terrific and very comfortable with herself. Her dress strategically covers what’s necessary. She’s stealing a bit from her mom, Jane Birkin, though, who wore see-through dresses back in the sixties–looked just as great too.

Toya L. on

I hate the dress but her pregnant body looks great.

Dawn Miller on

I love Charlotte, but that “outfit” looks like a see-through trash bag!

As for Kirsten…I have never understood the attraction with her. She is not a good actress, mediocre looking (at best), and behaves like a spoiled child. Keep in mind this is a woman who turned down a role in her teens because “it wasn’t worth ruining her figure”, when asked to gain a few pounds. She is gross.

Cammy on

Il est très à la mode. Très française. In otherwords – very French!

Anonymous on

Wow! I’d say that’s a really bad dress except I’m not altogether sure you can even call it a dress. I agree with others, it looks like a bra and robe!

Soph, you were downright rude in your comment to Molly. For the record, she handled it with a lot more grace than I would have.

soph on

Save the admonishments, Anon. Nobody cares how you would have handled it.

eribri on

It’s not bad but it looks like she went to the beach and put a cover on….then went here.

Not the best choice in wardrobe!

Tee on

Soph, I don’t know why that posted as anonymous, but my name is Tee. And it’s nice to see that you’re rude to others and not just Molly.

soph on

It is, isn’t it, Tee?

Tee on

Ach, I’m done communicating with you now, Soph. You obviously don’t care that you’re rude to others and let’s face it, nothing I or anyone else could say would fix that.

soph on

Uh-huh. You’re a little slow, no? Hope your morally superior act was fun for ya. Bye-bye, Tee.

Lou on

Soph, you come across as a very bitter and rude person. I’m sure that’ll get you really far in life, acting as a bully to complete strangers. Grow up.

soph on

Lol. Okay, Lou.

Anonymous! on

Not only are you rude and bitter soph, you are also incredibly immature and childish! It’s not any kind of behavior to be proud of. You’re such a joke. What are you, 12?!? Grow up and get over yourself.

I do agree that Charlotte’s body looks fantastic, her outfit looks completely trashy and is in such bad taste. Normally, Charlotte is such a fashionista. I like Kirsten’s dress better.

soph on

Aww, sorry, Anonymous!, I don’t take advice from idiots. But thanks for trying!

Anonymous! on

This is the last time I am responding to you. Calling me an idiot because I call you out for how callow & absurd you act you makes me an idiot? The infantile “comebacks” that you always manage to produce come off as idiotic to everyone else, but yourself. Reply to this comment and call me whatever you please after reading this, then you will have TRULY proven mine & everyone else’s point.

soph on

Okay, since you keep crawling back, I’ll give you the response you seem to need.

It’s HILARIOUS how you KEEP responding to me despite calling me rude, bitter, immature, childish, a joke, callow, absurd, and infantile. How many other synonyms for young are you going to rack your pitiful brain for? Hurling them at me makes you feel vindicated, doesn’t it? Sad thing is, YOU are everything you say I am because you keep engaging me. You must really have a problem with me, but unfortunately, I don’t care about you or what you think is “rude” — because that’s what this was all about, wasn’t it? Newsflash: you’re not the arbiter of CBB and can’t dictate what goes on here. Face the facts and try not to be sad about it. Love how the only thing you — and so many others like you — can say to me is “reply and prove my point.” So boring. It’s okay, keep thinking whatever you want to think about me to get you through your day. Have a great one, Anonymous! Poster. I think it’s utterly charming how you kept coming back for more despite implying that I wasn’t worth your time. Keep up the self-righteous act…I’m sure those lucky ones in your life dig it. Ta-ta!