BumpWatch: Victoria Beckham – Great Expectations

05/17/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Bumpin’ it up!

Mom-to-be Victoria Beckham keeps her cool in a leather-accented dress while arriving for a flight at LAX on Sunday.

Due in July with her fourth child — a girl! — the designer and former Spice Girl, 37, recently celebrated her upcoming arrival with a baby shower.

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Meg on

She looks beautiful! LOVE her dress!

Alma on

Why is she dressed like she’s going to a funeral ?

Can’t she dress something more summery and colorful. Some colors could maybe help putting a smile on her face.

Nella on

She still doesn’t seem pregnant to me, let alone 7 months pregnant! If I didn’t know I would think she’s maybe four months pregnant. It would be great to see her get a bigger belly and gain some weight, she’s still very thin if you really look at her.

Now I understand some people are naturally like that, but for some reason I don’t think Victoria is one of those people. I remember Spice Girls days, yes I was a fan haha, she had more weight on her and that was way before she had kids. Now she seems very obsessed with being very thin, pregnant or not. Before anyone jumps on me for saying this, that’s just my opinion on that.

Sarah S. on

She always wears either black or navy in this pregnancy–why, Victoria why? I want to see her in bright colors!!

saydee on

Wow, she looks so tiny or her dress just hides her belly well.

Manal from Jordan on


Jade Crystal on

Wow.. 7 months and working it! LOL I think she looks great! **If you remember, as a Spice Girl, she almost always wore black or navy…it was her signature “Posh” look

Hea on

When did you ever see Victoria Beckham in bright colors? Not everyone likes them. I think she looks great here! Love her hair!

Jen DC on

I co-sign on the whole “when does VB ever wear bright colors.” But I also HATE HATE HATE this dress. The leather “accent” is distracting. It appears more that she is wearing a leather skirt with a tunic.

And as far as her size, with each pregnancy she was small. The boys seem fine and their birth weights were ok as far as I can recall (Brooklyn 6.8#s; Romeo 7#s; Cruz 7#s), so I’m not particularly worried.

Jillian on

I really like this dress. She looks beautiful!!

Sarah S. on

For some reason, I thought she wore a lot of different colors during her other pregnancies…or maybe I’m thinking of Gwen Stefani? Anyway, Victoria does look beautiful here, as always.

Megan on

“Now I understand some people are naturally like that, but for some reason I don’t think Victoria is one of those people.”

You’d be right about that. She used to have some meat on her bones way back and was a healthy weight.

ZaraB on

I think she looks great! Nice to see her finally revealing something of her bump, instead of trying to hide it under loose, flowing clothing.

Soco on

Who cares what colors she wears or doesn’t wear? Maybe she just prefers dark colors, like me. I don’t own anything bright, doesn’t fit my style. Let the woman have her own sense of style, it’s clearly a fantastic one.

That being said, Victoria looks lovely!

Shannon on

She looks unnaturally thin. Yikes.

Anonymous on

She looks gorgeous!

cara on

She looks lovely in this photo, the dress is very cute.

Her hair extensions look really good too, love them.

Minami86 on

I’ve been a fan of Victoria’s going back to her Spice Girls days in the 90s. I dont recall her ever wearing bright clothes. She wore black, navy, white, animal prints a time or 2 but I dont think anything bright. She looks gorgeous though.

One guess could be because she’s having a girl this time, everyone wants to get a picture of her & dark colors make you look slim. I would hate for someone to constantly be around me too like that.

melissa on

she’s obviously somewhat healthy otherwise she wouldn’t be pregnant. She’d have no period. Who cares if she wears black or hot pink? What’s the difference?

MiB on

Darned if you do, darned if you don’t! People complain because Victoria Beckham is wearing too loose clothing that doesn’t show her bump, people complain because Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba show too much skin at the beach. I think she looks good. She obviosly doesn’t like to wear tight tops when she is pregnant as she hasn’t during any of her pregnancies, some women don’t, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ava on

no WAY are her legs that skinny and clavicle bones showing at 7 months, also her boobs don’t look any bigger at all…sorry people, but I’m calling surrogate on this one..and walking in 7 inch heels with no center of gravity is impossible unless it’s a foam you know what.

Plezz on

The world as a whole is overweight! So why oh why do you want to critize a woman who is under doctors care, and who prefers to decide her own style and look, and weight! just because most women overgain during pregnancy and Posh chooses not to! Ladies please stop overeating in your life pregnant or not! Be a healthier you and follow healthy eating, exercise and etc for yourselves! Try to look sexy and beautiful for yourself and your mate! Posh may you continue to be happy and true to yourself, changing when its good for you only!

Lou x on

Ava…even the suggestion is ridiculous! Are you serious?!?!

mmspanka on

Its about time i see a picture where she actually looks pregnant, i was starting to think it was all a lie. Congrats and she looks uber chic in that outfit, dont really expect nothing less from POSH.

Im so happy for her family

Doreen on

Cannot wait to see this lil girl!!

MiB on

Ava, I have never been over weight, but I have been on the higher end of the BMI scale, and my clavicle bones were still showing. Does that mean that every scale I used was wrong? Or that everyone miscalculated my BMI? Or was I simply just so anorexic that I imagined that I was on the heavier side of a normal BMI? Please, enlighten me!

Ava on

I just don’t understand how someone who was previously heavier before kids is able to maintain a near skeletal figure for 9 months and continue to wear 7 inch platform stilletos and have zero body fat except for her stomach…it just defies logic…and makes me think it’s FAKE.

Anonymous on

You all make me laugh on this site. leave the poor women alone! So what if she’s thin?…she has three healthy boys and that should be all that matters! Just beause she’s not the size of a house at 7 months pregnant does not mean she diets to the point of puting her baby at risk!..i think it’s a case of the green eyed monster!