Look for Less: Kingston Rossdale’s Personal Style

05/17/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

Look who’s proud of his name… and not afraid to show it!

While walking the streets of London with his stylish mom Gwen Stefani on May 10, Kingston Rossdale gave a shout out to his favorite letter — K.

The 4½-year-old wore Grass & Clover‘s Custom Letter Tee ($56) with army green and plaid cargo pants and a pair of black sneakers.

Love Kingston’s alphabet chic? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $38!

Courtesy American Apparel


‘K’ is for Kingston!

Let your little star pay homage to their name with American Apparel‘s line of Alphabet Short Sleeve Ts ($14). Available in a variety of bright colors, the super soft tees are great for spring.

Courtesy Ten Tall Trees


Little boys always look dapper in classic cargo pants like Little Traveler‘s Army Green Cargo Pants ($38). Not only are they 100 percent cotton, but the front and back pockets are just the right size for storing mini treasures.

Best of all? These cool cargo slacks feature a drawstring to ensure a snug fit.

Courtesy Famous Footwear


Everyone from Max Bratman and Bronx Wentz to Ruby Maguire and Honor Warren are big fans of Converse Kids.

We love the kid-friendly velcro Chuck Taylor ($25) version — they’re perfect for the playground, but look just as cool for a day with mom and dad.

Anya Leon

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crg on

He looks like he’s wearing a plaid diaper over his pants- I don’t get it.

Michelle Moris on

Crg – he is wearing pants made in Japan. You can get it!

cris on

It looks like he is wearing boxers and they are hanging out of his pants

abbyc on

he needs to hang out with the smith kids. talk about issues these kids will have!

amw on

this kids abused hair and ick clothes have never been interesting to me. im sure “he chooses all his own clothes, and has a major say in his style” but come on, he is only 4.

jK19 on

This child looks bad to be and I don’t understand why his hair has been colored? His brother looks so sweet. I can imagaine them as night and day, ying and yang. Just my opinion and I am sure there will be comments on my opinion.

Ellie on

One of those parents who “use” their kids as some styled accessoires…

RachelfromBoston on

King has proved to be quite the personality from early on! I think it’s kind of awesome that his parents allow him to express himself. I know he’s young, but some things like acceptance, personal style, individuality, are good things to learn about from the start. I know first hand how loving his parents are with their children and how strict they can be about lots of things. They’re a great family! 🙂

just sayin’ on

Ellie, unfortunately I think you are right. My son is the same age and I spend a lot of time with that age group and I’ve never once encountered a boy who cared what label he was wearing or who desired to accessorize like a mini-adult. I think it goes without saying that children that young don’t ask for their hair to be bleached or coloured unless it is suggested to them first or they’ve been influenced somehow.

T.U.M on

My son just turned 3 and refuses to leave the house without one of his fedora hat’s and/or sunglasses. Never once have I encouraged him. Everywhere we go, people are complimenting his style. Believe it or not some kids are born to be fashion forward. You never know they might be the next Alexander McQueen or Tom Ford & this behaviour should be embraced…..not all kids want to wear Walmart clothes like all the parents that are complaining.

Mimi on

A fashion forward 3 year old? Yeah right. At that age they have NO CLUE about high fashion, that’s child development 101. If your YOUNG CHILD is talking about labels and designers and fashion as young as 3, YOU have pushed that on them. They can’t even SPELL Walmart. You can put a $3 shirt in a Chanel shopping bag and they would not know the difference. Any who says different is lying or they don’t know kids.

just sayin’ on

The fedora is probably more of an attachment item as opposed to something he selected in order to be stylish.

Toya L. on

Kingston is so cute.

MiB on

Seriosly people! Have you never encountered a toddler with strong opinion on what to wear?!? Some love hats, some love bags, some love sunglasses, some love the colour pink, some just “have” to wear a certain pattern (I had a toddler at the kindergarten where I used to work who had a closet full of checked shirts, because that was the only kind of top he would wear) or 15 bangles or bow in their hair. Sure, it’s their parents who chose to buy the lates from chanel, or L.A.M.B., or Bonpoint, or Gymboree, or Walmart, but many kids do have strong opinions on what to wear. They may not be “label conscious” like adults are, but they sure can have opinions about what is stylish and what they like.

Jillian on

there is stuff to put in your hair that does no damage to it, your scalp or you. At least where I live! Pregnant ppl have been getting it for years here and so have the children. A little fun never hurt anyone. Children do like certain styles and it may be something their parents introuduse them to. He doesn’t appear to be upset with his clothes……does he? Sometimes I see girls done sooooo girly at this age……for them or their mom? It all starts somewhere but my daughter who is younger has a voice about what she wears.

annachestnut on

My son would never have tolerated this “high fashion” look. The child in the photo looks uncomfortable.

Tess on

Not a fan of this family, and the kids usually look ridiculous, not stylish. He looks miserable.

Doreen on

Good God! Someone get this child a stylist and FAST!!!