Spotted: Katie Holmes and Suri Take a Dip

05/17/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Splish splash!

After squashing those pregnancy reports, Katie Holmes tests the water with 5-year-old daughter Suri at a hotel pool in Miami, Fla. on Monday.

Suri is the only child together for the actress, 32, and husband Tom Cruise.

The family will be in Florida for two months as the actor shoots Rock of Ages.

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Rachel on

She is 100% her mother’s child! I don’t see a bit of Tom in that little girl… the spitting image of her mother (and she really does resemble Chris Klein — lol… I kid, even though she does!). She does look just like Kate though!

just sayin’ on

Despite the criticism she’s received on her parenting, Katie spends a lot of one on one time with Suri and genuinely seems to dote on her little girl.

Although it seems necessary to have her security team with her all the time (due to the paparazzi), she doesn’t rely on nannies to do all the “heavy lifting” unless she is on a shoot or otherwise working.

Rachael on

Why does Katie never seem to smile? I’d love to have a 10th of the life she leads… cute pic!

M on

@just sayin’: I think she’s receiving criticysm for doing just that: keeping Suri with her, never making her play with other children or make fun with children her own age in any way whatsoever. She claims Suri doesn’t want to, so she letting her off the hook. A child can be seriously socially damaged that way. It’s just not really healthy to grow up that way. I’m not gonna say it doesn’t work at all, since I am aware of the fact loads of children are in the same position Suri is. But not everybodies parents are as famous as hers and that DOES have it’s effect, possibly in the wrong way. Thinking you’re the only one that matters in the whole wide world doesn’t seem like the best idea you develop your child’s mind with….

Nella on

Suri is adorable! Just Sayin’ I totally agree with you! Katie gets a lot of criticism, but I think she spends a lot of time with her daughter and seems like she adores that little girl. I often think that people give Katie a hard time about almost everything and sometimes I feel like it’s unfair and maybe because of Tom Cruise. People don’t seem to like him like they once did and he is her husband, so I feel like she gets some criticism because of that. Personally I don’t like Tom either, but I think Katie is nice. I have nothing against her. She seems like a sweet person and a doting mother. Some celebs in particular seem to get picked on more than others, and Katie Holmes is the perfect example of that.

Jillian on

I have seen Kate smiling in plenty of pics!! But since it’s not an “on” staged photo…..maybe thats why? Do you smile every second of every day?

Tess on

Katie needs a swimsuit with a bit more support.

I feel so sorry for Suri being raised in that environment.

ecl on

I agree Tess. I feel so sorry for Suri being raised by a mother who doesn’t wear a supportive bathing suit.

Sus on

I think Suri looks a lot like Tom!

meme on

Funny how some people can make so many assumptions about people they DO NOT KNOW. How in the world does anyone know she doesn’t play with other kids. Does she go to play group, preschool, kindergarten. Geez. I can’t imagine being criticized all the time like Kate.

Olivia on

“I agree Tess. I feel so sorry for Suri being raised by a mother who doesn’t wear a supportive bathing suit.”


Ashley on

I think here in this picture, Suri looks ALOT like Tom. And I agree with Tess, mostly about the environment part of her post! ;–)

Tess on

ecl – that is hardly what I said. The environment I was referring to is 1) scientology and 2) parents who call the paparazzi and put their child on full display at all hours of the day and night. Next time I’ll be more precise in my posts.

Betsy on

Maybe all this attention isn’t good for the kid. She is treated like a thing to gawk at. The public should say enough already, kids should be off limits except at public events (premiere etc) or if parents give ok.

You woulnd’t want this for your kids, why ok for celeb kids to have no normalcy and privacy.

mary on

while I am not a huge fan of Tom and think he is a little nutters- I think that kid looks a lot like him and the Chris Klein comments are getting old. I mean really, you think if CK had a kid, he would just ignore that fact because of the all-mighty Tom Cruise power? Please.

Katie seems to be a good mom, Suri generally seems to be a happy kid. I don’t get why y’all think she never plays with other kids- you have no idea if she plays with other kids or how she spend 90% of her life she is not being photographed.

mary on

but yes- I will agree. The bathing suit is a tad unfortunate.

Tess on

Mary – I don’t think TC has all-mighty power anymore. I think most people just laugh at him now.

Mia on

how can anyone criticize Katie Holmes or celebrities. You are not with them not around them you see them in pics taken by creepy paps invading on their lives. You only get a slice of their life is. take this pic for example we see her in the water with her daughter, this is an event things said, playing laughing joying we don’t see any of that because we are not really there. So how can you say Katie doesn’t smile, doesn’t let her daughter do this or that you only see slices people we need to get a life.

Jillian on

I looked at this picture and read the article and wondered…..what will people find to critisize. No matter what photo/article is shown of Kate and/or Tom and Suri, there is always critisism and negativity. Of course, pure speculation. I have seen pictures of Suri playing with other children….I guess some of you missed those or closed your eyes to those pictures. How many of you have seen pictures of the Garner Afflacks playing with other kids? I have never seen anyone complain about that on those articles. Such hypocrisy.

Anna on

I think they are fine. We only see Suri going to and from things, I’m sure she has friends at the things she goes to. Some children are more loners anyway.

She might be a bit spoiled but that doesn’t mean her life will be ruined. It’s obvious her parents love her a lot, she could be a lot worse of.

Doreen on

“I agree Tess. I feel so sorry for Suri being raised by a mother who doesn’t wear a supportive bathing suit.”


Mari on

I remember seeing a family picture of Tom and his sisters when they were quite young and Suri resembles the sisters. Alas, they were not beauties when they matured. I see so resemblance between Katie and Suri.