Alessandra Ambrósio: The Secret’s In the Schedule

05/17/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Sara De Boer/Startraks

Alessandra Ambrósio is not your typical working mother. Her career to this point has been built primarily on bone structure, a high metabolism, and the ability to be comfortable in a bikini.

But like many career moms, the Victoria’s Secret Angel understands the difficulties that arise when one has to balance a hectic work schedule and a budding family.

With photo shoots that take her to the far beaches of the earth, runway shows and promotional events that chew up hours in behind-the-scenes preparation, the Brazilian-born beauty recognizes the importance of a helping hand.

“It’s really about schedule,” Ambrósio, 30, tells PEOPLE. “It’s about a group of people, and we all work to schedule everything so that I can see my daughter and I can still work.”

It may also help that her 2½-year-old little girl, Anja Louise, is an angel in her own right, who has recently started to show off a few skill sets of her own.

“She’s been dancing a lot,” Ambrósio says with a laugh while at the Victoria’s Secret “What Is Sexy” Event, held Thursday in Los Angeles. “She wants to go to ballet every day!”

Not only is Anja ballet-obsessed, but the little one is working on becoming a bilingual toddler as well.

“She speaks Portuguese,” Ambrósio tells PEOPLE, “and she’s been trying to get her English going along so that she can talk to her dad.”

While Ambrósio’s fiancé Jamie Mazur may be getting by so far, the California businessman might want to bone up on his future wife’s native tongue — as he may be even more outnumbered sooner than he thought.

Asked whether or not there were more children in her future, Ambrósio does little to hide either her enthusiasm or her expectations.

“Definitely! Definitely,” she exclaims with a smile.

— Reagan Alexander

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mmh on

Wow that lede about what her career is built on is a little bit rude, don’t you think? I’m sure there is more to her than cheekbones and metabolism. I would be offended if I were her. Most top models have to have great work ethic, dedication to keeping fit and business saaviness too, don’t you think?

Meg on

Sounds like she may be expecting!

Shannon on

Why wouldn’t their daughter already speak english if the father does? I’m confused by the article. Does she really mean that Anja only speaks portugese?

Becky on

mmh..Do you read much? The lead in doesn’t say that that is all she is about, it says that is what her career is mostly based on..She’s a Victoria Secret underwear model, so her career doesn’t need a lot of “talking”.. Sounds like she as a good head on her shoulders, so all the best to her and hubby..If she’s pregnant again, congrats..

Jillian on

mmh, she is not offended because that is the type of model she is…

Meg, what makes you think she is expecting? I didn’t read anything that made me think so.

Emily on

Why isn’t she offended? Because only Americans feel empowered and important by declaring that things “offend” them.

SSM on

Don’t have anything empowered and important to say? Insult an American and it will brighten your day.