Owen Wilson: I ‘Jumped Right Into’ Diaper Changes

05/16/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Starsurf/Splash News Online

Force Owen Wilson to pick between changing a diaper or a tire and the first-time father will choose the former each and every time.

“Changing a flat tire is much harder. I thought changing diapers was going to be challenging, but from the first day, I jumped right into it,” the Cars star, 42, tells Parents‘ June issue.

“I have my whole system down and I’m able to just knock it out. I sort of surprised myself by being a fairly adept dad.”

Despite having settled into life with 3-month-old son Robert Ford — his first child with Jade Duell — Wilson admits the novelty of the situation still occasionally catches him off guard.

“It seems surreal that this tiny human being is now here — and I’m thinking about all the great adventures he has ahead of him,” he shares.

Adventures that, if left up to the doting dad, will include a trip to Disneyland, where Wilson recently recorded the voice on an upcoming Cars attraction.

“I was thinking about how that’s the place you want to go to the most as a child, and the idea that my voice will be in this park is sort of incredible,” he muses. “One day I’ll take my kid there and to be a part of that ride will make me feel kind of proud.”

However, Wilson isn’t the only one to see his name on the big screen as a result of the film. “On this one, I had just become a father and they do this thing called ‘production babies,'” he reveals.

“At the end of the movie, they list the babies who were born to Pixar people during the course of filming it. So, our little baby will have his little credit up there on the screen too.”

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

its cute how humble owen is about his voice in disneyland. one would think its not a big deal to a celebrity. i was kinda not liking him but he scored brownie points.

Mari on

Take THAT Mario Lopez!

Sarah S. on

Owen sounds like a great Dad!! Nice pic too.

Soco on

I’m so glad he was able to overcome his issues, because look at that beautiful baby boy! Congratulations Owen, you are an inspiration

Tamara on

I was in total shock when I found out that he became a Dad. I had never heard about this girlfriend he had. Boy, with all the paparazzi around I cannot believe they kept that so secret. I had never heard of this woman or him at all. Some things I guess can be kept away from the cameras.

amw on

awwww. a good daddy story. a nice compliment to the dumb Mario Lopez story a few days ago.

jayjay on

Hot damn.

He looks so sexy.

Hea on

I like Owen. He seems like a good dad.

I do wonder why so many people are so freaked out over diapers and changing them. It’s the easiest thing in the world once you’ve tried! If you know how to wipe yourself then surely you are fit to wipe your baby’s bottom too. Sounds more like a hang up to me.

stephanie on

Cute little bambino Owen has. But I hope he doing better mentally because he try to commit suicide twice somebody need keep and eye on Owen with that child.

Nancy on

Maybe he and Mario can have a playdate!

Georgina on

I think its more overcoming the fear of what is inside the nappy rather than changing it itself. I know my husband was like “I cant deal with poo” when we were expecting, but once your baby needs a clean bum that kinda goes out the window!

How cool is it that not only is your dads voice on a ride in Disneyland, but you got on the credits in a Pixar film! Id be thrilled!

Hea on

Georgina – I hope he can deal with his own poo. ;P

A.J. on

I love how people are so easily snowed by this guy.

He keeps the whole pregnancy on the down-low until he is about to be outed by Star magazine (crying “privacy”) but has no problem pimping out his baby as soon as he has a Disney movie to push.

He’s been constantly jumping from city to city (NOT for work) so he can drink and smoke pot (and probably more) AND to get some strange since the baby was born in January.

He went straight from Cannes back to Dallas and has been at the bars EVERY night since (and, yeah, the baby ISN’T with him!)

But then he gives an interview to Parents magazine about the fact that he can change a diaper and everybody drools (no pun intended).

He’s just telling the moms what they want to hear and everybody’s falling for it.

Please – he’s the biggest fake around.

Hea on

AJ – How and why do you keep such track on Owen?

Georgina on

Yep Hea that should have been “I cant deal with anyone elses poo!!”

AJ just because you become a parent, doesnt mean you are no longer allowed to go out EVER again!

And someone obviously asked him about parenthood and the baby didnt they, he didnt just pitch up and start making announcements about Ford now did he? Who else are parents magazine going to interview if its not famous people who have recently had babies?

rejena on

i love him .. he looks so sexy 😉

Kat on

Stephanie, just because he had trouble dealing with his own personal demons does not mean he will harm his child.

I think it is sweet Pixar lists ‘production babies’ in their credits. What a nice memento for their team!