Joey McIntyre and Wife Expecting a Baby Girl

05/16/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Alison Dyer for PEOPLE

So much for not telling!

Despite his claim of zipped lips, Joey McIntyre has revealed the sex of the baby he and wife Barrett are expecting later this month — and it’s a girl!

The New Kids on the Block singer, 38, shared the good news with fans traveling with the band on their Carnival cruise, his rep confirms to E! News.

The McIntyres are already parents to sons Griffin Thomas, 3½, and Rhys Edward, 17 months. Barrett is due May 31.

— Sarah Michaud

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jessicad on

Awe, so happy for them!

Marci on

Congrats!!! I love NKOTB and can’t wait to see them in Indy this July. I am so happy for them – she really wanted to have a little girl! I can’t wait for pics and a nice, NORMAL name!!!!!

Jill on

Yay! So happy for them! They have such a cute little family!

Ashley Hornsby on

Hey Joe,
I just heard that you and Barrett are expecting a little girl this time and I am very happy for you. I am a only child and ever since the day I was born I have been wrapped around my dad’s finger. SO get ready to spoil her rotten and to have her wrapped around your little finger. I can’t wait to hear when the little princess is born.

saydee on

Ah so happy for my JoeyJoe! He is still such a hottie 🙂

Erika on

Yay! I think that it is great to have a girl after 2 boys because they can serve as protectors! There is no greater gift than a daughter. Congratulations to them!

Sue on

umm ok Erika what does that mean? so a son is not a greater gift?? I’ll be sure to tell my boys that, I’m sure they will love to know that their sister is better than them cause she’s a girl!

Sue on

Wow Erika, nice comment.

Melissa Rivera on

Congrats to Joey Mclntyre on your baby girl. Your #1 fan.

kate on

@Sue Wow, sensitive much? Get a grip; she was only voicing an opinion and offering congratulations based on them. Xanax may help you.

Monie on

Sue, stop taking out your marital bitterness on Erika. Everyone else knows what she meant, but only someone with a chip on their shoulder would take it personally. I have a son and a daughter, and even I agree with Erika. We love both our babies to death, but a girl does bring a whole different type of magic to the mix. Even our son is in love with the little princess…

Lisa on

Congratulations to the boy I vowed at 11 to marry lol! We have two boys and a girl in this house too and I can tell you, the girl will have a way with her daddy like no other! Enjoy every minute with all three of your beautiful babies. 🙂

Monie on

lol @ Kate… that was funny!

Julie on

Sue, you need to relax. I’m sure Erika wasn’t implying that girls are better than boys. I think she just meant that there is no greater gift than a baby. It seems like you’re trying to look for something to fight about. Erika was just expressing her happiness for the family.

Someone You Know on

Ugh…is Joey just the cutest thing ever? Much happiness and prayers to him and his family.

aurora mia on

I love the names of their boys…I cant wait to hear what the choose for little girl. Cute family 🙂

Halley on

Monie, thats a dumb thing to say. As a family made of both boys and girls, both are equally precious and joyous. I wouldnt trade my boys for anything!

Monie on

Halley, you should learn to read. I doubt anyone would trade their son’s for anything. If you can show me where I mentioned I’d like to trade mine, I’ll apologize and take my words back… You on the other hand… well, me thinks you doth protest too much. You wanted all girls, didn’t you? LOL.

Cecelia on

Congratulations to the family!

There is no greater gift than a child for some. The sex is absolutely irrelevant.

Sue on

What a rude comment to say that a girl adds more magic into the mix?! Really?? I think a baby adds magic no matter what they have between their legs!

laurelcanyonfashionista on

i am pregnant with my 5th child after four girls in a row. i don’t know what i’m having yet, but comments like erika’s make me afraid to have a boy. but having all my girls, i know how different they all are. one of my daughters has autism, one is super outgoing and social. i don’t think you can judge a person by their gender. i wish moms would stop making girls out to be “little princesses” and the mom’s best friend for life. i know the reality of raising girls- and somehow, i just don’t think it is all that different from raising boys. all kids are just people, each with their own unique personalities!

Monie on

Oh my God, you all need to get a grip and possibly, lives as well! My son is ten and is loved to death. When I found out I was pregnant again, I really wanted another boy because I quite love the bond my son and I share. I had been a tom boy growing up, and didn’t think I’d know what to do with a girl. When my daughter came, it was an ENTIRELY different experience for my family and I. Not less enjoyable or special, just different. I love doing her hair… I love dressing her up, and on days like yesterday when I found myself alone on the couch watching ‘The First Wives Club’, can’t wait for a time when she’ll be on there with me watching it…

So, YES… ! For me, she DOES bring more magic into the mix right now… My son is more into bike riding and kindle reading than he is into anything/anyone else, and I loooove doing little girl stuff with my daughter…! 😀

@ Sue… You’re divorced, aren’t you? I can totally tell. It’s okay though… you’ll find love again. For now, step away from the Libray computer, and stop picking fights on the Internet…!

Denise on

as of a mother of 3 boys I am going to say Boys are awesome. BUT if I was a mother to 3 girls I would say girls are awesome!!! A child is a child and it is awesome no matter what!! As long as your child is healthy and happy it shoudn’t matter what sex it is.. I don’t think we should get mad at people for saying that “girls are awesome” or “boys are awesome” they are voicing their opinions and no matter what you wouldn’t change what you have for the world…

niman on

Mazal tov!!!! congrats!! that is so cool!!!!
griff and ryhs gonna have a little sis, how cute!!
a mini female joey aaaawwww!!!! (-:
love you

Georgina on

Umm Ashley the saying is that the baby, i.e. the girl will have her dad wrapped around HER finger, not her around his!!

And it was the interpretation of Erika and Monies comments that girls are somehow better or more valued than boys. “There is no greater gift than a daughter” means boys come lower down in the list.

Anyone with a son or a brain cell is going to dispute that, theyre not ornaments that you need to put in value order, theyre children, and should be equally loved and cherished. Yes theyre different but thats not always soley due to their sex, children come in different shapes and sizes.

And Monie, do you not think if your babe was a boy you could still dress him and play with him whilst your eldest was entertaining himself? Thats not exclusive to girls.

Erika on

Wow Sue. I didn’t mean it to offend, they already have 2 boys and a daughter is a great gift to their family! I never said anything about boys being bad. I’m sorry if I offended you but I really didn’t see anything wrong with what I said.

Erika on

Thank you Monie! I am glad that you understood what I meant! I never said boys were bad, I just think that a girl will be so much fun for a family that already has 2 boys- and it would be so beautiful to see. I don’t think boys or girls are better than each other, but I think they are different. My father used to tell me all the time that every man deserves a daughter. He has a son too and loves him, but we had (and still have) a very special relationship, so this is why I got so excited for the family. I think a baby of any gender is wonderful, particularly when it is the opposite gender of what they have!

Rosa on

CONGRATULATIONS JOEY!!!! Your 2nd generation fans love you!!! ❤

Cecelia on

Monie, I’m sure you’re little “princess” thinks her brother’s pretty damn special, himself.

meghan on

People really need to stop taking every post so damn seriously. It’s like people go our of their way to interpret each comment as a personal attack on their lives. Grow up.

Anna on

Dang! I’m jealous! I have 3 boys and would love to add pink to our family! I wonder what their secret is.

Sue on

actually Monie, Me and my husband are celebrating our 13th wedding ann. on June 7th so you can stop worrying for me! I have found love already, now maybe you on the other hand……

And as a mom of two boys then a baby girl, I can say that each child is a miracle and a greater gift! My girl is not more special than my two boys, if she would have been a third boy she would have been just as loved and cherished!! And to say that one child is more special than the other is just horrible, hopefully your son doesn’t read this! Have a great day Monie 🙂

keona Barringer on

congrats! i’m so very happy for both them great. a family god blessing smile :o)

Jeanne on

I cannot believe all the viscious comments I’ve seen here lately. Commenter calling other commenters nasty names, insulting their intelligence and impugning their character…to say nothing of the nasty things said about some of the celebrities.

We don’t all have to agree on everything but can’t we at least be civil about it? All the insults are ugly and un-called for. I thought this place was better than that.

Cecelia on

Unfortunately, Jeanne, the comments in this post are tame compared to others. Ever since the site was turned over to People, things have really gone south.

harmony on

congratulations joey joe and barrett.for there baby gir.i was on the cruise when he announced the good moments of the cruise.xoxo

j on

Congrats to Joey and his family! I just don’t understand how a nice happy announcement about the sex of a baby can be twisted and turned into ugliness? I think people read to much into things and cause DRAMA.

Jennifer Lust on

I’m sooo happy for Joey and Barrett. I too was on the boat when he made the announcement. One of his proudest moments of being a Dad to a baby girl is going to be walking her down the isle and giving her away on her wedding day. 😉 Congratulations to Joey, Barrett, Griffin and Rhys. Who are going to be great and protective big brothers!! 🙂

Jennifer Lust on

I’m sooo happy for Joey and Barrett. I too was on the boat when the announcement was made. She is one lucky little girl to be born into the McIntyre family. Two AWESOME parents and two INCREDIBLE big brothers who are all going to cherish and protect her! Congratulations, once again, to Joey Mac Barrett and their family! They sooo deserve it!! 🙂

Jillian on

People will interpret things differently because everyone has a different opinion. Fine. No problem. It is when people make it personal, call names, or are snarky and rude to one another that I think it becomes unacceptable.

Sounjirah on

Congrats to the lovely family…enjoy your special bonds with your sons and now a daughter too!

JDK on

Growing up when NKOTB were hitting it big in Boston (my hometown)and worldwide, Joe was always my favorite. So to hear that he had gotten married and has become a dad is great. I did read through People magazine that his youngest son has a hearing disability and it broke my heart but I know that he will have the best of care and life will be as normal as possible. Now to hear that Joe and his wife are expecting a baby girl, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for them. Know that all your fans and your hometown of Boston wish you all the best!

Kylie on

I was there and it was just such a special moment! He was so sweet about it, and after the announcment dedicated Material Girl to his unborn child. I admit, I cried.

Bancie1031 on

YAY! I’m so happy for them! Now I can’t wait to hear her name and see if she looks like her brothers 🙂

Mandi on

I was on the boat when Joey made the announcement. Although, due to other events from earlier in the trip I had a strong suspicion this baby was a girl. Nevertheless, it was an awesome and amazing moment that I will never forget. Thanks Joe and the rest of NKOTB for another year of great memories! Love you guys and can’t wait to see Joe’s new little bundle of joy!

venus on

i am so happy for joey and his wife congrats on the news of having a baby girl

Stacy BasabeMartinez on

So happy for him and his lovely wife. Still very much a fan and much love and blessings to them both 🙂

Patrcia on

Wow, this post sure turned into a bicker-fest. I’m hoping for a boy next time, just to experience “both sides,” so to speak. Does it mean I’m any less blessed by my amazing (and yes, “magical”) daughter? No.

I’m sure the poster was simply happy for Joey and Barrett, not saying their boys are somehow worth less than a girl.

Marie on

Maybe she will have her on the 30th then our kids can share a bday! That would be awesome…lol

Shannon on

Ok, you people are way to touchy! Erika was just saying how she probably feels about her own daughter! Every parent is different. I’m pregnant with my first child. I helped raise my nephew, who will be 20 this year! Even though I love my nephew and the experience that he gave me, I would love to have a baby girl! With the relationship I had with my mother, I can understand where Erika is coming from as I am very close to my mom. Anyway, Congrats to my favorite New Kid on the news of expecting another child! ALL children are truly a gift!

Erin on

Congrats Joey and Barrett. I can’t wait to see her. You have a beautiful family.

kahel on

congrats, my idol joey for another baby…

kate on

ooh thats my B’day!!!
Congratulations to the Mac’s xx

Krista on

Happy for the couple and feeling lucky that I just got to see NKOTB just a few days ago (May 26th) in concert. So glad they didn’t have the baby earlier because I would have been bummed if Joey wasn’t at the concert! 🙂

keona Barringer on