Ivanka Trump Reveals She’s Having a Girl

05/16/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Martin Schoeller/Harper’s Bazaar

Ivanka Trump has revealed some new tidbits about her pregnancy: She’s officially due July 14, and she’s having a girl!

The savvy businesswoman and Celebrity Apprentice judge, 29, also talks about her expectations for motherhood and her hopes for her first child with husband Jared Kushner, 30, in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

The good news: Her cravings are mild, and include only double-toasted salt bagels with cream cheese.

The not-so-good news: Long before the birth, she’s already in mommy overdrive.

“I do have a bit of first-time-mom syndrome,” she admits, chuckling over the piles of books on pregnancy, mothering, and early-childhood development she’s assigned herself.

“I’m already on what I should be doing when she is three and when I should introduce new languages,” including French and Mandarin Chinese.

With the famously luxurious Trump lifestyle ready to greet the baby, she says she and Kushner will strive to make sure their daughter earns her privileges.

“We have our work cut out for us to ensure that our daughter is grounded and not spoiled,” she says.

And although she hasn’t yet embarked on motherhood, she’s already been subjected to one big surprise: How often a newborn baby needs to eat.

“I was in total shock,” Trump says. “I work so close [to home] that I figured I’d return to work and the baby nurse would bring the baby to me, and I’d run home periodically, and I’d make it work. But every two hours? That’s a whole other level,” she says. “I’ll have to make a nursery at the office.”

Even so, she’s not afraid of a little hard work – and, in fact, she’s eager for more.

“I’d love to have three or four kids,” she says. “But my mom always says, ‘Speak to me after you have your first.'”

For more from Ivanka, go to harpersbazaar.com/ivanka

— Sara Hammel

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abbyc on

I’ve always liked her and wish her the best of luck.

Tamara on

So happy for her and her hubby. I saw her and her Dad and the rest of the family on Oprah a few months back. I found that he has raised a very down to earth family even though having all the money that they have. They don’t have their heads up in the air thinking that they are somebody. Having a girl is just fantastic. I have two myself and wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world!!!!!!!

Susana on

Congrats! I wonder what her name will be.

Michelle on

Love her and happy for her. 🙂 She is one smart woman and her dauhgter is one lucky little one. 🙂

kristen on

I have always liked Ivanka Trump. And even though I am not a fan of her father’s I do admire how he and Ivana seemed to have raised kids who are earners in their own right. While they seem to have lived in luxury they were also raised to work for a living to earn their own wealth. So I hope that she and her husband can do the same for their children.

My only wish is that someone would have stopped the stylist who believed that this outfit was cute. Ivanka is a classy, stunning woman but this outfit is just so cheesy and tacky.

Nella on

I don’t know why, but I had a feeling that she was having a girl! I’m so happy for them, I think Ivanka will be a wonderful mother,wish them much happiness. Can’t wait to hear the name and see the little cutie! I don’t think they will pick super wacky names like some celebs have. Anyways, she looks great, she seems like she’s been staying fit throughout the pregnancy.

Mira on

The outfit is cheesy indeed, but she does look great in it.

I hope she reconsiders her idea to go back to the office too soon after her daughter is born. She can afford to take time off, so if she’s smart indeed, she’ll do it.

RKF on

Yet another celebrity that pawns their child off to a baby nurse…

Mommy of twins on

I really like Ivana. I think she is beautiful and successful, but as a new mother, I am so disappointed to hear her talking about returning to work so soon after the baby is born. Setting up a nursery in the office? I completely disagree. She has the luxury of a lifestyle that affords her the opportunity to be at home. Take advantage of that. A nanny raising your child? I really struggle with that aspect of Hollywood moms.

Mommy of twins on

A baby nurse, really? Does anyone celebrity raise their own child?

Romy on

so she’ll be a working mom–what’s wrong with that? a baby nurse makes sense in the beginning. I would have loved to have had a night nurse who would bring me the baby to feed and then let me sleep in between, but I don’t have that luxury! for people who can and want to do that I say go for it. it doesn’t mean the baby nurse will raise the child. Hopefully Ivanka does not work TOO much though and just enjoys the baby/early childhood years. they fly by!

Tess on

She looks like a playboy bunny. That outfit is unworthy of her intelligence.

jessicad on

What’s the big deal with a baby nurse? How is that different than your mother or family coming in to help you adjust? She’s obviously a busy woman, she can have BOTH worlds and make it work for her and do what makes her happy. We should support moms who work, at least we have the right to choose now! I’m a single mother who had very little help with my daughter and I still feel that way, I hate to see you guys tearing her down.

Anyhow, Ivanka looks amazing in this picture, look at her legs!

kristen on

She doesn’t have to walk aways from her job just because she has had a baby. It is up to her how long she takes. Who knows she may decide to take longer but that is her choice. Why aren’t men asked to walk away from their jobs if they can afford to so that they can stay home? And what is wrong with a baby nurse or nanny? Are you telling me that you are all SAHMs? Really? None of you use daycare?

RKF on

No, Kristen, I would never, ever put my child in daycare. I don’t think it is “wrong” for others to have a nanny or baby nurse, but it is not a choice I would make. I personally want to raise MY children (why would this be a shock?), and not hand over my child to a stranger to raise him/her. Sorry, but seeing my kid two hours a day isn’t my idea of parenting, and if it were, I wouldn’t be selfish enough to have children.

criticaleye on

I’m a SAHM either, by choice. I don’t want to give those first little moments to somebody else. My mom and friends help me out so that I have free time, but I could not give my baby to a nanny for 8+ hours. Preschool and school are different, then they are ready for a separation and want to be with other kids too. Babies-not so much.

It’s controversial that she’s reading upon a toddler’s needs already but doesn’t even think about spending more time at home with her baby.

I know it’s a little judgmental, but if I would be filthy rich I would use the time with my baby, it never comes back. But money does anyway, if Trump is your last name.

I really like Ivanka, but I think she misses the point of the motherhood. No, it is not early classes or Mandarin as a second language. It’s the time you spend with your child, cooing, singing and puzzling together. I think every baby would pick that over a Chinese class.

Emily on

RKF & Criticaleye- Being a stay at home mom is not an option for everyone (obviously, it would be for Ivanka, but generally speaking). In fact…most people can’t afford to stay home. Does that really make you a “selfish” person? I don’t think so. If everyone were raised the same exact way, the world would be a boring place. It’s fine to do it the way you see fit, but why feel dissapointed in others for choosing something else? Me and my 3 siblings were raised by 2 working parents. We are as close if not closer to my parents than people who had STHM’s.

Being self righteous is never appealing, it’s ok to accept other peoples way of life. It doesn’t hurt 🙂

Anonymous on

Pleeeeeeeease!! Daddy’s money can afford anything SHE wants or desires. She can try the “new and in style” baby gadgets. As the mother of THREE daughters, I am really excited for her, the journey she about to take (as the mother of a daughter) is amazing!! I guess my thoughts and wishes for Ivanka are…..Enjoy every moment with your precious daughter. Cherish it all, for….they are but a snap shot in time. While there is NO WAY my financial status could EVER compare to her. I, however……….spent countless nights up with a fussy, colicky bab(ies) girls. They should know and depend on their mommy…NOT a nurse or nanny. Just MY thoughts, so bust my chops…………if you want. ; )

Liesl on

Ladies, it’s great that you can be SAHMs. I would have loved to be one. Unfortunately, my husband cannot provide enough for our family so I can stay home. I don’t think a stranger is raising my child just because I have to earn a living outside of the house.

Women work or stay home by choice, or do it accordingly to what they can afford. Everyone has a different reality and do what’s best for their family.

Let’s not judge Ms. Trump. She’s willing to be actively involved in her daughter’s life and have a job. What’s wrong with that?

Kristine on

RKF…you are very judgmental. Not everyone can stay home and not work. Doesn’t make us bad parents. Bad parents are those that judge others……

Jillian on

I like this picture. I think it is wonderful that she is going back to work. She is an inspiration to so many business women in the workforce. Some women want to work…..need to work to feel whole and also want to parent. Go for it! Having a nursery at work is a great idea if she can. My friend went back today and has her nanny bring the baby in for feedings. Whatever works for them is important.

Just curious…….why can’t the dad stay home?

Indira on

Just because someones filthy rich doesn’t mean that they can take time off of work.Ability to take time off work goes beyond how much you make.She is a working woman, she has a JOB and responsibilities and you’re telling her to put them on someone elses shoulders because she can “afford” to? I don’t know what her career is but, I can’t imagine telling someone who oversees 50 people to sit out for a year.

I wish people would realize that this SAHM phenomenon is very new and women have always worked outside the home. It fell on the shoulders of aunts, grandmoms and older siblings. What is the big deal about an outside source coming in to help out??

Appreciate on

Getting tired of the stay-at-home/work debate, women should SUPPORT one another’s choices, not condemn them.

I went to daycare, I’m now a Dr with a successful career and my own loving and loved family. My mother provided a wonderful role model and we all love and admire the lessons she taught us. My children equally adore her and watch her still working hard with pride. My children – who attend daycare – will one day find their own passions, for now they are well-adjusted happy children with excellent social, cognitive, and lexical skills.

Each to his/her own. Now let it be.

Mandy on

She talks about going back to work so fast now because she’s not yet a Mommy. Just wait until she has that precious girl in her arms. She’ll be thinking twice.

Work is her whole life right now. That’s about to change. 🙂

Appreciate on

PS. I took maternity leave for both children, followed by my husband who took paternity leave from his career, then we used a nanny and later daycare. The best of all worlds, very blessed to have had all rich opportunities for our children to experience.

RKF on

Emily and Kristine — please don’t put words in my mouth. I, of course, realize some women can’t (or won’t) stay home with their kids due to different circumstances. I also never said women who leave their children with others are bad parents. I was merely pointing out what choice works for me, not condemning those who don’t do the same. I am neither self-righteous, nor judgmental as you stated, yet ironically you have the gall to tell a stranger that? You just sound bitter and jealous.

Kristine on

Jealous of your non ambitious self? I am a role model to my children……enjoy the final days of Oprah and All MY Children

m on

Those of you asking why father’s can’t stay home…do men produce breastmilk? So how do you expect them to feed an exclusively breastfeeding baby?

Barbara on

July 14th…Sweet…my birthday is the 15th…Let her know that Moon Children are super sensitive. Too much so I think.
So happy for the young couple.

Michelle on

I really hate when anyone references anything about having children as selfish. Having a child, loving them, nurturing them, taking care of them and providing for them for a minimum of 18 years is the least selfish thing a person can do.

How could anything about having a child be considered selfish?

poppykai on

I am a SAHM and will continue to be until my youngest is in at least first grade. I know that not everyone can stay at home with their children (or may want to). I am grateful for the opportunity to experience every part of my children’s lives and be here to teach throughout the day. I certainly have no issue with women who leave their children in daycare or with a nanny. I have a few friends who are SAHM’s and have a nanny as well (oh, the luxury)!

We all do what we think is best for our children and as long as our children are healthy, happy, and well-adjusted then we are ALL doing the right thing. I hate that there is such a competition among mothers!! Aren’t we supposed to be motherly and nurture one another.

Anyway, congrats Ivanka. Enjoy every minute with your sweet girl!

Sarah N on

Well said, Indira.

Gianna on

To all those of you saying that she should stay home.

I think it would be a much more empowering message sent to her daughter if her mom went to work and showed that women aren’t just cooks/cleaners and caretakers. She sends a much better message to her girl that way.

And puhlease you are just jealous that she gets to have it all and that you had to stay at home. It is possible to have it all, spend precious moments with your kids AND work!

You are simply jealous otherwise why would you care what some celeb is doing with their baby? Why is it your business?

Jennifer on

I am so excited for her! I thought she would have a girl….I really like her! It is funny, though….she is going to really have her ‘eyes opened’ when she has her. I think many of us have this idea that things aren’t really going to change when you have a baby….but, oh my….it is a real big adjustment. The baby is the boss for the first few months…it is alot to get used to. But, it’s all worth it! I like that she is determined to not spoil her….but, that would be hard not to do if you are a Trump baby. aka…baby nurse? Good luck to her and hubby…I think she is great!

TM on

Are you out of your mind, Kristine? Oprah and All My Children, really? I’m a SAHM and from 8am-6pm I take my child to story time, playdates, or gymnastics, and the rest of that time is spent cleaning (children make huge messes), preparing meals, and working on my husband’s part-time business while he’s at his full-time office all day. I also read (A LOT) to my child (she’s just turned two and is already sounding out words). Trust me, there is no time for television.

People.com is one of the only luxuries I allow myself (and I’m here reading these posts at 7:00am). The idea that SAHM’s are lazy is just crazy. When you do it well,it’s one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs out there! And, yes, I have a college degree and I still chose this lifestyle!

Kudos to moms who work outside and inside the home! I’m off to make breakfast for my kiddo!

momof3girls on

Are my two kids too old for a baby nurse? Their 6 1/2 and 5….LOL

Ashley on

Barbara 🙂 My birthday is July 8th, I’m also a Moon Child! And yes, we are very sensitive I think. I like Ivanka, I think everyone has a right to do as they choose, whatever she does will be right for her and her family, we shouldn’t judge.

Jackie on

Good grief, let the woman hire some help! It is a lot of work taking care of a newborn. Of course she is still raising her child. This attitude that if a mom hires someone to help her, she is somehow inferior to women with no help is ridiculous. How many of you ladies out there had NO help when your new baby came home from the hospital? Happy moms are moms who have support so that they are not so sleep deprived and strung out that they cannot take care of themselves properly, much less a new life. This is a joyous time for Ivanka and I commend her for knowing that she will need help and making sure she gets it!

meme on

The ol’ stay at home vs. working mom debate. Why can’t we just encourage and support one anothers decisions. Women need to stick together, and not be fighting about who is better all the time. I think if a few men were to come and read the comments on these blogs they would have a good laugh at how catty some woman are. Some of you really help perpetuate that stereotype.

I am fortunate to be a SAHM. However, not all people are, and not all people want to. Some are better mothers because they work.

Being a SAHM certainly has its perks, but it also has its negatives too….. I have been out of the work force for over 5 years now, and if something ever happened to my husband, is scares the heck out of me, how difficult is may be to get back into the work force and make a decent wage. Staying at home is a sacrafice, as well as working is.

Lets just all do the best to raise our kids, and support each other in doing so.

Rant over!! lol


@Tess – I can’t say it any better than you just did! 🙂

Shannon on

@ RFK… You should really get off your high horse and stop condemning women that don’t stay home with their kids. Being a SAHM doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. I had a SAHM and she sat on her butt all day and ignored us. What good did that do us as children?

Kristine on

RFK, you must be bored for you are nasty to working women. Both types of Moms are important. Support each other and stop being a nasty stay at home mom. your kids will appreciate it!!!!

Also Krsitine on


That comment about Oprah and All My Children is offensive. Someone struck a nerve with you.

chelsea on

Ivanka is very involved with her father’s company and I imagine it isn’t very easy for her to just take time off of work for a whole year. They could find someone to take over, but it wouldn’t be the same.

I am sure she will find the balance that works for her family and I think we should respect her choices. She isn’t passing judgment on any of you.

JenLaw on

It was waaaay more work for me to be at home with 4 kids than to be in Court all day. Believe me please ladies, all women are working women.

RKF on

Kristine — As I mentioned (do you read posts, or only take lines out of context?) I never condemned mothers’ who work, ever. I was talking about myself, and my preferences. Stop digging yourself in a hole with your left field responses, as it only makes you look like a bitter, jealous moron. As for watching All my Children, and Oprah? Sorry, but no, I’m too busy during the day. And how dare you imply SAHM’s are unambitious, and sit around watching the tube. I had a PhD by the age of 30, and would hardly consider myself “unambitious.” Keep digging that hole with your infantile responses…

rose on

Congratulations Ivanka. She will make a wonderful mother…and I would love to see Ivanka run for President one day. I would vote for her!

Kelly on

whatever Ivanka decides to do is best for Ivanka and her husband and their new little family. It doesn’t affect anyone else but them. Geez…people really are ridiculous. Congrats to them on finding out ts a girl! I am sure she will be a beautiful baby!

Anonymous on

I know there are SAHM’s who aren’t lazy (they don’t have nannies, they cook and clean, read to their kids, etc.) – unfortunately, all of the SAHM’s I know are.

Kelly on

People can decide how much time they want to take of after having children. That time can vary for different people. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice.

I really don’t understand why, but comments bashing working moms have increased a lot.

ecl on

Once again, this problem isn’t about working mom versus stay at home moms, it’s about how we attack and devalue both so that women are always on the defensive.

I had my son while I was researching and writing my dissertation for my PhD so I feel like I got the best of both worlds. I got to be at home with my son most of the time and I got to keep working toward my career. But I did give something up for him. Other students will graduate with better resumes. My husband also gave something up and I would say we split the time 60/40. I was glad that we both made our family a priority. I don’t necessarily thing my son is better off because of it, but *I* had the kid and *I* want to be the one to enjoy him.

Raising a kid is a ton of work. Many people say that they can’t wait to get back to work for a break. So don’t denigrate what stay at home mothers/fathers are doing. Raising children is valuable and it’s really sad that our society is sooo capitalistic that we only consider work for money to be valuable – just another way to disrespect women. But the fact is that many families need both parents in the workplace. So the real problem becomes the work place. 60-80 hours weeks are the norm now in corporate america. With those hours, mostly inflexible, you will really almost NEVER see your child. So what’s the point? Is money the only valuable thing you can give your child? But I still say that that is where we should lay the blame. Greedy businesses who refuse to accommodate family needs because money always comes first in this society.

As for Ivanka, maybe I would respect her desire to go back to work so quickly if she was actually doing something valuable. Raking in more money for her awful dad doesn’t fit the bill for me. It’s not like she’s in the peace corps or saving the world.

Jennifer on

amen, jlaw!!!!

NM on

“I work so close [to home] that I figured I’d return to work and the baby nurse would bring the baby to me, and I’d run home periodically, and I’d make it work. But every two hours? That’s a whole other level,” she says. “I’ll have to make a nursery at the office.”

Very interesting comment!

Molly on


Although you say that you were not condemning or judgemental, statements like this “I personally want to raise MY children (why would this be a shock?), and not hand over my child to a stranger to raise him/her. Sorry, but seeing my kid two hours a day isn’t my idea of parenting, and if it were, I wouldn’t be selfish enough to have children.” are exactly what you are saying you are not, condemning and judgemental.

I am a working mother, do I believe I am not raising my child because she goes to daycare during the week days, NO! That is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. Does my daycare get up with my daughter in the middle of the night, teach her values and manners, soothe her when she’s scared or hurt, provide breast milk for her until she’s a year, provide for and dream about her future, and love her more than life itself? no. So sorry if I, and presumably other mothers who read your comment believe you are condemning and judgemental. You need a reality check, and as someone else said, get off your high horse before you make any statements about how working mothers are not raising their children.

showbizmom on

Families dynamics are different for everyone. I was the exact same way. I admit I turned my nose up at moms that had promising or already established careers then had babies and left them. I thought what kind of example is that for their daughters? I would and could never! I thought I’d be back in no time, I at the time worked for a wonderful company and could have taken a good amount of time off and then if I wanted to, I could bring my kid to work to nurse.

Once they put my daughter in my arms, I called my boss and said I’m taking all the time offered off! He said he knew I would change when I finally held her, he was right. Being the kind of dude he is, he kept his thoughts to himself and waited. He and everyone else knew that EVERYTHING would change after the birth. I feel the same for her. And if it isn’t the same situation, well I’m sure she’ll still be a loving devoted mother.

Finding what worked for my family was a hard complicated task for my husband and I, but we found what worked for us and our kid. I hope as my daughter get older they see Mommy and are proud of the work I do, and that I tried very hard to be a good mommy to them. I think I’m doing okay. A baby nurse is no different then a mother,sister, or in my case fathers coming to help out. I wish her a safe delivery.

Paige on

I agree whole-heartedly with Molly.

RFK, I fail to understand how you cannot see your comments as offensive to working mothers. “Seeing my kid two hours a day isn’t my idea of parenting, and if it were, I wouldn’t be selfish enough to have children” is directly insinuating that it’s “selfish” to use daycare or have a nanny.

My son is 20 months old, and has been in daycare since he was 4 months old. I also nursed him until he was 18 months, pumped four times a day so he could also drink breastmilk at school, AND spent almost every single lunch break for over a year visiting him at daycare (I am fortunate to be able to do this, as many working women cannot). My son is precocious, gregarious, highly verbal, and has not suffered from being in daycare. In fact, he loves it – his many little friends and activities provide him far more stimulation that I would be able to if I were home with him all day long.

I have several girlfriends who are SAHMs, and I have great respect for them, as it is a hard job indeed. However, each woman makes her own choice – I am proud of my career, and certainly do not feel that working makes me a “selfish” mother. I am currently pregnant with my second child, who will also go to daycare.

Motherhood is challenging for working mothers and SAHMs alike. Let’s all support each others’ choices.

missy on

When will we start to support other women? We are our own worst enemies. I don’t care if you stay at home or go to work, just make sure your children are taken care of. Why do we continuously argue about other women’s choices? If you are happy with your life, then you don’t have time to judge another person because you are too busy taking care of your own business.

Sandy on

Sincerely hope the kid looks like her — not like him!!!!

megan on

RFK–So you have a PHD and don’t plan to use it? Seems like a waste if you ask me. I know people who made a career out of being a student…got all the way to the top and then decided to have children and stay at home never using their degrees. I hope you are as amitious as you say and use that degree someday.

Kristine on

RFK, PhD, you are dreaming that one up….you are offensive to working women and someone with a degree would be intelligent to know what to say ankd when to keep their mouth shut. Maybe you were absent that day from school.

Mom Of Twins on

My God people, she playing dress up. No matter how classie she is, she still allowed to enjoy her life. Congrats to them all.

Jillian on

m, have you heard of a breast pump? It works great. My nephew turned 1 years old today and is still exclusive breast feed. Guess what. His mommy went back to work when he was 3 months old. So daddy’s can stay home with their babies, just like babies can go to daycare or be with a nanny while still getting breastmilk. Sorry, but do you live under a rock?

Indiria, I LOVE what you wrote!!

Natalie C. on

@RFK – I think people are coming at you hard b/c of this statement: “I would never, ever put my child in daycare. I don’t think it is “wrong” for others to have a nanny or baby nurse, but it is not a choice I would make. I personally want to raise MY children (why would this be a shock?), and not hand over my child to a stranger to raise him/her. Sorry, but seeing my kid two hours a day isn’t my idea of parenting, and if it were, I wouldn’t be selfish enough to have children.”

SO…RFK…you DID just say basically if you don’t stay at home with your children then you are not raising them. Right?! That is exactly what you just wrote. And, I quote “I personally want to raise MY children.”

Well, I am a working mother and I do NOT have a nanny/nurse. I would LOVE to stay at home with my baby girl who suffers from a rare disease, but guess what?! I have bills to pay. I am too busy paying for thousands of mothers who have multiple kids and LIVE off the government. (not saying you do) But, there are THOUSANDS who do. And, working does NOT making me “selfish”. I want more than ANYTHING to stay home with her. But, I can’t. And, neither can my husband. WE WORK. Like MOST Americans do. So, before you go around JUDGING people, put yourself in other people’s shoes.

An6ra on

What the h*ll people….Just because you couldn’t afford a baby nurse doesn’t mean U have to judge her because she will have one…I’m sure all U “caring mothers” would have dropped Ur kid on a nanny’s hands if U could afford it…so shut up!!!!

mzak on

Wow! This forum took a turn for the catty! I’m not a mother, but am a big fan of Ivanka. She’s a beautiful, intelligent, successful, and stylish woman who works very hard. Can we be happy for her? Why else would you read about her then?

Monie on

LOL… RFK has some SERIOUS issues! LOL

Chuck on

Some of you just don’t realize, her having money (that she earned) does not preclude her from responsibility. The reason she does well is that she works hard. It isn’t about being able to take time off because she can “afford” to, it’s about returning to work quickly to continue her responsibilities.

A person who assumes that another can take time off from work simply because they have money is a person who will never work hard enough to have that money themselves. Some people don’t have the luxury of “calling in sick” or “taking a personal day” that comes with a low responsibility and low accountability job.

dsfg on

I wish when one of the male celebrities on here talks about going back to work you guys would attack him too! You guys act like women are only around to give birth and raise children. The sexism on this site just astounds me.

Becky on

Congrats to Ivnaka and her husband..Based on what has been reported about her and her brothers, if she does half as good of a job raising this baby as Donald and Ivanna did, this child should turn out to be great..All I ever hear are good things about the Trump kids, so hope all goes as good for Ivanka…

Gina on

Love her! Hope they name the baby Poppy or anything other than Ivana, Ivanka, etc.

Jenny on

These comments on here are getting a bit out of control. I have been on both sides of the fence and neither side is easy…I worked when my oldest was a baby and stayed home after my second was born and now I work 2 days a week outside the home and the other 5 I am working for my husband and kids. No one needs to say SAHM’s are lazy, I have personally only met 2-3 who I would label “lazy” and thats out of tons of sahm’s I know. And no one needs to say that you are “leaving your kids for someone else to raise” because that is also a silly comment…people need to work and some people choose to work and that doesnt make them a bad parent- like one mom said “do they get up with my child at night, do they soothe them when they are scared, do they teach them manners…” we are all MOMMY’s and thats what’s important 🙂 I for one very much admire working mom’s because they work all day and then come home and still have to clean, cook, spend time with their kids-something I had all day to do! I know how blessed I am to stay home and I know how blessed I would be if I found a job that I liked and still got to be a mommy 🙂

CB on

RKF – I’m in agreement 110% with every single word you’ve said.

Kim on

That is a really cute picture! Don’t care for her Dad, but she has always seemed like a nice, level headed young woman.

Mimi on

I really like Ivanka, she seems so much smarter than her brother Don Jr. She seems very modest, hardworking and likable. I often wonder what she’s thinking when she’s sitting next to her father in the boardroom on “The Apprentice” and “Celebrity Apprentice”. Is she embarrassed by his constant flirting with all the female contestants? I would definitely consider voting for her for president one day, but not her father. Sadly, he lost my respect with the whole Obama “birther” trumped up drama (no pun intended).

argis crane on

A baby nurse? Oh Please she will have no clue what its like to get in a car to drive to work 45 minutes, haul your breast pump and go pump your milk all day, go home, cook for a family and do it all again the next day. she forgot to tell us she’ll have a day nurse, a night nurse, a cleaning lady and a chef her disposal.. Nice to be able to make a nursery at the office. I’m sure she will be a good mother but she needs to get real. This is not how most of the world rears their children…

Jane on

If Ivanka is reading this, I just want her to know, what an impression she has made on my two girls. They are sooooo impressed by her! and what a good role model she is for our young people!!! KUDOS TO HER!!!!!

She is Bright, Beautiful, Educated, and confident, without being errogant!!!

Way to go, mom and dad!

honestly, I have never been a fan of the “Donald” however since seeing his children on the Apprentice, I can’t help but understand his pride in them all. I also want to make sure Ivanka’s mom knows, we know she had alot to do with it!!

Mimi on

RKF, I agree with you. I wouldn’t leave my dog in daycare, let alone a child. I don’t want children, as it happens, but if I did and I couldn’t stay home with them until they were at the very least able to speak and tell me if they were being abused, I wouldn’t have any. Good for you!

JDK on

I’m thrilled for her and her husband 🙂 I think they’ll make great parents. I just hope they choose a NORMAL name. Something classic. I don’t think that people who give their kids these weird, never before heard of, sometimes ridiculous names realize that these poor kids have to actually grow up with them and are stuck with them. Growing up, other kids can be cruel and hurtful and then as they get older they (the kid with the weird name) will sometimes hate their given name and probably more so than not the parents eventually end up regretting tagging a kid for life with the thing. Please Ivanka nothing weird!!!!!
Oh, and C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!!

Patience on

Congratulations and best of luck to you, Ivanka! I am sure the two of you will do the right thing in raising your child together. Your husband must be so happy and your parents proud. God bless…

mamaV on

That’s fantastic news. Babies are so wonderful. Congratulations to the parents-to-be. Their daughter is lucky to have such great parents and family. Exciting!

Maria on

Sorry if someone said this already, but for the record, she never actually said how long she was planning to wait to go back to work. Babies nurse for more than a couple months, as all of you experts should know.

Liz on

I’m saddened that Ivanka won’t be a stay-at-home mom. Babies need their moms to be with them. Look around at our world today, and one reason everything is so out of control, is because “strangers” raised our children OR we just didn’t care or take the time to raise them ourselves.

Patrice on

RKF, You have my support. I realize that not all parents can afford to or want to stay at home with their children. But I do think that being raised full time by a loving, attentive parent (mom or dad) is the best possible situation for a child.

criticaleye on


after the tremendous number of attacks, I have to say I agree too.

No offense to any working mom-but if your baby is 10 hrs at daycare and sleeps another 10 hrs at night, there are only 4 hrs left to be with her. Simple math. Also, no supernanny beats a loving mother.

I do think lot of moms work becausr they have to. I would too if I needed health insurance for my family or we would not have anything to eat. However, most of the moms are working because they want to have a better lifestyle, house, bigger car. And also because their moms did the same so they see nothing wrong with it, yes, they are content and happy and visit every Thanksgiving whatsoever. And then these people are the first ones to give their moms to a nursing home. Some even send them to HOTELS when they visit. Isolated people and families-these are the consequences you have to deal with. I’m not saying it’s all because of working moms. But some of the roots are in there, read any psychology book or the importance of bonding, read Dr. Sears and other studies about that.

Nicole on

Congrats to Ivanka and her husband! I’ve always admired how hard she works and didn’t just depend on daddy. She looks great but I don’t get the Playboy Bunny get-up?!

keep hating on

Umm… to the person who dislikes Donald Trump for pointing out about b. hussain obamas birth certificate… Trump was right to do that. People in the states are so dumb. You all should vote out obama and you would be lucky to get Trump–At least Trump can possibly get you all out of the huge debt hole! The world cant stand obama. He is weak. None of us other countries think of the States as ‘most powerful’ or the best or would trade our countries for yours. The rest of us laugh at you all.

As for this working mothers vs. stay at home moms… You just proved again how dumb you people are. Keep fighting with your own people America! So stupid.

Your all about ‘education’ and ‘womens rights’ and all that yet what are you showing the world right now? That you cant communicate with one another, and you aggressively attack each other! Lame.

Deborah on

I have always liked her and so what she is rich. She should speak honestly about her wants for her child. It is good that she has the ability to give the child lots of opportunities. The best to them.

MiaS on

I wish every new mother could have a baby nurse!

Why not?

New mothers need all the help they can get!

Liz on

I am about to have my first child, a daughter. I don’t object to being a SAHM, and think its great if that’s what a woman wants to do. I personally have thought long and hard about this and I want to work outside the home in some capacity at least a few days a week.

I completely and totally understand Ivanka wanting to go back to work. If I could afford a nurse to bring my baby to me, so I could always be the one to feed her, I would in a second.

My Mother always taught me to have something for myself, to have some sort of independence. She is a shining example, my best friend, and was a working mother…


God bless the whole family. She will be a great mom!!!!

deborah on

I too always thought she was very classy and never shamed her parents (unlike Paris Hilton,etc), And as a mother of two boys…I gladly pay for extra helping hands if I could afford it! Stay at home mothers jobs are very hard, so ANY help would be great.You would do it too in a heart beat if you can afford it.

jumbybird on

Savvy businesswoman? It must be great starting a business from… completely built. I wonder if she’s like her father and when the she’ll declare bankruptcy for the first time.

emily on

argis crane – Why should she care how the “rest of the world” raises thier kids? If she has the means, why should she live like a middle class citizen? That’s not realistic. Not everyone needs to have the same experience as a parent.

Jillian on

dsfg, I completly agree with you. I suggested that the husband stay home and was told, how can he provide her with breastmilk all day?!?

keep hating, I am SOO happy you don’t live in my country! Keep your ignorant self in your own country. You know nothing about Americans and are generalizing. You can’t say how everyone feels because NOT everyone in this country acts or feels the same way. Trump has filed bankruptcy more than anyone I know, so I don’t think he would be the best candidate for President. Oh, and he also isn’t running. STAY IN YOUR COUNTRY….WE DON”T WANT YOU.

emily on

Here is a blurb about the scientific studies on the children of SAHM and working mothers:

Some experts in early childhood development believe there’s no substitute for the consistency and nurturing provided by parental care, especially if the alternative is poorly funded childcare. And two studies published in 2003 — one conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the other by the Institute of Child Development of the University of Minnesota — showed that kids who spent all day in daycare had higher levels of stress and more aggression than kids cared for at home.

However, other studies, such as one conducted at the University of Massachusetts in 1999, have shown the opposite: Kids in daycare do better academically and socially than those who stay home with their mothers, especially if their mothers are poor or not well-educated themselves. And numerous surveys of children’s progress in kindergarten conducted by state departments of education have found that children who attended daycare and preschool do better both academically and socially when they get to kindergarten.

Most experts believe that it’s the quality — not the type — of childcare that’s most important. Research by leading experts, like Alison Clarke-Stewart of the University of California at Irvine, has shown that if parents give their kids concentrated time and attention in the evenings and on weekends, their children are just as well-adjusted as those cared for full-time at home.

Michelle on

I like Ivanka! Beauty and brains. Congratulations to her and her husband. I don’t see her as a stay-at-home mom. She’s a very driven woman who worked her and she’s well educated. And why should she be a stay-at-home mom? She’ll manage her career and family life. I think it’s great she’s hoping to raise her daughter with the privileges she’s born to but not spoil her. She’ll be an excellent mother.

mamax4 on

Im a sahm to my 3 kids and have one on the way and i agree with some of you that say that all moms are working moms weither you work outside of the home or you stay at home with your kids. We all need to respect each other instead of bashing one another just because of their life styles!

But anyways congrats ivanka!

Jennifer on

She will make a great mom. She looks glowingly happy. She is ambitious and smart. She couldn’t be a stay at home mom. Having a nurse is smart for this ambitious and driven woman. But wait until after her daughter arrives. Children are a gift and she will find the right balance that works for her and her family. Joyous news and congratulations. We all have our paths and lives and decisions so we shouldn’t judge one another.

meghan on

keep hating, you’re not an American? Then shut the f*ck up about us and our president!

What annoys me about this article is that this women’s magazine thought an empowering image of a successful business woman is dressing her up like a lap dancer and slapping bunny ears on her head. I sincerly doubt Lee Iacocca was ever asked to pose for a magazine like this. And that she agreed to it, really makes me question her supposed intelligence.

And I agree with RKF. Most parents who work, have to work. Ivanka works for her father and has more money than she can spend in three lifetimes. In that situation, going back to work immediately is nothing but selfish.

abby on

I think she should save some time for her kids when they are young, and set her work aside, she doesn’t need it anyway.
That dress, it doesn’t look like her at all

marissa on

I am eager to know what the name will be!!

Rebekah on

I don’t understand the outfit. Not to be preachy, but that does look like a playboy bunny outfit. Hopefully as a mother she will be a good influence and will not propagate that sexualization of women is healthy.

criticaleye on

Emily, can you provide a link for that study?

I was merely talking about baby and toddlerhood, the first 3 years-not homeschooling forever. There’a big gap in that and I certainly don’t fell I can or want to do it without schools or kindergarten.

It also depends what a mom does with her kids. There are good SAHMs and very good working moms out there. I depends on the quality of time they spend together.

However, for a small baby (and I was talking about that age, when they cannot talk, need a person for bonding, security etc.) no daycare measures up as good as a caring mom.

And academic results are not evrything. I’d rather have a happy carpenter than a top manager with burnout syndrome.

hotwildflower on

Obviously, while I don’t know her personally, she appears to be very well grounded, classy and hopefully will be an outstanding mother. Already sounds like she’s on the right track. Congratulations and the one tip I will give you….enjoy them every single minute because they grow up far too quickly!! Everyone says it and you never realize it until it’s too late. Kids are simply the greatest gift!!

JDK on

To Keep Hating……

This space is to leave a comment about Ivanka Trump and the fact that she is going to be a first time mom whether you like her or not. As far as posting about your laughing at our country and our president, keep your negative comments for another board. There is a time and a place for everything and this isn’t it. BTW, if you and your family are living here, then you’re all reaping the “benefits” of the United States of America, if you despise our country so much then go back to your own. Ok, NOW I’m done.

Benilde on

why do you have a child when you just hand it off to a nurse to be raised – it is SAD!

Pam on

Think of this!!!Some SAHM’s run daycare’s so the Working mom’s can return to work. I see it as one mom helping out the other mom. See how easy it is. Never judge someone else unless you have been in their position.

NC Lady on

Ivanka is a class act! Best wishes to you and your hubby with your new baby! I know you will be a great mommy!

Lexi on

I’m so shocked to read some of these comments. Maybe I’m not really qualified to comment as I’m not a mother. But it seems that every woman knows their own situation best and can decide what will work for them. Staying home or working doesn’t make anyone at all better than anyone else, and child rearing should not be a contest!
As for Ivanka, I think she’s lovely. She didn’t get where she is in life by being a dummy, so if she feels returning to work is right for her, it probably is.

Really? on

I don’t think we need to see what she was wearing to get herself pregnant in the first place..

Nikki on

People need to chill. There is a saying I’m sure everyone has heard: It takes a village to raise a child. SAHM is a relatively new idea, people used to work all day. Sure they weren’t going to corporate America, they were going to bakeries, farms, etc. The family structure for raising children from many different family members and friends was the norm. Stay at home or go to work, everyone has a choice and has to do what’s best for them. Attacking each other about whoch choice is better doesn’t make us better role models to the kids we’re talking about.

Also, keep on hating, I am not an American and I guarentee you that people here In Canada don’t think Obama is a joke. Maybe he could have made some better choices but so could any world leader. This is a website for babies, not your hate-filled attitudes. If you have a problem with his policies vent that on some political site. Based off ofyour comments though you come off as an ignorant racist and not someone on the up and up with political issues.

Kristine on

Reading all of these comments makes me sad for our children…we are all acting like self centered stubborn moms. We are all good whether we stay at home or work outside the home…let’s stop this now!

Kylie on

Yikes, ladies! And I use that word generously.. People.com has disabled comments on most areas of their website and now I see why!

Shannon on

LOVE Ivana and she looks amazing!

Both my husband and I work, my daughter goes to daycare and that was a decision that we made together. I could have stayed home, but I didn’t work my butt off in college and law school to sit at home, kids or no kids. Staying at home is not for everyone. My daughter loves her teachers and loves going to school everyday. She is meeting and exceeding all of her milestones and her social skills are exceptional for her age.

Because my husband and I are a two income family we can give our daughter so much more then if we were just a one income family. She will travel the world and have the best education available to her, and I will never be sorry for that.
I will teach my daughter that she can have the best of both worlds, being a mom does not mean you give up who you are or the chance to have a successful rewarding career.

Kylie on

RFK, wow – for such a ‘busy mom’ you sure seem to have plenty of time on your hands to log in and defend your offensive, self-righteous comments… oh, but that’s right – we’re all just ‘bitter and jealous’ of you. And who wouldn’t be jealous? You’re obviously SOOO classy.

m on

@ jillian or whatever your name is fyi pumped breastmilk is given through a bottle so you can’t say you are exclusively breastfeeding unless bottles have suddenly become a breast…anyway I only asked what I asked coz Ivanka said she wld hv the nurse bring the baby to her …clearly she wld not be pumping…

Denise on

Yea !! She’s due on my birthday !!! Good luck !!

Crystal on

I HATE when people say…… “she has enough money to stay home” insinuating that she’s selfish because she wants to go back to work. I’ve said this a millon times on the board and I’ll say it a million and 1 times: SOME WOMEN DON’T WANT TO STAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It does not make them bad or selfish mothers, it makes them human.

Ivanka is an Ivy League educated woman. I’m POSITIVE she weighed all her options and came to the best decision for HER family. I think all the SAHM’s who are passing judgement sound really catty and jealous. You made the best choice for your family. Every family is different.

My SIL couldn’t wait to get back to work after she had her babies. Does that make her a bad mother?? NO!! She loves and enjoys her job and I believe she’s a better mom because of it. She gets the best of both worlds; a job she loves and a family she adores.

Just because this is a website where people can post things doesn’t mean they should. Please think about your words before you write them. Not only can you offend someone you can hurt their feelings.

MiB on

Actually keep hating, most of the world has more respect for Obama than they had for Bush jr. Just sayin…

Every family has to do what works best for their family in their circumstances. For some it’s the mother or father quitting their job to stay at home with the children, for some it’s to keep working, some work from home, some have a change of career, some employ nannies, some employ grandmothers, some send their children to daycare. The thing is, we need to get beyond the belief that what’s right for us and our families is THE OLNY RIGHT THING TO DO. Because it isn’t.

Ivanka is an exec, a job which comes with responsibilities wether you work for a big company, for a small company, for a family member or for yourself. I know several women who have their own small companies, and the only way they could take a “proper” maternity leave would be to close down or sell the company, and then what?

I myself am a freelancer, and if I were to take a “proper” maternity leave, I would lose my customers, and my livelyhood. Sure, I could take s couple of years off (provided I had a husband or partner who made enough for all of us to live on) and then start again, but that would mean another couple of years of financial hardship and day and night work, and I wouldn’t want to do that with children in the house (or even worse, as a main provider), so “proper” maternity leave would be out of the question for me as well if I was ever to be blessed with children, I might scale down a bit, but I would have to make sure to keep my most important customers.

Besides, plenty of people have visions about how they will be as parents before they actually become parents, and then everything changes.

Appreciate on

m….. The term “exclusively breastfed” refers to the content of a child’s diet, not the manner of delivery. A baby consuming only breastmilk (regardless of mode of delivery) is exclusively breastfed. Another example: premmies or sick bubs in NICUs receive their milk through tubes. Hope this clarifies for you.

Jillian on

M, your question and comment makes no sense because her husband can stay home with the baby and bring the baby to her just as easily as the baby nurse. Unless you feel a man is not capable of such duties. Which was my point!! She didn’t say she exclusively is breastfeeding. She explains every attempt to breastfeeding, but a person in her position who travels, clearly is going to have to have to make bottles. My friend has been doing her method, on Wednesday for day 3 and guess what……she has made a few emergency bottles, don’t tell. Shh! Sometimes things happen. Regardless, there is no reason Daddy can’t stay home with this or any baby!!

Marilyn on

My son and his wife had a baby in March , he actually delivered the baby because of his experience as a fire fighter and having delivered several babies he was prepared the doctor was there in the room of course. My daughter inlaw is still at home and is breastfeeding and bottle feeding my son changes diapers and feeds their baby and loves every moment I think a couple should discuss child rearing before they ever get pregnant. Also this was my son who never wanted to get married or have children.lol

Gianna on

As a working mom with a SAHD hubby I’m glad my DD won’t grow up to be a sexist who believes that women should stay at home and cook and clean. SAHMs do serious damage to their daughters’ perception of gender roles.

tacky66 on

she dresses so classy all the time and now this cheesy getup when she is pregnant no less, sorry this is in poor taste for her.

tacky66 on

disappointed in her outfit, not becoming of an intelligent woman who is pregnant, poor taste.

Christina on

I’m with Kristen. This outfit is horrid, way tacky and so unflattering. I thought she would know better.

Lindsey on


Really, these are celebrities putting things out into the media for public consumption. Commentary either way is acceptable. Perfectly good people can express differing opinions on topics without venomously ripping each other to shreds, can’t they. Honestly, since we are all making value laden judgments based upon our opinions, there is no reason to denigrate or devalue anyone’s expressed opinion. Disagreement is fine but personal attacks on a baby blog, or elsewhere, seems wholly unnecessary and needlessly ugly.

Sherron Teal on

For God sake give this naive mother a break. She made that stupid comment about running home, etc. Because she has never been a mother and has no idea what it entails. She will get the just of the situation when the baby arrives. Like all first time mothers she has a lot to learn.

mika on

I think, that Ivanka is a workaholic even if she loves her job she should start thinking about staying with the child at home. She, not nanny should be taking care of the little one. Ivanka and her bros, grown up people still behave like children who have to prove something to the father to get his love or so…

Too much PR, to less true people.

And one more thing…she can repeat her father brought her up down to earth and that she achieved everything on her own, but still..she’s priviledged..besides what’s the big thing to work in a family business? curious how she would perform in other company…

Vanessa on

@RFK: don’t be so judgmental and just plain stupid. They don’t “pawn the kids off with a baby nurse”. I’m not a celebrity and I had a baby nurse. There is no reason someone else can’t change a diaper or take the baby out for a walk, while I run to the market or work. My kids are older and I have a (*gasp*) Nanny. I’m not “pawning my kids off” on someone else. Even with mom and dad and Nanny, there are sometimes still not enough people to get kids where they need to go. It is a luxury, indeed, but if one can afford it, why not? Plus, my kids are fluent Spanish speakers, thanks to our beloved Maria.

Kelli on


Considering she has a degree from the Wharton business school, I’m guessing she would fare pretty well at another company.

Simmer down, ladies. Crazy isn’t a pretty color on anyone. Ivanka can work outside the home if she chooses, and I’m sure her children will be all the more positively influenced by seeing such ambition in their mother.

Okay, now back to the butter churn with y’all! You don’t want your men folk to be waitin on their cornbread tonight.

lulu on

I agree 100% with RFK. I don’t understand why all the working moms can’t respect the decision to stay at home. You made your decision to go back to work respect the decision of a SAHM. Nobody can replace the loving care of a mother and before you know it your kiddo will be off to school and hell then you can go and get back to work with your PHD degree and what have you.

I always believe women should get a degree and career and get that dream job. Once it’s time for having children you need to be there for that child full time. I know though it can’t always work this way and both parents have to earn a living to pay bills and keep a roof over their heads. That should be the exception.

SAHMS are not a new thing. In the 50’s and 60’s that was the norm.

kate on

regardless whether or not she can afford a baby nurse (which she certainly can), it’s her decision. i’ll support any decision a woman makes, SAHM or WM.

but i have to say that it disturbs me seeing the number of women i see on here who are seemingly taking the stance that a woman’s sole purpose for being is to raise children. maybe she *wants* to work. it’s quite possible to have a successful and fulfilling life at home AND in the workplace. one doesn’t have to define oneself by only one role. and it is very possible to juggle it all, and not to the child’s deteriment. it’s not easy, of course, but it can be done. and really, is it so terrible for a child to see his or her mother having a career? i don’t think so.

Emily on

Congrats to Ivanka and good luck to her on her journey into motherhood.

I am surprised that all of the SATHM’s have soo much time to browse the People.com baby section. Maybe you should spend less time on-line and judging people and more time with your own children.

marion on

Has Ivanka heard of a breast pump? It makes things alot easier. The baby nurse can give a little bottle and probably walk to her office and let her f inish. Yes – make a nursery in her office.
Daddy can use it for a celebrity apprentice challenge.

lady1 on

@Lulu, You can’t just “re-start” an advanced career or pick it up whenever you feel like it. It takes years to build a body of work and a good reputation. It’s incredibly hard, and as much as I’d like it not to be true, you will be judged on why you were absent from the field and not networking, conferencing, publishing, and keeping up with your colleagues. Other applicants will leave you in the dust. Once it’s time to have kids, you don’t have the luxury of choosing between one or the other, especially if your family is relying on you to earn money as well. There is absolutely no evidence that kids suffer from having two working parents; I am a product of a working family, and I came out just fine.

Sara on

That’s funny because I’m pregnant with a girl due on July 22 and my biggest craving is double toasted bagels with cream cheese too!

stunned! on

Came across this discussion by accident. Wow! First…Ivanka is a beautiful girl but let’s be honest, New York is full of beautiful girls. She wouldn’t be where she is today if her dad wasn’t Donald Trump. Not saying she isn’t capable or smart. I’m sure she is. But she is where she is because of her father.

Regarding the bunny outfit. Not the best choice for someone who wants to be taken seriously. Would you take your boss seriously after seeing that photo?

Regarding this ongoing debate about SAHMs vs working moms….I’m single and childless by choice at 41. I’ve been waiting on the right man and/or the financial means to do it on my own. No luck yet. I have a decent job, a house, and an MBA. If I decide to do it on my own will all of you foot the bill for me to stay home so I can take care of my child? Or, should I leave my child with a caretaker for 9 hours so you don’t have to bear this burden? No family nearby to help. Not everyone has family nearby that they can depend on or husbands to “provide” for them. So what’s a woman to do? Just curious.

Susan on

Late to party, but I just wanted to say to Kristine: so you believe that if a woman chooses to stay home and take care of her OWN kids, she is not ambitious? If that is how all working moms feels about SAHMs, no wonder there are mommy wars.

Susan on

I think Natalie said it best. Bottom line: Each person has to make their own choices based on their personal factors. I would have loved to be at home with my children, but it was NOT possible. One has to feed and clothe and educate a child. That takes money, lots of money. And to the person who said children are more important than money, they missed the boat. Of course, children are more important than money, but one needs money to raise the kids.

For me personally, if I could have the best of both worlds – a career and someone to ‘help’ me with my children so I did not have to spend so much time at work, I would be on top of the world. It does not have to be an either or decision. One can combine the two. On the other hand, the woman who said corporations don’t allow such accommodations, she made a great point.

My perfect example is a woman doctor. If I went to school for so many years, I don’t think I would want to give up that career. Does that mean I should not have kids? Clearly, I cannot work at home as a doctor.

criticaleye on

I also think that working moms went harsher. Most of us SAHMs just stated that it’s better for the baby to be with mom for those first precious years. Not always, not 24/7, I’m perfectly fine with any help or part-time job.
But I didn’t say that WM are lazy, selfish, don’t want to take care of the babies etc.

From the other side, I read comments like lazy, unambitious, Oprah and how do I have time for surfing as a SAHM. LOL. That’s really the best. I have certainly more time, my kid naps in the afternoon but it’s an interesting question from a working mom who is browsing here as well. Now where does SHE have time? :O

skunknuggets on

Congrats to her!

Give it a break people. The picture is just having some fun. Good gracious, like pregnant women can’t have a little fun. I’m sure she will be a fine mother whether she works, stays at home, or anything else.

caracal1788 on

– m, That’s possibly the most idiotic and divisive statement I have ever heard. And believe me, I’ve heard an awful lot.

My children were both fed exclusively on breastmilk (sometimes from a bottle, sometimes from me, ’cause I was *gasp* working and because *gasp* I could loosen the reins enough to allow husband and family to enjoy being part of a central part of rearing my children, too) until they were a year of age, starting solids at 6 months, obviously.

Reducing the nutrition science to nipple versus teat, regardless of what comes through it is utterly ridiculous.

– lulu, I’m all for what you believe is ‘the exception’ – for you. As long as you don’t expect me to follow it, I won’t impose my, quite opposite, beliefs on you, fair?

-Susan, brilliant, thank you.

PShack on

Ivanka and her brothers were raised with money, a broken parental marriage, various stepmothers, and probably baby nurses. They are amazingly normal, intelligent, and impressive young adults. She and her husband are already planning to follow the parenting skills needed to keep their daughter grounded and unspoiled (like Ivanka). I have every confidence she will be successful. One comment: read the book, “Baby Sense”! You probably won’t need to be feeding every two hours! Follow the guidelines and the baby (and family) will be very content & happy.

Susan Albert on

While I am not a fan of Donald Trump, I do admire the way he and Ivanna raised their children. It is up to the Ivanka, as to whether she wants to work or not. I se nothing wrong with having a nurse or someone to help you with your child. My daughter was a single mom who had to work. I lived with my daughter, and I had to work also. What were we do do with my grandson? I do not think it was selfish of her to put my grandson in nusery school. He turned out just fine. So please stop judging us. If you want to be a stay at home mom,that’s fine to.

K.W. on

How about staying home for a few months to take care of your newborn? Seriously – work will always be there. You can’t get that time back with your child…

LJohnson on

After reading most of these comments, I am dismayed that there is still such a feud between SAHM and working mothers. At the end of the day, we are all humans first. Let’s show one another compassion and understanding. It is unfair for others to pass judgement on someone’s decision, whether voluntary or forced. Instead of being happy for Ivanka and her husband, who the majority of us do not know and will not personally meet, some people are condeming her decision.

Also, what happened to female empowerment???

Ladies, our children see how we behave and some of the posts are nasty, judgemental, and just downright mean….

Liz on

Ivanka is a beautiful smart woman and I hope she will make a great mother. She grew up in the spotlight but remained grounded. She went to college and graduate school and earned excellent grades, something money cannot buy. If you read any of her business books, her ideas make sense in the office world and in life. I wish her and hubby the happiest of marriages and a long life together. I hope her children grow up as beautiful and smart as she is. Grandpa Donald will spoil Ivanka’s children so she can concentrate on his business !! Continued good health during this pregnancy. Wishing you love and laughter 🙂

Cate on

I think she has a shocker coming – every two hours? Um, when my infant was going through those early growth spurts, she would finish nursing, and be hungry after maybe 45 minutes! Get ready to be a full time nursing machine for the first few months, if you plan on nursing!

Quinn on

I think we’re forgetting about the fact that while her wealth may afford her to stay home indefinitely, she IS a businesswoman/owner in her own right, so she really can’t stay away from the business for that long either. I think she is smart enough to find a happy medium, not to mention it doesn’t sound like she has an extensive commute 🙂

KAW on

Had to laugh at RFK – I’m only jealous and bitter if she’s home ALONE. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to be a SAHM. Socially, it’s good for kids to see more than you in a given day. We do a mix of day care and family member care.

And how she thinks that saying if someone is so selfish they have to put their kids in daycare, they shouldn’t be allowed to have kids is not offensive or attacking belies the PHD she claims to have. What a waste, if true, unless it’s a PHD in diapering.

KAW on

Have to laugh at RFK — Jealous and bitter you are home with your kids? Nah. Maybe if you were home alone I’d be jealous. It’s HARD to be home with kids full time and I am glad to split between daycare, family members’ care and my own care. Do I love them less or they know me less? Nope. Do they benefit from socializing with other kids? Yes, they do.

Why you bothered to earn a PhD is beyond me. I guess just to be able to say you did when you tell people about your exciting day changing poopie diapers. Oh, and as a means to belittle people in celebrity chat forums. Very impressive, indeed. 🙂

ecl on

The only ones who benefit from this fight are businesses and men. Ladies, point your fingers where they belong! Businesses should create more family friendly policies and men need to do their share of child rearing. PS To all the women talking smack at stay at home moms: It makes me wonder how much you actually respect the women who you have hired to care for your children. You must not think much of them. Remember that the reason YOU get to work is because you are able to (probably) under pay another woman (often a woman of color) to care for your children.

alberto on

i think if she can afford it , a new mother should take 3 months off to care for her baby. after all, the women go through the work of carrying and delivering the child so they deserve it. if i was married and could afford it i wouldn’t want my wife to work if we had kids until she is ready to, or if she wants to. i’m a little old fashioned but hey, that’s how i see it. not sure how she’s going to successfully nurse with those massive implants of her’s but i guess other women do it successfully lol.

abby on

Hope they choose a traditional name for the baby, and not those awful names some celebrities name their children, after all the kids are the ones that take the burden of a stupid name for life.

Joe on

I thought she already had her child. Didn’t know she was still pregnant.

Ron Roppo on

I just hope your little girl takes after you and your mom. Any thing less would be a disappointment.

Phil Esteen on

Hey, Ivanka got a baby name for you!

Barack Hussein Trump

Doesn’t that sound wonderful!

Kate on

RFK, “I was merely pointing out what choice works for me, not condemning those who don’t do the same.”

Who cares? This article is not about you but about wonderful young lady Ivanka, so why would you say anything unless you meant to bash her, which, obviously is possible even without saying it directly. We can read between the lines. Get lost.

And kudos to Ivanka. She does not live off her father’s money, as someone pointed out, perhaps you should get your facts before you speak.

Jennifer on

I really admire Ivanka Trump. Despite having the Trump name and billions of dollars, she always seems to be really down to earth and doesn’t act like she has billions of dollars at her disposal. Also, having seen her somewhat in action on Celebrity Apprentice, she has proven to be not only attractive but incredibly intelligent as well. She knows the business and takes her job very seriously. She doesn’t act like she doesn’t have to work hard because she’s a Trump, in fact, I think she works hard becuase she wants to prove that she deserves the position she’s got.

I’m happy for her and her husband. I think she’ll be a terrific mother. And I do hope that she doesn’t go right back to work after the baby is born, she should take at least six months off to bond with her baby girl and enjoy just being a mommy before heading back into the corporate world.

Congrats, Ivanka and Jared on your blessed event. Take time to enjoy being a mom before you go back to the office.

zoe on

Well, you’ll learn how to manage like we all did. Good luck and prepare for your life to never be the same. Oh, and one tip – don’t give her some weird name. 🙂

Yvette on

I think that they should do what they want to do irrespective of what the rest of the world and haters think… Someone said that this is not the way the rest of the world lives, well Ivanka Trump is not your everyday young woman or mom and she has to make whatever choice she makes… I believe she is making arrangements to have her child with her while at work perhaps because she remembers how it was when she was a baby not having both her parents around much because of their work and lifestyles and if she can afford it and wants to do it, it matters not what any of us here think, she can do it, then by all means go right ahead! People will always have something negative to say but who really cares? In the end she will do exactly what she chooses to do, at least I hope she does because it is all about her, her husband and her baby and no one else! You go Ivanka!