Spotted: Diddy and His Daughters Hit the Mall

05/16/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Let’s go to the mall! Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs takes a breather from all that shopping with 4-year-old twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James on Saturday at Westfield Century City. The girls are Diddy’s daughters with his ex, Kim Porter.



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poppykai on

They look just like him!

Jessica on

I don’t remember, but are the girls identical?? They sure do look it if not.

Ronnie on

Simply beautiful! All his kids are gorgeous.

Kat on

The beaded strand of hair on their nose just looks painful.

sarawara on

I’ve always read that they are identical. They look a LOT like Kim to me.

Delilah on

Cute but not as cute as his other daughter Chance. Now SHE is gorgeous.

Alice on

They are cute but they always seem to have the same non-expression on their faces, like thir minds are blank. Does anyone have a link to a pic of them smiling?

Barbie on

A box of barrettes on a child’s head has to be awfully heavy on a scalp…why do African American mothers do that? I place two barrettes on my grandbabies’ hair and they fuzz to take them off. Isn’t that damaging for the hair?

Both girls are adorable and they must be identical since they have the same expression. It must be fun for them going shopping with their father.

mg on

please explain the stupid braid in between the eyes…ridiculous.

Toya L. on

Cute girls, they are getting so big. All three of Diddy’s daughters are cutie pies.

nettrice on

Barbie, as someone who lived through the hair beading and braiding phase of childhood, I can tell you that it does not hurt and it is not damaging to black hair. In fact, it’s cultural and keeps us tied to our roots in Africa.

Leslee on

They are monozygotic twins, known as identical.

Barbie, I’m not African-American nor Black but I did the whole “corn rows” look many years ago, complete with beads. I don’t recall it being heavy, at least not any more so than my hair already was. I do find my giant butterfly clips obnoxiously heavy though.

Jen DC on

@ MG: the braid was more closely braided to the head, however in wearing the braids, they loosen… and sometimes you end up with a few draping across the forehead.

So… are all bangs “stupid” or just braided bangs?

Sarah K. on

Delilah, it’s not a competition lol

Georgina on

Im not “african american” or american either, but when I was younger and we went on exotic holidays, I was allowed to have my hair braided. And this is mousey brown curly “white” hair. Nothing terrible happened. I had beads on the end too, different coloured ones. The only thing I learnt not to do was whip my head round too quick because a bead would smack you in the head! Im sure theyve learnt that too!

They seem to have a look of “why are they taking pictures of us?” And dad is like “yeah just ignore it.” Its obviously not going to make sense to a 4 year old. Theyre cute tho.

And theyre wearing the same!! Why is people not horrified by this?

J on

Sarah K, she never said it was lol

Anonymous on

why would anyone be horrified by them matching? that’s so stupid. matching clothes isn’t lethal! its cute.

Delilah on

Nope, it’s not. Just stating a fact 🙂 They are all cute but Chance is a stunner. It’s too bad the twins mom is so bitter she doesn’t let them around their sister.

Lau on

Georgina: Probably not as much as horrifying, but I’ve always been bothered by parents who dress twins in matching outfits. It may sound silly, but a person is definitely defined by even the smallest of things, like clothes. And even more so at that age.

Obviously Diddy and the girls’ mother can do whatever they want. This is just my view on the matter.

JMO on

In other photos the braids are not in the girls faces it’s probably just happened they fell there in that position for the photo.

I also don’t get how little girls can wear so many beads and barretts in their hair. I hear alot of time they sleep in them too bc they don’t wash their hair as often (my mother’s a hair dresser so this is what she tells me). Anyways, I remember people tell me they used to sleep with curlers in their hair all night! All I have to say is ouch! lol

KikiOttawa on

I don’t think this photo is flattering of either the girls or their Daddy. But then if you snapped a picture of me and my kids taking a breather after some good outdoor family fun, we wouldn’t look perfect either. I am not crazy about Sean Combs as an artist, but I respect him as a businessman and admire him as a father. He loves his kids (all of them) and makes a point to be a solid presence in their lives.

maliasmom on

@JM actually, as an African-Canadian whose mother did it all to my hair, the beads hurt a lot less than the curlers! Since the curlers are usually wound tight to the scalp it pulls and tugs… not a good night’s sleep! LOL But the beads hang down kind of like a ponytail. I never really noticed it. My daughter had them for the first time 2 yrs ago and she said it never bothered her.

Barbie on

Thanks Nettrice, I guess that makes sense.
I think it’s cute to dress them alike. I dress my granddaughters alike and they are 2 years apart. I often buy them matching outfits. Why are people so touchy about stuff?

Dee on

I’m black….been through through the bead stage. They dont hurt at all and they are definitely noy heavy. They are cute and stylish and like someone else said has roots in Africa were beads are worn as a symbol of beauty, grace etc etc.

Georgina on

Sorry guys, I meant People the magazine, not you all commenting, only in reference to SJP and her twins, and the comment about their matching dresses. I was surprised at the double standard from the post. And thought Id voice it!

Like you say its a personal choice, I have two girls close in age and sometimes they (or should the be I) dress them alike, sometimes one doesnt want to wear what the other is so they dont. Generally they have the same clothes because you cant not buy one a top or dress without the other, so thats where the matching comes from. But there are no rules regarding it! Im assuming as a twin its quite fun dressing the same, makes it easier to confuse people!

Lady on

Aww their so cute, I wonder if Kim had accepted Chance yet & let all 3 girls be together like family/sisters should be…..

kelly on

I dont get why some mothers have their kids in bangs and clearly all the kid does is try to push them back, and those head bands that hurt my head as an adult i feel for those babies whose moms think its cute to put head bands on their heads is there any good circulation on the head … suicide

Paula on

How dare any of you question our hairstyles – it’s cultral and we love it.

Jillian on

People can comment on whatever they like!

Jessie on

buttout – how dare you speak for everyone!!