Mario Lopez ‘Could Be Better’ at Changing Diapers

05/14/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
John Lamparski/WireImage

He can dance, he can write and he can host just about anything on the air, but Mario Lopez has yet to master the art of dealing with diapers.

“I’ve [changed them] before, but to be honest, I could be better,” he tells PEOPLE.

The author of the new cookbook Extra Lean Family, 37, is finding fatherhood to be his best role yet.

“It’s changed me in all the most positive ways,” he says of being Dad to 8-month-old Gia Francesca, whose latest milestones include standing up.

“Everything she does is cute to me,” Lopez says of his daughter with girlfriend Courtney Mazza. Everything, including her taste for the arts.

“She likes all music, she has eclectic taste,” laughs Lopez. “She likes The Voice, that’s her new favorite show.”

And has having an adorable daughter affected the Extra and America’s Best Dance Crew host’s strenuous work ethic?

“I’m still doing everything that I’m doing — just working harder and doing it on less sleep,” he notes.

— Megan O’Neill

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Soco on

He could be better at a lot of things. Like not being such a douche bag. Feel sorry for his gf and daughter.

Amanda S. on

I seriously doubt he goes without any sleep. Between the mom, and their nanny…I’m sure he sleeps like a baby.

He is such an idiot. Why people like him, I’ll never understand.

Jax on

Yeah I think Mario is a jerk too– I think he’s forgetting who gave birth

SJ on

Agreed! He always strikes me as an a-hole, especially on the reality show he did with his gf while she was pregnant. His behaivor was utterly repulsive like how he always talked about her weight and how she should lose it. And then parading the baby around after she was born. That was pretty awful and I’m sure it wasn’t pride. Well, at least not for the baby!!

kendal on

After he cheated on his first wive Ali Landry, haven’t liked him since. He is a douche-bag. He is such a conceited person, all about him and no one else.

Melanie on

I started watching his show and he seemed very into himself.

Shelley on

Oh please, the only reason he is not “better” at changing diapers is because he isn’t trying hard enough. Nobody is born knowing how to do everything right, we *all* have to learn, women included. There’s no reason he can’t learn how care for a baby the same as the rest of us do. I get so tired of this mentality from men, thinking they get a pass at not being good childcare givers based solely on their gender. Give me a break.

Shannon on

He needs to step up to the plate. I’m surprised they’re still together.

just sayin on

I thought this site was about “Moms and Babies”, not cheesy tv hosts and their egos.

mominFL on

that picture of him and his girlfriend looks really staged, he’s not even touching her. And after 8 months, you would think he’d have plenty of practice changing a diaper. Guess not. Sad to say, but I hope the little girl dates men ‘just like her daddy’ and then he’ll realize what a dirtbag he was/is to women.

Amy on

Mario has a lot of growing up to do but it does sound like he is trying since the birth of his child.

Nancy on

How he got Tiffani Amber Theisen, Ali Landry and Karina Smirnoff to date him..remains a mystery.

Romy on

it sounds like he’s changed them about twice with the way he says he’s changed them before. I’m sure he hands off the baby to Courtney and the nanny any time there is any real work to do.

Mel on

I don’t know the guy personally (and I don’t anyone on this board does), but I agree that he seems very selfish and into himself. I felt really bad for Courtney when I saw their reality show. She seemed like an afterthought to him. She had a Broadway career before him. I hope she goes back to it at some point. She’s a talented woman, she deserves to be known as more than his girlfriend and baby’s mother.

Mel on

*that should’ve read “I don’t think anyone on this board does.”

Anonymous on

I watched his show and I have to say that I like Mazza a lot better than him. In fact watching his show just made me dislike him more than I did before.

hanah on

i say that mario is just a piehole he can never just just worring about himself and worry about the family more he really needs to step on the plate and help out more really if he does not things will get bad i know it because it has happed to me lots of times before. fyi just saying

Barbie on

Mario needs a PR person to improve his image. From the the look of this board he’s not well-liked. He should marry his girlfriend and provide a stable home for his child. So many men throw their sperm around and then just go on to the next “girlfriend” – it’s really sickening!

Romy on

I can totally see Mario coming here to read comments (esp the way he uses the baby as a prop), and I hope he does. Maybe it would squash his ego a bit and make him take a look at how he’s living his life. He’s got a great thing, and he’s really missing out by being so into himself. The years could go by and he will suddenly be an old man looking back realizing this whole family life thing passed him by.

Mia on

I saw the reality show and much of the time it was Courtney acting like a brat. I don’t like Mario either and I don’t believe they should rush into marriage just because they had a baby together. Look how he royally screwed up his first marriage. They weren’t together long before she got pregnant either.

LaKesha on

And hate abounds…

alise on

Hahaha! It’s amazing how one person can really get the “henhouse” clucking. Haha! You posters are really funny.

RKF on

He’s yet to master the art of changing a diaper? Really? Um… I didn’t realize it took a brain surgeon to change a freaking diaper.

Grace on

@alise: You might as well take the sexism somewhere else. No one on here is going to stop expressing their opinions just because you toss an immature, sexist remark out (which you seem to be under the impression is amusing, but it’s not since the henhouse/cackling remarks have been made in almost every thread lately where women *gasp* dare to express an opinion that doesn’t amount to celebrity worship.)

Jurnee on

Not a fan. I used to work on show he was on. He was slimy… always coming on to everyone from the other actors to the pretty girls in the office, even me at the show Wrap party!! The opportunity for change is present in everyone, and hopefully he’s getting his act together. Doesn’t seem like it though…sad.

kalebsmummy on

“I’m still doing everything that I’m doing — just working harder and doing it on less sleep,”

What an a-hole.

Nella on

He just seems so fake to me and seems like a douchebag! His daughter is 8 months old, that means he could have had 8 months of experience to practice the art of diaper changing, since it seems like such a difficult task for Mario. Unless he didn’t help out much and is struggling learning how to do it because he hasn’t done it enough! Practice makes perfect. Other dads learn so he is capable of it as well.

ßsinclair on

Thank you, Grace!! Well-said. *claps*