Spotted: Rebecca Romijn and Charlie’s Sweet Smiles

05/13/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

It was Mother’s Day at the park for Rebecca Romijn, husband Jerry O’Connell and their 2-year-old twin daughters Charlie and Dolly in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday. “It’s equal parts absolutely adorable and absolutely horrible!” the model-turned-actress, 38, recently joked of motherhood to her active toddlers. “I’m just trying to get them to bed at night, but they’re two! That’s what being two is all about.”


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nadya on

They are sooo sweet!!!

Jennifer Redgrave on

They’re so precious! I love Rebecca and Jerry. They seem to be really nice parents. Lucky Dolly and Charlie (:

Laura on

They are so cute and I love that they don’t dress them alike

Maggie on

Ahhhh, the kid’s hand down your shirt when you least expect it. Celeb moms, they’re just like us. 🙂

Mary-Anne on

Adorable x 2! Such cutie-pies.
These pictures made me smile.

babyloover on

So cute! I think she looks just like Harlow x

Lau on

Oh my, I may just be dying of cuteness here!

I believe this right here is my absolute favourite celeb family. I just adore Rebecca, and those girls are super adorable.

Jen DC on

I think I am choking on cute overload.

amw on

gorgeous babes! and i appreciate her honest humor about kids.

just sayin on

Whew! When I first looked at the caption for this post, I was afraid it was another article about Rebecca Gayheart. So glad to see it wasn’t. Not familiar with Rebecca Romijn, but she’s got cute kids.

stephanie on

Cute Kids both of them but just don’t like there names and don’t care for Jerry.I like John Stamos better with Rebbecca to bad they did not work out I wish they had kids before they divorce.

Sheila on

Wow, what beautiful little girls they are! Yes, those terrible twos I have also been through. It does get better, believe me. Keep loving those precious angels.

gina on

stephanie you need to improve your english!!and what’s with the”I wish they had kids before they divorce” statement? are you saying it would be better if there were kids,who would have to go through the whole divorce thing?i hope not!

Chloe Erwin on

Their daughters are already beautiful, considering their mama and papa they are going to be supermodels. I’m happy for them, they seem like they are a very happy and loving family

sat on

Gina, I think Stephanie means she wishes Rebecca had had children with John Stamos before they divorced.
Team Jerry for me all the way though!!!

Tristan on

@stephanie–Weird that you like Stamos better than Jerry for Rebecca. Stamos is/was a womanizer and had problems with substance abuse. Jerry is funny and kind, a great parent, and seems to have a very happy marriage with Rebecca. They make an adorable family.

Mia on

She was saying she wished that RR had kids with her ex-husband because she thinks they made a better couple.

Cute girls-one looks a lot bigger than the other/maybe it’s the angle–fraternal twins.

Brooklyn on

What adorable little girls! Cute little outfits too.

Jillian on

Such adorable girls!

Gina, I had no problems understanding what Stephanie was saying. And others did not. Patience and understanding and try not to be so rude…..English is not everyones first language.

B.J. on

Which twin is Dolly, which one is Charlie? They’re both so cute! Pretty little girls.

Holiday on

They are SO cute.

ReedFla on

Obviously Gina means more of “why would you say that” than “what do you mean?” Why would you hope a couple would have had children before their divorce? It is an odd statement.

KEB on

This family gets more and more gorgeous by the day! Dolly and Charlie are so cute and I love, love, love Jerry and Rebecca! They seem like a very normal family living a very normal life and they just happen to be famous. 🙂

KEB on

@BJ, Charlie is in the striped dress, Dolly is the sweetie with her head on daddy’s shoulder.

Btw, I’m also Team Jerry! He’s my favorite actor and celeb!

Toya L. on

Two pretty little girls.

Barbie on

She made a better couple with John Stamos but, for whatever reason, it didn’t work. It’s a good thing they didn’t have kids because divorce is hard on children. I don’t feel Jerry is cute but she must see something in him. The girls are adorable but I don’t care for the name Charlie on a girl…that’s my father’s name.

Mia on

I think nicknames are fine-but I think the name “Charlotte” would have been cute + use “Charlie” as a nickname.

Sarah on

Rebecca obviously makes a better couple with Jerry, seeing that they are still together and decided at one point to have (adorable) kids.

Shannon on

The girls are precious. Beautiful family.

Grace2 on

Those little girls are just precious.

Chantal on

Charlie looks on the first pic just like Harlow, from Nicole Richie. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Cause it’s cute!
Both girls are just so cute! Great family

Tee on

Come on! Gina did not have trouble understanding what was said! She was asking why someone would say that. And I want to know the same thing. Why would someone wish divorced parents on kids? That’s just hateful!

meghan on

Mia, Charlie is named after her uncle. That’s why it’s Charlie and not Charlotte.

Amanda on

These two are my favorite celebrity kids. The whole family is gorgeous and they seem to have fun together too.

Heather Lashay(: on

Those girls are gorgeous, I wonder what they would look like if they came from john stamos??
guess well neber know

Mia on

I know-after his brother Charlie–I just think Charlotte would have been more fitting for a girl + still use Charlie as a nick-name.

Sharon on

too cute…and one looks like Jerry while the other looks like Rebecca.
Lovely little the pigtails