Nick Cannon: Twins Born to Mariah Carey’s Tunes

05/13/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Talk about a grand entrance!

Mariah Carey has taken the stage to standing ovations on more than one occasion — and the new mom wanted nothing less when it came to welcoming twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe into the world.

“My wife wanted to make sure that when the babies came out, that they came out not only to a Mariah Carey song, but a live performance from Mariah Carey — her Madison Square Garden performance of ‘Fantasy’ — so they came out to a round of applause,” husbandย Nick Cannonย tells Gayle King of Carey’s c-section delivery on April 30.

And although it was certainly Carey’s time to shine, Cannon admits he has no problem taking a backseat to his wife’s celebrity status.

“At times [being called Mr. Mariah Carey] used to frustrate me,” he shares.ย “When I step back and look at my life as a whole, I could be called a lot of worse things than Mr. Mariah Carey.”

As for the babies’ unusual monikers, Cannon, 30, laughs, “Of course we got to keep our celebrity weirdness up!”

“My kids’ names are Roc and Roe,” he tells E!. “Right there, it can’t get any better than that.”

More seriously, he adds, “There’s a lot of meaning. We put a lot of thought into those names. I think we did a good job … They ain’t gonna be mad at us when they grow up.”

— Anya Leon

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I hope Nick is joking…Mariah Carey tunes during a C-section/delivery is a tad bit much! Roc and Roe sounds like a sushi roll. I am glad Nick and Mariah are parents but I wish they would stop talking and pimping out the kids…go away and enjoy parenthood ASAP!

Laura on

Everything she does seems to have to be done in some grand way. I’m happy for her that she had two healthy babies but something about her just rubs me the wrong way; like she thinks she’s above everyone else or something.

Jgirl on

Really? Roc and Roe…I wouldn’t say that “ain’t gonna” be mad at you. Also, this is all just a little too much. Giving birth to your own song and a huge round of applause – wow.

Amber on

I am happy that they have the babies, and I really do wish them well, but something about them (namely Mariah) just seems pretentious. Having the babies be born to your own music- it feels like overkill to me.

ann on

”They aint going to be mad at us when they grow up” -hmmm I think he’s going to be totally wrong on that one with those kind of names

TJ on

Um, yea they are going to mad at them. . .

Hea on

This man sure does talk a lot.

AlaBella on

I hope they don’t wonder why Mariah often comes off as self-centered

anonymous on

I think we’re all getting tired of Mariah. I don’t want to see any more pictures of a painted pregnant stomach. Although it would be interesting to know if she was screaming on pitch to her songs as she was delivering. That would be hysterical.

Mandy on

Its all about Mariah. It always has been. How STUCK UP do you have to be to have your own video being played while you are giving birth. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO full of herself and I’m sorry but there’s nothing all that great about her. She’s had a few good songs, she can sing. That’s it.

She’s not the best thing since sliced bread.

I really hope her children grow up to resent her and grow sick of her singing and being so self-centered.

I am rooting for those kids to turn on her.

Roc and Roe.

Lame and Lamer.

Mandy on

And Nick is so WHIPPED he probably doesn’t even realize it.

Wow… poor guy.

I would definitely have a problem if my spouse was a self-centered, pretentious idiot who insisted we watch a live performance of HERSELF while the birth of our children was going on.

She couldn’t even give the kids this one moment for them. SHE HAD TO TAKE THEIR BIRTH TOO.

Poor kids have a wholeeeee lot of trouble coming.

Sharone on

Seriously Mariah?! How big of an ego do you have to have when delivering your babies? When is it going to be about THEM and not yourself? To have your OWN music when you deliver is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Lame!

Toya L. on

LMAO I love Mariah!

hayley w on

jeez mandy you should meet SAR she has the same feeling about miss portman btw USING CAPS DOES NOT GET YOUR POINT ACROSS ANY MORE THAN small letters

it doesnt matter what we think really does it, its her birth her babies so what she wanted her own song, she has more than likely been singing to them and studies show babies remember the music they are played in the womb sooooo its it realllllyyyyyyy that bad

of alllll the things going on in the world this is what people are getting all stressed about, i had guns and roses played at my birth … daughter came out to sweet child of mine and allot of people thought it was ott but i didn’t care because it was my birth not theirs

if you don’t like mariah just stay clear of posts about her , simples

Julie on

@Laura: I’m with you. Happy that she had 2 healthy babies,but so over Mariah and her full of herself-ness! Though Mariah and Nick are attractive in their own ways…I’ll bet those babies are cute, too! Don’t worry, I’m sure their pictures will be splashed all over magazine covers before too long.

Amanda on

Wow, I try not to criticize but really? My kids’ first cries were the absolute most beautiful sounds I’ve heard in my life, there’s just no way I’d want something distracting from that. Not to mention they are brand new babies, if I had to pick a song it’d be a much more calm one than a live performance of Fantasy.

Kelly on

Hayleyw…I 2nd your post..

Haven’t been a Mariah fan since after her first ablum came out(in my opinion..her best)..but geez…people really hate her!!!! I am happy for them. They seem genuinely overjoyed to be parents. Do I think they are over the top?? Of course! But I’m not doesn’t affect MY life in the least so…let them be what they are!! Hopefully..they will be good loving parents!

Toya L. on

They’d be fools not to go the “baby photo spread on a major magazine cover” route; like Celine Deon, Elton John, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie etc…. went. They have already had people acting like they are workers for the hospital, trying to get the first photos. First photos of kids from a celeb with Mariah’s status, would EASILY sell for millions and if I were her, I’d be damned if anybody would make millions off my babies first photos.

Sydney on

How much does this woman love herself??

I suppose the only TV they’ll be allowed to watch will be ‘Mariah: In concert’ DVDs and all her music videos.

KG on

Everything with Mariah Carey has had the concept of “Go big or go home” as far back as I can remember. So why would childbirth be any different? It’s not our life, not our delivery so it’s not really our place to judge.

I think wishing her kids will turn on her when they are older is incredibly rude and immature.

Regardless of how these kids came into the world, I am sure Mariah and Nick will be great parents. It’s obvious these babies were very wanted. Lets just focus on the positives!

michelle in mo on

Mariah used to bug me, years ago. Then I grew to love her for her quirky me-ness!I adore Nick and was thrilled when they got together. I am happy for them. Their kids, their birth, their way. I’m happy they are sharing because some of us ARE interested.

Now, let us sit back and fear the day that Lady Gaga spawns…….

Milosh on

LAME on so many levels.

Monti on

What’s the big deal. Thank god she and the babies are doing good, and like someone said if you dont like them dont read the dam articles..


Amy on

Nobody believes their own press like Mariah, that’s for sure. I hope she puts her feet on the ground enough to learn that being a mother is about so much more than thinking of ones self. And no audience to cheer you on.

Keis on

I love Mariah! It’s good to hear someone love themselves so much; she must have great self-esteem.

While their names are strange to me, I do think Roc and Roe flow beautifully.

To each her/his own.

c on

roe is almost cute–if it didnt mean fish eggs!

Leigh on

OK….everytime we turn to this site it’s Mariah….I AM happy for them. I just will be glad when someone else has a baby or TWINS for that matter. Be nice to see new faces on here.

Gaia and labans mom on


Mandy on

hayley w-

I’m having some trouble comprehending your post because of all the spelling and grammar mistakes. My point gets across more because even though it is in caps, at least its spelled correctly. Spell check ftw!

Shannon on

I love them together! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa on

What a self absorbed drama queen. Hey Nick, three words for ya…. grow a pair!

Nicole on

I’m very happy for them because a healthy baby/babies is/are a blessing! However, Mariah has been pimping out this pregnancy since she couldn’t conceal it. I hate people who have to brag or make their life out to seem better than everyone else’s. It’s usually an indication of insecurity in some way or bitchiness. I can guarantee you that after she stops putting “dem babies” in magazines she’ll go through a major lipo and start flaunting her AMAZING body all over the place. Nick Cannon is a proud daddy and that’s fine but let’s keep out of the media for a bit with all the details (btw whatever happened to being humble?) and enjoy your new twins!

Cecelia on

I wish the couple and their little ones all the best but I have to admit, this article is very interesting, to say the least. Since it wasn’t my birthing choice or children, I’ll remain quiet, though.

B.J. on

If I were Mariah Carey’s child, I would mad at my parents for not giving me HER last name! So she’s into herself, she’s really darn famous!

Laura on

And when they say “Roc and Roe” is that supposed to be like “rock and roll”?

Appreciate on

Narcissistic Personality Disorder, yeah?

Appreciate on

“Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance, need for admiration, extreme self-involvement, and lack of empathy for others. Individuals with this disorder are usually arrogantly self-assured and confident. They expect to be noticed as superior……”

showbizmom on

I heard this and thought it was a joke, I thought who does that?! I had music playing when my kids were born but that was for me not to go crazy and to drown out the screaming and cursing.

Our intern in my office said what Appreciate said,Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He’s currently taking a psychology class and goes around diagnosing everyone in the office. So we took his book and looked it up. I hate to say it, but yeah she might have a touch of it. Nevertheless, I wish them luck with the two little ones.

LaKesha on

And hate abounds…funny how Mariah is being attacked when she has done very little talking during this pregnancy. They have every right to be excited about their babies. Those tired of hearing about the babies–move on!

Sarah S. on

Wow, how incredibly narcissistic of her!

hayley w on

so very sorry mandy please forgive my terrible mistakes my 12 1/2 hour night shift plays havoc with my need for perfect english

funny others can read it ok though eh??

must be their lack of small mindedness and lack of need to insult people they don’t no…i suppose its ok to be mean and nasty as long as you spell it right ๐Ÿ˜€

nw it ok wit u im guna go 2 bd now , i hav babies 2 deliva in da mornin tim


sky on

Hopefully these kids will better grammer/education than their father “They ainโ€™t gonna be mad at us when they grow up.โ€

Tia on

We have to excuse Mariah.Mariah has stated in numerous interviews that she has the mentality of a 12 year old.I seriously feel sorry for these kids.But then again Mariah has the cash to hire nannies to raise them.I’m waiting for her breakdown… know the one she will have. When she realizes these kids are not going to bow down and worship her anytime soon.Nick is a young chap and needs to grow up and mature.But then if he does mature,he may see the light and leave mariah and that won’t be good for these wee babies.

Steph on

I hope Mariah will be able to learn to put those babies before herself…because she sure doesn’t know how to put anything else first.

Kelly on

Gag… that is all.

Jennifer Chew on

I’m glad that they have healthy babies, but the reason why Mariah annoys me is because it seems that everything that she does has to be about her. I personally think that her music is crap, and that she has a way of not acting her age…instead she has to act her shoe size. At least that’s what I see when I see her doing interviews.

My guess is that the reason why Nick doesn’t mind “taking the back seat” to Mariah’s celebrity status, is because he probably married her for her money. In my opinion, why else would he marry someone almost 20 years older than he is??? I’m thinking that someone like Nick is used to living a certain expensive lifestyle. And if they have to marry someone who is much older than they are who has lots of it to continue with that lifestyle, then so be it.

Mandy on

Hayley I was kidding lol. Sorry. And I sometimes get carried away with caps haha.

Krissa on

I wonder why she’s still in the hospital? Access Hollywood said she was still there.
In any case, what a ridiculous birth story.
And I think Morocco would have been a better choice, no? JMO.

Kaye on

She is going to have real trouble denying all the diva rumours now!

Shani..... on


Ari on

Narcissism with a capital “N”!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura on

Actually Shani, I am not the slight bit jealous of them.

BTW I think you mean “LOSERS!” not “LOOSER’S!”

Hea on

Jealous of Mariah Carey? I hardly think so. I wouldn’t want to be her. Never in a million years. I don’t think she has a life that’s all that great. Sure, she has money and fame but she also had a mental breakdown not too long ago and she seems obsessed with butterflies.

Althea on

Happy for them and very happy that the babies are healthy. But delivering to her own song and the timing of the applause. Come on now. I thought her having a whole Cribs show was enough, but this has topped the cake. Come from out of the clouds, Mariah. You are not God!

Only He deserves All the Praises and Worthliness you want. Step back and put God first, family and you, in that order. Enough is enough. Good luck Nick…….And those names, news flash, ” they are going to more then mad”. Don’t be surprise when they are grown they do a name change.

Althea….on May 14, 2011

Mandy on

Shani- I don’t think we are ‘loosers’. Lol.

As for her still being in the hospital…of course she is. You mean you expect her to feed and change her own babies and hold them too? Preposterous. This is Mariah Carey we are talking about. LOL.

Jillian on

Not jealous, or a hater, or a “looser”, I just don’t agree with some of you. When people disagree and don’t agree with the original post people are so confused at what that means. It’s just an opinion!! I am not a fan of either of them but I will continue to read and comment on their posts since that is my right and what this site wants…..opinions. I normally say positive things, but about them I struggle. I don’t like the names. Sky, I totally agree. I can’t stand when people say ain’t. It sounds very uneducated for a “so called professional.” I wish them the best of luck and bet the kids are beautiful.

linaway on

WOW!! That is so very narcissistic of her! I can’t stand them!

Lady on

Wow Mandy, why would you root for children to turn on their mother? Some of you people are so disgusting.

Who cares if they were born to her music, hell if I had a voice like Mariah’s id want my children to be born to my voice too.


Toya L. on

@Jennifer Chew- LMAO, there is only a 12 year age difference between the two. There are people who are gold diggers and what you said would make sense, if Nick weren’t a multi-millionaire with multiple successful jobs going as we speak. He is a chairman for Nickelodeon’s “TeenNick”. At the age of 17 he became a writer for one of Nick shows (making him the youngest staff writer in TV history) before landing him/in his own show, he has now produced and is getting ready to air his on show through his company, he has another show that is already airing on MTV, and another comedy stand-up show that has been taped and is getting ready to air on Showtime. He was the First African American to receive the “Breakthrough Actor of the Year” award at Cannes. He has his own morning show on the radio (and just made history again with that). He has a few companies. He’s made history more than the two things I named and has more projects going and still gives back to different communities. He doesn’t have Mariah’s kind of money (yet), but he’s definitely far from being broke and he doesn’t need hers.

Victoria-Jane on

I’m afraid I’m so fed up with Mariah now, she’s most definitely the centre of her universe, they’re all MC’s, Monroe doesn’t have a middle name because Mariah doesn’t, she had her own music playing in delivery room, and most likely told Nick exactly what she wanted her necklace like! I wonder how hard Nick has to fight to slip Scott in?! I don’t like the names more chance of mould growing on me than those 2 names and the nicknames aren’t great either! For some reason they keep putting the boy first but the girl is the older of the two and as such it should be Roe and Roc which sounds a bit like a nasty fish and chip shop! They’re courting the press like a couple possessed but will cry “invasion of privacy” when pictures are taken when Mariah still has her baby weight or is looking less than glam! Every time I come on here there’s some other item about them I’m just so very bored of it all!

Just before I become enemy number one small reminder that this is just my opinion, which I have a right to and can express! If grammatically incorrect or if I have my apostrophe’s in the wrong place don’t get too hung up about it – it isn’t the end of the world. This is after all just a forum for comment on a celebrity magazine and not an exam question in an English exam! :o)

kim on

I like roc an roe I thinks its cute and original compared to some other ridiculous names stars have given their babies. Nick is funny and handsome and probably the best man for Mariah. I wish the whole family health and happiness

kim on

love the names and i wish the best for the family. and all the mean petty comments are from stupid unhappy, jealous people

Miss Ann on

Jennifer, now there is about an 11 or 12 year age difference between the two of them…. O, my bad you were speaking of Mariah’s shoe size and Nicks age. I got cha. I am wit cha now. It is indeed 20 years. So glad we cleared that right on up! Lol.

Okay someone was saying something about Nick was used to living a ‘certain lifestyle’. What lifestyle could that have been? Nick has always been a professional hussler. Now before yall start clawing at me, just go with me a minute. Keep in mind he does and always have kept some kind of ‘gig’. Notice I said ‘gig’ not ‘job’ or ‘career’. He probably got tired of bouncing from ‘gig to gig’ and Mariah would put an end to that eventually. I am just waiting for the day when he becomes her Manager and Equal Spouse. $5 She sells the pics of the kids to the highest bidder and DON’T GIVE the money to charity.

Toya L. on

I hear you Miss. Ann but if “gigs” could have made me a milionaire as a teen & and worth 35-39 million (according to Forbes’ last estimate) by 30, then I would’ve been a gig doing mutha “shut yo mouth”. Lol

Sam & Freya's mum on

What an ego mum has, geez – and they I’m pretty sure the twins will be mad at you when they’re older!

Denise on

Well let’s see where to start, congratulations on the birth of your twins, It is sad that she mariah had to steal the limelight from this most blessed event by making it about her and her music. Hopefully we wont have to hear about how wonderfull and slim she looks after barely giving birth and her secrets to staying slim and losing all the weight (lipo, tummytucks,) are these babies going to get the opportunity to listen to roc and roe or just her screeching at the top of her lungs.

Kyle on

sure they wont hate you knowing that upon 18 years old they can go legally change their name for a small fee.

Seriously though i agree go away and enjoy parenthood.

Just me on

Really? Someone here said they gave the babies HER last name? Really? Something really wrong with that. Wish em well, strange names, and not a fan of not giving them their daddy’s last name. So is he going by Mr Carey now? Weird. Just plain weird.

maelene on

It’s no body’s business what they did or played or sang when the babies were born. The wonderful thing was, they are healthy and beautiful and don’t worry, they will be loved!! I guarantee she will put them first in their lives after she takes them home.

Cindy on

My gosh, I can’t believe the stupidity or jealousy of you people!! I think playing her own music while busy with the delivery, is awesome. It is like she is singing to the babies. She is a very sweet woman. If you have such disdain for her, then why bother with reading about her happiest moment of her life. Get a life!!! Your mom must have left off teaching you manners about not saying anything if you can’t say something good.

Snowy Dreams on

Parenthood tends to change how people look at themselves and how they live life. I believe that meriah and nick will be great parents and i believe that IF she has some issues with being all that, those will soon change too. I think she is a beautiful young woman and she is going to let her kids shine and shine herself a whole lot less than she has in the passed. there are a whole bunch of celebrities who are very self centered and i know people who are in no way celebrities who are the same, i also believe that anyone who talks badly of people they don’t even know on a personal lever a bit ego based and self involved themselves and should go point fingers at their own issues instead of trying to distract from their own ugly issues. just a thought!
Congrats to nick and mariah, may the creator protect and keep your beautiful children and help them to make good choices on how to raise them.
Rev. Kathy B. BA. Div.

s.t. weston on


Liz on

Once a diva, always a diva. She’s one of the most self absorbed women in Hollywood and not very bright so of course she plays her music and calls her sun Morrocan instead of Morroco. Can anyone say “duh?” She would have had someone push for her if she could have, just like she can’t walk herself without either holding onto someone or being carried. Her story is not worth my time.

Vanessa on

As a new mother myself I am very happy for Mariah and Nick (and any other new parent). As a human being, I a nauseated at Mariah’s pretentiousness. Poor Nick, Roc and Roe. Could those names BE any more ghetto?

Shannon on

Pure ego overload…’nuff said

Just me on

Wow, Cindy, ya know her personally? She’s a sweet woman? I don’t know if she is or isn’t and don’t care. I was just curious about the baby names, so yep .. I’m entitled to my opinion as are the others here.

alise on

I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see how Mariah is coping postpartum with twins, major surgery and lack of sleep. Wonder how much of a diva she is now?

Krystal on

Obviously people on here dont know music history/records held or have a sense of humor. I’ve followed her since I was a kid because I didnt have a mom. I always wished I could have told her how much her writing meant to me, but I didnt have to because tons of others did it for me. The non fans dont really know the other sides. We do and we’ve seen her appreciation through the years. I may not agree with everything she does but I still love her. Shes a part of who I am. So I’m very very happy her life has changed so much for the better.

Jax on

I wish for those that are saying negative things about the names Mariah and Nick have chosen for their children would shut their mouths and not say anything at all. If you can’t say anything nice then don’t talk. Are they YOUR children? NOPE! So you don’t have say in this what so ever. They were nice enough to share their lives with us. Nick and Mariah don’t have to say ANYTHING to us about their kids, so just be grateful that they were nice enough to share their family with us. I am sure Roc and Roe will be very grateful for the lives their parents have given them, names and all!!!

sheila on

Oh God PLEASE don’t be on every show on TV giving us all the sordid details of the birth.Enough already ,just stay home , enjoy the kids and shut up.Your kids are no more important than any one elses but I guess you wouldn’t know how all the new mothers in the hospital are feeling as you are probably in a very posh private suite where all the staff is falling all around you to meet all the divas needs.Nobodt cares but you.

Berynice on

Somebody should call Child Protective Services!

Kim on

OMG, this woman is so self-absorbed it’s sickening.

Shannon on

God forbid that her children are born to the sound of their mothers voice. oh god, people get a life please. Its her birth, i am sure some of you did some stupid things during your childs birth the only reason you can hate on this is because the loving father decided to comment on what is probably the most wonderful thing that has ever happened him..

Molly on

Playing her songs in the delivery room? Wow, talk about being full of yourself! These two make me sick.


I just cannot believe how some of you are so negative towards other people. mind you everyone has his or her freedom of choice in this life. pls. leave this new parents alone. who are you to judge?

Lloyd on

We must all contemplate no matter what our station in life is that our children do not come only to us by intersesson of the Almighty but moreover come to the entire universe! Be mindful.

Beth on

These two need to realize that children are not accessories! I wish them health and happiness, but enough already! They really won’t know what it means to be a parent 24-7 because the nannies they just hired will be the most important figures in these kids lives. By the way, what hospital allowed them all this freedom with the birth, like music playing in the OR and renting out 7 rooms that could have been used for other patients? I feel sorry for the nurses who had to put up with their crap!

~TJO on

well done mariah and nick a little whoa-ed by the whole name thing, but its cool, its different and definately unique [in a way]. But good job…and mariah nice job with your song and everything alot of people think your self-centered. but its not their life they wouldn’t really know you anyway. so maybe the song thing you thought was a good idea. i on the other hand am not gonna make an opionated solution to this problem because i wouldn want to be a hater, or be everyone else. but both of you very good job. its gonna be a long way, and it only the begining.


Mariah is WAY too stuck on herself if she insisted the babies be born to her songs. Get over yourself, Mariah, and focus on your babies … not yourself!!!!! Good luck, Nick!

BobbiJo on

Congratulations, Nick and Mariah. I am thrilled for your new family…I can’t think of a Mother who has had a cesarian birth, that would not welcome an extended stay, to afford her recovery time, along with time to bond with her babies. I know for a fact, what a blessing babies are and I am certain beyond any doubt, that these babies will be loved and cherished beyond belief. I can barely wait to see the pics…I know the babies are adorable. Enjoy every moment, they grow up so fast.

Sarah on

wow… Roc and Roe?
I normally like strange names but those are a bit much.

Kay F. on

I find this a little creepy! Having your kids be born to your own music and live performance. Yuck…

Mir on

I actually think that being called “Roc” and “Roe” is better than “Moroccan” and “Monroe.” Monroe is semi OK but Moroccan is another story!

Me on

If people would have actually read the entire article instead of shooting off their mouths first they would have ready that the kids names are not Roc and Roe…That was a joke from nick. Per the article “and the new mom wanted nothing less when it came to welcoming twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe into the world”. Did anyone ever tell you how to raise your children or how you should act during your delivery? Really people….Get a life!!!!

Anonymous on

Ewwwkkkkk!!! Just vomited in my mouth!!!

erica2 on

Nick use to be a rapper…wonder why they didn’t play his cd during the c section..his “gigalo” song would have been quite fitting LOL

Jackie on

The babies names are horrible.
Why does Mariah Carey have to be a Diva in everything she does.
I don’t see how Nick can stand her. But I am glad she delivered healthy babies. I am sure nannys will be taking care of them and not so much her.

olivia on


Emily on

Wow! I can’t believe how negative people are! When I first read the article, I thought it was really nice that the babies were born to a round of applause. Do you think maybe the applause was for the CHILDREN? Babies have a preference for their mother’s voice, and maybe it was just a “fantasy” come true to have two, healthy children after struggling to conceive. Good for them. I wish them all the luck in the world!

olivia on


Leora on

CONGRATS MARIAH AND NICK. You’ve been blessed with I’m sure two beautiful babies. Best wishes to all of you. The babies’ name are quite different but, I’ve heard worse. Those of you that want to criticize them about the babies’ names and music they used in the delivery, sound a bit ridiculous and jealous. I’m sure Mariah and Nick are not in the least concern about what you’ve had to say. Hopefully, they will get a good laugh out of it. If you can’t say something good, then you shouldn’t say anything.

Denise on

As a woman who can’t have children, I am soooo happy for Nick and Mariah! I don’t care how those babies came into the world, the fact is they did. And they seem to have two loving parents. I wish them all the best!! ๐Ÿ™‚

cc on

Nick and Mariah are the parents they have the say over the names of their babies. Mariah is the one that carried the children and was cut to giving birth to them. All of you people that are so critical of what music was playing should keep your two cents to yourself because you dont have the money, the fame or THOSE TWINS.

dede on

ya’ll are just a bunch of freaking haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats the way she wanted to have her babies a calming atmosphere not screaming like they are gonna die. getting all dramatic with it.

Valorie on

They keep talking because the media keeps asking. I think Roc and Roe as nicknames are cute. Some of the names the celebrities name their kids is waaaay out there, it’s their choice! Mariah can sing her butt off so if she wants her kids to come into the world with that go for it! Kudos Nick and Mariah and congrats.

Kym on

It seems to me that there are a lot of HATERS. If Mariah wanted to have her children come into this world by listening to her own music then that was her business. If the haters don’t want to hear or read any news about Mariah and Nick then don’t listen or read about them. Keep your negativity to yourself. Whatever the two of them do in their life is up to them. Not you haters. Also if you haven’t realized it yet those twins are their children not yours.

Elisa on


Special K on

HATERS, HATERS, HATERS – It’s her babies and the birth of her first borns, she can do whatever she wants. Why do people care or HATE so much?


i agree with Hayley….Its her birth story…everyone has their own unique experience when their child is born…if this is how she and her husband wanted it ..who cares…there is so much hatred and chaos in our world right now….applause at a birth is no big deal…
whether is gunsnroses, classical or r&b music or none at all…why make a big deal people??? Its her story…she is a celebrity…you all know everything they do will be in the spotlight…
If some random family had yodeling or some crazy music on..noone would care…but because its Mariah, its her twins with her younger husband..people are on the attack…I pray that she enjoys each moment with her children…that she pay no mind to any negativity from people
Im not the biggest fan of her music… but im a mom of three and i think that its not that serious….

NB on

Their names are Morocco and Monroe, Roc and Roe are nicknames.

samantha on

Why is it important to “carry on their celebrity wierdness” ???! Im sorry but I think they are going to have to make a LOT of adjustments in their life to adapt to the needs of their new little angels..

samantha on

I hope Nick learns how to speak properly so his little ones don’t sound ignorant like him….’ain’t” and ‘we GOT to keep up….” sounds pretty ignorant to me…did he graduate from high school?

Tina on

Wow, Mariah! Talk about being full of yourself.

Lacey on

No matter who it is, or how they do it, there are children being brought into the world here…be happy for them.

It’s shameful that this world is filled with so much hate and anger.

I wish Mariah, Nick, Moroccan and Monroe all the happiness in the world…whatever that consists of.

wlove on

First of all, the important thing is that their babies are born healthy. It doesn’t matter what they are called or if Mariah wanted the babies born to her music. I’m sure she’s been singing to them from the womb. Congratulations and God Bless.
There are so many things happening in this world, focus on something else. Not what Mariah is doing or not doing.

Brie on

That’s stupid

EG on

Celebrities are hilarious. They are in such a bubble that they can’t hear us “common folk” laughing at them.

amy on

to each their own. i hope their babies are loved and turn out to be respectable human beings.

Anonymous on


Jazz on

Oh my gosh she is so narcissistic.

goodtxgirl on

Guys seriously those are NICKNAMES they are actually named Moroccan and Monroe……

Vanessa on

Why do the stars give their kids these weird names? Do they not think they will be made fun of in the school yard? Yet they get to have nice names! Be more thoughtful for the children.
I hope the kids go for a legal name-change some day.

Nicole on

My goodness, one person here wrote he sure talks a lot. He was being interviewed, of course he should be talking. Their children’s name have meaning as do most names. Most people dont’ even know the origin or meaning of their names. These children will at least know that. I don’t think playing music (please re read for those who are having trouble) not playing a video of a concert is an over the top thing. The applause is what they were going for. I say god Bless them. I am rooting for them because they got married first then had children. So many celebrities these days are doing it backwards.

JT on

Mariah, Get over yourself!

YolieMac on

I really think Nick is a good guy, but obviously he’s totally manipulated by Mariah. He’ll go along with whatever she says. She’s probably the one who chose Morrocan (after a Morrocan style building architecture) and Monroe (after Marilyn Monroe). Roc & Roe are just their nicknames. Poor-rich kids, I can almost see now how they will be ridicule when they grow up. Other kids can be very mean, especially with names like those. Poor taste Nick & Mariah!!!

Ingrid on

To welcome the babies into the world on the sound of their own mother singing is a wonderful, loving gesture. JMO. And a lot of people play much worse music during birth…

BTW to all of you who keep saying the boy should have been named Morocco: he’s not named after the country but after the name of the apartment where Nick proposed.

Nikki on

I think mariah and nick are just very happy but I agree about overkill with the singing during childbirth.If she was pushing them out it would be a different tune.I hope for those babies they are not pimped put like most hollywood stars do to their babies. I do think she will be a good mom and the names are god awful but you know all the stars name their kids oddly so they can stick out.I think they are confused we are no longer in the 70’s where moon and beam is a name. LOL

Kat on

What kind of thought did they put in naming the babies when Moroccan is named after the type of decor in their NY apt? The boy might choose to go by Scott Cannon. I hope they will be mad at their parents ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

I think that Nick Cannon is a bit immature, and Mariahs lap dog

Kimmie on

Of course dembabies are going to hate their parents when they’re older . . . didn’t we all for a little while? Someone posted that its none of our business what Nick and Mariah chose for their babies’ birth . . . so, why is there article after article after godforsaken article about it? I forgot Mariah Carey even existed until a few months ago, so, thank you, thank you, People, for continually reminding me. Not hateful nor jealous, mind you, just tired of turning on the radio and getting online and seeing this un-newsworthiness splashed everywhere. The girl can sing, but usually just screams . . . reminds me of that ‘recording’ of hell.

Gina on

my 2 cents: I think the names are lame but everyone likes what they like. I think Mariah is pretentious and listneing to her own music at birth is sort of weird. HOwever0 I do think he and Nick are a sweet couple. He obviously adores her and she him, so that is great! A happy loving couple is agood thing for babies to have for parents. As for the age difference, IA m 9 years older than my husband and it works really well for us

Donna on

I used to really love Mariah and I still do like her songs. It is just a shame how vein she really is. I lost interest in her a long time ago during an interview when I saw how stuck on her “princess” self she really is. And for her to have her children born with her singing? Please Mariah……you are no special than the rest of us!

nonya on

Wow what a bunch of self ritgeous prats you all are can you not just be happy that 2 healthy babies are born and have good parents.

nesha on

I think the names could have been better but hey atleast they didnt name em apple and banana lhh and y did she have em so late she 40 somethng thats really old

Sue on

I was happy to hear the twins are healthy, but, I can’t see Mariah as a mother because she’s so self-invoved and a real DIVA. She treats Nick terribly (she wears the pants in that marriage), he’s stupid if he keeps taking her demands. God Bless the babies.

zara on

wow! so happy for u guys cos am also a mum but not as self centered as mariah

Bee on

Roc and Roe… why not call them “M&M”??

Lioness on

People please… let this couple have their moment. The idea of her performance being played during the birth of her babies was probably a sign to the babies that they are “stars” too… The idea of a round of applause was like a grand entrance for them. Babies pick up things quickly, even starting with the womb. Thats why they have “baby can read” and other tools like that to give babies a head start. She was probably symbolizing the moment for them and promoting a positive energy for them. I agree with all who say if you don’t like Mimi, stay away from reading about her life. She can do what ever da hell she wants, she and her husband got the money to do it. Mariah also does ALOT of charity work, so she is far from being self centered.

Get a life and stop hatin on MiMi and Nick

PT on

If you’re tired of Mariah stop reading the articles…….. And you better believe there will be thousands of Moroccan’s and Monroe’s over the next year.

With celebrities naming their children Cruz, Sailor, Kyd, Suri, Clementine and Bronx, you pick this as your basis for criticizing Nick and Mariah?

By the way who told you your name was all that? ๐Ÿ™‚

delia on

as crazy as it sounds.. it does make some kind of sense to have her own music playing while the babies are born.. I am not one to believe all the crap that gets put out there today BUT… seeing that the unborn babies probably listened to their mom’s singing while still inside… and that is the singing voice they would probably hear until they are old enough to sing for themselves… why not have that be the sound in the background while being born.. some recommend all kinds of soothing music.. so why can’t her own be considered as soothing..

it normally helps sooth my baby when i sing.. and my voice is no where as good as hers..

BTW.. I AM NOT A MARIAH FAN for the same reasons listed in some of the comments above.. but

Kellie on

I am glad that the babies are healthy and ok. If she wants to play her own music, have pictures of herself around the hospital room or whatever makes her feel good is up to her. Why shouldn’t she be proud of who she is and her accomplishments. I think there are people up here just hating because she thinks too much of herself. What is she suppose to be humble? She earned the right after all these years (since 1991) to toot her own horn!!

You go MC!!

Niki on

First and foremost, If Mariah and Nick had kept quiet about the birth of their twins then people would be upset. The fact that they are putting their own stories out gives them control of what is said about the birth of their twins. Mariah has always been an over the top person, that is no secret or the fact that she and Nick have said that they are eternally 12 years old..big deal. My point is that this was her moment after carrying her twins for 9 months so if she wanted them to hear her singing when they were born that is their choice as parents. It is not being a diva or over the top…it is a mother connecting to her children with her gift of voice. It is funny that Mariah and Nick are being criticized for how they brought their twins into the world. We have seen pictures of almost every pregnant celeb since Demi Moore posed nude…so why is Mariah being criticized? She gave birth to two babies after suffering a miscarraige and she can celebrate them any way she chooses. As for Nick’s grammer…who cares? He can say or do anything he wants with his children. People need to stop being so judgemental and let them have their moment and time with their kids. And their babies names are cute and original and they probably will not hate their parents. With names like Apple and Pilot Inspektor and Ka-el nobody has any room to judge. Stop being so hard on this couple. Goodness. If you don’t like reading or hearing about Mariah or Nick here is a thought…STOP READING ABOUT THEM!!!

louise arellano on

that’s awesome! but i have to wish the twins good luck dealing with mariah’s diva attitude! it’s seems kind of uncomfortable!

lisa on

First of all to have kids is a Blessing, but some things just dont make since, before naming ur kids think about them growing up in this world, Im game for being different, but some thing just not the business, I pray those kids grow up and want to change their names, I feel sorry for them. Playing ur own tones (SMH)! God Bless U All, Nick, Mariah, Roc and Roe. Congratulations on your beautiful Gifts.

Zarrra on

Yea shes EXTRA but who cares she obviously loves her kids. did yall carry them for 9 months? If I had her voice Id play my songs too. some yall really mad!
If nick does and interview of course theyre gonna ask about the twins so he talks. If they said nothing people would have been like “what they too famous to talk about her pregnancy”? (FYI Nick named Moroccan not mariah)

Anonymous on

I mean I am reading this and Im just saying to myself that everyone is different you know what im saying. I personal think and its my opinion that.. that live performance that they felt like THEY had to have was crazy. I would have been only hoping my kids to be healthy and ect. Folks are sooooo ungrateful for alot of things. Nick what is this guy problem? Is it love or is its weakness? He’s alot younger that Mariah is but dude really did this make any sense. Since they are married and everything im happy for them. But what about them babies? What will they think about that you know. Inspite of them growing up and being teenager or adult they could probably care less. Those names are also crazy too. What about the kids? Plus its was about the kids MARIAH NOT ABOUT U. SHAME ON U.

datruth on

a few things to say about this is…
1. y names your kids something like that
2. are yall crazy
3. was it about the kids or u MARIAH
4. Nick are u weak or are u just going along with the ride… Money
5. Whats ur problem Mariah. Yes u do have 1. I dont care what Nick tells you.
6. what hospital was the babies deliver at?
7. Nick do u make any decision or do u wait on Mariah answer for that
8. Will they even have time for the kids or will the babies think that the nanny are momma
9. Nick u are in question.
10. mariah dont have nomore kids. PLEASE. I hope one day Nick tell u that. I cant see it coming. Nick might just cry. weakness written all on this man face. Just look at him.

Anonymous on

Holy conceded people batman!!!!!!!! gold dust, my music for babies grand entrance = I think Im the shhhh!!!! smdh get over yourself Mariah