Spotted: Seraphina Affleck Stands Tall

05/13/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Headlinephoto /Splash News Online

Hey Mama!

Jennifer Garner keeps a good grip on 2-year-old cutie pie Seraphina Rose Elizabeth during an afternoon outing Thursday in Santa Monica, Calif.

The actress — also mom to Violet Anne, 5, with husband Ben Affleck — says her favorite part of motherhood is laid-back time with her girls.

“Just having these little people in your life to hang out with,”Β Garner, 39, recently shared.

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saydee on

Oh so cute! Love love love this family πŸ™‚

Serena on

she is absolutely adorable! OMG! Love this family!

Sarah S. on

How cute is Seraphina?! πŸ™‚

Brooklyn on


Cecelia on

Seraphina’s an adorable little girl and it looks like she has the personality to match!

Nida on

Love the little one! So adorable!!

Lauren on

enough of this woman

kai on

What’s the matter, Lauren? Did she do something to you? No one’s forcing you to read this site or comment on this post. If you don’t like her, just skip the posts about her. It’s really not that hard.

honeyBEAR on

this family is super adorable!!!

Lauren on

if i want to comment i will comment….thanks.

tamara on

Lauren, wow, when somebody puts that much energy to be negative, I always wonder how happy their life really is…. Have a good day!

kai on

You’re not welcome?

You just make yourself look like an idiot. You do realize your dumb complaints won’t actually do anything, right? They’re going to keep posting pictures because they’re popular and get lots of comments and pageviews.

Lauren on

i’m only negative with this family that is on here all the time. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

honeyBEAR on

Lauren …. Kai…. grow up and let it go! you both are allowed to your own opinions. nobodys right/nobodys wrong. LET IT GO!

soph on

Yeah, tamara, I detected a HUGE amount of energy put into a simple “enough of this woman.”

Real tired of the “your life must suck, now have a good one” tone on here. No one tells you that you sound creepy for saying everything is “gorgeous” and “adorable,” do they, so why don’t you bypass the comments that ruffle your precious feathers, hmm?

Jenner on

I actually really enjoy all the photos of Jennifer Garner and her kids. They always look so happy; she’s clearly a fantastic mom!

Nella on

Seraphina is such a little cutie! Jennifer’s family is on this website a lot, but so are other celebs, Jessica Alba is a good example for this. I’m sure this website would put pics of other celebs that we don’t get to see as much, but the papparazzi might have not caught any pics of those because they either choose to live outside of the normal hollywood places, or are able to keep their privacy more so than others.

Point is some pics have to be put on here, even if it’s from celebs we see every week, the website needs to be updating with new articles and pictures. I know it can get annoying to some people,and that’s understandable as well, but I personally don’t get annoyed by Jennifer’s family. Their kids are adorable and they seem like a nice family.

Jillian on

Lauren…..I mean Soph….. Oops πŸ™‚

lane on

You’re right, Soph. The ‘you must be so unhappy, have a nice life’ line is tired. You just sound like a truly nasty, hostile individual who cannot be bothered to at least be polite to anyone, no matter what they say. What you’re doing in a babies website is beyond me.

If you bother to reply and attack me, you’ll just be proving my point. πŸ™‚

emma on

Trust me, Lauren puts a ton of energy into her hateful comments about this family. This is not the only site she trolls, and she comments on every single post about them. She’s very weirdly obsessed with this family. It’s borderline stalkerish behavior.

Lauren on

emma, this is the only site i comment on. you’re the one that sounds like a stalker since you supposedly follow my comments.

soph on

Oh, lane dear. Attack YOU? I believe you proved MY point by calling me nasty and hostile. All I’m doing is speaking the truth. Now, have a great day! πŸ™‚

Poppy on

Grow up you lot!!! How old are you all … really

Anonymous on

its easy to talk tough when youre commenting on a pretty much anonymous blog.

KRS on

Seriously, though…who takes the time to read – and then comment! – about a family/person that they claim to be bored with or can’t stand?!?! Makes no damn sense, would be better to just bypass the article entirely, no? I swear, some people just like to start sh*t for fun. Wheeeeeee!

KRS on

BTW, Seraphina is one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen on this site, and Jennifer seems pretty great!