Nick Cannon’s First Mother’s Day Gift for Mariah Carey

05/12/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Jason Beverly Hills; Inset: WireImage

New mom Mariah Carey didn’t have to wait long to celebrate her first Mother’s Day.

Just days after welcoming twins Monroe and Moroccan on April 30, the singer toasted her new life as a mom with a very special present from Nick Cannon: a 4-carat diamond and sapphire necklace from Jason of Beverly Hills.

“Nick was really excited about the babies’ names and wanted to do a piece with them for Mariah’s first Mother’s Day,” jeweler Jason Arasheben explains. “Pink sapphires are bright and bold and diamonds are always so classic.”

The sparkling piece, which also incorporates 14-karat white and rose gold, is valued at $12,000.

Cannon, a longtime customer of Jason, was excited about his big surprise.

“Nick came in and met with Jason on the Friday after his twins were born,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He was bleary eyed, looking so tired but so happy — all smiles, saying he wanted to design something special for Mariah’s first Mother’s Day. He couldn’t want to surprise her on Sunday.”

The bauble wraps up a sparkling week for stars; Rachel Zoe recently flashed her 10-carat push present, while Tori Spelling Tweeted about her fifth-anniversary pearl ring.

For more, check out the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

–- Reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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AmandaC on

I love the piece (hate the names).

Pamela on

Ah, nameplate necklaces!! Very popular where I’m from-personally I love them!

Saralee on

Yes, I hate the names too… if you must pay tribute to the country (Morocco), at least name the baby Morocco, not Moroccan, as in an adjective describing a citizen of the country or an item imported from it. “A Moroccan vase…” And Monroe… not as bad, but especially for a girl…meh. Let the “you’re such a hater!” comments commence!

B.J. on

Well, I’m glad at least Nick and Mariah love their baby names. Monroe has grown on me.

Amber on

I wish Moroccan’s middle name was Roll. That would be great.

The necklace is horrendous.

Kelly on

I thought nameplate necklaces went out in the 90’s?? The gesture is sweet though.

Liz on


Tee on

I think it’s wonderful that Nick wanted to surprise Mariah for her first Mother’s Day. It’s a very special day for any mother but especially a new mother. I will say that I am not a fan of their baby’s names, though, nor a fan of the necklace. Far too big and gaudy for my taste. Doesn’t matter, though, because I’m not the one wearing it!

danyell on

not my style or taste… the names or the necklas, to each their own I guess 😉

Victoria-Jane on

I know its not my business but I’m afraid that’s not something I’d wear just not my taste and seems quite old fashioned! I’m also intrigued as to why is his name first when he was second to be born – I work with an identical twin and she makes sure people know she’s the younger by 15 minutes! When I recite the names of my family I start at the eldest and work my way to the baby. Seems a bit strange to me but its not the first time Moroccan has been mentioned before his older sibling!! Nowt as strange as folk so they say!

Melissa on

It’s pretty but I think it would look better with Monroe’s name on top, and maybe something like sapphires to break up all the diamonds in Morrocan’s name.

Sydney on

Trashy necklace.

Saralee – he wasn’t named after the country, he named after the decor in her favourite penthouse suite!! So your ‘Moroccan vase’ isn’t far off!

tialee on

Aw, there’s nothing sweeter than commemorating the terrible names you gave your children than with a tacky, ugly piece of jewelry.

Romy on

I don’t like it at all, but that is so very Mariah-ish

Ava on

I think both the names and necklace are tacky

Toya L. on

I think that was very sweet of Nick. I’ve never liked names on necklaces and I’m not a fan and of the names but I can DEFINITELY say that I like the names better than two others that have been announced on here in the last two weeks.

kelly on

LOL, Tialee, speaking of terrible names!! Bahaha!

tialee on

LOL, kelly, you don’t think that’s actually my real name, do you?? Bahaha!

Amanda on

Reading all of these comments disgusts me. Why do people have to criticise and be so negative. I think it is a wonderful jesture what Nick did. Babies are gifts and should be treasured. If that means by wearing so called ‘tacky outdated’ necklace as you guys comment, than so be it.

They are a beautiful family unit. I am not really a fan of Mariah, but the babies have 2 very loving parents. And seriously, why must people criticise the newborns names and what order it is written.

Shame on you all. Very quick to judge!!!

steph on

i think the put moroccan first bc its a longer name. if they put monroe on top then moroccan would be longer. i might be wrong though.

Kim on

That is the ugliest 12 grand I’ve ever seen!

Laydacris on

people on here are horrible. if it isnt people talking about a childs features its their names.

Shannon on

Definitely seems like Mariah’s style. Good job Nick!

Merhighya on

Yes, they are not our children. And, YES, we can have opinions…thus the forum format and ability to leave comments. The necklace is tacky as #3LL (but SO Mariah) and the names are awful…Monroe, I can hear without cringing. But, Moroccan is AWFUL! I can just imagine him at school. Teacher: “And what is YOUR name?” Roc: “I’m Moroccan.” Teacher: “Well, that’s such a nice country and I love the food and decor, but what is your name?” Even Morocco would have been a hair better than MoroccAN! Roc & Roe! Sheesh!

Ashley on

well I never comment but I just have to say I agree with saralee!! I have thot from the second I heard the names WHY DIDNT’ THEY NAME HIM MOROCCO??? moroccan is about the dumbest name I think ive ever heard!! which Im not crazy about monroe either but its growing on me but I just think its a travesty that they didn’t just name him morocco. then they woulda had a twin theme of M’s and ending in O’s.

Ashley on

I meant the sound O……lol I can spell haha

Finley on


Jillian on

Hmmm……why does she need a mothers day gift? Aren’t her children the present? Should be happy with just them instead of spending all of this money. I think that summarizes the points many of you have made. Not my opinion of course.

Side note, it is very fitting for her and something I’d never wear. Still not liking the boys name. If it was Morrocco, probably. Just looks like they spelled it wrong and the meaning behind it is just funny.

Ladycris, you are right! If they were they would have different names. If they didn’t want us discussing this, they should have kept it…..ummm……private. There is a thought.

Allie-Rose on


PresentsLover on

The necklace is not my style but I find it great that he made a nice present to his wife for the birth of his children. I also see that people are not so upset about this present as they were with the gorgeous ring from Zoe Rachel that raised a lot of comments. Both presents are expensive and again every men should give to his wife what he can afford… I know men like women feel over the moon with the birth of a child… It gives you such an energy that men need to somehow say thank you for making me a DAD…. Let them express themselves with jewelry or flowers. It’s great!!!

Jennifer on

Don’t care for the necklace. But, I think it looks like something Mariah would like. Kind of her style. I agree…should be “Morocco”, not “Moroccan.”

meme on

$12,000? Nick, don’t be so cheap, spend a little on your wife!! haha

Jean on

These two are the perfect example of how money doesn’t buy class.

jordan on


– Laydacris

No they’re not. If they were, their names wouldn’t be so ridiculous.

Capri on

Nice to see so many people woke up with negative attitudes this morning, sure makes Friday that much better!!

Anyways, Roc & Roe are adorable nicknames…their not your children so who cares. Id personally never wear a blinged out necklace like that…but it’s a super cute gift from Nick!

Barbra on

I’m sorry. That necklace is gawdy. Who wears name necklaces anymore? Wasn’t that in the late 80’s early 90’s? I never got into that. When I see women wearing their names on earrings and rings, I’m like…really? Do you not know your name? They deserve to be happy & proud for their babies, but all that money he wasted (which was probably hers to begin with) could be used for a better cause. Like a few charities. Augh! Some celebrities.


I guess this was her PUSH Present LOL

mochababe73 on

Name plate necklaces are still being worn. I can pretty much bet that this is not a big some think. It’s not going to be like the large ones that rappers wear.

Monroe is actually growing on me. I still don’t like the name Moroccan but to each his own.

@Jillian. Why do you have a problem with a husband giving his wife a Mother’s Day gift? Who cares if he spent $12 or $12,000? You must have drank a big bottle of Hater-ade before you wrote your post.

Jillian on

please not only read my post but comprehend it.

Molly on

The people who always leave ignorant negative comments about babies names are tacky and immature. Yes, you can leave comments here but it doesn’t mean you have to be obnoxious. If you wouldn’t say it to their faces, shut up about it online. Nice gift by Nick.

Sheryl on

Interesting. Several comments, including my original one, have been deleted.

My opinion was this: The thought does count, and it’s a lovely gesture on Nick’s part, but the necklace reminds me of a Vegas billboard.

Jillian on

Molly, everyone is allowed their opinion and stating one about a baby name is perfectly acceptable!! That is what this site is about. I would certainly tell them whet I thought of their names if they asked me. Why not? If THEY don’t want people discussing it, then they shouldn’t have released the information. If you cant handle to read opinions like this, hit the x in the top right corner and dont come back 🙂 Close minded people as yourself are the ignorant ones.

sarah on

dear jesus please give me twins for chistmas